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CARMS - Entrepreneur inc
CARMS - Entrepreneur inc
CARMS - Entrepreneur inc
CARMS - Entrepreneur inc
CARMS - Entrepreneur inc
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CARMS - Entrepreneur inc


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CARMS - Computer Assisted Records Management System by gkraft

CARMS - Computer Assisted Records Management System by gkraft

Published in: Business
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  • 1. copyright gkraft July 2010Entrepreneur IncubatorToday’s Business Incubators have a primary purpose of renting office space, now Iknow that many offer much more, but the difference in offering and making available isthe cost. And Entrepreneurs need advice and counsel more than they need a genericcourse on being a Entrepreneur. The effort in Florida has networked many Incubatorsand added a Virtual Entrepreneur Incubator, yet the local news could pay more attentionand dramatically improve the success of these incubators. A Entrepreneur Incubatorneeds to be promoted. Like the movie “Field of Dreams” build it and they will come... istrue only if people know about it...How about a Librarian greeter that says come on in kid if you have a idea and we willdiscuss it with you and give you instant feedback, this can be done over the Internet.The issue of Intellectual Property is important. Now add some Marketing and SalesReview from the Internet and in few days, the idea will have some depth for theEntrepreneur to decide if further effort is warranted. But before we get to this stage, theEntrepreneur has to have been selected from a larger constant flowing number ofentries.Setup a room with some PC’s and Video Editing Booth, connect to the Internet, andexpect our Entrepreneur’s to seek the Incubator out for a helping hand to build theirdream business.The Maui Research & Technology Center was thus, we know, we lived and workedthere from 92-96, the folks that worked for the State of Hawaii were just like you andme, they wanted in the worst way to make the MRTC a success. All were supportive,but without any working capital even for themselves it was just cheap rent. There wasan advantage however, the MRTC was located next door to one of the most incredibleSuperComputers on the Planet, yep, next door there on Maui.I don’t really understand what you do with a SuperComputer other than mathematicalanalysis of the stars from the dishes on top of Haleakala the hugh dormant volcano.The SuperComputer was connected to T3’s and that gave the MRTC Broadband fromthe start and we had the ability to communicate via the internet to DiagSoft, Inc. so wewere doing business really simple - we were connected. I created ETSC in the mostcreative place, Maui.During this time Chris King my brother in law introduced me to Richard Mann and westarted Big Kahuna Productions. Richard knew Hollywood, and the art of videoproduction, and I wanted to do Interactive Videos similar to the IBM SNA interactiveLaserDisk Project that I worked on with with Saroj Kar in Sunnyvale at the beginning ofthe LaserDisk (1979), a master cost over $50Kea. and was a throw away if wrong.
  • 2. copyright gkraft July 2010Document Storage and Retrieval and Advanced Office Automation Workstations weremy skill set.I created CARMS Computer Assisted Records Management System using a TandemNonStop for Natural Language Query Retrieval of Documents stored on the MicroformData Systems UltraStrip a strip of microfilm with a 300X reduction image size, alsospec’d a Microdata Reality System for the low end. We could retrieve any page in amillion pages in less than ten seconds. This was important for Power Plants that hadmillions of pages of D drawings, to standard letter forms, since we microfilmeddocuments of almost any size, we then microfilmed the microfilm taking the image fromthe 35mm frame and microfilming that frame again another 10X which would result in300X-600X reduction and full blowback. That is right, we microfilmed the microfilm in aunit made by Microform Data Systems.Today we would use a good scanner and the capture time would be small incrementscompared to the manual microfilm process. And the Auto Indexing using OCR wouldreduce the keying of Indexes like we did with the Microform systems. CARMS was myattempt to move Microform Data Systems into a more hybrid Digital and Microfilmdatabase and evolve Microform Data from Micrographics into the Digital Age. ArnoldSilverman replaced my mentor Dean Mack the formed CEO.CARMS is a frame/page/sector indexed sector of digital content or film content.The next generation of CARMS is for today’s Mass Storage Facility that could fit intoyour briefcase, the INDEX is based on Metatags, the more refinement of the Keys andthe Correlation of Stuff (rDBMS), Neural Network, etc. will improve the reduction of thenumber of hits.I often today think about the possibilities of CARMS which is meant to create aPaperless Office...SQL is todays DBMS architecture, and is complicated and difficult for non programmersto use at the capability level that we had with the MSDOS CONDOR rDBMS in 1982.The DomusRoom needs a simple DBMS, perhaps Bento?The DomusRoom will store locally.We need to train out of the box thinking for Entrepreneurs, and provide them theworkspace to grow their ideas, and help them from the Business Management andSales standpoint until the idea is ready to launch from their own successful business.Incubators grow little chickens into big factories.gkraft
