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EDU Plan Leap Frog by gkraft

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EDU Plan Leap frog

  1. 1. copyright Oct. 2010 @ gkraft “American Leapfrog” a paradigm shiftIf behind Leapfrog, was the idea. the concept of selecting solutions that would hop skipand jump over the competition... I learned a long time ago that time spent on worryabout the competition was a waste of time and energy, leapfrog...Leapfrog.Fiber or 4G/WiMAX to the Home. Enable each individual to do more for their family andfuture of America. Use Federal funding to EMPLOY everyone now. Teach Home andOffice Install over the Internet! Pay people to do this...The problem with dark cable is the lack of large amounts of video streaming across thedark fiber centers. If we run fiber to the home we change the paradigm shift in thecompetitive posture of America and its workers. Because I always told people that theycould never buy a large enough hard disk because they will fill it up...A Fiber Wideband Internet is a Competitive Edge that America is losing ground on to S.Korea and other countries, we heard that Japans NTT was running fiber to the home atan ATRE conference in Kyoto, Japan in the mid 90’s... The bigger the pipe the fastereverything happens...This idea will cause us to build apps that far exceed our current abilities due to the factthat “speed changes you” when we wait we frustrate. Look at the Playstation videographic speed and how it captures your kids attention... imagine the fact that HTML5can do 3D Animation at a frame rate that parallels the Playstation in complex graphicalpresentation across the internet (wideband required) , thus eLearning and the Researchand Learning of the INDEXED Internet offers vast potential to applications that we donot currently envision.A wideband Internet allows some Media Rich Apps that we have been waiting on sincethe greatness of the Internet was foretold to us over 10+ years ago. A widebandInternet Re energizes our most prolific engineering talent instantly because ofcollaboration software development across the net... instant renders of 3D animation isnow possible, ie. real time 3D rendering, ala RenderNet... You can move our softwaredevelopment jobs to India, but you can’t move our creative abilities... Americaunemployed/underemployed software development engineers abound and need asolution. And we are the best innovators in the world.... after all, we are going to explore more, further, electronically than MANually... ie. space the frontier...
  2. 2. copyright Oct. 2010 @ gkraftAmerican farmers will become more important once again as the world’s requirement forfood increases. We need Amish solutions via automation, which means no pesticidesallowed...The ability of America to reinvent the Farm is beyond the worlds comprehension.Imagine!You never forget your important information because it is with you where ever you gowith the ability to even be a micro projector, scanner, HDTV 1080p cell phones, to 1000frame per second video capture with our latest Digital Camera’s like the stuff that Bloomon Vimeo uses, as a webcam? yep! 1080p 30 frames per second webcams will catchmost crooks that we miss today. A paradigm shift in the reduction in crime, clear videoimages... instead of the crap in use for security video cameras, looks like anotheraddition to running Fiber to the Home...Now you have secured America using the Internet connected webcams, but you are nolonger a private individual, webcams everywhere watching. The Watchers. I call it“Shields” an old Viking cry. But it is as close to getting back to 1952 when we didn’thave to lock anything as I can imagine.The Tea Party folks have a desire to get us back to America’s original Bill of Rights andConstitution.Clearly, Intellectual Property Rights and Individual Rights are at risk with the Technologyin use, and it is evolving rapidly.The solutions will be fascinating.eLearning the bridge to someplace.AiLibrary Interconnected Entrepreneur Incubators across America and using a devicelike the Apple TV that is user configurable would provide a secure for the Home andBusiness. And be portable... fits in your shirt picket.Guilds (Trades) Entrepreneur IncubatorsFarms - earth prep, cleansing?, format, equip, prefab Farms.Buildings - China built a 15 story building ready to move into last week. really 6 days.Sales - a lot of great unemployed sales reps available...Distribution (shipping) - Who is better than FedX and UPS and DHL?... after all, we are going to explore more, further, electronically than MANually... ie. space the frontier...
  3. 3. copyright Oct. 2010 @ gkraftBank - Money to loan, money to make, deals in all directions.Lean Funding - Entrepreneurs need Home Funding, for work at home Entrepreneurs.FamilyReligion (separation of church and state is a core ideal of America)But, God Bless America is a core value of America and should be in our schools... email is like Logic, sometimes we need compassion and sensitivity to others privacy,and the need of individualism as is demonstrated so clearly by Facebook, Social Media,etc.People want to share... and they seek recognition...aloha this is serious, let’s get back to “Common Sense”.Intel should acquire Cisco. Then they control the architecture of the Global Internet.Microsoft and HP and Dell, Japan, Acer, etc make a seamless architecture family oftech working closer than they ever have to date.Collaboration Workstations.! Apps next generation. Cloud Computing.Now America can compete with the integration of proprietary architectures, morespeed scotty!Start with 4G/Wimax a controlled WiFi stallion. Let her loose boys...Let see what this Earth Class Starship can do!When I owned DiagSoft, Intel became our new OEM because of the QAPlus we hadbeen bundling on the Micronics 386 motherboard. Intel needed a instant diagnosticssolution for their new major OEM: AT&T. Told to just change the screens and ship it,AT&T corrected me and told me that what AT&T wants AT&T gets. This screen changebecame a total new productline based on QAPlus and Alan Marconnet reverse polishwindows, his ideas of how we could save $99. DiagSoft did ALL of Intel’s Diagnosticsfor their OEM’s. DiagSoft expanded globally overnight. Even though I had been toTaiwan and Hong Kong a few times before. Mel Brodie and I setup Kevin May (RIP) a... after all, we are going to explore more, further, electronically than MANually... ie. space the frontier...
  4. 4. copyright Oct. 2010 @ gkraftfriend form my Award Software days, and a world class Taiwan Software Developmentcompany as our Taiwan partner. I held a 3 day DiagSoft Executive PlanningConference at the Carmel Valley Resort. The video is incredible... ;) Charles Barkisasking if someone could give him a hint when we started to play golf at the last day afterour meetings were done... I told him to hit it that way towards the fairway...Intel invested and purchased 35% of DiagSoft, working with Sr. VP Avhram Miller IntelBusiness Development, we closed the investment, and Sr. VP Arvind Sodhani IntelTreasurer was on my Board of Directors for the first 6 months or more. I also addedDean Mack and Pete Hepburn as Board Advisors. To help me balance the weight in theroom... This experience was incredible for me. At my 50th birthday, Pete and Dean toldme that my peers were proud of me. I cried. They were my mentors...And Frank Berko convinced me that DiagSoft needed to purchase $30,000 worth of hisMOSES Computer ISDN PC boards for our website that Iexpected to be what we call AKAMAI today... Frank said everyone else in networkingwas doing it all wrong...gkraft basket of is the Big Kahuna Network. For eLearning. and other big is the next generation some day of Social is the Audio Video Streams Channel for Homes to is the Artificial Intelligence retail store. still a little early...... after all, we are going to explore more, further, electronically than MANually... ie. space the frontier...