Evaluation finale


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Evaluation finale

  1. 1. Media Evaluation By Autumn Gordon
  2. 2. In what ways do your media product, use develop or change forms and conventions of real media products?These are more conventions which I felt challenged me most and I developed more towards my final production ofthe final front cover. I collected a numerous amount of front covers from my chosen genres, to see how their stylevaries in different issues of the given magazine from my experience. The main photo challenged me the most as I hadto chose an image which best represents the indie/rock theme. The image is a key element to the reader as theyanalyse it through both connotations and denotations meaning that a lot of time and planning has to go into thedevelopment of my image in order to create the best effects possible, these effects of my image can be altered by thesaturation, contrast, brightness etc. My photo challenges my whole magazine as I need to be able to clearly representrock and indie through my image.I made sure whilst conducting my research I chose a magazine which corresponds with my own to produce the mostaccurate insight possible which I wouldn’t obtain home living magazines. I have chosen to centralise my main imageand produce a medium/close up in order to show the diversity of my music magazine and what it demonstrates . Onthe whole most of the magazines I researched are lout in a way in which makes them look heavy and hectic. I tried toadapt this in my own way by using this concept but simplifying certain aspects of it.
  3. 3. Who would be the audience for your media product?I researched three music magazines ; Kerrang, Mixmag and Q. By doing this I was able to recognise the genre andtarget audience of these and felt they linked closely with my own magazine. I am able to recognise what genre amagazine belongs to by its context, such as rock and indie/metal magazines use red, white and black colourings whichare both bold and symbolic. Whereas young girls magazines e.g. Bliss; contain pinks and purples setting distinctivethemes within genres. Magazines use colour to entice the appropriate target audience by undergoing researchparticularly focusing on Q magazine I was able to extract structural aspects like how they layout their there frontcover, contents, etc. This enable me to pick key elements out from the examples I have to make sure my layout isappropriate in order to convey key themes and ideas.By using cover stories relating to my indie/rock theme, such as; ‘Exclusive interview with RIOT.’ It shows the genre ofmy music magazine and who the target audience is.Throughout creating my music magazine I used the colours black, white, purple and blue as I feel that these coloursbest associate with my theme as the black and white are the main colours throughout. These colours contrast drawingattention to the blues and purples of which allow the rock/indie theme to be bought to life these colours give theimpression of a gig scene through the vibrant choice of colours.By producing my music magazine I believe I have attracted my audience by exposing a niche. I have done this by usinga variation of different pictures, plugs and colours this magazine would appeal to people aged between 18-29 wholisten to rock/indie music.
  4. 4. How does your media product media product represent particular social groups?I brought and read a selection of magazines in order to inspire my own ideas. Eachmagazine represented original styles which portray the genre of magazine I aminterpreting and the growth of the genre in the media industry. This will appeal tothe more mature audience which I intend it to. You create your own image basedon the style of music you like this becomes evident when you see the differenttypes of music magazines people read. I chose this genre as when looking atrecent statistics I fell that indie/rock has become one of the most popular genresdue to national events such as; V festival, Glastonbury and Leeds etc. Thesefestivals focus predominately on my chosen genre making it the most profitablefor me to produce my music magazine around. Concerts like these attract socialgroups stereotypically linked to my work. They apply to my age range (18-29) butalso my target audience.Picking pictures challenged me. I decided to apply the ones which best representthe genres I picked, medium/close-up. I chose images at this shot to show theindividuality and style of which I aim to portray. Each photo represents emotionand prepare the audience for articles, interviews etc.
  5. 5. How did you attract/address your audience?Through analysing my research I was able to identify ways they attract their audience. I discovered that themore simple a design the more modern and stylish it appears. Therefore I used a western font for my masthead which conveys the rustic edge of theme I have chosen. By using an arrow head to advertise theirexclusive interview with the band, it has directional effects on the audience enticing them to turn the pageand read on.I have used contrasting colours (black and white) those of which are used in popular music magazineKerrang. My masthead and Kerrang’s are both very similar in design simple, bold and edgy.I feel I have addressed the reader by having exclusive news corresponding to the relative indie/rock theme Ihave made direct references to the audience, making them feel like the magazine is made exclusively forthem. I have tried to make my contents basic in keeping with the modern theme which is shown in other popular music magazines fitting to the same genre as mine (Q).
  6. 6. What have you learned about technologies from the process of constructing this product?I feel I have learnt various different technologies from this process. First I took advantage of my abilities to use adobePhotoshop. In order to distort my cover image and add ambiance using my colour theme to make the image edgyand creative representing them clearly. This allowed me to be able to play around with different components of mymusic magazine in order to create this. I also had to crop the image and remove certain aspects of the image such as the hair in the bottom right- hand corner as these aspects are not relevant to my main image.
