School as home - presentation of the project


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Presentation of an eTwinning project "School as home" that was demmonstrated to all students and teachers of High School Novska.

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School as home - presentation of the project

  1. 1. SCHOOL AS HOME High school Novska- Croatia
  2. 2.  Web platform for the cooperation of teachers and their students from Europe
  3. 3. Youth Leisure Time   Project of High school Novska from 2012/2013 school year We have cooperated with 4 countries (Poland, Czech, Italy and Spain)
  4. 4. School as home  Project in which teachers and students from 7 European schools cooperate
  5. 5. School as home Objectives School should be a place in which students like to stay, so its interior and environment should more resemble their homes  Through this project we want to do everything that is in our power to make school look like home and be like home 
  6. 6. School as home Tasks 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Make personal presentations Create a logo for the project Make and carry out polls among other students (that includes informing other students – and teachers – about project) Explore what have school planned to waste and what can be reused Examine the ways in which the materials and furniture can be recycled Look for donation of furniture and materials Collect the necessary resources and tools to work on modifications and recycling Recycle the materials and furniture Arrange the interior and the environment of the school
  7. 7. School as home POLL - With this poll we want to find students that are willing to join us and cooperate with us in redecoration of our school. Questions: 1. 2. 3. Do you like current decoration of our school? YES NO Do you wish to do something to change it into place more like home? YES NO I would like to redecorate: a) classrooms, b) hall, c) environment, d) Library, e) I don’t want to cooperate.
  8. 8. School as home POLL Would you like to help with painting? YES NO 5. Would you like to help with decoration of school walls? YES NO 6. Would you like to help with decoration of school curtains? YES NO 7. How do you grade school hygiene? 1 2 3 4 5 8. Would you like to do something that would improve the quality of hygiene in school? YES NO 9. Would you like our school to have a place to be a living room? YES NO 10. Do you know where can we find donations that would help us to redecorate school and its environment? YES NO where: ____________________________________________ 11. I would like to help with: a) making Christmas ornaments b) selling Christmas ornaments c) nothing mentioned 4.
  9. 9. School as home Poll    Painting – classrooms and rooms which require that Decorating walls – it includes graphics on walls and appropriate posters Decorating curtains – on the inside of curtain we can sew appropriate content
  10. 10. School as home Poll    Hygiene – sentry students (whippers) will control and inform the cleaning staff about conditions in the toilets and classrooms (that involves writing a statements) Living room – decoration of Library and having teachers and students who will control that it is always available and in good condition Setting the bench seats in the hallways
  11. 11. School as home Expected results     School is a place where students like to stay and to which are happy to return Students have learned how to recycle materials and furniture that were written off Students have learned to keep school's property as if it were their own Students have learned to cooperate: to each other,  with their teachers,  with the local community,  and with their European peers 
  12. 12. Croatian students that are in this project: Croatian teacher in project: Gordana Divić
  13. 13. We are going to cooperate with:  Teachers: Branka Pelin (Civic Education – decorating environment of school)  Zdenka Marton (vendors – recycling old curtains and alike)   And all other teachers and students that are willing to join us