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  • I use this slide to review the solution sets CVLT offers from its single platform and to reinforce our value proposition
  • Why Modernized is critical (aka Putting the Genie back in the Bottle )(dimensions in blue) new environments are dynamic, data moves, shifts, scale is 5-10X what you used to design for….Those are the break points on the old way of doing backups – yes backups architectures are running on borrowed timeThe new virtualized and consolidated data centers demand a whole new approach – one that can scale and perform and embrace the HW recovery dimensions – with DB and data stores in the multi-TB range – you can’t just copy it back and meet your RTO- snapshots are critical and effectively the only way to get this done quickly and frequently..Scale needs to reach from the small tactical remote site needs and stretch to the upper bounds of the Enterprise class – which imposes a higher set demands to minimize impact on the production tier (ie offloading is critical ). Coupling the rapid response of snapshots (TB collections in minutes) with offload processing – contracts the protection window on your production resources to fraction of what you have been struggling through. Backup windows can be retired as a modernized productionSnaps though can only stack up so far before your costs begin to skyrocket, this is where the backup copy is still a critical part of the solution – but it is not the start, rather it is the middle. A modernized protection strategy needs to span the snaps/ backups / DR / Vault copies seamlessly – indexing and moving the relevant content to each copy instance – employing efficient and smart movement methods such as deduplication to every target – and retaining those data instances under a single lifecycle retention model – aligned with the business demands. With the emerging new economics around cloud storage – a modern data protection strategy must be able to seamlessly reach into the cloud to extend those benefits for effortless retention, reduced costs and direct accessibility. Simpana9 – delivers those benefits from single data protection policy, virtualizing a dynamic and agile set of seamless automatic processes that drive data collection, mgmt and recovery across every tier in this picture. As the data moves, inline indexing assures simplicity in recovery from the entire data store, to individual components such as Virtual Machines or Databases, down to individual files and messages, from any of the indexed instances across the tiers – this is referred to as content-aware protection.Together that drives down Recovery Time to deliver the service levels your business demands while also unlocking that data to ensure it is accessible for broader use – such as end-user retrievals, search, discovery needs.In many cases that is a critical element that folks forget – if your data is wrapped in VMDK formats and 3 years later you need to unwrap it to service a legal action, but the VM infrastructure is so different it can’t read it – that is where you need to ensure you had a smart data management system that indexed it in a content aware basis – so you can peer inside and remove the actual documents, files and messages you need without having to redeploy your old architecture. Ok let’s dig into it.
  • SnapProtect Enable for Virtual Server Agent integrates with the snapshots built into the storage arrays for Rapid Fire Creation of recovery copies of Data Stores containing Virtual Machines. When the SnapProtect job runs, the VSA agentQueisces the VMs using VADPOnce the VMs are quiesced, creates a hardware snapshot of the data store LUN.Each snapshot represents a consistent recovery point at that point in time and can be used to recover VMs.Once the hardware snapshot is completed, VSA adds the snapshot to its list of recovery points.With the hardware snapshots complete, the virtual machines are unquesiced.Since the snapshots take only a few seconds to create, the virtual machines need to be quiesced for only a short time. With this method, you can create multiple recovery copies in a day for the entire virtual environment, and you can create recovery copies for literally hundreds of VMs in few minutes.With the amount of data being generated, it is no longer sufficient to simply recover to last night’s backups. Simply too much data is generated every hour and losing any of that data could be catastrophic. Creating multiple recovery points per day allows businesses to a point closer to the point of failure, rather than only to last night’s backup. This type of flexibility is crucial for the modern data center.Simpana supports a wide variety of storage arrays and does not require scripting on any of these storage systems. All that is needed is to enter the storage system details and credentials of users allowed to create snapshots. Simpana does not require entering details of individual data stores, those are automatically detected from vCenter.Enterprise class storage systems are very reliable and it is extremely rare to loose a storage LUN. However, it does happen from time to time, hence it is advisable to create a secondary copy of the data on snapshots. Simpana also includes the ability to selectively copy the contents of one of the snapshots to a secondary disk or tape target. The VSA mounts the selected snapshot on a proxy ESX server, that has been designated for this role, and leverages VADP against this snapshot copy to copy data to a secondary location. It employs source side deduplication at this time to reduce the amount of data transferred and stored. While the copy is being created, VSA also catalogs individual files to enable granular recovery of files or folders.Since the VM data in the snapshots are already consistent, there is no need to queisce the VMs again. Thus the secondary copy can be created with just a few minutes of impact on the virtual machines themselves. This combined approach is much superior to when using VADP directly on the production data stores, as it requires the VMs to be queisced for a longer period of time.The proxy ESX server can even run the ESXi version. Also this does not need to be in the same high class as the other ESX servers. It simply needs to be configured for fast IO and does not necessarily need more than 4-8 cores.SnapProtect Enabler provides the best of both worlds, it allows the creation of consistent recovery copies of VMs in minutes, that does not disrupt the production VMs, and provides the option to selectively create secondary copies for DR and granular recovery. By providing the same set of data management capabilities as in physical environments, Simpana SnapProtect allows as rapid switch to virtual infrastructure.
