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AiLibrary -Linkedin redherringmain--discussion

  1. 1. LinkedIn: RedHerringMain: Discussion 12/27/08 11:17 PM People Jobs Answers Companies Account & Settings Help Explore People Search: Harvard - Vice President at Google - Accounting Search People Groups My Groups Groups Directory Create a Group FAQ Home Groups RedHerringMain RedHerringMain Overview Discussions News Updates Members Settings Group Profile Profile Edit My Profile View My Profile Discussion Go back to all Discussions Recommendations Contacts Gordon Kraft Chairman, CEO Real How to build a Entrepreneur Incubator. Connections Estates Hot Sheets, Inc. I have been focused on Entrepreneur Incubators for the past several Imported 2008-now weeks due to the economy and issues we all face. You can read my Contacts See all Gordon’s comments here and at my web site Network discussions » Statistics A Entrepreneur Incubators purpose is to provide the necessary Inbox (3) resources for our bright promising Entrepreneurs to create, market/research, and sell their ideas. The following items/resources are Compose needed: Message 1. Office space with fast Broadband connections. Messages 2. Market Research facility with personnel that are expert in using the InMail Internet for Market and Product Research (repaid via Incubator share of Introductions revenue). Invitations 3. Multimedia Center with the latest PC and Mac equipment and Video Editing Software, Office Software, Laser Printer. (Multiple "Donated" Profiles systems no charge for access). Q&A 4. Legal Assistance Group of Intellectual Property and Contract and Jobs Agreement capability (repaid via Incubator share of revenue). Recommendations 5. AARP retired pool of Industry Executives available to mentor (repaid via Incubator share of revenue). Groups (3) 6. Governor support for Trade Missions, etc. Applications 7. Office equipment facility and Video equipment facility. Add Connections How to pay for this? Simple, have Entrepreneur sign a Development Assistance Agreement for Revenue sharing 80% Entrepreneur 20% Incubator Center (ie. 20% Incubator share of revenue). Gordon Most important Resource? Mentor and Sales Channel Assistance Kraft (repaid via Incubator share of revenue). Chairman, CEO Real Let the Entrepreneur learn as they grow their idea, help where you can Estates Hot Sheets, in marketing and sales, and sell baby sell. Inc. 2008-now Gordon is working Do not crush the Entrepreneurs "Fire in the Belly", rather encourage on Entrepreneur and support it... Remember Mistakes are part of Learning... simply Incubators. see: correct the mistakes... 9 hours ago [ Edit ] Posted 29 days ago | Delete discussion Your profile is 85% complete [ Edit ] Comments (8) I love the idea, support entrepreneurship on its merits and proven ability Barry Dennis to deliver success for the right ideas and idea managers(translate Owner, Netweb/Omni and Marketing and Advertising entrepeneurs) Unfortunately many entrepreneurs are better at the idea Specialist generation part, than the managing part. Hence my suggestion as to a pre-incubator step; a mechanism that evaluates ideas, and funds them through VC to the Business Plan stage in which we get to see if the idea has merit. The idea can be a product or service, a marketing plan, whatever. The key is beady-eyed VCs look at the idea through rose-potential colored glasses. Judging the merit and potential is one thing,but failing to give ideas a chance because of a bias against loss is another. A pre-incubator stage would at least allow some wild-eyed ideas to get past the furry-eyeball stage. I have some ideas on how the "pre" stage could be initiated, but I reserve publically presenting them, because it may present both a profit opportunity for me, and a conflict for others.…&commentID=1059876&trk=discq_mor&goback=.hom#commentID_1059876 Page 1 of 4
  2. 2. LinkedIn: RedHerringMain: Discussion 12/27/08 11:17 PM Posted 25 days ago I completely agree on the lack of management experience, but with some Gordon Kraft mentor help from those of us (ie. AARP types) that have been there and Chairman, CEO Real Estates Hot Sheets, Inc. done that... Some of the Entrepreneurs will be our next leaders... 2008-now Someone needs to lead and I have only been successful leading not following over my ups and downs of life. I know there is a pony in this idea, and since I had the opportunity to be in the State of Hawaii Maui Research and Technology Center Incubator, I only wish to share the good parts of that beautiful time. The State of Hawaii management there were not much use other than as landlords, but the synergy of the startups was awesome my friend. And that is the key value of the Center with some real Business experience helping them out. And the Incubator will generate many ideas, but only a few will live, that is why we need several of them in each state. The Entrepreneur Incubator purpose is more of a place to train and create, not to actually build the ideas generated there... The products that are hardware in nature not intellectual will be manufactured elsewhere. If the Centers only create the well thought out and presented Business Plans then we will have succeeded... I used to say all I need is a PC and a Laser Printer and I will figure out the rest. We need to rebuild our American Creativity and provide a place for them to grow and learn. And we are going to have a lot of people to employ in many industries and most of all Services... I am not one hundred percent sure why I have chosen to push my concept other than I would not be much of a Visionary if I hadnt already decided that the Auto Industry will go through substantial reductions and a lot of folks are going to need help... mahalo, Gordon Posted 25 days ago | Delete comment hi Gordon. An entrepreneur incubator is always a good idea, in a down Todd Mollenkopf economy or up, doesnt matter. Good ideas and new technologies come Datacomms Networks & Platforms about all the time and need launch vehicles to move them. As long as you have (1) a talented tireless management team, (2) a flow of good innovation, and (3) enough capital to reach an equity event, your incubator will work perfectly in Hawaii or Kinshasa or Hong Kong just the same. -- regards, Todd Posted 24 days ago IMHO (Having started 3 businesses from