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Silvanus360 is web based software that enables recyclers and collectors to maximize efficient internal processes, tracking, and visibility. This unique application enables independant reverse ...

Silvanus360 is web based software that enables recyclers and collectors to maximize efficient internal processes, tracking, and visibility. This unique application enables independant reverse logistics organizations to connect with one another for paperless transactions. The robust application enables each company to manage internal operations, warehouse management, fleet and dispatch, contacts, orders, shipments, and forms. The highly configurable recycler software administrative tools allow the recycler to utilize an evolving public library of common inventory management settings, or configure to add, edit, and manage a user-defined hierarchy of products, parts, and materials.



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  • Introducing Silvanus360, a comprehensive software solution for reverse logistics and the sustainable supply chain, developed by Zylog Systems Limited.
  • Zylog Systems Limited identified a growing need in our global community, to apply best practices from forward logistics to the sustainable supply chain and recycling activities. We recognised the opportunity to use our expertise to reduce costs for all constituents, while/whilst simultaneously contributing to the preservation of the environment.
  • Silvanus is one of the most prominent and oldest deities, known as the Forest Father, Spirit and Protector of the Woods. 360 is symbolic of the full circle approach to address the supply chain from end-to-end.
  • The restriction of hazardous substances and regulations of waste electronic and electrical equipment have led to a patchwork quilt of legislative interpretation around the globe. Initially targeted at manufacturers, recent changes extend the responsibility of managing tracking, reporting, and managing hazardous waste to importers, distributors, and all economic operators.
  • In conjunction with input from Recyclers, Collectors, and ISO 14001 experts, Zylog Systems Limited has designed a comprehensive software solution to enhance internal workflow management and track higher levels of performance from end-to-end.
  • Silvanus 360 is the software solution for recyclers, collectors, handlers, and logistics
  • Silvanus 360 is an online Microsoft dot-net software application. Manage your business in real time from the office, home, or anywhere your business takes you.
  • The Home Page Dashboard provides a snapshot of all pertinent activities at-a-glance. See what tasks are on time, past due, or in need of immediate attention.
  • Simply click on the hyperlink in any of the metrics for a pop up window to drill down into the details. The answers to manage your business are only one click away.
  • You configure the settings in your dashboards. You decide what is acceptable and how much time to allow for each activity. Control your business according to your rules.
  • Configurable administrative settings give you control to decide which menu items each user can access and what each user can do. View only, add input, edit, print, export reports, or review and approve by user and by function.
  • Silvanus 360 includes a state-of-the-art contact manager that lets you control business contacts and keep a record of your sources. Manage special requirements for business contacts.
  • Silvanus 360 features powerful search engine capabilities, including Smart Search and Selective Search technologies.
  • Create and manage multiple physical or virtual warehouses to segregate your inventory.
  • Create and manage locations in each warehouse, truck, yard, bench, or office. Print Bar Code Labels to scan locations as well as products when putting away or moving inventory to expedite handling and eliminate errors.
  • Create group codes for pallets, Gaylords, containers, bins, boxes, or truck inventory. A group code enables you to manage and move mass quantities with a single keystroke.
  • Silvanus 360 features a growing data warehouse with product family, category, description, brand, model, and type. However, you can also create a custom hierarchy to support your requirements with the included online tools, no additional programming required.
  • Simply create a custom hierarchy by family, product, and model. You designate inventory measurements by quantity count or weight, and manage your business without interruption.
  • Silvanus 360 enables inventory management by product, parts, or materials. Track the age and the status of your inventory as well as the location.
  • Powerful Ad Hoc reports can be generated on demand from the same queues that are used to manage the day to day activities. Filter and sort your data, then export to Print, PDF, Microsoft Word or Excel with one click of a button.
  • InSilvanus 360 , Zylog introduces a unique workflow task management system. Individual user activities are presented in a task list queue so each person knows exactly what to do, and how long it has been in the queue. As each task is complete, the process moves the activity to the next queue. Focused activities improve user performance and give visibility to management.
  • Create inbound and outbound orders for any combination of products, parts, or materials.
  • Silvanus 360 uses Zylog dispatch and fleet management technologies to optimise routes for trucks, vendors, and collectors.