  • 3. copyright gkraft July 2010Entrepreneur Incubators Work PlanWhat does a idea need? Sales.How do you develop an idea? Entrepreneur Incubators.Bricks and Mortar? Yes.Internet Cloud? a person anywhere could gain access to the educational process necessary tocreate and idea, and sell an idea? right.from anyplace? Yes.How do you sell? Don’t confuse booking from shipping.How do you protect the intellectual property rights of the idea? AiDigital Library.How do individuals use the Incubator? over the internet using their DomusRoom.What is most needed? unfettered access to all internet content filtered by theindividuals AiEngine INDEX DNAid.People are smart, they need doorways to opportunity, the short and longterm is already changed by the change in society caused by the ability tointeract.What do I want? to help.
  • 4. copyright gkraft July 2010Microform Data - Artelonics - GKE - Handle Tech -- addendum to GK Story.I noticed an ad in the WSJ for a National Sales Manager for a Office AutomationCompany in Silicon Valley, the ad was “blind” and I didn’t expect to get a response, but itturned out the company was Artel, Inc. in Palo Alto and was funded by Shell Canada. Igot the job over a large number of candidates and Artel was developing the first Intel8086 Office Automation Workstation with a 8’ floppy disk. Bob Stillman was developingthe Pascal OS and Word Processing, Graphics, software. The project was behindschedule and as an alternative, I sought out CPM86 from Digital Research, and Basic86from Microsoft. With one of the very first CPM86 installations, we suddenly found manysoftware companies wanting to port to our platform. The Artel OA Workstation washugh, had a full page screen with a secondary bitmap graphics video system thatallowed the graphics to overlay over the text screen underneath.I did the demo to about 25 IBM’ers at the first Comdex Show, IBM wanted to know whatwas Shell doing in the computer business. The booth was stunning, all white, aawesome large island with a few demo stations, we got the 8” harddrive running at thefirst night of the show, and that was the night I first heard the yell across Comdex, “TheProto Works!”I made a Artelonics (Artel name had to be changed due to a similar other company andbecame Artelonics) workstation available to Don Harris and a few days later he calledand asked what is C:> ? The prompt, the rest of the screen was blank with CPM86.I met Condor Computer the rDBMS MSDOS company from Ann Arbor, near the end ofArtelonics (I knew from someone in Shell that they were getting out of OA), and Condorfilled my trunk with boxes of Condor Software and told me to call when I had sold them,and GKE Software was born out the the trunk of my car. During the next two years,even though I as a single parent, I closed BusinessLand, MicroAge, and Don and I didMicroD.Don worked for himself much of the time, and often he would bring in a new employeewith out the authority and would set them down at GKE, I would walk by and say hi whoare you? Then Donald decided that he would go to LA if I would rent a Apt and findmore LA customers, on my first visit to LA, I go to the Apt, and Don has a Floppy Diskstore running out of the Apt and two other guys living there? There was a sign on thewall that said “The Sandusky Group”. I asked what is this? He said that it was “ourcompany”... I closed the Apt. Over the years of working with Don, he has either quit orbeen fired at least 5 times. While at DiagSoft he started a Quality Company ICQ andguy I introduced him to, and with Andy Marken and Mel Brodie at the same time that Iwas paying him...GKE was selling more Condor than Condor, and we added Knowledgeman and Pearl,plus SuperCalc, and I talked Skip Barkis into developing Transparent Data Systemsversion of his Business Graphics package that could take sources from SuperCalc,Condor, DBase II, and produce a Gantt Chart. In the end, I talked Condor into acquiring
  • 5. copyright gkraft July 2010TDS along with GKE along with their deal already in process for StarSoft Accounting,but GKE lost out in the end.I got a call from Lake Tahoe from an old friend asking me if I would like to go boating onLake Tahoe? I said of course, he said, how would you like to live and work here forHandle Technologies in Tahoe City? I as there in a blink. A UNIX Office AutomationSuite from Handle had a OEM agreement with AT&T. Imagine several UNIX System VAT&T 3B2’s, 3B5’s, Convergent Tech, and a Dec VAX in Tahoe City... Programmershad flex hours. I became good friends with the CEO and did some consultingafterwards.