EDU Plan (reasons)


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EDU Plan to reboot Tech and Economy -by - Gordon Kraft

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EDU Plan (reasons)

  1. 1. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the InternetEDU Planthe EDU Plan is a concept to engage American Industry, and GlobalBusiness Incubators to create solutions to eLearning. And is the primaryarea of interest since it can, using the Internet, produce immediate resultsfor those wanting to learn as rapidly as possible. Motivated learners...Learn at the Speed of Sight via 3D animation, videos, and textualinformation and other related digital content, is the goal of the EDUeLearning focus. Visual learning that can advance at the speed of the userinteraction during the learning process, using Playstation and XBOX designand engines to learn while playing a game. Same as succeed proceed, failretry...From the simplicity of Khan Academy on YouTube for teaching complexmath, Business Stocks, etc. using the most simple whiteboard and coloredpens, awesome simplicity. Works.To the output of the nations educational and University’s to the BusinessColleges that always find a diamond in the rough from off the streets...
  2. 2. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the InterneteLearning needs to have a large angle of view of courseware to determinethe most rapid learning techniques to become standardized Framework, ofa ISO International Standard Organization like ISO 9001 for education.Equal footing Globally... extensive effort already underway on eLearning inIndia...Without a ISO standard for eLearning, no seamless architecture will prevail.
  3. 3. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the InternetAmerican manufacturing capability has now modularized by component forJust In Time Manufacturing, large manufacturing is occurring for finalassembly of cars, boats, and planes, down to our normal office electronics.Superstores such as Walmart have improved in design and productavailability for higher ticket sales such as HDTV at the component level,with the user doing installs. Best Buy uses Magnolia as store in storeconcept introduced by StarPower to Best Buy.Home Depot can almost build you a house with the local contractors nowworking out of the Home Depot parking lots.Nathan Morton was a Key Super Store Guru for Home Depot, Target,BlockBuster, and the Chairman, CEO of CompUSA, Nathan grew a $1Bcompany in two years... RIP. Nathan was the Chairman of StarPowerHome Entertainment, He brought together many of the nations top RetailBoard of Directors, to many mutual opportunities, and was a mentor. Hewasn’t crazy, he had several kids, and a difficult marriage, and mom anddad at home to support, the wonder of a Sr. Executive sometimes if everyknown would surprise most of our poor. The problem with wealth can be aburden one would never realize, and the fear of losing wealth is a naturalconcern for the wealthy. So the EDU Plan takes into consideration of theimprobability of the wealthy investing, in anything, without some ROIguarantees in this moment in the Global Economy.Congress has to act. A Tax Shelter with double down, might bereasonable. i.e. you can double your investment in National InterestProjects... via 2X Tax deduction... or?Icot Leasing used to sell oil cars for a hugh return on investment, taxshelters...The Republican Party should be the front runner in wanting to see any plansuch as the EDU Plan succeeding, why? Because they are the mover andshakers of American Industry.Seems to me,
  4. 4. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the Internetthat the Republicans are on Strike to knock off Unions? Collectivebargaining... and I am a Buckeye.And the Democrats represent the people who are on the streets?EDU Plan is a National Interest Project.The need to provide a instant solution topeople helping themselves is thereason...We can start now, but Wideband will change the paradigm of the ability ofour developers to pump up the volume!Sprint has made its choice, a bold adventurous choice of survival, noretreat, full speed ahead on and for the Internet... wise choice indeed itwas he said, he did. yoda...The CEO of Sprint knows he that owns Longlines owns the revenue...I have been in almost all AT&T major offices on the East Coast, and manyof the Bell System over the years from Morristown, et al... DirectoryAssistance for the Bell Operating companies from MDS, and PaperlessBusiness Offices for the back office of the telephone company, to AT&Tcustom QAPlus for each and every specific new model of AT&T PC’s fromOlivetti to Intel... Plus DEC, DataGeneral, Phoenix Technologies when theywere OEMing AOL... I used to joke yep back again, different reasons,different companies, because I started at Western Electric in the Vaultsfiling AT&T Engineering Drawings, to the Western Electric on the jobtraining to enter the computer industry at 19... I have been invited to theDedication of the Tandy Research Center in Ft. Worth, by John Roach andDr John Patterson of Tandy Corp. Sold Condor to Tandy Retail Stores, hadgreat talks with Alan Hald at the annual MicroAge Dude Ranch events, andwith Dean Mack Equatorial Communications to demo KU Band Satelliteprior to DTV with the dish on the widow sill, and even to the IBM CPU