  • Better use of routes means better use of drivers, trucks, and lower fuel costs. Manage routes by client requirements, availability, and best geographic route to reduce petrol expense.
  • The fast arrival queue in Silvanus 360 enables you to acknowledge receipt of orders immediately.
  • The itemised receiving queue in Silvanus 360 compares the original order to actual items received.
  • The confirmation queue in Silvanus 360 is an opportunity to address any discrepancies at the time of receiving, before orders are forwarded to accounting. Eliminate errors before they become problems.
  • Managers can oversee fast and accurate processing by tracking a summary of the queues.
  • Silvanus 360 provides real time inventory, even with multiple users conducting movements, adjustments, and processing at the same time. All changes are processed immediately with user, date, and time stamp.
  • Silvanus 360 makes outbound orders easy, with location specific orders, picking, packing, and shipping. Ready-to-use forms include bill of lading, packing slips, shipping labels, and export forms.
  • Schedule collection events to coordinate pickup. Track and report all items collected from the event.
  • What would any business management software be without accounting? Track purchases, sales, and no charge transactions, as well as payments.
  • Problems with payments? Set credit limits or temporarily suspend client activities with a credit hold status.
  • Silvanus 360 by Zylog allows you to export financial transactions to QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, Tally, and Great Plains. We give you the freedom and flexibility to run your business on your own terms.
  • Silvanus 360 contains a comprehensive and growing list of integrated government forms, manufacturers reports, and applicable certificates. Zylog is very pleased to support government and manufacturer efforts for tracking recycling and preserving the environment.
  • Software solutions from Zylog are flexible, scalable, and configurable to support the evolving needs of your business. Your business dictates the design of our software, not the other way around.
  • Silvanus 360 enables recyclers to conduct e-commerce and end-to-end tracking with collectors, handlers, buyers, and sellers of refurbished products, parts, and reclaimed materials. Zylog enables reporting to manufacturers and local government as needed.
  • Silvanus 360 by Zylog is a comprehensive solution to a complex problem.
  • The Easy System Configuration by User designed by Zylog puts the power in your hands. You have the power to shape the software to meet your needs, and the needs of your clients.
  • Zylog Services and Solutions are based on proven best-practices and state-of-the-art established technologies.
  • As a technology partner, Zylog designs and develops global enterprise solutions for local markets.
  • With over 1,800 software engineers and subject matter experts in locations throughout the United Kingdom, Europe, United States, Asia Pacific, and India - Zylog develops and supports a broad range of industry specific and customer enterprise business applications .
  • ZSL’s effectively managed intellectual capital is the foundation from which our clients draw upon specialised knowledge in an increasingly broad range of business applications and computing environments.
  • Zylog has a long standing history of approaching every client and every project as a partner, carefully configuring teams of business and technology professionals that will complement and optimise client-side project groups, while guaranteeing the highest quality deliverable in the shortest time-to-market achievable.
  • The loyal following of clients seeking to leverage our proven delivery methodology includes many small and midsized companies, as well as many respected leaders in Pharmaceuticals, Finance & Banking, Insurance, Life Sciences, Telecommunications, Marketing, Retail, Transportation & Logistics, and Consumer Electronics.
  • Local or global in scope, Zylog Systems Limited is your technology partner. We are ready to empower your company to emerge from economic challenges and evolve as an industry leader with reliable, caring, and experienced support professionals. Contact us right away to find out how we can apply our services to meet your needs.

Silvanusukwaudio 12528496939623 Phpapp01 Silvanusukwaudio 12528496939623 Phpapp01 Presentation Transcript

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  • The Need for a Solution
    The Story of Silvanus360“Why we did it.”
    Zylog Systems Limited (ZSL Inc) is committed to ourglobal community, andhas years of experience designing and developing performance enhancing and cost saving software solutions.
    The Forward Logistics Supply Chain is well established from procurement, build-to-order, just-in-time delivery, direct delivery, sales, and service.
    The Sustainable Reverse Logistics Supply Chain is fragmented, but now regulated with legislation to encourage environmental recycling.
