Mca regular and supplementary september 2013 examinations notification and timetables dt 07.08.2013.pdf


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Mca regular and supplementary september 2013 examinations notification and timetables dt 07.08.2013.pdf

  1. 1. J AW AHA RLAL NEH RU TECHNO LOGTCIL UNIVER5ITY ANAN'I'APUR ANANTAPUR 5t5OO2i.A.P. (rNDrA) Exominotions Notif icotion ___ _i: I MCA TT semester Regulor Septenlbee 2lOt3 Exominotions I (For 2O12-t3 odmitted botchesonly) | _ . _ T . -t I-l The students oppeoringfor the cbove exqminqtionscommencingfrom 02.09.2013 informedthot the opplicotionswill be receivedosperthe tirrrreschedulegivenbelow: WithoutLateFee r,6.08.2013 With LoteFeeof Rs.1Cl0/- 19.08.2013 With L<rteFeeof Rs.10t)0/- 2tt.08.20t3 EXAMINATIONFEE 1. WHoLEExamrNnrroru tls.750-00 2. MEAoRANDU/IoF M,ARKs Rs.10-00 3. CO:;TOFAPPLIcATIcIN Rs.05-00 Note: (i) Applicationsare ovoilobleot the office of the Prinrcipolonddulyf illed-inopplicotions shouldbe hondedoverin Ihe collegeoffice olongwith necessaryf ee. Holl tickets will be issuerionly to the eli'giblecondidoteswho fulfill the ocodemic(ii) reguirementsof the Univer,sity. (iii) Applicotionsfor regulor examinationsshould ber submitfed olong with ottested photocopiesof SSCof the student. ***'FL'' Dote:07.08.2013 DR-CJoPo}l;EvALuArroN Note: Forapplicotions,withoutla'tefinethe DDsareto be dated17.O9.ZOL3. Foropplicotionswith lotefilneof Rs.100.00,the DDsareto bedoted20.08.2013. Forlotef eeof Rs.1000.00,the DDsoreto bedotedZZ.O1.?013. Filledin opplicotionshovefo be submittedof the UniversityExominotionBronchon for Collegesof S.P.l5.R.Nellore& y.S.R districts.
  2. 2. JAWAHARLAL NEHR,U TECHNOLo,GI.CAL UNIVERSITY ANANTAPUR ANANTAPUII 515OO2A.P. (rNDrA) Exorminqtions Bron<: |- I I I Notif icotion for - - - (For2ao7,2@8, z0oj),zoto, zo11& 2o12odmittedbotchesonry) Iiecond Semester (For2@7, Z@9, ZC@,ZOLO& ZOlt admiffedbotchesonly)- - 1 I I-l The studentsoppeoringfor the aboveexominotionscommencingfrom 0l.o9"Zot3 informedtlrottheopplicotionswillbe receivedosperthetimeschedulegivenbelow: WithoulfLateFee 16.08.2013 With LorteFeeof Rs.100/- 1,9.09.2013 WithLoteFeeof Rs.10O0/-2t.08.20t3 Note: (i) Applicotionsore ovoilobleot the officeof the Principolonddulyfilled-inopplications shouldbe hondedoverin the collegeofficeolongwith 'necessory fee. Holl tickets will be issuedonly to the eligibleconrdidoteswho fulfill the ocademic requirementsof the University. A.pplicotionsfor supplemenlaryexaminationsshouldbe submitted alongwith ottested photocopiesof morkssheet:ipertoiningto earlierottemptsmodeby the student. (ii) (iii) Date:07.08.2013 Ep;clS|of EvALUATToN Note: Foropplicotions,withoutlotefine the DDsareto bedotedt7.og.zot3. Forapplicationswith ratefineof Rs.r00.00,the DDsoreto bedatedzo.og.ao13. For-lotefeeof Rs.1000.00,:!!g!Ds areto be dated2iz.og.?013. EXAMINATIONFEE EACHTHI=ORYIPRACTTCAL5UBJEC'r ME IONNNOUMOFMARKS CosToF APPLIcATIoN Filledinoppricotionshoveto u" ",u,@afu > 2i4'08'2013(soturday)for (lollegesof s.P.s"R.Nellore& y.s.R Kodopodistricts.
