ProductivemeetingsMake every Meeting count – enable richer collaborationand knowledge sharing to get to the answer fasterT...
this isProductmeetingsFrom sales meetings, through to marketing          I see meetings without actions, agreementsworksho...
£88bn                                    Non-productive time costs the UK                                    £88 billion a...
12% Only 12% of meetings result                                                                                           ...
ULTIMATELY WE’RE USING THIS TECHNOLOGY TO CHANGE                                                        AND TRANSFORM THE ...
30% 85%                                                            Meeting room management           Real-time display scr...
THE REDUCTION IN TRAVEL, TIME AND ASSOCIATED COSTS                                                  IS qUITE STAGGERING. T...
where will yousee the PotentiAl?We believe in Technology with Purpose™,           mulTi-room collaBoraTionand whether it’s...
WE CAN SET UP A CONFERENCE IN LESS THAN                                                                                   ...
8   THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY   Productive meetings
ALL BUSINESS STAkEHOLDERS HAVE                                                                          HAD TO FOCUS MORE ...
IT WAS A NO-BRAINER, REALLY. NOT ONLY CAN WE                                                           NOW PROCESS OUR WOR...
ConsultanCy                                    Rental                                             TrainingOur consultancy ...
whysteljessTeljes – a hisTory of innovaTionSteljes started in 1987 and since then,        suPPorTing Technology           ...
where will your BiggesT ProducTiviTygain come from?                                                  Productive  Productiv...
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Steljes Productive Meetings Brochure


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Working with some of the world’s leading technology innovators, Steljes has developed the Business Productivity Suite to help you change the way you work for real and lasting benefit. The Business Productivity Suite comprises of the cream of today’s productivity technology, under one roof, designed to address five focus areas that businesses tell us they need to make more efficient: meetings, video and data conferencing, workspaces and flexible working, training and marketing and communications.

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Steljes Productive Meetings Brochure

  1. 1. ProductivemeetingsMake every Meeting count – enable richer collaborationand knowledge sharing to get to the answer fasterThis is Business ProducTiviTy
  2. 2. this isProductmeetingsFrom sales meetings, through to marketing I see meetings without actions, agreementsworkshops and finance updates, our people or next steps. Notes aren’t captured properlyseem to spend all their working lives in and by the time they’re written up and sentmeetings. Despite this, I constantly see round to the attendees, it’s out-of-date andexamples of poor collaboration. How can irrelevant. We pride ourselves in being anthis be? If we’re all meeting a lot, then innovative business, but we still use drywe’re all collaborating, communicating whiteboards, sticky notes, paper flip chartsand making decisions – surely...? and print outs to make our meetings happen. Yet we need to share andI know meetings aren’t giving us the results collaborate with digital content from lotswe need. Meetings should be occasions of different types of media. Surely wewhere ideas are exchanged, insights should embrace a more digital age, andrevealed, expertise shared. And above all – surely we can cut out the large amountdecisions made! of admin time, and paper, writing up notes after these unproductive meetings?The problem is that meetings aren’t treatedwith respect. They’re not done in the way I know meetings are essential, it’s the time,they should be. When there’s expensive the way, the place that’s all wrong. We needpeople all sat round a table for two hours – to change the way we work.this is a cost, and it should be an opportunity.And just thinking about the travel time (andcost) involved in these regular meetingsconcerns me. From a work/life balanceperspective – I know the travel really concernsour employees as well.
