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Mba regular and supplementary september 2013 examinations notification and timetables dt 07.08.2013.pdf
Mba regular and supplementary september 2013 examinations notification and timetables dt 07.08.2013.pdf
Mba regular and supplementary september 2013 examinations notification and timetables dt 07.08.2013.pdf
Mba regular and supplementary september 2013 examinations notification and timetables dt 07.08.2013.pdf
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Mba regular and supplementary september 2013 examinations notification and timetables dt 07.08.2013.pdf


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  • 1. JAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOGTCAL UNIVERSTTY ANANI-APUR ANANTAPUR 515OO2A.P. (rNDrA) Exominotions Notif icotion for MBA rr semester Regulor september ztol3 Exominotions -l I -l (For 2072-13 odmitted botchesonly) - - - - - - r - The students oppeoringfor the obove exominqtions informedthot the opplicotionswillbe receivedasperthe commencingfrom O2.O9.ZOL3 timeschedulegivenbelow: EXAMINATIONFEE 1. WHoLEExnmrnnrron Fls.750-00 2. Memonnruuu/r^oFMARKS Rs.10-00 3. COsToF APPLIcATIoN Rs.05-00 Note: (i) Applicotionsore ovoilableot the off iceof the Principolonddulyf illed-inopplicotions shoufdbe hondedoverin the collegeofficealongwitlr necessaryf ee. Holl tickets will be issuedonly to the eli<7iblecondidoteswho fulfill the acodemic requirementsof the University. Applicotionsfor regular exominotionsshould be submitted olong with ottested photocopiesof SSCof thestudent. (ii) Dote:07.08.2013 WithoutLateFee 16.08.2013 WithLoteFeeof Rs.100/- 19.08.2013 WithLoteFeeof Rs.1000/-2:"Lo8.20t3 Note: Foropplicofions,withoutlatefinethe DDsareto6e datedt7.og.?0t3. Forapplicotionswith latefineof Rs.1OO.OO,the DDsoreto bedoted2O.O8.ZO13. Filledin opplicotionshoveto be submittedot tt" unir"rrity,ExominotionBronchon .fi.R.Nellore& y.S.R Kodopodisiricts. Forlatef eeof Rs.1000.00,theDDsoreto bedotedzz.og.zoL3.
  • 2. ., trAWAHARLAL NEHRU TECHNOLOOTCAL UNIVER5ITY ANANI'APUR ANANTAPUR, 515OO2A.P. (rNDrA) Exominotions llranc: |- I I I t . Notif ication for First Semester (For2@9, zOtO,z0lt & 2012odmittedbotchesonly) Second Semester (For?@9,2010& 2011odmit-tedbotchesonly) I I The students oppeoringfor informedthot the opplicotions the obove exominotionscommencingfrom O2.O9.ZOt3 willbereceivedqsperthe timreschedulegivenbelow: WithoutLateFee 16.08.2013 With LoteFeeof Rs.100/- 19.08.2013 With LoteFeeof Rs.10t30/-2tt.o8.?ot3 EXAMINATIONFEE 1. EACHTHEORY/PRACTICALSUBJECT Rs.500-00 2. MEnlonnruuumoFMARKs Rs.10-00 3. CosToF APPLIcATToN Rs.05-00 Note: (i) (ii) Applicotionsore avoilobleot the officeof 'thePrincipolanddulyfilled-inapplicotions shouldbe hondedoverin the collegeofficeolongwith necessaryf ee. Holl tickets will be issuedonly to the eligiilecorndidoteswho fulfill the ocademic requirementsof the University. Applicotionsfor supplementoryexominotion:;shouldbe submittedolongwith ottested photocopiesof morkssheetspertoiningto earlieratlemptsmodebythe student. (iii) Dote:07.08.2013 F EVALUATIOI..I Foropplicotions,withoutlotefinethe DDsoreto bedotedt7.og.zot3. Foropplicationswith lotef ineof Rs.100.00,theDDsrrreto bedated 20.0g.201.3. Filledinopplicotionshoveto u" ruami*@ffi > 24'08'2o13(soturdoy)for collegesof 5.P.ti.R.Nellore& y.s.R Kodopodisi,ricts. Note: Forlotefee of Rs.1000.00,the DDsoreto bedotedzz.og.zoL3.
