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    The Red Cloak Script The Red Cloak Script Document Transcript

    • The Red Cloak – ScriptCharacters: Girl 1 & Girl 2Girl 1 is standing directly outside her bedroom door, as the scene starts she opens thedoor cautiously, walks to her wardrobe and changes into her pajamas. She then gets intoher bed and picks up a book on the table beside her bed.Girl 1: [Reading Aloud] Red Riding Hood was skipping through the forest in her cape, onher way to see her Grandmother. All of a sudden Red was stopped by a big bad… [Fallsasleep and drops book]The door then opens and Girl 2 enters wearing the red cloak, she picks up the book fromthe floor and turns off light, this darkness will link into the dream that they are in.Girl 1 & Girl 2 are walking in the park, when Girl 2 spots the red cloak hanging from a tree.Girl 2: Oh my god, look a cape [running towards it] haha [brief pause as Girl 2 stares atcape then reaches up to it].Girl 1: No don’t touch it, leave it alone! [Running after Girl 2]Girl 2 puts on cape and runs off abandoning Girl 1Girl 1: [chasing and yelling at friend] Stop! Come Back!Girl 1 then proceeds to search the park for her missing friend. Then giving up sits downand rings her friends mobile.Voicemail: the person you are calling cannot take your call right now, please leave yourmessage after the tone [beep].Girl 1: Where are you, Where did you run off too? .... [Pauses as she has seen Girl 2behind a tree] Hello?! [Runs over towards where she saw Girl 2]As Girl 1 runs towards where she saw Girl 2, Girl 2 disappears and can be seen in thedistance.Girl 1: [walking off in the direction of home] Stop playing games, Im going homeGirl 1 walks off on the path home and Girl 2 runs behind her in cloak and grabs Girl 1.Scream and fade to black – Girl 1 now wakes up screaming as it was a nightmare, shethen goes to kitchen to get a drink. At this point Girl 2 approaches her and taps her on theback whilst holding a knife.Loud scream and close up of girl eyes.The End.