  5. 5. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the InternetDevelopment in Burlington, Vt. home of the PowerPC, and todays SP2followups and Watson come here I need you... and Intel Touchstone Delta,etc. Up to and including being a friend and Consultant to BusinessLandworking for Enzo Torresi, and David Norman directly.I selected and setup the BusinessLand Grand Opening ComputerDemos in the first store of BusinessLand, Xerox 820 and Condor autodemos, Select WP, et al... I even tried to get Dave Norman to allow me tosetup a PROShop in each BusinessLand to talk to the nerds that came inand bothered everyone, so we needed a cracker barrel corner like in theold days of a General Store, that would provide the BusinessLand storeswith VARS... He roared, do you know the cost per square foot of aBusinessLand store? nope.Born an Entrepreneur? With a “D” average at graduation time in highschool, yep. Paraprofessional at Arthur Young and Company in SF. Ilearned that the politicos start as new MBA hires at AY... good to be paidmore than them without a degree... working in the same place and all.Motivation to learn on the job all ones life, is the root for those that wastedtheir high school times at HappyDays High... I was 5’6” 154lbs flat topblond blue eyed scarred of girls, freckled, in pegged blue jeans atCheyenne High School... with a little narrow white belt and penny can get your xyz wiped like that... I was Richie and Fonzie in one. 51Merc coupe... making jokes about pointy toed boots... I was from Indiana.Lived in the VA Doctors housing, dad builds the VA’s... MalcHIram? That iswhy we moved to Cheyenne to build the new large VA Hospital. Growingup with a father that was a guru in Civil Engineering from Ohio Statecaused me to see and work in major construction projects for my dad.Budweiser Plant in Columbus Ohio, Chevrolet Engine Factory VORTEX...Cleveland, St Lukes Hospital Toledo, Cincinnati Guerrilla House for hughsilver back, glass 1” thick, they liked to bounce off of it... to the stage playof Peter Pan with Mary Martin when I was about 7. I took the pledge tonever grow up. Imagine my reaction when I came home and Krystle hadpainted Peter Pan on the back of DREAMS about 5’ tall... Easter morningat Pier 66 in Ft. Lauderdale drinking morning coffee, a little girl and herfather walk by and she see’s Peter Pan and her dad starts crying...overwhelming warm beautiful day.
  6. 6. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the InternetI started spreading ALOHA around Florida in 1997 using the APBAOffshore Racing and my TalkStory Offshore Racing Team, I gave awayover 3K TalkStory hats and T Shirts, at the races to anyone, the race teamswere using Shaka to each other...aloha can improve the relations of mankind...sort of a alternative solution to todays times and stress, not a religion,greeting everyone you meet as a friend you haven’t met yet. Have youever changer your mind about someone? Aloha is the Hawaiian solution towelcome, tourism, neighbors, friends and family, et al... i.e. it stopped thethumps from happening as much... Hawaiian Pidgin is funny! Hang loosebra... Bruddah, why u did dat? u stupid? O’ wot?The APBA Offshore Race Officials were on the bridge of DREAMS. TheRace Site owners and the VIP Sponsors from GM to American Expresswere aboard as was the Coast Guard Commandant of Baltimore area. Tothe Mayor’s of Key West, St. Petersburg, Rivera Beach, to Jim Vanderslan?of both Tampa and Sarasota Television usually along with us. John Crousefor commentary, Reggie Fountain, et al. Camera man from the TelevisionChannel in use.DREAMS was the Start Finish Yacht in the middle of the race course...It is always a sale that starts stuff...StarPower Retail top of the food chain for Home Theater Board of Directorsfor 10 years... I wanted to put the AiLibrary in every StarPower HomeTheater demo room... its showtime and COMDEX in every Home Theaterdemo room... and now Best Buy...EDU Plan would turn a Home Theater demo room into a COMDEXbooth...For the Incubators...
