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  • 1. Ph:08554272433Fa*08s54-27241? cnailrceistrar@jnrua.ac.in PROCDDIJINGSOFTIJD JAWAIIARLAL NEIIRU TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY ANANTAPUR (rn?drildbycdrd^.f; , {oNdodrs) ANANTAPUR 5I5 OO2(A.P)IND]A PRE.SENT: Prof. L- IIEMACEANDRA REDDY, Registrar lroc.No,DAlO/A1ISCAS-2/lr20l3-14 Drre24/06/2013 PlMins Promotion rules of academic yed 2Ol3 1,1 Orders Read:1(a).Pmc.No.JNTUA/DAP/A1/E.Tech/P.omotionsrules/2ol2'l 3, aared.2o-a7-2a12 (b).Prcc.No.JNTUA/DAP/A1/B.Phdm/Pronotionsrules/2012-r3 dared:2o-o7-2012 2. Minutes ot 2d meeting of stddirag Committee for Acadehic senatedated:24-06-2013 3. Not€ordersof the Hon'bleViceChdcellor datcd:24-06-2013. ORDER: For fhe academic year 2AI2-13, the Unive6ity has granted ce.tain .oncessionsin the credit based prcmotion rules for the B.Tech./B.Phm. students{videread.1(a& b)). The Stsdins Committee tor Acadedic Senate has considered the requisition md apprcved to extend certain dendments in the credit based promorion rules of R09 regulationsfor the academicyed2013-14 (videread,2). AccodingLy, the Hon'ble vice-Chdcellor has apprcved md is pleased to issue t]le orders eirh the following amendments (vide read.3): Sub: JNTUA - Academic & B.T€ch./B.Phdm. for tle Ce.tain students have .equested the Univenity to extend Lhe sme concessionsin the credit basedFomotion rules for the academicrrar 20 13 14. REQUIREMENTSFOR B.TECH./B.PHARM.REGULARSTUDENTSTO GET PROMOTTONFROM rr YEAR TO 111YEAR (ACADEMTCYEAR 2013-1.,+) Total No.of credits required for prcmoLion f.om Second yed R09 32 credits secured lmm all tne Ex@s (both reguld dd Supplehentary)conductedupto May/June 2013,excluding the Perfomdce in II B.Tech/IIB,Pban UsemExd. 34 credits secu.ed Lom all the Ems (both reguld dd Supplementary) conducted upto May/Jue 2013, mluding rhe Performmce in II B.Tech/ ll B.Phm llsem em.
  • 2. ::2:: REOUIREIIEN'TSI OR B.TLCH /B PHARM' RLGJLAR ST IDEN"'S'1OCFT pioMorloN FRo4 llr YEARto v YEAP LACADEMICYEAR2013 I j) Total No,ofcrtdits requned ved to Fourth Yer ior promotion irom Third -s+ creait "e<*a r.o'utt o. esms (bothreguld dd Supplen"nla4l condu,i'd up'o Vdr /Junc 20l l excludinq rhe PerIo@nce rn Ill B Tc.h / III B.Prdm. ll"en EJld R07 56 Ndits secured frcm all the Exms (both resular dd Srpplpn"n-aryJ"ordd.ted uproMev/June 2013. e x " rr a r n i '- p " r ' o r u e r n U rB T r ' h / l B P h m ll5en E,|M. CRIDITSRCOL' RMEN"SFORB.TECI 'B' PHARMILA'ERALENIRYI STUDET!TOCETDROMC/TIO''JFRO4IIIYEARTOIVYEAP IACADEMICEAR 2013 ]4) rorprcmoro. lromTh'rdTotal No.oi.redils required vee to Four6 yed R09 -fued-tt" ;d'.d f..- aI rh*ds (both .eeuld dd SupplrmF.brr)(ondu!rpd rDo M3'J re /0 J *"tuo ;s rhe ""rfomdce rr lll B -p i.,lll B.Dham _ ll :cn. Ew :4L.edi6 se-' red r'or Jl $F ews lbor regurd dd S' pplempnbtj I .ond uc ed up o MaJ runr 201l r:c'udine !h' 6Frlomu' r in lU B lc'h /I-I B Ph"m_ Ird Bm. These or.lers shall come into io@ with immediate efect, subject to radncation by M&DC ot the Universiry' The Members ofA.adehic senale. All Directors oi the unNerslty osD rov.c, osD toJNTUACE(alikin 'lhe Co-ordinator, Academic & Plmning, JNTUA Andtapur' The ControlLs of Eminations, JNTUA, Andtapu. 0 uo)-rr9'_ for REcrSTMRr;i TbeA.l.ll.Contmllerof Exminations (1,2 & 3) JMUA' Anantapu P.A to vice Chancellor / Rector / Resrslrd