SMB Survey:   Pestered by Reps, Not Happy With Deals, Loving Facebook, Poised to Buy Mobile

SMB Survey: Pestered by Reps, Not Happy With Deals, Loving Facebook, Poised to Buy Mobile



Our latest survey of local advertisers shows just what they’re thinking about upcoming budgets – and how much they’re focusing on all things digital. The highlights are from Borrell’s ongoing ...

Our latest survey of local advertisers shows just what they’re thinking about upcoming budgets – and how much they’re focusing on all things digital. The highlights are from Borrell’s ongoing surveys of SMBs and offer fascinating insights into what’s about to happen in local marketing. The full 58-question survey is avaliable to Borrell subscribers, here:



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SMB Survey:   Pestered by Reps, Not Happy With Deals, Loving Facebook, Poised to Buy Mobile SMB Survey: Pestered by Reps, Not Happy With Deals, Loving Facebook, Poised to Buy Mobile Presentation Transcript

  • SMB Marketing Patterns Q2 /Q3 2013 Survey Highlights December 2013
  • Background & Methodology       This survey is part of ongoing Borrell surveys to monitor changes in advertising patterns at the local level. Respondents for this wave were solicited from current, past and prospective advertising clients of 14 local media companies across a wide geographic region of the U.S. Local media companies sent invitations to participate; Borrell collected and analyzed results. Surveys were conducted May 1 through Aug. 23, 2013. There were 903 respondents and 440 completions. Respondents were offered an incentive to participate (an iPad, awarded by random drawing). More information and details available at or by emailing
  • SMBs are hopeful. 64% are “very” or “somewhat” optimistic about near-term (12 months) improvement to the local economy.
  • Most SMBs optimistic about economy Finding Qualifed Employees 43% 41% 39% Very easy Somewhat easy 27% 7% 10% 24% 21% 17% 14% Neither difficult nor easy 19% 19% 13% Somewhat difficult 9% 2% Next 6 months 3% 2% Next 12 months Very optimistic Neutral Very pessimistic 18% Next 2 years 35% Very difficult 16% Don’t know 16% Somewhat optimistic Somewhat pessimistic 40. How would you rate your overall expectations about local area economic conditions over the next few time periods ? N = 477
  • SMBs Are Spending More. Marketing budgets are up 10.7%.
  • Total Marketing Expenditures on the Rise Gross Revenues Total Combined Budgets $ 2,283,300 $ 97,100 Net of Revs 4.25% $88,277 + 10.7% $79,713 $9,000 $6,000 2012 Total Ad and Marketing Spend 38. Not all advertising and marketing money is spent on ads alone; what percentage of your advertising and marketing budgets is spent on advertising versus "nonadvertising" expenses? [Total should be 100%.] N=399 2013 Total Ad and Marketing Spend Mean Median 37. What do you expect your total direct spend on advertising and marketing efforts will have been in 2012 and will be in 2013 N=351
  • Moderate Growth for YOY Spending Avg. Media Bought = 5.0 Plans Ads Bought 47% None 8% 1 8% 2 14% 3-5 27% 39% 6-9 19% 18% 10-14 15 or more 8% 6% 7% Don't know/Not sure 1% Spend more money Spend the same Spend less money amount Don't know 1. To begin, in how many different media outlets do you currently advertise? N = 903 5. Compared with what you spent on advertising in 2012, will you spend more money, less money, or about the same in 2013? N = 827
  • SMBs are Pestered. On average, SMBs get 5 sales calls per week and listen to only 1 of them.
  • Sales Reps Call Every Day 60% Attempts: Mean : 18.6 Median :8 Pitches Taken: Mean : 6.5 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% 0 1-4 5-9 10-14 15-19 Contact Attempts 20-24 25-29 30-49 50 or more Don't know/Not sure Pitches Taken 3. Many different media work to earn your business as an advertiser. In an average month, how many total attempts are made to speak with or reach you about any advertising opportunity? N = 804 4. In an average month, how many advertising sales people do you speak to, in person or on the phone, among these incoming efforts? N = 830
  • SMBs Favor Newspapers. Newspapers get 22% of their ad budgets, holding the largest share.
