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  • 1. Education journal analysis: The Avantages and disadvantages of homescooling children published : Laura Ward
  • 2. Name: Yulia Raice Novita H. NIM : 10 002 256
  • 3.  Most children will begin school around the age of five.  Public school, private school and home schooling are all possible consideration.  Many parents said that learning at home gives their children opportunities for family time and to learn necessary but other think that public or private school are the best option.
  • 4. The advantages of home schooling:  You (parents), teacher can give individual attention to your student/ child.  Home schooled students often have a better understanding of lessons and covered materials than their peers.  The parents are able to fully get to knw their child  The child generally have a better of understanding of self care skills and life skills.
  • 5. The Disadvantages of homeschooling  Homeschooling children made the possible lack of social interaction  There are many homeschooling families face is the cost  Home schooling take a long time and effort  Parent not have a luxury time when the children go to school
  • 6. The conclusion:  Choose the school based on your personal decision  Will be better if u consult with your families first when you choosing school for children.
  • 7. The Literary Analysis  What kinds of deictic are used in the text? *Place: public school, private school, home schooling, traditional school *Time: age of five, when, several hours, early, daily, during the day, several time, *Person: you, them, your, their,
  • 8. Who is the narrator? Or viewpoint of the narrator? *Observer  you, your  2nd person *participant  them, their  3rd person What is the text about? *The options to educating children *The advantages of homeschooling *The disadvantages of home schooling children
  • 9.  What does the text want to reveal? *The author wants to inform about the effect of homeschooling for children *The author want to give clear explain for parent to choosing home schooling or public/ private schooling to educating their children *The author want to give clear information about the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling for children
  • 10.  What is the author/writer like? *Care person  as a parent, you have to look at the advantages and disadvantages of all situation *Critical person  most homeschooled children do not care as much about clothing, being cool with language and other obscenities and other materialistic item. *Stingy person  homeschooling can be financial burden
  • 11. Thanks for your attention and special thanks for Mrs. Dita