  • CommVault

    1. 1. Confidential IT Modernization A Data & Information Management Perspective Alan G. Bunte, Chief Operating Officer
    2. 2. Confidential Agenda State of Today’s IT Infrastructure IT Modernization – What Does IT Mean – Key Attributes Data and Information Management Perspective CommVault Simpana – Bridge to the Future
    3. 3. Confidential State of IT Infrastructure Aging Infrastructure, Greater Density plus More Data 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Average Age of Hardware  Slower HW refresh rates over past 24 months  Need to accelerate to ‘catch up’ with pace of change 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Amount of Data Under Mgmt  Greater infrastructure density managed by fewer people  Server virtualization is a key accelerating force  Higher utilization rates and greater automation to keep pace  24 x 7 availability means less downtime
    4. 4. Confidential IT Modernization – What Does It Mean? Gartner’s Definition “A movement toward … specific best practices and strategies for moving toward an application and infrastructure environment that leverages recent advances in hardware and software.“ Crosses Many Traditional Boundaries – Server, Storage, Network, Application – Staff responsibilities – Operational strategies – Organizational units – LOB, Legal, Compliance, Application – Data copies – Recovery, Protection, DR, Archive, Retention
    5. 5. Confidential Key Objectives of IT Modernization Increase Agility  Deliver more business value via new, innovative IT services  Respond faster to IT Business unit change  Handle greater complexity and scale without penalty Better Efficiencies  Reduce Latency & Admin cost while raising efficiency  Simplify mgmt around unifying disparate solutions  Expand IT services without increasing complexity Replace Legacy  More effectively deal with IT change  Better performance via leveraging new IT capabilities  Measure becomes opportunity cost rather than actual cost
    6. 6. Confidential IT Modernization Drivers Everything Just Increases – Data, Complexity, Scale Increased Data Density More & More Complex Fewer IT Personnel Larger & Larger Scale
    7. 7. Confidential Data Management Modernization Drivers Impact on IT and Lines of Business Legacy Migration Transition to Virtual Data Growth IT Operations Higher Service Levels  Excessive time and effort on unsupported apps and systems  Seamless transition and rollback protection for upgrade & migration  VM sprawl puts data and VM infrastructure at risk Very dynamic  Critical Data/Apps now virtual and unprotected  Smaller Operation Windows to handle ever more data  Recovery is Job #1 – new paradigm vs. old Backup focus  IT labor stretched beyond limits  SLAs slipping as workloads grow with less & less value to LOB  Escalating cost of primary data  Chain of copies – Recovery, BU, DR, Archive drive 7x – 10x volume
    8. 8. Confidential Data Management Challenges Data Growth vs. Backup Windows Rapid data growth stresses backup window – Protect rapidly growing data in a shorter period. Traditional method of shifting everything from front to back falls short. Data at the Edges (Remote & Mobile) Significant amount of data is generated remotely – Consolidate & protect data over WAN in central location. Different recovery and retention needs per site while managing data centrally is challenging. Balance DR / Recovery SLAs vs. Time & Cost Fast restores and rapid DR are critical – Avoid tradeoff between fast restore/DR and cost. Hardware-based replication is expensive and doesn’t offer a persistent copy. Tape solutions are slow and difficult to manage. Ability to Scale Cost Effectively Economically scale solution to keep pace with growth - Once solution capacity is reached, can it be expanded without spending millions of dollars?
