Life & work values


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Value for Life and Work.. Personal Notes

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Life & work values

  1. 1. Innovative Ways To look at Life and Work
  2. 2. This presentation thanks•
  3. 3. 10 Values in work Environment
  4. 4. Be Fresh. Change HappensAre you up to date onrelevant skills? Technical Managerial Business Soft skills What is it that would help you conduct you daily tasks, now near and future? Constant Training – Internet, Forums, Workshops
  5. 5. Deliver. Outcomes countNever miss on promises made.. Formal Informal Volunteer Friendly Stranger Be Bold to make promises where you can contribute Plan internally whether you can do it with out distraction Ensure all promises are delivered the way it is required Ensure that promises made a difference to the consumer
  6. 6. Anticipate. Timing is $$Timing is important…. Not Late – Before time Not out of sync When the need exists Never Delay and if you do keep informed with valid reasons Timing of when a suggestion or new thing is to be done is important Do it when you sense the need. [anecdote!]
  7. 7. Say NO. Learn to..…when you can’t Either you don’t know. You cant do. You don’t have the time. You are the wrong person. We are all afraid of saying NO and nod our ways into trouble OVERCOME! Be reasonable and provide alternatives Active No is critical [ not poassive negative NO]
  8. 8. Indispensable. From Dodo -> DoWe think so .. But we are not.. Be Realistic. NOT Idealistic. Be Change. Be Flexible. Be Friendly. Never think / act Indispensable Become Indispensable through work & relations Be friend every small thing that comes your way.
  9. 9. Get Personal.Communicate. Communicate.Communicate in person. Walk to the person Talk to the person Share to the person Listen to the person Most of us email across aisles We all like to talk & not Listen Give a hug. Give a smile. Lend an ear. All people like to sound their problems and in those lie opportunities. Get to know people personally / Not only professionally
  10. 10. It Matters. Be Truthful.Praise your neighbour Gifts for help / assistance Remember their milestones Recognize effort / contribution People like strokes positive especially There is a stroke waiting every moment People remember you only if you remember them Strive to bring normalcy in bad relationships Be truthful.
  11. 11. Don’t Hesitate. Be Honest.Praise yourself For things done. For Things to be done. For failures faced. For ideas to come. For people graced. We miss these chances. We don’t get heard. Don’t lie / flatter. Remember those moments when you did great things and highlight Put it Subtly. Realize & Be the winner
  12. 12. Participate. Not InactiveBecome Pro-active Participate actively. Participate when others need. Become the Change. Stand-out & be Bold. We get few opportunities to take. TAKE THEM. If things are not going. Get them going. Never fear Change. NEVER FEAR. Plan each day and task in advance. Hit the road in your domain.
  13. 13. Network. Be Friendly.Know more people. Especiallykey. Within work. Within Interests. Within Industry. Within person. Do you meet people other than work? Do you get to know people newly? REGULARLY? Do all people who matter know YOU matter? Expand the realm Professional Personal Virtual Social
  14. 14. Some life Values.
  15. 15. Win. Positive.Every problem has a win-winsolution. Win Some - Lose Some Win People Win Transactions Phoenix rising Right Trade-offs. Balanced approach to life. Give Way. Give Respect. Net Positive Return. Positive in Problem.
  16. 16. Value Life.Treat everyone with respect. Respect. Positive Energy. Good wishes. Well Being. Be Nice. Be Peaceful. However small. RESPECT. Even respect animals and trees.
  17. 17. Expand.Make a new friend every day. Within work. Within Interests. Within Industry. Within person. Do you meet people other than work? Do you get to know people newly? REGULARLY? Do all people who matter know YOU matter? Expand the realm Professional Personal Virtual Social
  18. 18. Guide.Help people discover and seethe real facts.
  19. 19. Invest. Accumulate.Always endeavor to take thelong term view. Assets. People. Skills. Relations. Outcomes Warren Buffet always held ON. COKE. Helps think through and de-risk. Short term leads to stress, reduced innovation, reactive. Disrupts rule #1 Value people.
  20. 20. Change. Or obsoleteEveryone has to change theirown mind. Don’t get hassled by others not following
  21. 21. Be Complete. Whole 9 yardsIt is the whole thing, stupid. Crisis. Decisions. Judgments. Approvals. Keep it simple Stupid. Simply doesn’t work. Look at multi-layers and systems. Stand back and take 3rd person view. In any situation there are multi aspects & views.
  22. 22. Enjoy Work.Commitment to the jobcreates the only trueenjoyment Whole hearted. Fully Involved. Liking different aspects. Liking the people involved. Do what you like OR Like what you do Full commitment means closures, therefore new things MORE TIME
  23. 23. Contribute.Making a positive difference toclients In outcomes In participating If you cannot delivery – be honest and opt out Be true to the requirements of the client A client for life = 0 sales and marketing costs If you cant do you know some on who can? – Never lose the clients’ interest
  24. 24. Customer is KING.Our customers are ourgrandchildren. @ work. In life. Understand users needs first. Be service oriented. Make it easy, comfortable & nice for the user.
  25. 25. Vishwanath Ramdas is …• Process and Business Consultant• Working in areas like ITSM, Software development, process consulting …• Based in bangalore [India]• Visit him @ – –