  7. 7. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the InternetAmerican genius is overwhelming when given the challenge of anything...Imagine what would happen if we could have access to education and amethodology to learn anything fast?We are the World, we are a nation of immigrants, so don’t kid yourself, ifyou are not a native american... my grandpa Eric the Red was here in1013... Anse Meadows, Newfoundland... The Kraft’s settled Lunenburg,Nova Scotia.The American consumer can now install their own smart house except forthe wiring in some cases, so WiFi has replaced much of the wiring, themost profitable part of a high end Home Theater retail operation. Theconsumer can decorate their home without concern of wires today.What does the American unemployed need?Re establishment of income for their family future.What does the American Tax System need?Payroll tax deductions.
  8. 8. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the Internetthe new Sony S Tablet, iPad, etc are a co processor...Associate Array Processor of Learningintertask communications of different data correlation to the prime screen infront of the user.allow a Associate relationship and display of Hyperlinked thought pathswhich if reduced via your DNAid...would show you what you want and suggested related data paths ofinformation of thought or subject, i.e. you see the item Google brought youand the related possibilities on the side screens of a three screenenvironment. many angles of view possible with multi screens (web pages)that now act like interprocess communication tasks under UNIX... heavyshit... Xanadu. Freedom of Information... Ted N.or OSX.remember HyperCard?Ask Sid Meiers... Blade Runner futurist. SIM worlds...The Correlation of Stuff(tm).
  9. 9. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the Internetif no one is able to pay, from bottom to middle and no tax at top?it will take more than regulations to fix it.Regs on or off no matter.Paper grid lock of unnecessary effort (Industrial Engineering?) that techcould really improve, i.e. Data Capture for Work In Process disjointedmanufacturing, and then final test a direct function of efficiency to the bottom line, the area of need ofimprovement in every thing we do, we need to be more efficient. We needmore Efficiency.When I was in the Office Automation business, I learned that Germanyactually used PHd’s for Word Processing...The Hawaiian Marina Hand Book is like 800 pages in size while the SantaCruz Hand Book was a three ring binder.Organization, and Industrial Engineering, was a profession.Management by Drucker, et al. Like Congress by Newt... over the netwould get his word to the voter... the point?With a knowledgeable tour guide, people understand the ramifications oftheir disjointed Entrepreneurial every man for themselves, a need to bringorder and Efficiency to the process of independent Entrepreneurs the newAmerican work force, working together over the net. EDU Plan.How is that done over the Internet? how to implement a ISO 9000? Howdo you do get Quality Control of this multivendor Entrepreneur group ofnew independents that have never had to be on my total own before... whatshould I do?Social Medicine will group like minds together...
  10. 10. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the InternetA multi vendor PC Tech Support problem, is now a multi independentEntrepreneur problem of making and selling or supporting or teaching ordesigning, or ...Multi Vendor products... we are the multi vendors...A new Business arena of improving productivity and survivability of anewco is now paramount, we have once again decentralized. One manBands... a emerging new business of independents working under ...APP Stores? won’t last... Everyone is trying to support Innovation viaEntrepreneur programs and APP Stores...APPLE is a success why? Because it all fits. Seamlessly... Hardware andSoftware within a 100 year Business Plan. Steve was awesome in gettingeveryone to go in one direction and make it fit into the Global AppleArchitecture Plan that many brilliant people created...We need a skeleton a framework for ALL APP Stores to be uniform,consistent and seamless to interact with each other.. ! like Apple does...I call it One. one architecture plan.A Intel Microsoft HP Dell Lenovo Acer Sony architecture Plan... Thatseamless interconnects with all Digital Resources of the Internet... IN ONEWAY!The attempt to differentiate for product marketing advantages, for a $199toaster (a PC) which is now a Wallmart off the shelf cash and carry item,and no Tech Support from the Dealer (Wallmart), shows the evolution of theretail of the personal computer, which is now moving into a new platform,and it is the Integration of Information that is the end requirement, not themethod to find it, store it, etc.
  11. 11. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the Internetwe used to joke when PC’s become like buying a toaster at the departmentstore, the game is over... and we knew it would cost less than $200ea toreach that plateau.A Apple style archicture would have a seamless integrated interface for thedisplay of the result of why you use the system in the first place.Android using Google Earth will become the front end of the userexperience, first thing one see’s is the Earth, and any activity pertinent tothem.Everything happens in a place on the Starship Earth at the present time.If people are more in touch with the earth on a constant basis and theconditions important to them. They would perhaps improve everyonesfuture.Communication is the basis of mans evolution and growth.Without Communication it is the opposite.Ask yourself, still waiting to be delivered? What if you have to do it?The Renaissance for a thousand years requires some aloha dude.People just want to know where to get HELP!Repair Videos. How to Videos and Books, big area of content availability.Self help, Self Improvement large area of Content.eLearning is available from India... a $35 Tablet is supposed to ship soon...eLearning techniques are from Whiteboard to Animation and Gaming...