    9. 9. Confidential Traditional Modernization Options Introduce the Latest Generation to Address Pain Add More Hardware Add Point Solutions Edge Appliances Enhanced Storage Array SW Faster, Dedicated Network Deduplication Appliance Multiple Virtualization Solutions Archive DR Replica Access Search Recovery Compliance RecordsApplication specific
    10. 10. Confidential Traditional Solutions Trying to Solve Today’s Complex Problems with Complex Solutions Vast array of acquired point products puredisk  Separate Code Bases  Multiple Interfaces  Distinct Hardware Infrastructures  Separate Copies  Complicated  Difficult to Search/Recover  Limited view of the content  Too many products to support and upgrade  Higher Costs and Risks  Lower Customer Satisfaction
    11. 11. Confidential A Paradigm Shift Unification through a Singular Approach Replication Archive Migration Appliances Unification lowers cost, labor and risk TCO Inputs Backup Files Email Databases Messaging Web Acquisition Hardware People Consumable
    12. 12. Confidential CommVault’s Better Way “Managing data ‘holistically’ -- using one single platform for backup & recovery, archive, replication, SRM and search -- delivers dramatic advantages over any point level approach that uses disparate products.” - Lauren Whitehouse Analyst, ESG “Managing data ‘holistically’ -- using one single platform for backup & recovery, archive, replication, SRM and search -- delivers dramatic advantages over any point-level approach that uses disparate products.” Introducing Simpana Software: A better way
    13. 13. Confidential Who is CommVault?  HQ in Oceanport, NJ  1,100+ employees worldwide  > 12,000 customers  Global sales, service and support  Highest customer satisfaction rate in the industry  Publicly traded on NASDAQ:CVLT CommVault simplifies and makes it less costly to manage, access and protect information assets 2010 Storage Magazine Quality Award
    14. 14. Confidential What Solutions Do We Offer? Focused on Data & Information Mgmt Data Management Solutions  Enterprise Backup  Disaster Recovery  Remote Office/Branch Office  Mobile worker, laptops  Archive space mgmt  Deduplication  Data replication  IT Ops Reporting & Planning Info Management Solutions  Email Compliance & e-Discovery  Data Classification  Content Search  Records Retention  Governance & Regulatory  Content organization & access  Content analysis and visualization Providing Synergistic TCO from Individual Products delivered via a Single Platform Our Value To End Users Easier, Simpler, and Less Costly to manage data and information
    15. 15. Confidential Virtual Repository Info Management Search  e-Discovery  Records  Access Data Management Discover  Report  Replicate  Backup  Archive Common Platform CONSOLE  POLICY  SECURE  JOB MGMT  REPORT  ALERT  CLASSIFY COMPRESS  ENCRYPT  DEDUPE  CONTENT  VERIFY  TIER  EXPIRE INDEX Simpana Software’s Architecture The Key to Truly Unifying Data and Info Management Differentiated Vision – Merge Data and Information Management into one Platform  Data Management – Protection, Replication, Archiving, Reporting and Automated Discovery  Information Management - Content Indexing, e-Discovery, Records Retention, Information Access Differentiated Delivery – Single Platform & Code Base  Single, Scalable Architecture Share a Single Code & Common Set of Services  Shared Storage Policies and Devices optimize Infrastructure, Improving Efficiencies / Utilization  Single, Logical Pool that is Storage Agnostic using a truly Shared Infrastructure
    16. 16. Confidential Traditional Approach to Data Protection 8 AM 12 PM 4 PM RECOVERY TIER (Array-based Snapshot) - Transitory fast recovery copy - Start of Disaster Recovery chain PROTECTION TIER (Disk or Tape) - Persistent Protection Copy, less useful for recovery - Starting point for long term retention MA CLOUD TAPE COMPLIANCE TIER (Disk, Tape, Cloud) - Long Term Retention, Off Site
    17. 17. Confidential Modernized Approach 8 AM 12 PM 4 PM RECOVERY TIER (Array-based Snapshot) - Transitory fast recovery copy - Start of Disaster Recovery chain PROTECTION TIER (Disk or Tape) - Persistent Protection Copy, less useful for recovery - Starting point for long term retention CLOUD TAPE COMPLIANCE TIER (Disk, Tape, Cloud) - Long Term Retention, Off Site MA
    18. 18. Confidential Data Store 2 TB Data Store 2 TB DB Production Stores Reduce resource needs across all Tiers Automated Discovery Simplify recovery & assure data access Effortless Scale Up Unshackle licensing > Pay On Usage Simpana 9 Modernized Data Protection Simple, Smart, Recovery & Access Focused Per Pool ( Agile policies) Smart movement – dedupe to everywhere (Efficient, fast) Recovery Focused (Simple: Whole / Items) Dynamic Data (Reactive/ sprawl) Rapid/Low Impact (Offload processes) Modernized Strategy VM Server Pool Backup Copies Short Retention, Restore, Search RPO/RTO <4hrs SnapCopies DR Copies Variable Retention Vault Copies Long term Deep Retention, Discovery Protection Policy Recover Access