    ZSL Inc applies best-in-class proven supply chain, warehouse, fleet management and software solutions from the Forward Supply Chain to the Sustainable Supply Chain.
  • Silvanus360
    Silvanus is one of the most prominent and oldest deities, known as “The Forest Father”, Spirit and Protector of the Woods.
    360 is symbolic of the full circle approach to address the supply chain from end-to-end.
  • RoHS & WEEE
    RoHS Added Obligations in the Supply Chain
    Burden on compliance extends beyond Manufacturers to include Importers, Distributors, and Authorised Representatives known as “Economic Operators”
    WEEE Proposed Changes and Timeline
    • Require producers to finance all costs of collection
    • Recovery and recycling for medical devices
    • Harmonise registration and reporting requirements and make national registered producers inter-operational
  • A Sustainable Solution
    Business & Consumers
    • Software for Handlers, Collectors, and Recyclers
    Software Features
    Administrative Controls
    CRM [Contact Manager]
    Data Mapping
    Event Management
    Fleet Management
    Route Optimisation
    Receiving Processes
    Warehouse Management System
    Configurable Inventory Management
    Product, Parts, and Material by Quantity or Weight
    Inbound / Outbound Order Processing
    Forms (BOL, Packing Slips, Invoices, Export, etc)
    Finance & Accounting with export to QuickBooks ®
    Dashboards, Real Time Charts, Ad Hoc Reports On Demand
    • Integrated transactions send & receive data between approved partners and track history.
  • The Solution
  • Welcome to Silvanus360
    The comprehensive online business management software for Recyclers, Collectors, and Handlers
  • Home Page
    Real time status on activity, every time that you return to the home page. See what is current (white), ageing (yellow), and past due (red)
  • Pop Up Details
    Click on any of the summary hyperlinks to immediately view details of what needs to be done and take action!
  • Configure Settings
    It’s easy to configure the goals according to your business. Simply set the target levels for measuring performance.This is one of many Dashboards available to you
  • User Configurable Administration
    Create and manage access, roles, and permissions for your personnel. You determine what each individual can see, access, edit, or export. You are in control.
  • Create & Manage Contacts
    Maintain company or individual contact records with multiple addresses and contact information. Keep track of special facility, pickup, delivery, or security preferences. Track Orders and Payment Information, and more . . .
  • Smart Search
    Selective Search
    Search Contact Records
    Smart-Search: Type in any portion of a name, address, email, phone, or contact information and find all matching records or use Selective Search technology within one field
  • Create & Manage Multiple Warehouses
    Create multiple regions and warehouses to manage inventory
    Filters, analysis, and Ad Hoc reports by region or warehouse
  • Create & Manage Locations
    Flexible naming convention supports alpha and numeric characters. Name locations in warehouses, truck inventory, yard, line, or other
    Print Bar Code Labels for quick & accurate scanning
  • Create & Manage Groups
    Use Groups to manage moves by Pallet, Gaylord, Box, Bin, Container, or Truck
    Manage large quantities all-at-once
  • User Configurable Inventory
    Create your hierarchy of Product Categories, Product Types, Family, Brand, Model, and Description – or use Manufacturer supplied lists
  • TieredHierarchy
  • Manage by Product, Parts, or Materials
    Qty or Weight
    Product, Parts, or Materials
    Manage Product, Parts, or Materials in inventory by quantity, weight, or both. The system keeps track of your oldest inventory age by location.Move, adjust, process items direct from your inventory list!
  • Manage by Product, Parts, or Materials
    Filter by warehouse, location, group, category, or region
    Sort results by clicking on any column header
    Print or export to PDF, Word, or Excel (CSV)
    Powerful Ad Hoc Reports
    Produce powerful Ad Hoc reports right from the same queries, queues, and user interfaces that are used to manage the day-to-day business. Apply filters, sort, or search and export to PDF, Word, Excel, or Print.