  4. 4. 12% Only 12% of meetings result 28% 28% of meetings are said in clear next steps. to be a waste of time. Source: Proudfoot Productivity Report Source: Office Teammeetings.A wAste oftime, orjust missedPotentiAl?2 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive meetings
  5. 5. ULTIMATELY WE’RE USING THIS TECHNOLOGY TO CHANGE AND TRANSFORM THE CULTURE OF THE COMPANY Alan Bateman, Director for Next Generation Engineering BT Meetings are part of everyday business Plenty of meetings, but not Making the Most of your life. But how many really move things on? enough decisions? office environMent How many ‘eureka moments’ occur? And You can understand why meetings typically Over 55% of desks in an average office how many times does everyone leave feeling have a poor association in the mind of many are empty, so why is it increasingly hard to like they’ve wasted some of their time that business leaders. Minutes are only captured find a meeting room? How can you stop they’ll never recover? Everyone hates the role in a third of business meetings. Only 12% meeting rooms being booked and then left of writing up the meeting notes, collating the of meetings result in clear next steps. 28% unoccupied? Office space comes at a high action points and capturing things from of meetings are said to be a waste of time. premium and with property costs under multimedia so often things get forgotten or Not a great situation when poor labour scrutiny there is a new focus on the office left out. Making meetings count is certainly productivity is estimated to cost £88bn in environment and how to make more of this no easy task... the UK alone. There must be a better way... expensive asset. Added to this, working patterns have changed – we’re all more Modernising the Most old making collaboration project and team focused across functional fashioned of situations haPPen areas and geography. We’ve evolved to be We still write on flip charts or dry white Great ideas happen when people work agile workers, but our office environment boards, use a mountain of sticky notes, then together. The challenge of leveraging an hasn’t changed. take pictures of the boards and gather reams organisation’s highly dispersed expertised of paper to write up (often days or weeks is a major one. Simply getting a meeting tiMe to Market: with all later). In a digital world, meetings truly are an organised extends timelines as you try these Meetings, why isn’t analogue dinosaur wasting time and valuable to find a gap when people can meet, let it faster? resources. When everything else is digital, alone accommodating the travel required A tough competitive environment requires why is the information and communication just to attend. better, faster decisions – first to market can that occurs in meetings so archaic? be the difference between success or failure. You need a better way to communicate Critical to this is the ability of the organisation and collaborate beyond a simple audio or to streamline its decision-making process – web conference. You need an enriched regardless of geographic or diary challenges. working environment that gets adopted by your people and which provides a natural way of working. how do you cutting the criPPling cost of travel Make this all Another day, another corporate-wide travel ban gets imposed. Travel costs still run work better? unacceptably high for most organisations – and the principle cause of this are the meetings that the business needs to happen. The challenge is how to get the benefits of meeting face-to-face, whilst still being able to collaborate on documents and diagrams or explain complex ideas or products without the cost and time impact inherent in travel. 3 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive meetings
  6. 6. 30% 85% Meeting room management Real-time display screens systems can reduce office space can increase room utilisation requirements by up to 30%. to almost 85%. Source: FM World Source: FM WorldmAkingeverymeetingcountenable richer collaboration and knowledgesharing to get to the answer faster.4 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive meetings
  7. 7. THE REDUCTION IN TRAVEL, TIME AND ASSOCIATED COSTS IS qUITE STAGGERING. THE SENIOR TEAM HAS GAINED A DAY A MONTH IN TIME AND, AS NO ONE HAS TO TRAVEL, THE OVERALL PRODUCTIVITY OF THE TEAM IS GREATLY ENHANCED. IT’S A WIN-WIN SITUATION FOR EVERYONE. Alan Parkin, Programme Manager Infrastructure Design and Delivery O2It’s time to end unproductive meetings. Leverage your Get past the challenges of geography:With Productive Meeting technology greatest assets: your time cut travel costsfrom Steljes, every meeting will count. and your peopLe How many meetings get put back,Your people will be more engaged, they’ll Take an important meeting – say a quarterly rescheduled, cancelled – all due to thecommunicate and collaborate better, sales update. Look at the people sat around problems inherent in bringing peoplereach decisions faster and cut the valueless the table. Then think about what they cost, together across distance? With Productiveadmin time associated with having to per hour, per person. Think about the