    19. 19. Confidential BackupCopy: Jobs (/24hrs) 90 day retain • Deduped Data+Catalog/Granular index • Recovery whole VM, Files or App Mining VMDKs on VMFS Data Store Pool Modernized Virtual Protection Scaling-Up while Collapsing the Backup Window Virtual SPC Protection Client (Guest Host-Win, HotAdd Mode) Auto-Discovery: (control sprawl ) Storage SAN/NAS 8 hr 16 hr 24 hr SPC ESX Host Pool 1 VM Server Pool ESXi-Proxy Off loader VMFS (VMDK) VMFS (VMDK) SnapProtect Job: (minutes per store) 2 Recovery Ready: (offloaded to virtual client on ESX proxy)3 Daily Backup Copy: (zero impact on production tier VMs or ESX hosts)4 1 2 4 VSA Persistent HW Snapshots containing Rapid Recovery VM Images SnapCopy: Images (/8hrs) 3 day retain • Data Blocks/Array + Catalog/Index • Recover whole VM or the Store Vols • Target with App Info Mining3 500 VM’s Start to Finish 17 minutes flat 1 2 3— —
    20. 20. Confidential CommVault Simpana 9 Revolutionary Technology to Help IT Modernize Modern Data Protection Merges snapshot and backup into single protection policy Gen 3 VM Protection Automated, agile policies protects 100s of VMs in Minutes Next Gen Data Reduction Slash Ops Window by One-Half, Unified Dedupe Solution Migration Safety Net Eliminate Change Mgmt Risk, Achieve Faster time to value Fast Transition to CVLT Mitigate operational risk, Ensure access to legacy data copies
    21. 21. Confidential Data Protection Modernization Key Requirements for Success Addressing the Challenges Snapshot With Fast Data Mover Catalog & Index All Copies Scale with Performance 5,000+ Virtual & Physical Clients Automation & ReportingEfficiency & Data Reduction Key Requirements for Protecting information in Next Generation IT Infrastructures
    22. 22. Confidential CVLT’s Data Mgmt Modernization Solution  Data Reduction to handle growth – Move data smarter and more efficiently than legacy systems – Re-use copy of data for multiple IT purposes  Automated discovery and policy to manage change – Track and manage quickly changing asset infrastructure – from application to bits on disk – Seamlessly extend across physical through virtual into cloud infrastructures  Integrated Singular Platform for greater access – Removes the resource, window and operational constraints – Delivers complete recovery, protection, retention & compliance solution with a common policy strategy – Bring more intelligence and visibility to data copies via search, tagging and rich meta data strategies  Significantly greater data handling for drastically less HW – Ability to deliver world class scale and performance using commodity resources
    23. 23. Confidential Eliminating Barriers with Fast Pass Transition Simplified Transition to Simpana’s Modern Data Management  Legacy Symantec & IBM customers face many challenges – High maintenance costs – Inflexible software (static, hard to change) – Unsatisfactory customer support – Difficult and costly upgrades – Sub-par features for the modern virtualized data center (especially when “stuck” on older version) – … Take a “Fast Pass” to simplified transition to CommVault
    24. 24. Confidential Simplifying Legacy Site Migrations Same client/policies/schedules names reducing change mgmt External Data Collector 3rd Party Backup Master Server Clients, Jobs, History Discover, Extract, Report Job Reporting Performance Monitoring ….Client configuration settings…. ..Client Job details (error codes)–history.. ..Schedule policy (client associations).. …Job/Tape inventory (barcodes / jobs)... NBU Extract metadata & job results… CV …Import into matched CV Client  NetBackup 6.0  NetBackup 6.5  NetBackup 7.0  Tivoli (TSM) 6.1 Automate Agent Installation Install agents and switch over
    25. 25. Confidential Environment Challenges – Increased data growth at exponential rates driving demand for increased storage capacities – Data Centre Space/Power/Cooling at capacity – Aging legacy infrastructure expensive and complex to maintain – Shrinking IT budgets – Shortage of skilled IT staff – New generation application requirements – Proliferation of Virtual environments – Creates efficiency issues and increases levels of risk to data assets Summary IT Modernization Drivers
    26. 26. Confidential Summary What do you do about it Data & Information Management Solutions: – Integrated single platform for all data management operations including Backup, Deduplication, Snapshot, Archive, Replication and eDiscovery – Single platform will reduce risk, complexity, manage scale and automate discovery, operations and policies – Company’s commitment to delivering focused technology solutions that go beyond today’s requirements – Ability to provide world class customer support experience – Willingness to “listen” to customer’s needs and incorporate those into their Data & Info Management solutions – Broad services offering to deliver on the solutions sold
    27. 27. Confidential Thank You
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