Roadmap Online Recruitment Succes


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Recruiting online, how to start...
A basic overview for recruiters.

Examples of successful internet recruitment activities can be asked for!

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Roadmap Online Recruitment Succes

  1. 1. Roadmap to online recruitment succes Recruiting online, how to start A basic overview By Gordon Lokenberg
  2. 2. Why recruiting Some answers: Recruiting for new employees Recruiting for new vacancies
  3. 3. NOTE PRINT is not dead! OFFline is not OFFlimits! Use it when you know it brings succes OR use it to get people online PLEASE don’t use print to tell the whole story…
  4. 4. INFO Online is where recruiters put the APPLY possibility Online is where recruiters put all the relevant info Online is where recruiters can easily track and trace Online is where recruiters can engage their audience
  5. 5. Introduction Why do recruiters use online? Some answers: ROI is well measurable Easy access Easy to target your audience
  6. 6. Some more thoughts Why do recruiters go online Some more answers: Find candidates Search for new business To be found
  7. 7. To Do-1 What does the recruiter do first The answer: Gets some good analytics tool to measure online activity on their corporate (career)website This way the recruiter can measure ROI of online activities
  8. 8. TO DO-2 Search for your audience How? Ask people where they are online OR use audience matching keywords in searchengines to find them
  9. 9. INFO Probably the recruiter ‘ll find the audience on one of these sites: Blogs Chat rooms Company websites Forums Job boards Social networks
  10. 10. TO DO-3 Join your audience online How? Make them aware of you being there as well
  11. 11. INFO Some tools for recruiters to create awareness Personal profile Commenting Posting Sponsoring Bannering Adwords
  12. 12. Succes Possible outcome from all the effort online The audience is listening and starts to give feedback The recruiter will be noticed as their solution provider The audience will ask for more jobs OR more candidates
  13. 13. TO DO-4 Start analyzing Get the metrics, analyze and tune!
  14. 14. INFO To fine tune the online recruiting activities ask: How many do come to the APPLY button? Who leaves the site without getting in touch What are referral sites What activity gets attention Why do people get in touch with the recruiter Is the audience the right audience Etc.
  15. 15. FINAL No final… evolve If it really, really, really doesn’t bring anything… Just pull the plug of your computer…
  16. 16. “There are a lot of different approaches to define the right online recruitment solution for your needs” +31(0) 642 121 451