travel Meeting technology, you can make meetingswrite up meeting notes after the event. time and unproductive time they spend happen when the business needs them, travelling that also impacts on their work/life rather than when everyone can take a dayOur proposition is to utilise touch-enabled balance. Then you’ll realise how valuable out of their diary. And of course, cuttinginteractive whiteboards or displays, that give meetings are. unnecessary travel cuts unnecessaryeverybody the capability to add notes, actions expenditure and unproductive time.and annotate over work or interact with a Meetings should be an opportunity to Save office space: increase meetingwide array of office applications or media. You leverage the value of your people – their ideas, room utilisationcan write up your meeting notes during the knowledge, insights – their expertise. With Meeting room management systems havemeeting and then distribute them digitally at technology from Steljes, people are more a dramatic effect on utilisation – pushingthe end using digital whiteboarding software. engaged in meetings – they become a place utilisation up to almost 85%, and reducing where decisions are made and ideas captured. office space requirements by 30% at theWith collaborative software you can do the And you can achieve this without the need to same time.same with colleagues or partners wherever travel or be face-to-face.they are located. Use peripheral products Grow the topline: increase revenueslike appliances for ease of use and set-up, roi – the benefits of making through greater productivityincorporate visualisers for sharing real world every meeting count With Productive Meeting technology, youobjects and meeting room management can improve the agility of the businesssystems to ensure these highly valuable Cut valueless admin time and respond faster to both threats andspaces are used wisely. Writing up meeting notes, assigning actions, opportunities. This speed of decision emailing the attendees. All of this disappears and action leads to growth, essential in aWe can save you wasted time by in a flash with touch-enabled interactive challenging business environment.reducing the need to travel, improving whiteboards and LCD displays from Steljes. Green business: cut your carbonthe way you collaborate and changing You can write, annotate presentations and footprintthe workplace to make working life more charts, save and distribute – all digitally, all Productive Meeting technology can help youflexible and productive. within the meeting: not days or weeks cut the need to travel to and from meetings afterwards. This alone can save huge – which in turn reduces the cost and carbon amounts of time and improve productivity impact your organisation incurs. even before you add in the collaborative capability over distance. GO TO OUR ROI CALCULATOR TO DISCOVER YOUR BUSINESS CASE FOR A PRODUCTIVE MEETINGS SOLUTION. THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive meetings
  8. 8. where will yousee the PotentiAl?We believe in Technology with Purpose™, mulTi-room collaBoraTionand whether it’s a sales function wanting to Connect different meeting rooms in yourshare learnings more effectively, or facilities office at the touch of a button andmanagement simply wanting to tackle poor collaborate with colleagues in other locationsroom utilisation, our Productive Meetings as if you were in the same room. You cancan help. easily share information, concepts and plans or discuss and brainstorm ideas – either inone room, one chance To scheduled meetings or informal collaborationmake The meeTing counT sessions. Everyone can see what’s displayedTransform all your meetings – from standard and make notes on each other’s interactiverooms to workshops, brainstorming, business whiteboards or interactive displays by usingplanning and project rooms or boardrooms. SMART Bridgit™ conferencing software.All become far more productive when your ensuring The Boardpeople can use touch-enabled SMART aren’T BoredBoard™ interactive whiteboard technology Make high profile stakeholder meetings haveto highlight, annotate, draw and make notes. a real impact – from board and managementIt is a natural way of working. And not just meetings through to investor presentations.simply on a PowerPoint® presentation,Productive Meetings technology allows engaging remoTe workersyou to annotate over programmes such Ensure everyone stays connected no matteras Microsoft® Word or, Excel® as well as where they work. Using a combinationAutoCAD® and Adobe Acrobat, to capture of technologies, such as SMART Bridgitand make notes on screen shots and web conferencing software and SMART Podium™pages, and use and annotate video. All done interactive pen displays installeddigitally and with the ability to share with in remote workers’ homes, you can bringall stakeholders instantly. remote workers into a meeting with much greater effectiveness. You can connect andYou can install single boards or use fully interact with experts to pull them in onlymulti-boarding with all the boards in a room when they are needed.linked together to empower brainstormingsessions, project rooms or even crisis across Town, acrossmanagement rooms. The ability to have counTry, across conTinenTmultiple people working on multiple displays Work with colleagues, partners, suppliers andcan speed things up like never before. customers around the globe as if they were in the same room. Get dispersed teams to collaborate effectively and frequently – using Productive Meeting technology from Steljes to allow different meeting rooms to be connected, regardless of where they are.6 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive meetings
