Indian Banks Atm cash out problem
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Indian Banks Atm cash out problem



A suggestion that i made to CEO of ICICI Bank in 2008 about how to make a small user change in ATM services.

A suggestion that i made to CEO of ICICI Bank in 2008 about how to make a small user change in ATM services.



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Indian Banks Atm cash out problem Indian Banks Atm cash out problem Presentation Transcript

  • ATM Cash out problem A solution.
  • The story..• I went to the ATM one day [Bangalore] with an urgent need to withdraw money. Found out that the ATM was out of currency.• There was a Branch attached and I approached the branch to withdraw money.• The branch officers insisted that I have a cheque book to withdraw money even though they knew that it was the ATM that was the source of this request there had been such requests earlier in the day.
  • The story..• After some cajoling from my side and some “policing” from the managers side I was “donated” a loose cheque leaf with the WARNING that next time it will cost me money.• I left wondering whether the officers understand “customer relationship”• Not their fault but a system fault, a procedure they need to follow.
  • There is a better solution ATM feature which says .. No cash,print withdrawal slip… and withdraw from nearest branch..
  • How does it work?• User goes to ATM, no • User goes to cash cash, option to print self counter and withdraws withdrawal slip with cash showing photo ID amount required • Useful especially in• Slip states that user ATMs with branch needs to present photo attached. ID [ like in airports for e- tickets]
  • What does it avoid• No cheque leaves and lengthy procedures• No policing policies procedure talk from officers• No embarassment for customers / anger!
  • Benefits• To the customer • Bank – Money always no worry – Secure system as amount – Convenience transferred only at counter – Photo ID important! – Better image – Cash promise delivered without any nuisance. • People carry photo ID but not cheque book – Look into a sample wallet!
  • De bono 6 thinking hats – cashout withdrawal from ATM•Provide cash promise in •Why cheque book? •What if there is nothe ATM on cash outs •Why not feature of bank near by? Customerwithout inconveniencing ATM? wont use it in any case –the customer •Debit card + pin = pull mechanism security •Add offline security [photo id]•Cash out •Convenient transaction •Feature needs to be•No cheque book •Secure photo ID based added in ATM software•Security of transaction transaction •Feature to be trained to•Photo ID always there [ •Better image for bank employeesair e ticket] •Lengthy costly cheque•Near by branch [ leaf procedure avoidedattached] in bank•current procedures
  • Vishwanath Ramdas•• IT & Business consultant• TRIZ || lateral thinking || six sigma || lean || TOC.