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Ehealthcaresystemsolympusangelspresentation 12609105667951 Phpapp02 Ehealthcaresystemsolympusangelspresentation 12609105667951 Phpapp02 Presentation Transcript

  • Page 1 e-Healthcare Systems, Inc. 1231W 540S Orem, UT 84058 Phone (Tom): 801-615-6920 Phone (Paul): 801-423-0126 Fax: 801-423-0126 Emails: [email_address] [email_address] Webs:
    • Dr. Tom Schuler, MD, PhD – Founder, CEO
    • Paul Berney – Senior VP Marketing, Investor, Business Advisor
    • Spencer Robertson – Attorney
    • Annie Seely – CPA
    • Doug G. ware – PR Person
    • Alec Swan – IT
    • 11 Programmers - Outsourced
    • Business Description – Electronic Medical Records targeting Long Term care Industry (LTC)
    • Purpose for Meeting - Looking for 250K to take us to revenue
    Page 2 Team Introduction
  • Problems/Solutions Page 3
    • EMRs are Mandated for 2014. The change is real and mandated.
    • Errors & Omissions Greatly Reduced
    • Reduction in Wrongful Giving of Medications
    • Solution - Government Mandate for EMRs & Utilizing Innovated technology
    • Liability Issues - Reduction in law suits, Medicare reimbursement reduction and possible loss of certification
    • Cost Benefits - SaaS (Software as a Service) payments (lower cost to the facilities), Reduces fines & penalties, fully integrated facility types (11 different facility types within one software program).
  • Market Opportunity
    • Improves quality, safety, efficiency and reduces health disparities
    • Access to comprehensive patient health data – Better ROI
    • Competition has not gone to Open Source yet
    • Competition does not have the Uniqueness we offer
    • Competition using platforms, languages & technology from year 2000
    • Competition doesn’t have the speed and easibility we offer
    • We will be 4 years ahead of competition
    • Overview of the Market - Approx. 70,000 facilities in the US broken down into eleven different types. Aging of America defining the growth of the market.
    • Customer acquisition - Defined by the SaaS model for each facility (average cost will be between $600-$5,000)
    Page 4
  • The Total Market Page 5 PHR EMR LTC Niche Market EMR/EHR Providers
  • The Niche Market – LTC 70,000+ Facilities – 11 Segments Page 6 RCFE Home Care Respite Care Independent Care Hospice Health & Wellness Intermediate Care CCRC Assisted Living Adult Day Care SNF
  • Product & Technology
    • EMR (Electronic Medical records), 3 months before beta testing
    • Copyright obtained
    • Demonstrations available via the Internet
    • We have current alliances established with patented technology and
    • others in negotiation
    • Current LOIs in place for beta testing which should lead to purchasing
    Page 7
  • Competitive Overview
    • We have identified 50 major competitors offering within the market
    • Our competitive advantage is our technology, alliances and our SaaS offering for all eleven segments of the industry within one software program
    • Barriers to adoption - Name recognition, established relationships
    • Competitors generally only offer up to three different types of software programs that are stand-alones each are priced separately.
    • Our sustainable advantages are our use of today’s technology and alliances with patented technologies.
    Page 8
  • Strategy
    • 3-5 year goal - To capture a minimum of 10% of the market
    • Development status - 3 months to beta testing
    • Positive cash flow requirement - 250K required, within 6 months after infusion of investment money we should be in revenue
    • Expected risks/challenges - see assumptions handout
    • Targeting customers - Shows, emails, word of mouth, Cold calls, (regional rollouts), and contacting past customers
    • Alliances and partners - Joint marketing agreements
    Page 9
  • Financials Page 10 Revenues, Cash Flow & P&L $13.54M $3.6M $2.28M Earnings $1.666M $1.387M $87,669 Operating Expenses $15.2M $4.98M $2.372M Gross Margin ($) $681,400 $521,400 $378,700 COGs $15.84M $5.5M $2.75M Gross Revenue FY4 FY4 FY3 FY2 FY1
  • SaaS Monthly Pricing Model
    • Number of Patient Beds
    • Number of Facilities
    • Number of Work Stations
    • Number of Staff Using Software
    • A Factor based on Support, Maintenance, Customization, Training
    • Monthly Estimated Payment Range: $600-$5,000/Mo.
    • Average Monthly Payment @ $3,000/Mo.
    • 100 Fac./Mo. @12 Months = 3.6 Million/Yr.
    • 1500 Fac./Mo. @12 Months = 54 Million/Yr.
    • OUT OF 70,000 FACILITIES
    Page 11
  • Scalability Scalability, is to define the specific requirements for scalability on dimensions which are deemed important. It is a highly significant issue in electronics systems, database, routers, and networking. A system whose performance improves after adding hardware, proportionally to the capacity added, is said to be a scalable system . An algorithm , design, networking protocol , program , or other system is said to scale if it is suitably efficient and practical when applied to large situations (e.g. a large input data set or large number of participating nodes in the case of a distributed system). If the design fails when the quantity increases then it does not scale . We meet all these definitions for our EMR software program. Page 12
    • Domain & Startup Experience - Dr. Tom Schuler and Paul Berney
    • Advisory Board
    • Lynn Ventura – Advisory Board, 5 RCFE Facilities (California)
    • Chad Godfrey – Advisory Board, Willow Creek Healthcare (Home Care Business) (Utah)
    • Mary Monroe , CMT – Advisory Board, PHR Specialist (Florida)
    • Positions to be filled - CEO, CFO, Sales People (4), HR, IT Person
    • Why this team will win – We are utilizing only experienced healthcare professional people from the Industry segments we are marketing to.
    Page 13 Management
  • Page 14 Funds required & use of funds – 250K, Salaries, Shows, Programmers, equipment – next round $2,000,000 (6-12 mo.) Time & money Invested – 4 years development, over $1,000,000 invested Milestones for 250K: Funding & Milestones 1-3 months Marketing Materials 1-3 months Shows 3-6 months Beta Testing 3 months Finish Programming Time Line Milestones
  • Page 15 Exit Startegy How do investors make money - Debit/Equity, Loan interest , IPO, or Divesture (Acquisition) Example of successful exit - GE, Microsoft, IBM Google, One of our top 10 competitors Time frame for exit - 3-5 years within the mandated EMR time by the US government
  • Page 16 Summary The government has mandated EMR implementation for 2014 and has allocated 19.1 Billion dollars in grant money - The government has defined our market and are helping to fund it. We have identified the niche market that the big boys are not tarketing. We have a grant writing team in Washington that is writing a grant template for us that will allow both our business and to offer to our customers a potential means of funding for our software. A point of differentiation that our competitors are not offering at this time. Our SaaS model will generate revenue from each client on 3-5 year contracts. This will be a steady flow of revenue for the company. We are not just looking for money but expertise at many levels
  • Bottom Line! Times are a' changing This To This Page 17