  3. 3. @TAWAHARLALNEHRUr,iiTlS;fr-: f#;,1TII" "t IrYANANTAPUR DT.E. KESHAVAREDDY Controllerof Examinations To ThePrincipals All collegesoffering MCA program unde,rJI.ffU Anantapur Sir/Madam,, Sub: 1. ') lvru+ Anantapur - MCA Regular & supplementary Examinations- september 2013- Dispatch of Intemal Marks and Award Lists oi Laboratory Examinations- Due dates- R"g. Finalization of attendanr:e- Reg. 1' You are requested to note the follon'ing schedule for dispatctr of internal marks and/ or award lists Narneof theExamination Datato besent Last datefor receivingby the ExaminationBranch MCA II SemesterRegular September20I 3 Examinations Hard Copy of Internal NIarks 04.09.2013 (Wednesday) SoftCopy (CD)of Internal Marks Award Lists of Labora,tory Examinations MCAI&IISemesters SupplementarySeptember2013 Examinations Award Lists of Laboratory Examinations Copy to llhe Director of Evaluation. llhe Additional Controller of Examinations. Irile. 2' To finalize the attendance particulrarsof the sfudents for reg;ular examinations by taking presumptive attendance for the las;tweek of the academic calendar for the semester. Yorr are hereby informed, by direction that in casethe internal marks statements and award lists of the Laboratory examinations are not receiveclbv the dates specified above, suitable action will be initiated. Yours faithfully, E - F ' z * lontroller of Examinations tl slv
  4. 4. , JAWAHARLALNEHRU 'IIECHNOLOGTCAL UNITYERSITYANANTAPUR stj;ls.h ANTANTAPUR- 5r5@2(A.P) liIi.$ff'li q**g;# El<otrlirtotioliBr,qnch [rofelDoy ff Semester f Semester Regulor& Supplementory Supplementory Supplementory ForSfudentsodmittedin 2@9,20to, 20tt & ?or2 only For studentsodmitted in ?@7 & 20O8onty ForStudentsodmitted in 2009,z0t0,z0tt & 2OlZ onlv For Studentsodrnitted in 2@7 & 20O8only o2t.09.2013 /[Aondoy OrgonizotionStructure& PersonnelMonogement 9Fl'{s201 DotoStruciures (throughJovo) 06MC20t 03.09.2013 1uesdoy Prob,obility & Stotistics 9FBs10l DiscreteSlructures 06MC101 04.09.2013 Wrzdnesdoy Object Oriented Progromming 9FOO202 'OperotingSystems 06MC?02 05.09.2013 Tlhursdoy EngfishLanguage CornmunicotionSkills 9FHS102 ComputerOrgonizotion 06MC102 06,09.2013 | ComputerOrgonizotion Fridoy I 9F00203 Operotions Reseorch 06MC204 07.o9.?or3 Soturdoy Accounting& Finonciol Monogement 9FHst03 Object Oriented Progrommingthrough C++ 06MC103 10.r09.2013 Tuesdoy OperotingSystems 9FOO204 BusinessDoto Processing 06MC205 11.09.2013 Wednesday ,Mothemoticol Foundotionsof Compufer Science 9F00104 Probobility& Stotistics 06MC[O4 r2.o9.2013 Thursdoy OperotionsReseorch 9FOO205 Orgonizotionol Structure& Personnel Monogement 06MC203 13.09.2013 Fridoy DcrtoStructures 9F00105 Accountoncy& Finonciol Monogement 06MC105 16.Ct9.2013 A4rcndoy EngfishLanguage& CommunicotionSkills 06MC106 4tCARegulgrd SupplqnentorySepfember"2913F{or.ninotions Timetoble Time: 1O.0OArtl fo 01.OOpi tr- tL.-- '1--- NorE: 1'Anycloshes/ omissionsinthis fime-foblemoybebroughtto the noticeof theundersignedimmediotely. ?'Tf the?overnmenldeclaresholidoyonanyof theaboiedofes,the exqminationswillbeconductedosusuol. Dote:07.0E.2013 Controllerof Exominotions o Y blqF