  12. 12. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the InternetGaming is the strongest performer for long term cash flow for softwareproducts.Legal Gambling would be.Our kids have learned First Person Shooting well...How about History, our new Candidates don’t seem to know or care, withaccuracy...History repeats as does Universal motion.Given History, earths motion is active and bears attention.Volcanos are the pressure release valves of the earth.Iceland stopped air traffic for almost a month.Earthquake activity in the Mayan region caused their Exodus.What resource would respond to Rapid Construction, and Rapid Solutions.Rest Stop Showers with soap.Water Management. got bulldozer?EDU Plan considers the Terra Firma applications from ModularConstruction with Amish Approved materials and techniques for wind.The Mayan culture ended up in Chicago and Puerto Rico due to thevolcano’s in Guatemala and had no choice but to Exodus north, not south itwas all active. They did not have a Navy to leave the area in, no Ships, sothey had to walk thru the worst imaginable conditions, the end to them.Employment no problem...
  13. 13. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the InternetBring them home, tell them its the earth... Islam will cure their ownproblems, when they realize that Abuse of Peace is evidence of off course,off the path, if they study their actions from the Koran. They have ainterpretation issue. We have Christians doing the same thing...God told man to not kill... only man does that.even if wrong, I’m right...How are you going to achieve a Renaissance? time for aloha.If Prayer abuses Peace you are lost.I wrote we have bigger problems than each other, in my Blog.Invent Martians!My Analysis to the History videos as compared to my Kraftfamily tree, we were in charge of most of the world from the Romans andeven before, Charlemagne places his children in all possible NoblePositions, including Kings and Queens, we are the bloodline, as tree of life.America was founded by opportunists from Scotland, England, Ireland, offering transport to the new world. for those seeking ReligiousFreedom, and freedom of Racial Bigotry. Our founders were whatreligion? What groups? Backbone. Keel of ship.Today, we have a explosion of derivative works in the arena of Religion inAmerica, people have children generating cash offerings, Cable Televisionstudios broadcasting revenue generating words of God, people are flockingto churches. a increase. searching for a more understandable connectiondirect to God. When a man makes a mistake which is common, whyconsidered a Sinner? Under whose judgement? Under what right?OK back to the basics, the Ten Commandments.
  14. 14. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the Internet
  15. 15. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the InternetAmerica is the first to respond in Global Emergencies for how many years?OK, your turn... be our guest.There are many ways to rebound Economy, stopping spending is aAccountants OZ... it never finds the solution it always takes trade to dothat. Accounting Sales Prevention Department in Congress?Realloc the funds, not stop the funds, sell our way out to replace deficit, justlike you will have to do when you are unemployed...Americans are not stupid and the Hippies grew up and own America...dude.Vote Momentum! is the path to the Renaissance period awaiting us, weneed to go to the Faire... now if we can get three or more to agree onanything...Reduce costs and rebuild American roads and railroads and water waysand water supply for redirect to Arizona, good land, needs water.LA only exists because of the Aqueduct from Northern California, we did it,it works, and is beautiful, and a lot of people got jobs... for years...Water Management provides Food Production which is needed Globally. bottomline... we are here because our forefathers walked the Americangrass lands with the Indians, some Mayans... Navaho Apache Mescalerowatch the History Channel. Takes a hour to refresh, most of it is accurate,you decide. Grass is the basis of man’s evolution as a food source, seeds,wheat, etc. HIstory Channel the World in Two Hours...make Congress watch that show only two hours.EDU Plan will not save the day if only the Internet,
  16. 16. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the Internetit is the possibilities of hope could be a cable channel and forget everything I have written about theEDU Plan except the money...takes a lot of Content to fill a Channel 24/7Wideband is input and output...