  • 3. JAWAHARLAL NEHRUTECHNOLOGICALUNIVERSITYANANTAPIJR ANANTAPUR_515002(A.I') DT.E. KESHAVAREDDY ControllerofExaminations To ThePrincipals All collegesoffering MBA program underINTU Anantapur Sir/Madam, Sub: 1. INTU4, Anantapur - MB+ Regular & SupplemerntaryExaminations- Serpternber 2013- Dispatch of Internal Marks and Award Lists oi Laboratory Examilations - Due dates- R"g. 2. Finalization of attendance- Reg. 1' You arerequestedto notethefollowing schedulefor rlispatchLof internal marks and./o:raward lists Nameof the Examination Datato besent Lastdateforreceivingby theExaminatiorrBranch MBA II SemesterRegular September2013 Examinations Hard Copy of Internal lvtarks 04.Q9.2013 (Wednesday) Soft Copy (CD) of lnternal Marks Award Lists of Laboratory Examinations MBAI&IISemesters SupplementarySeptember20I3 Examinations Award Lists of Laboratory Examinations (Jopyto l he Directorof Evaluation. 'llhe Additional Controller of Examinations. I;ile. 2' To finalize the attendanceparticularsof the studentsfor regular examinationsby taking presumptiveattendancefor thelastweekof theacademiccerlend.arfor thesemester. You areherebyinformed, by direction that in casethe internal marks statementsand award lists of the Laboratoryexaminationsarenot receivedby the datesspecifiedabove,suitableactionwill beinifiated. Yours faithfully, L tl^.F_ ller of Examinations 3lV
  • 4. JAWAHARLALNEHRUTECHNOLOaTCALIUNIVER|SITYANANTAPUR ANANTAPUR- 515 @2 (A.P) ExominotionsBronch MBARegulorSSupplemenlorvSeptermbe!"2019Exominotions Timetoble Time:IO.OOAlrtto l.0O P,l NOTE:1.Any closhes/ omissionsin this time-foblernoybe broughtto the noticeiof the undersignedirnmediotef. 2.Tf the Governmenldecloresholidoyononyof the obovedote.s,the exominotionswill be conductedos usuol. f- tt't--- Controllerof Exominalions %V +l+ Dote / Doy fI Semester f Semester Regulor& Supplementory Supplementory For Studentsodmittedin ?@9, ?OtO.2011& ZQl? onlv lForStudentsodmitted in 20(t9, zOtO, z0tl & 2Ol2 o'nlv 02.09.20ts Mondoy HumonResourceManogement 9E00201 03.09.2013 Tuesdoy Monogement& OrgonizotionolBehoviour 9E00101 o4.o9.2013 Wednesdoy FinonciolManogement 9eoo202 05.09.2013 Thursdoy MonogeriolEconomics 9E00102 06.09.2013 Fridoy MorketingMonogement 9E00203 07.o9.20r3 Soturdoy FinanciolAccountingfor Monor3ers 9E00103 10.09.2013 Tuesdoy ProductionondOperotionsMonogement 9EOO204 11.09.2013 Wednesdoy BusinessEnvironment ' 9E00104 r2.o9.20t3 Thursdoy MonogementfnformotionSystem 9EBs205 13.09.2013 Fridoy Stoti:iticolMethodsfor Monogement 9EBs105 t4.o9.?or3 Soturdoy BusinessReseorchMethods 9eoo206 16.09.2013 Mondoy BusinessCommunicotion 9E00106 t7.o9.20r3 Tuesdoy OperotionsReseorch 9EOO207 Dote:07.08.2013