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This is an abbreviated version of the full set of charts and tables in Borrell's Jan. 2012 publication, "Main Street Goes Social." The research covers more than 4,000 local businesses and looks at their preferences, habits, and spending levels on Social Media.

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  • Despite research that shows SMBs are averaging 25 sales calls per month, the majority of local business owners let no more than four in the door.
  • Borrell expects Social Media marketing to hit $11.7 billion in 2012, up 28% from last year. The “local” portion spent by SMBs to reach potential customers nearby is forecast to roughly double in 2012 and 2013. Currently, Social Media spending accounts for 11% of all online ad spending by SMBs.
  • Nearly two-thirds of all SMBs had a social media presence in 2011. Survey data indicate that 80% of them will have a presence by the end of 2012.
  • Among SMB expenditures in online marketing, Social Media ranked #3 – just below email and search-engine marketing -- in spending for the coming year. Although many media companies continue to push banners, that method of online marketing is drawing far less interest than others.
  • Of all spending on social media, SMBs spend more than two-thirds on traditional advertising (buying search ads, display ads, email, etc.) and the reset on promotions. The promotions involve the administration of contents, the amounts spent to build or manage pages, or the amount of a discount or cents-off coupon.
  • Facebook continues to dominate social media spending among SMBs. Blogs have the second-highest attraction. This is a “spending” chart; their attraction to Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media forums may be a lot higher, though the actual dollar expenditure is not.
  • Despite research that shows SMBs are averaging 25 sales calls per month, the majority of local business owners let no more than four in the door.
  • Borrell SMBs and Social Media

    1. 1. SMBs Give a Big Thumbs-Up to Social MediaJanuary 2012 Sample charts from the report
    2. 2. BackgroundThe following charts are samples from Borrell’s report,“Main Street Goes Social,” published Jan. 4, 2012. Theexecutive summary or full report can be downloaded .These charts may be used publicly with properattribution to Borrell Associates. For information, Callus at 757-221-6641.NOTE: Look in each slide’s notes for an explanation.
    3. 3. Forecast Growth in Online Social Marketing Spending – 2011 Through 2016 $ Billions National Local $24.4 $ $17.6 $13.1 $9.7 $8.0 $7.8 $7.0 $5.8 $3.9 $2.0 $1.1 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Source: Borrell Associates Inc., 2012
    4. 4. Current Use of Social Sites by U.S. (SMBs) Q: Does your company maintain a Social Network site or page? Have Source: Borrell 2011 SMB Survey, as of August, 2011 N=4,271
    5. 5. Reported 2011 Spending Levels for Online Ad Categories Q: On which types of online advertising do you expect to spend money in [the coming year]? Source: Borrell Inc. 2011 SMB Survey, as of August, 2011 N=4271
    6. 6. 2011 Projected Online Social Media Spending – Advertising vs. Source: Borrell Associates Inc., 2012.
    7. 7. How $6.27 Billion in Social Media Spending Was Shared in Source: Borrell Associates Inc., 2012 NOTE: Includes Advertising and Promotions
    8. 8. Thank You!We hope you enjoyed these charts from our report. Wepublish a dozen reports per year and invite you to learn moreat the following URL:’ll find free information and other charts and tables. Ifyou have questions, please give us a call at 757-221-6641 oremail us at