  9. 9. WE CAN SET UP A CONFERENCE IN LESS THAN 40% Companies surveyed believed they would save up to 40% ofTHREE MINUTES AND SMART’S COLLABORATION their travel costs and associatedTECHNOLOGY FITS PERFECTLY WITH OUR expenses – by removing one inMANTRAS OF ‘WALk UP AND USE’ AND ‘THREE three traditional meetings. Source: Steljes researchTOUCHES AND GO’. IT REALLY IS THAT SIMPLEAlan Parkin, Programme ManagerInfrastructure Design and DeliveryO2scenario The results It has been estimated that if 25% of O2 staffO2 has multiple offices throughout the used SMART business solutions to conductUK and headquarters in Slough where it also meetings, the company could save up tohas two other offices. With frequent travel £15,000 a week. The savings would bebetween the Slough and Leeds locations, the realised through reduced travel between theircompany realised the setup had to change. Leeds and Slough offices. The infrastructurePreviously, all meeting rooms contained a design and delivery team of more than 30conference phone and flip chart, but people use the technology to generateprojectors had to be booked through significant efficiencies from their monthlyreception and a great deal of time was meetings. Previously, the meeting had to takewasted simply ‘setting up’. With only 47 place on two separate days – one in the Northmeeting rooms – half the number previously and one in the South – with presentersavailable – the new Slough site demanded travelling to both meetings and teama more productive and collaborative members to their respective areas. Thisworking environment. meeting is now conducted on one day, involving the entire team simultaneously viaSMART Board interactive whiteboards were the SMART interactive technology.installed across the Leeds and Slough sites.The SMART Boards network using SMART Location is no longer a barrier toBridgit conferencing software, allowing collaboration and a similar pattern is beingpeople in any location to join a data adopted by teams across the O2 business. Forconference, use touch screen commands, three weeks, one project team of eightwrite in digital ink over any application, people had been trying to meet to approve agenerate and integrate data, share desktops design spec but diaries simply would notand write and save notes immediately. coordinate. Using the SMART business solutions to collaborate between Leeds andThe pilot was so successful that almost all of Slough, the work was completed within halfthe 47 meeting rooms in the new Slough an hour, not only saving time and moneyoffice will have a SMART Board and the but also enabling the team to completeboardroom will have two SMART Podiums. the project three monthsEvery floor will also have one or more ahead of schedule.SMART Boards in ‘Our Space’ areas forimpromptu meetings.7 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive meetings
  10. 10. 8 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive meetings
  11. 11. ALL BUSINESS STAkEHOLDERS HAVE HAD TO FOCUS MORE ON REDUCING TRAVEL AND MEETING COSTS, FROM BOARD LEVEL TO TRAVELLERS THEMSELVES Institute of Travel & MeetingsProductive meetingtechnologySteljes continually researches the market collaBoraTion sofTware inTeracTive deskToPand assesses which products and Collaboration software, such as SMART disPlays for remoTemanufacturers offer the most innovative Bridgit conferencing software and SMART workingsolutions, to suit a range of client budgets. Meeting Pro software integrates all the Remote workers can feel a lot less remoteOur Productive Meetings portfolio, part multimedia capabilities of meeting resources. with a SMART Podium interactive pen display.of our Business Productivity Suite of This allows you to share voice and data over It allows them to be directly connected tosolutions, comprises of a range of your network or the internet – quickly and meetings and contribute as if they were therecomplementary technologies that work make online or virtual meetings really count. in person. Also used in board roomstogether or in isolation to solve the for more formal presentations and inmeeting productivity challenges we aPPliances or huBs training rooms.see organisations face. Use appliances so when you walk into a room the interactive board or display is already sofTware auToinTeracTive whiTeBoards connected to the network with all the launch caBleWith a SMART Board interactive whiteboard, software you need to get the meeting room Turn any laptop into a fully interactiveyour people can share material, analyse data, up and running in less than a minute. meeting environment. Use the SMARTbrainstorm, solve problems, record ideas and GoWire