  • Share of Ad Budgets: Digital is No. 2 (among this sample) 22% 19% 12% NOTE: Borrell’s spending data for the entire U.S. indicates that digital ad spending now comprises 25% of local ad budgets, newspapers 19%, radio 12%, and local TV 12%. The difference in the chart below is likely due to the fact that responses were from highly localized, smaller businesses. 9% 7% 8% 8% 5% 3% 3% 3% 1% 1% 6. Please estimate what portion of your total ad spending next year will be spent on the media listed below. Estimate the PERCENTAGE each will get in 2013. [Amounts should total to 100%.] N = 657
  • SMBs ‘Liking’ Digital More. 42% of them pegged digital media for more spending.
  • Online Spending is an Energizer Bunny it keeps going and going and… 50% 45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Online/Digital Mobile Direct Mail Radio Local Newspapers Increase Other Local Outdoor and Broadcast TV Print Pub OOH Stations Stay the same Cable TV Stations Print Directories Cinema Telemarketing Decrease 7. Thinking of your total advertising budget, as compared with 2012, do you think your spending will increase, stay the same, or decrease in the following categories in 2013: [Choose one response for each item listed below.] N = 689 Other
  • SMBs Give Facebook a Big Thumb’s Up. 70% use FB, compared with 64% two years ago.
  • Facebook is Top Dog; Google+ in the Mix Social Sites Used Facebook or FacebookConnect 70% GooglePlaces/Google+ 42% Twitter 33% Yahoo Local 19% Yelp 20% Pinterest 15% Foursquare 11% Bing 10% Tumblr Other (please specify) None of above 3% 4% 20% 29. On which, if any, of the following websites does your business or company have a listing that your business or company wrote and placed? N = 509
  • SMBs Diss Deals. 77% aren’t participating; only half who do are satisfied.
  • Deals Get Mixed Results Satisfaction Deals Don’t Know 2% 33% 32% Yes 21% 16% 14% No 77% 6% Very satisfied Somewhat satisfied Not very satisfied Not at all satisfied Don't know/No answer 22. Have you participated in a "Deal of the Day" or similar program where consumers purchase a certificate or coupon at a discount for your business? N = 514 How satisfied have you been with your overall "Deal of the Day" experience? N = 120
  • SMBs Are Poised to Embrace Mobile. 85% say mobile presence is important, yet only 19% engage in mobile marketing.
  • Mobile is Becoming the New Black Importance of Digital Visibility 51% 34% 8% 5% Very important Somewhat important Not very important Not at all important 3% Don't know/Does not apply to us 32. How important is it to your company to have "high visibility" on web and mobile platforms so customers and prospects can easily find your website and your physical location? N = 308
  • Demand for Mobile Marketing is Pent Up Used Mobile Don't know 4% Pitched Mobile Yes 19% No 78% Don't know 10% Likelihood Use Mobile Next 12 No 33% Yes 57% 30% 27% 18% 17% 8% Very likely Somewhat Not very likely likely Not at all likely Don’t know/Not sure 16. Has your company been pitched by any vendors to conduct mobile-based advertising or marketing campaigns or campaigns with mobile elements in the past 12 months? N = 525
  • SMBs: ‘Showrooming’ is No Big Whoop. 9% say it hurts business; 24% say it helps.
  • Impact From “Showrooming” “Showrooming” is the process in which a customer uses a Smartphone while in a store to evaluate and compare product pricing or purchase options. See Customers “Showrooming” 40% Physical Location 15% No 22% Very often 21% 11% 10% Somewhat Not very often often Not at all often 4% Does not apply Don't know Impact of “Showrooming” Yes 79% 42% 24% 17% 9% 26. Does your business maintain a brick and mortar location from which you sell physical goods or provide services directly to customers or other businesses? N = 511 Generally helps business and sales Generally hurts business and sales 8% Little or no impact positive or negative Does not apply to our business Don't know 27. How often do you see your customers "showrooming? N = 403 28. Is it your experience that showrooming helps or hurts your business and sales? N = 402
  • Do you think YOUR Advertisers Are Different? Borrell conducts thousands of SMB surveys quarterly in local markets. Find out what YOUR advertisers are planning to do next year. For more information contact Greg Harmon, senior research analyst 415-566-4348 22
  • Want To Be In The Know? Become a Borrell Subscriber Jim Brown Vice President, Sales Borrell Associates Inc 757-472-0555 See what the excitement is all about. March 3-4, 2014, in NYC