  • Queue Workflow Management
    Process Management: Tasks move from Queue to Queue, creating “To Do” Lists
    Receiving Process
    Inventory Process
    Shipping Process
    Order Process
    Put Away Queue
    Arrival Queue
    Create Orders
    Create Order
    Approve Orders
    Manage & Move Inventory
    Pick, Pack, Label
    Receiving Queue
    Fleet Management / Pickup
    Confirmation Queue
    Process & Track
    + Reports
  • Create Orders
    Inbound or Outbound
    Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, or No Charge orders
    Select Customer from contact list
    Add Product, Parts, or Materials
    Customer, facility, pallet requirements, special instructions or notes
    Append Open orders pending Approve, Hold, or Cancel – track each update by user / time
  • Dispatch
    Optimise Routes and manage your fleet.
    Choose to use your own driver, a vendor, or local collector partner
    • Optimise transportation by radius or designated routes
    • Select available schedules by date range or specific date
    • Confirm time of day to meet client requirements and best route options
  • Geo View
    Turn-by-turn directions
    Lock the route or adjust schedules
  • Fast Arrival Queue
    Expedite processing the arrival of goods
  • Itemised Receiving Queue
    Inspect and confirm all line items on orders, even split shipments
  • Compare actual receipts to the original order
    Accurate Confirmation
    Compare and resolve any discrepancies before releasing to accounting
  • Management made Easy
    Quickly identify any delay in the workflow process and resolve it.
    Arrival, Receiving, and Confirmation tracked by Date / Time, Status Update, and User
    What gets managed gets done!
  • Real Time Actual Inventory
    By warehouse, location, group, brand, category, model, part number, name, materials, aging. View, adjust, move, process, sell, or ship it
  • Create an Outbound Order
    Select Line Items
    Picking Queue (location specific)
    Packing Queue
    Labelling Queue (forms and labels)
    Ship Pending Queue
    Supports Carriers, pickup, and export
    • Pick lists, packing slips, BOL, Export Documents . . .
  • Collection Events
    Create and manage Collection Events
    Manage the schedule, dispatch pickup, report collected items
  • Manage Accounting At-A-Glance
    Update Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable
  • Credit Hold Controls
    Need to suspend activity for a client pending payment for past due invoices? Hold, cancel, or release orders for new business on terms.
  • Export to QuickBooks®
    Flexible financials keep track of transactions and give you the freedom to choose the accounting package that is best for your business.
  • Gov & Manufacturer Reports
    Produce timely certificates and reports with detailed data.
    • Recreate certificates and reports on demand when needed
    • End-to-end tracking from Handler, Collector, or Event to Recycler, and downstream to raw materials or reuse
  • Flexible, Scalable, Configurable
    Adapt quickly to changes in regulations, legislation, and business
    • Configure the application to accommodate individual business needs, users, vendors, and clients
    • Connect upstream and downstream to streamline your business
    • Visibility and accountability with security and privacy
    • A holistic approach that addresses the needs of each individual business, because every business is unique.
  • Networking Solutions
    Service Providers(Fix & Repair)
    Connecting the Reverse Supply Chain, and Downstream
    VARS(Value Added Resellers)
    Call Centers(for Manufacturers)
  • The Power is in Your Hands
    Zylog Technology empowers business evolution
    Zylog Modules give you the power to configure the system with easy controls that keep pace with evolving business requirements.
    To achieve best results, integrate, automate, view, and manage your existing business with greater accuracy and accountability. Augment your business with the robust modules, processes, and connected partners.
    Thank You
  • Technology Solutions
  • Technology Solutions
    Technology Solutions
  • Technology Solutions
    Technology Solutions
  • Managed Services
    Managed Services
  • TechnologyPartners
  • Clients
  • Contact Information
    Europe Headquarters
    271-273 King Street, II Floor
    London House, Hammersmith
    London W6 9LZ
    Phone: +44 (0) 20 8846 9922
    Fax: +44 (0) 20 8741 5296
    US Headquarters
    85 Lincoln Hwy
    Edison, NJ – 08820
    Ph: 732-549-9770
    Fax : 732-767-6644
    Development Centre
    155, Thiruvalluvar Salai
    Kumaran Nagar, Sholinganallur
    Chennai, India 600 119
    Phone: +91 44 3915 7000
    Fax: +91 44 3915 7009
    Asia Pacific Headquarters
    #13-09 Ngee Ann City Tower B
    391B Orchard Road
    Singapore 238874
    Phone: +65 6238 1401
    Fax: +65 6238 1402