cable to connect a laptop to yourdecisions, save notes and distribute meeting visualisers SMART Board interactive whiteboard orresults more efficiently than ever before. If you’re often using complex paper-based display, enabling you to work with theDual touch functionality also means more documents or have objects or products laptop’s files on a large interactive surface.than one person can work at the board at that you need to share, a visualiser is a must. There’s no need to install software on thethe same time. A visualiser enables the digitised sharing laptop, and no software remains when and saving of documents and real-world you disconnect it.inTeracTive lcd disPlays objects. Use with an interactive whiteboardPerfect for board rooms and key meeting or display and the material can be annotated accessoriesspaces, SMART Board™ interactive displays and comments marked in digital ink for Add the final extra touch to Productiveprovide the functionality of an interactive future reference. Meeting technology with the right cables,whiteboard; finger and pen navigation, sound systems, mountings, remote micedigital ink and the ability to save work – all room managemenT and more – whatever you need to enhancecombined with the brilliant visuals of HD flat When meeting room space is at a premium, the user experience.panel displays. a room booking system like Evoko Room Manager is a major productivity booster.whiTeBoarding sofTware Book and amend meeting rooms throughSMART Meeting Pro™ software makes Microsoft Outlook, via the touch panel,collaboration easy when you’re using or remotely online and clearly display theinteractive whiteboards and interactive LCD booking status outside the meeting roomdisplays. Open applications, browse, write in on screens. You can even, at the touch ofdigital ink and save everything from notes to a button, identify unused meetings acrossscreen captures into the digital format of any size of office, and then re-allocateyour choice. resources instantly.9 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive meetings
  12. 12. IT WAS A NO-BRAINER, REALLY. NOT ONLY CAN WE NOW PROCESS OUR WORk qUICkER, WE NEED LESS PEOPLE AND ROUGHLY 25 PER CENT FEWER MEETINGS TO DO SO Victoria Slight Cable & WirelessA 360 0serviceyou need more Than jusTTechnology To change Theway you work. sTeljes offersa range of services To suPPorTyou Through The whole Process –from advice and guidance,Through To educaTion, Training,ongoing suPPorT and evenfinancing oPTions.10 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive meetings
  13. 13. ConsultanCy Rental TrainingOur consultancy service starts with Whether you want to stage an unforgettable When you invest in a suite of technologyus getting to know how your organisation workshop, to use digital signage for a to help make your people more productive,and your people work today, so we can help product launch, or to support a proof-of- it’s essential that they are confident andyou change the way you work tomorrow. concept, we offer a range of exciting engaged with it. That’s why Steljes seesThis approach means we can help you choose Business Productivity Suite technology for training as a crucial part of changing thethe right technology and get the maximum short-term rental. way you work. We can also offer trainingreturn by focusing on the areas of as part of a proof of concept so you’ll getproductivity that are most important to you. Here’s how organisations take advantage: a clear picture of the impact your chosen technologies could have on your business. High impact AGMs: an interactive votingKey consultancy services include: All training is completely tailored to your system (and digital signage to publish business and your priorities.Audit – looking at how you work the results)today, and then developing the business Critical workshops – get important Training services include:case to change decisions, fast – using an interactive End-user training – Steljes is the onlyProof of concept – to help assess whiteboard to get your key people SMART accredited training centre in thenew ways of working and trial the to collaborate, interact and ultimately UK, so using our experts to get yourtechnology reach decisions that typically take people up-to-speed pays dividends weeks or months to finaliseTechnology familiarisation – our Technical – we’ll ensure the technologyaccredited experts will install the Flexible working – a great way of is integrated seamlessly into yourtechnology and help business users trialling flexible working, renting existing estate, and we’ll work closelybecome confident in its usage conferencing equipment such as mobile with your IT team to help them become interactive displays on stands or familiar with the systems interactive pen display podiums forsteljes ChoiCes remote workers, means you can conduct Train the trainer – we can train your ownPaying for new equipment up-front may a cost-effective pilot staff to deliver top-quality, customisednot be the best option for every business. training to their colleagues internallyThrough Steljes Choices, we offer a range of Ongoing support – we’ll help youtax-efficient leasing options, hire