  7. 7. What kind of media institution might describe your media product and why?Hearst Magazines UK, Hearst Corporation’s principalbusiness in the UK, is one of the UK’s leading mediacompanies with 20 magazine brands and 20 digital assets.Hearst Magazines UK is the trading name of NationalMagazine Company Ltd, established in 1910 by WilliamRandolph Hearst and is a wholly owned subsidiary ofHearst Corporation, one of the largest diversified mediacompanies. Its major interests include magazine,newspaper and business publishing, cable networks,television and radio broadcasting, internet businesses, TVproduction and distribution, newspaper featuresdistribution and real estate.in the UK, the business includes the core wholly-ownedbusiness plus interests in two joint ventures: NatMagRodale, a 50:50 joint venture with Rodale Inc. of the USAwhich focuses on health and well-being; and COMAG, a65:35 joint venture with Conde Nast, one of the U.K.slargest magazine distributors.I discovered Hearst Magazines UK on the internet and researched the history of their business and its success to givemyself an idea of what its like.Hearst Magazines UK publishes 20 consumer titles in the UK: All About Soap, Best, Company, Cosmopolitan, CountryLiving, ELLE, ELLE Decoration, Esquire, Good Housekeeping, Harper’s Bazaar, House Beautiful, Inside Soap, Prima, Red, RealPeople, Reveal and Zest. The group publishes three magazines, Mens Health, Runner’s World and Womens Healththrough Hearst-Rodale UK.I feel that by using this publishing company there is already a large chance of success as they are already established andextremely commendable for their success in the industry and therefore would be able to give me the most accurate advicein order to make my music magazine publishable, They focus on a target market similar to mine and there is defiant roomfor a magazine of my type within their company.
  8. 8. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?The kind of media institution that could possibly distribute my media product could be a music magazine publisher. Ibelieve that my product would attract a large amount of buyers as my magazine covers a variations of different topicsto entice my target audience. There is a mixed variety of genres associated with my magazine. This enables it toappeal to a larger audience. One main issue with this magazine is that to a music publishing distributor, is that there isa large amount of existing competition endorsing similar qualities to them.Therefore I decided to undergo a small amount of research into how music magazines similar to mine and how itcould be constructed best.I decided to print screen a selection of front covers of magazines from certain magazine publishing companies tocollect data on existing competition.If I annotate different elements of my music magazine, I believe this could make it appeal more to publishers.I would re-do my magazine and add more professional aspects to catch the audiences eye. However my niche shouldbe recognisable without any drastic changes.I need to find a published whos specification fits to me the most. In order to reduce future adaptations of my ownwork as by making certain changes it could significally alter the originality. Although constructive criticism would beessential for the further development of my music magazine.
  9. 9. Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?The main thing I fell I could of improved in order to make my overall result more effective, was how I planned out mywork and researched I feel that I didn’t preform these tasks usefully. I did not broaden my research enough and allowmyself to venture in other genres and the possibilities to adapt my own which could evoke some strong similaritiesbetween my magazine and existing magazines as it could be misconstrued as copying through the positioning ofmastheads/fonts/images etc and entail bad press for my magazine. On the other hand it could be seen with evidentconnections to the indie/rock theme. For the preliminary task I drafted my front cover, contents page and also mydouble page spread in order to gather reviews on ways in which these elements could be adapted in order to gain thebest result for my work . I did this by asking people in my target audience to give me their feedback on my work and Iused the advice to adapt my music magazine ready for my final draft.Secondly I feel I have improved dramatically since the beginning of the media course on how I conduct my work toensure its of good quality. I make sure I am aware of certain media terms before I use them in my work to improve myprofessional appeal when putting them into context. I believe that the more images I use the more it appeals to meand allows me to remain focused in my own work and for me to still produce relevant and purposeful work.Throughout the process of my work I have tried to remain as organised as possible in order to ensure that all my workis up to date and as precise as possible as I have the correct amount of time to produce the appropriate pieces.Fourthly I feel that I have drastically improved my skills in terms of being able to use certain software such asFireworks as this programme allows me to adapt my images in order to make them in keeping with my theme withthe options to distort them or adapt the contrast this gives my images the edge I need in order to of made themeffective. And from my drafts you can see the improvements of my ability to use this software.I believe that I have improved since the preliminary task I have learnt how to manage my time better. By doing this itallowed me to see a similar task in draft first to show me areas of my work that need improving and areas that don’tso I can focus on the areas in need of improvement in my main task. This was overly beneficial to the end result of mywork.