  17. 17. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the InternetIt is the same back in the day, for multi vendor PC’s, all the insides comefrom different places and are not consistent within the same modelnumber...QAPlus/Factory was much more than burnin for a PC Manufacturer, it wasa ISO 9000 Data Collection System of the Quality Process.Our Social Medicine Network, like Facebook, Twitter, etc. need a QualityControl Process to insure that their desired usage as a Business tool, isreliable and secure.Our Social Medicine Network needs to have a Wikipedia style of truth andaccuracy as well as retaining the privacy issues that we haven’t evengotten to yet.The video content increase will exponentially increase with the $99 HDTVBic Lighter idea...EDU Fiber to the home.what do I expect?nothing.the money is not for me, nor any of the stuff, but a house inWinchester is not a bad wish...and then I would have the set for the new Cable Channel...
  18. 18. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the Internetaloha
  19. 19. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the Internetwe not only deserve health care for putting up with Congress, wedeserve to be able to fire by the Internet is the best solution for daily voting on stuff, betterthan current forecast accuracy.And the Internet will be used to keep the field level...or it will be under control of ? or off.The method to reduce this concern is to open the net.The Internet has already changed Egypt, Libya, China, and several othersin process.People given reasonable probably of truth will resolve the issues.It is best that they do it, using trade to insure peace according to history.Which is something the world could use a more consistent version of...EDU brings eLearning and Knowledge to the Living Room, the truth is up toyou.
  20. 20. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the InternetDr. Dirks said there are three concerns, the Computer, Television, and theAtomic Bomb for the reason we may demise. His IQ was 208 and he wasa friend and relative. Dr. Dirks had over 140 patents, many for IBM and hedesigned Memory, CRT, HardDisk Drive, etc. (Wikipedia) Dirks Electronicswas next door to Carter Associates, and I went to a prayer breakfast atAmpex Corporation with their CEO and VP’s. I did daily cash flowprojections for Dr. Dirks using Adpac a advanced IBM punched card formatprogramming language from San Francisco for the batch S/360’s...
  21. 21. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the Internet Dr. David Kollat is founder and President of 22 Inc., a companyspecializing in research and consulting for retailers and consumer goodsmanufacturers. Dr. Kollat has co-authored six books and more than one dozenarticles dealing with various dimensions of consumer behavior and corporate andmarketing strategy. Dr. Kollat has over 40 years of business experience includingexecutive positions at The Limited Stores, Victoria’s Secret, and ManagementHorizons. Dr. Kollat currently serves on the Board of Directors for several leadingretail companies including Limited Brands, Big Lots Inc., Select Comfort Inc., andWolverine World Wide Inc. Mike Gade is an Executive in Residence at The University of North Texas(UNT) teaching advanced marketing courses at both the graduate andundergraduate level. He is the former Managing Partner and global Chairman ofthe national retail consumer products practice at Coopers & Lybrand. He is also thefounding partner of The Challance Group, a specialty marketing strategyconsulting organization comprised primarily of University professors. He has heldSenior Management positions in Marketing and Development at 7-Eleven, TheHome Depot, and Associates First Capital. Mike currently serves on the Board ofDirectors of several retail and consumer product companies including Rent-A-Center, The Crane Group and Columbus Industries. Gordon Kraft is a successful Software Entrepreneur experienced in notonly the creation of advanced software, but also the development and managementof a global software company. Mr. Kraft is the founder of DiagSoft, Inc. and thecreator of QAPlus PC Diagnostics (over 30 million copies OEM bundled, and over100 million PCs tested). Mr. Kraft has 40 years business experience includingexecutive positions at Award Software, Condor Computer, Handle Technologies,Artelonics (Shell Oil), Microform Data Systems, Arthur Young & CO., CaelusMemories, Fairchild Semiconductor, and GKE Software. Michael Pidgeon serves as the Company’s Secretary and Director. Michaelbegan his career at his family-owned Top 100 furniture/electronics retailer servingin many roles including President. Following his career in the family-ownedfurniture/electronics business, Michael became Chief Financial Officer of PortfolioFurnishings, Inc., and is currently Chief Financial Officer of Star Floors, aspecialized floor covering retailer with corporate offices in Dallas, Texas,providing floor covering materials and installations for its clients in several majormetropolitan markets. Michael is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austinwith a degree in Business.
  22. 22. the core of EDU is learning, elearning - how to learn on your own using the Internet