purchase technical suppoRt manage change and ensure your peopleand 0% finance (subject to product and and waRRanties continue to improve their productivity.underwriting acceptance). Our own enhanced warranties as well We’ll run refresher courses and conduct as standard manufacturer warranties giveWorking with Syscap, the UK’s leading a staff survey to assess the impact the you the support and confidence once theindependent business IT finance technology is really making technology is in place. Steljes provides on-siteprovider, Steljes Choices can give you support, which can avoid the need to sendcash flow flexibility and keep your items away for repair. And with a next daycapital free for reinvestment response time you can be assured there isFinance options are tax-efficient very little downtime for your organisation.and could even save you money inreal terms Added to this, it includes:Your agreement will be individually Supporting proof of concepts: technicaltailored to you with easily managed support is vital at the ‘proof of concept’monthly payments that suit your budget stage for any project and having technical support ensures that theAt the end of your agreement you could technology works in your environmentchoose to own the equipment or refreshthe technology and lease more Enhanced warranties: for a one off feeequipment without increasing your you cover the cost of all labour and parts,monthly outlay or the cost of a full replacement if repair is not possible Steljes is the only SMART Authorised Service Organisation in the UK and Ireland, so you will be supported by a trained and highly skilled team of technicians.11 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive meetings
  14. 14. whysteljessTeljes – a hisTory of innovaTionSteljes started in 1987 and since then, suPPorTing Technology sense checking The righThas demonstrated a passion for identifying service Providers aPProach – soluTionsthe latest in technology to change our way By matching the best technology and evaluaTionof living, learning and working. Steljes has customer challenges together, Steljes helps We take on a lot of the risk and upfrontconstantly looked at the technology manufacturers, resellers and customers investments that our clients and partnersmarketplace for innovation that could be successfully address real life situations faced would otherwise have to bear. A big partsuccessfully harnessed for tangible and by businesses in every industry sector. of this is ensuring we’ve vetted the rightlasting productivity gains. solutions and know with certainty they will We support the industry through education deliver the benefits that our clients expect.From launching the first LCD projector into and training, insights and research and ofthe market back in 1993, through to being course helping companies take these new Steljes Labs, our own R&D, focuses on thisthe first exclusive distributor of SMART innovative technologies to market with the area – understanding from manufacturersTechnologies, Turning Point and AVerMedia. surety of being backed by real expertise across the world, what’s coming down theSteljes continues to promote and distribute and experience. pipeline and how it compares to what’ssolutions and technology with purpose. available now. a ParTnershiP aPProachSteljes entered the Sunday Times Fast Steljes delivers its solutions throughTrack in 1997 and has continued to grow a network of partners across the UK.since – selling over 300,000 SMART Board™ Steljes and its partner resellers work withinteractive whiteboards in 2009 and customers to help devise and provide theachieving recognition by winning the Best right technology solutions to meet theICT Innovation Award in that year. highest priority productivity challenges. We work closely with our partners, giving them and their customers advice and guidance to help them deliver maximum benefits.12 THIS IS BUSINESS PRODUCTIVITY Productive meetings
  16. 16. where will your BiggesT ProducTiviTygain come from? Productive Productive video And dAtA Productive meetings it’s not what you do, it’s the tiMe, the way, conferencing it’s not what you do, it’s the tiMe, the way, worksPAces it’s not what you do, it’s the tiMe, the way, the Place that you do it. the Place that you do it. the Place that you do it. This is Business ProducTiviTy This is Business ProducTiviTy This is Business ProducTiviTy Productive Productive mArketing And find ouT more trAining it’s not what you do, it’s the tiMe, the way, communicAtions it’s not what you do, it’s the tiMe, the way, We offer an initial assessment and consultancy service with one of our the Place that you do it. the Place that you do it. Business Solutions Group to help you identify the best opportunities and partner for your business. www.steljes.coM 08450 758 758 This is Business ProducTiviTy This is Business ProducTiviTysTeljesHEADqUARTERS LEEDS EDINBURGH STELJES IRELAND LTDBagshot Manor The Old Brewery Lochside House Unit L2Green Lane High Court 3 Lochside Way Baldonnell Business ParkBagshot Leeds Edinburgh Park BaldonnellSurrey LS2 7ES Edinburgh Dublin 22GU19 5NL EH12 9DT IrelandThis is Business ProducTiviTySJ/37987