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AiLibrary application review - by Gordon Kraft

  1. 1. garage.coms Short Application for Artificial, Inc. Seeking: $2,500,000 Months it will last: 12 Already Invested: $1,000,000 Break Even: $1,000,000 Seeking in future round: $5,000,000 ID 37574 Company: Contact: Artificial, Inc. Mr. Gordon Kraft 889 S. Heathwood Dr, CEO, Chmn. Marco Island, FL 34145 Phone: 941-642- Web site: 7015 Fax: 941-642- Incorp: Scorp, 8/1/96, Fl 7809 Industry 1: Software: Other Email: Industry 2: Consultants (Information Technology) Table of Contents Company Overview Management & Staffing Business Description Capitalization Product or Service Financial DataCompany Overview (return to top)Artificial, Inc. is Gordon Krafts version of garage.comArtificial, Inc. (Ai) is a Internet Research and Development company funded by its founder, to focus on theapplication of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to a users internet experience.AiDigital Library Project:The internet is dynamically evolving in terms of the users ability to access a sea of incredibily vastinfomation. The result of any research effort by a internet user, ultimately results in some of these questions:1. "what was the name of that site?"2. "what was that file name?"3. "where did I put that stuff?"4. "where is that video?"
  2. 2. 5. "Im a frequent business traveler, how do I find that document?"In order to understand the integration of the rapidly evolving internet, one needs to understand the past,present and future of the computer industry.AiTechnology Center:Our AiTechnology Center provides us with the necessary environment for our AiDigital Library Project.One of many Ai Projects currently underway. Ai is comprised of a staff of "visionaries" that have workedwith our founder for over 20 years.We build "Artificial Worlds on the Internet".We will have a AiTechnology Center in StarPowers Dallas Home Entertainment retail stores in Nov. 1999.Business Description (return to top)MissionTo provide our customers with a means to easily interact with the internet, and to store their documents andvideo content into their AiDigital Library.Key GoalsTo become a major resource for Internet Research for a corporations Board of Directors (BOD).Stage: betaWhat drives you?I sold my last company DiagSoft, Inc. to Sykes, Inc. ( in Aug. 96. retired, bought a Lazzara 76motoryacht, bought a APBA Offshore race boat(actually 2), see needed something to do. I was too young to be retired and I soon got bored, decided that I would be mosthappy as a Chairman of a "Visionary Company" that provided me with the limitless future of ArtificialIntelligence. Which I believe after substantial personal research of all forms of AI, that the internet was theonly commercially viable place to develop AI and sell it in a high volume via a OEM bundling manner thatI am very familar with.The internet market place has now caught up with our design concepts, so we are building our first highend demo system to be shown in Dallas in Nov. 1999, the resulting trial will allow us to improve the systembased on the live operation at StarPower.I am a major investor and on the BOD of StarPower, Inc.Nathan Morton (CompUSA) is the Chairman of StarPower.We are a major investor and on the BOD of BroadBand Networks ( KeywordsDigital Library, Digital Living Room, Artificial Intelligence, .PDF, QTVR, Sony VAIO, Home Theater,
  3. 3. HDTV, DVD, MPEG2, .DOC, .HTML, HobbiesProduct or Service (return to top)Problem SolvedIn todays world of Internet Explosion, most Executive Management and their Board members are seeking ameans to understand the internets capability. They need to understand the impact the internet has on acompany, as well as what to advise to the company for which they are responsible. Artificial, Inc. isdeveloping a AiTechnology Center (portable) that can be implemented in a corporate Board Room, as wellas a hotel room, a motorcoach, a yacht, or a Digital Living Room. The AiTech Center can be used byvirtually anyone, and will include the interface of Computers, Home Theaters, and the Internet.We are implementing the convergence.Underlying TechnologyWe have efforted over the past three years to create for an individual their own "think tank" or DigitalLibrary. The resulting integration of our new AiTechnology Center will provide the user a internet centricdatabase containing the storage of Adobe .PDF architecture encapsulation of all non-video document types,as well as entensions via JAVA, Shockwave, Director, to store video in QT4, AVI, MPEG1, MPEG2,MP3.We interconnect the Sony VAIO series of PC Desktops to a LAN based Crestron Home Automationsystem to interface to the Audio/Video Equipment. The system also has a simple Video on Demand (VOD)System for the storage and retrieval of the users/corporate videos.A broadband internet connection is required (ie. cable or better).We also offer the integration of a Broadband Networks ( MPEG2 Video Network overcorporate ATM or T1 internet connection for remote BOD via full screen full motion high resolution video(ie. no postcard video).We implemented a dark cherrywood old English Library in QTVR two years ago, with simple linkage to avariety of applications, including the usage of ThePalace Chat room technology for a family tree and aBOD room for private conferences. You will find both video and white boards in that room.(nonfunctional)See www.ghklibrary.comOur founder has built an actual dark cherrywood Old English 850sqft Digital Library in his 9,200sqft homein Florida as a beta test of the concept. There are 22 T10/100 ethernet connections throughout the home, aIBM NetFinity 5500 NT Server, a Gateway NT Server, a Linux Server, a SGI NT Workstation, severalMacs and Sony VAIOs.The core technology is written in JAVA and C++ developed by Artificial, Inc., interacting with SQL,Browser, and Crestron. The final version will support Linux, MacOS, WIN2000, NT, Solaris, SGI. Wewill then license it and become the deFacto standard. (not our first try at this kind of thing).Intellectual Properties
  4. 4. Standard SQL development in a unique application.Our founder has previously sold and shipped over 30,000,000 copies of QAPlus PC Diagnostic software inhis last company. He is a veteran of the ROM BIOS market, and has been a Intellectual Property speakerfor ETRE and ATRE conferences.We are aware of, and are manageing, all intellectual property issues.Manufacturing ProcessWe will license our product in an OEM fashion, similar to selling Award ROM BIOS and QAPlusbundling. We do not intend to offer a retail shrinkwrap version. The product major components will bedelivered on a DVD, and pluggins are downloadable.Management & Staffing (return to top)Full-time permanent employees: 5Personnel Gordon Kraft RoleCapitalization (return to top)Total funding to date: $1,000,000Now seeking: $2,500,000Months it will last: 12Seeking in future round: $5,000,000Exit StrategyMerge the company with an existing public company on a TAX Free merger via consolidation of books.Financial Data (return to top)Capital needed to break even: $1,000,000Anything else?Artificial, Inc. has hired Mr. Daniel Delgado as our Chief Scientist. Daniel formely worked atNASA/AMES as a Chief Scientist focused on Human Factors and Computers.We are currently developing sites for the Offshore Power Boat Racing industry.
  5. 5. Our Hawaiian will become a major Hawaiian portal...We have also previously owned a Multimedia company, Big Kahuna Productions in Maui, and while there,purchased a Neural Network company that was attempting to forecast the S&P 500 called: MAST, Inc.