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  • 1. Ph:03554-272433Fd:o3554-272417 Email:Eghtdra4intua.t.in LROCEEDINGSOFTHE JAWAHARLAL NEHRUTECHNOLOGICALUNIVERSITYANANTAPUR ANANTAPUR 515OO2(A.P)INDIA PRESDNT.Pof. K. IIEMACIIANDRAREDDY,Reg:rtiar Proc.No.DAPO/A2/SCAS-2/2/2013-14 Sub: JNTUA - Academic & Plmning - Waiver ot credits lor B.Tech. RO9 batch- Ordersissued. Read:1 Pro.ds.No.A1/2s57l 10d scAs/2013, dated:17-06-2013 2. Minutesof 2ndmeetingolStdding ColrmitteeforAcademi. senatedated:24-062013 3. Noteordersof rheHon'bleViceChecellor daled:2.+-06-2013. ORDDR: certain students creditsIo.B.Tech.R09 (it bave requested the University 10 allos vaiver or upto a batch6 wasdonefo. R05& RD7batches(videread.i). The Stmdins Cotumittee for Academic Senate has considered the requisition ad made certain resolutions for B.Tech. courss belonsins to R09 regulations, {vide read.2). Accordingly, $e rbn'b1e Vice Chacellor has approved md is pleased to issue lhe orders with the loLlowingresoLuriors for B.'lech..oursesbelongingto R09regulations(videread.3): 1. B.Tech. degree shalL be awarded for tle best 212 credits for reslr]d students & for best 160 credits for lateral entry students wirh the foUowingcompulsory sub.jectsl i, AUthe pmctical subjects ii. Project work 2. With regard to exemprion of upto a creidis fo. B,Tech. students, only the following casesde pe.mtted: Ii the student passesin ell subjects(both for regula & l,ES): The asgregate pcrcentase & class shall be awarded, excLudine2 rheory subjects of 4 credits each, in which rhe stDdent has secured lowest marks. If the student iails in 2 tleory subjects ol4 credits each(both The assregate percentage & class shall be awade<1, excLudinsthose 2 theory subjects in which Le student ha6
  • 2. (iii) If rhe student lails jn the theorj subject of 6 *edits (o4 If tbe student fails in one theo.y subject of 6 credlts & the The aggegate le@ntage ed the class shall be awdded, dcludins the subjet in which the siudent has failed and (iv) (v) The6e orders shall .ome into force with imediate effect. subiect to Etiiicauon by M&DC ol the University. lf tie student lalls in the Semlnar only: Regular Stultenk 'fhe aggregatepercentage & class shall be awErded, excluding one theory subject of 6 credits ln which the student has secured lowest ftqrks. LES: The student shall have acquired 162 credit6, Horever, for calculating the aggregate percentage & lor awardlng class, the mdks obtained in the best 160 credits shall b€ Il $e student fails in semind & one theory subject oi 4 Reguhr atudent6. The student shall have acquired 214 credits. However,ror calcutahng rhe aggregatepeicenlage & for aeddins class, the mdks obtained in the best 212 credits shall be conside.ed, excluding the semin{ & the theory subject in which tne cddidate has failed. LEs: The student shall have acquired 162 dedits. Hovever, for calculati.g the aggregate percentage & for awarding class, the mdks obtained in the best 160 credits shall be @nsidered, excluding the semind & the theory subject in which rhe cedidate has faiLed. br mGIST The Principals of all non autonomous constituent dd Aftliated Colleses. The Members of Academic Senate. All Di.€ctors of the University. OSD to V.C, OSD to JN'IUACE Kzlikiri The Co Ordimtor, Academic & Plasing, JNTUA, Anantapur. 1l-".onuoiler or E{minE.ions JITUA. And.apu. The Addl. controuer of E*minatlons (1, 2 & 3), JN'fuA, Andtapu. P.A to Vice Chmcellor / Rector / Registrd. R , llJ