the Corvallis, OR incubator, two Bruce DAmbrosio of which successfully sold), the primary support a lone entrepreneur VP, Chief Architect OnDemand needs is community support from a collection of similiarly-driven folk, Personalization supported/mentored/driven by a strong business type who keeps the community individually and collectively focused on what business is about, namely, "how are you going to make money out of this? Show me the market (preferably with real customers/$)." Physical infrastructure can help that happen, and sure, networking / shared reception and conference space are all useful, but its just a social club without the focus on building a business. Posted 24 days ago A few examples of my current projects that would blossom in a Gordon Kraft Entrepreneur Incubator with Micro Investments: (ie. $100K or less) Chairman, CEO Real Estates Hot Sheets, Inc. 2008-now It is my belief that the Angel Investment community will evolve into smaller investments because "over investing" (large investments) reduces the need/drive to perform (lowers the fire in the belly level) and a new category of Micro Investments under $100K will generate a higher number of investment successes and therefore a stronger return on investment if the Entrepreneur Incubator Center has marketing rights of the products created within. 1. AiLibrary(tm) a Personal Digital Library using the Apple iPhone as a…&commentID=1059876&trk=discq_mor&goback=.hom#commentID_1059876 Page 2 of 4
  3. 3. LinkedIn: RedHerringMain: Discussion 12/27/08 11:17 PM 1. AiLibrary(tm) a Personal Digital Library using the Apple iPhone as a Portable Digital Library. The Apple iPhone will evolve into faster. larger, and increased storage model(s). With the G3 and WiFi connectivity of the iPhone and the addition of using "Local Displays" (within WiFi range) such as a iMac, PC, or WiFi HDTV flat screen, the user would be able to SPEAK search requests and display on the "Local Display", the iPhone would not have to store much more than the Google Hits but rather stream forward the information to the Local Display. 2. VOICE INDEXING of Photos, Docs, PDFs, and MOVs for rapid indexing of Content via iPhone for subsequent retrieval. ie. See it and Voice Index it. (MetaTags) 3. AiHome(tm) Smart House Control System via iPhone. 4. Privately Held Stock Resource Center. There is currently no viable method to buy sell Privately Held Stock, SEC issues, etc. The Privately Held Stock would be purchased for X and sold for Y. on a 80/20 basis. 5. Violation of Stay Web Center. The current economy will cause a tremendous increase of Bankruptcy activity and associated illegal Debt Collection efforts ignoring the Bankruptcy Stay action. Posted 19 days ago | Delete comment The Internet is a vast Digital Library filled with content and information of Gordon Kraft all kinds, searchable with many Search Engines, and available anyplace Chairman, CEO Real Estates Hot Sheets, Inc. a connection is possible. From your Bedroom to your Boardroom, your 2008-now auto, boat and airplane, to a city park bench. People now have more information than they can view, digest, and utilize. Search Engines like Google and Yahoo have made significant progress in indexing the information and content. Software exists that can match images and their location, words, places, videos, documents are available. Wikipedia is our new Encyclopedia, with the ability to add or correct information to a specific item. So what is needed? A new method of learning with the massive quantity of information and content is needed. In the 1956 movie “The Forbidden Planet” Directed by Fred M Wilcox, written by Irving Block, screenplay by Cyril Hume, and with “Robby the Robot” we see the brilliance of our Science Fiction writers. The Krell, a advanced society of beings that created a machine that when placed on your head, will transfer large amounts of information and content into your brain. Of course this is Hollywood, but today 60 years later are we any closer to achieving this idea? In the world of “Interactive Computer Learning” courseware or information and content is reviewed with questions or tests that judge your transfer of the information and content into your brain before the student is allowed to progress to the next level. Just like our video games of today… In order to retrain and educate the tremendous number of people that are instantly tossed into our Unemployment Offices, America needs to focus and develop on the Retraining and Education of our people. As does the entire world. Certainly we Americans are clever and innovative group based in a country that provides and benefits the American Creativity. My concept of a number of Entrepreneur Incubators across the USA holds this idea as one of the most important new areas of product development. Your comments will be appreciated at my LinkedIn page in the Red Herring Group Discussion area. You will need to be a member of the Red Herring Group to leave your comments. Please do so. Posted 16 days ago | Delete comment See recent update to my BLOG at: Gordon Kraft Chairman, CEO Real Estates Hot Sheets, Inc. 2008-now Posted 12 days ago | Delete comment Would you mind if I reposted your original post to the discussion group Tom Gilkey, Ph.D "Atlanta Seed Fund" to try to get some discussion going there. I will Experienced technical and business manager attribute it to you and RedHerringMain? with experience in Tom…&commentID=1059876&trk=discq_mor&goback=.hom#commentID_1059876 Page 3 of 4
  4. 4. LinkedIn: RedHerringMain: Discussion 12/27/08 11:17 PM with experience in software, hardware, and Tom telecommunications. Posted 1 day ago Add your comment to this discussion Submit Comment or Cancel Company Customer Service About LinkedIn Learning Center Blog Store Advertise With Us Work With Us Tools Overview Outlook Toolbar Browser Toolbar JobsInsider Developers Polls Premium Post a Job Manage Jobs Corporate Solutions Research Network Upgrade Your Account LinkedIn Corporation © 2008 User Agreement Privacy Policy Copyright Policy Use of this site is subject to express terms of use, which prohibit commercial use of this site. By continuing past this page, you agree to abide by these terms. Help improve LinkedIn. Send us your feedback.…&commentID=1059876&trk=discq_mor&goback=.hom#commentID_1059876 Page 4 of 4