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Google+ for Businesses



Intro to Google+

Intro to Google+



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Google+ for Businesses Presentation Transcript

  • 1. A crash course in G+introducingGoogle+ for Businesses
  • 2. Agenda• Intro / Background• What is Google+?• Why should you care?• Website integration• Getting started• Circles, Ripples, Sparks, Hangouts
  • 3. Who is this guy?• BBA from • CEO of Motive8 Media CapilanoU, diploma in Inc. (founded 2009) web development, self- – Web development and taught in Internet Internet Marketing for Marketing SMB • CEO of Popcorn (founded 2011) – Social Media and PR for restaurants and hospitality
  • 4. Social Media is NOT New• Social media includes web-based and mobile technologies used to turn communications into interactive dialogue. – Source: Wikipedia
  • 5. In the beginning…
  • 6. Social Media in 2012
  • 7. David vs Goliath
  • 8. What is Google+?• Google Plus, Google+, G+• Google’s anti-Facebook social media network & identity service• Adding 625,000 new users a day• Reach 400 million users by end of 2012
  • 9. But is anybody REALLY using it?? average monthly usage by US users (source: ComScore) Google+ Facebook Jan 2012 3.3 mins 7.5 hours Dec 2011 4.8 mins 7.0 hours Nov 2011 5.1 mins 6.8 hours
  • 10. Why You Should Care? Brand Awareness Search Engines Targeted Communications
  • 11. Brand Awareness• Maximize your online footprint• Social media profiles optimize well for search engines• Control over your search engine results• Drive more traffic to your website
  • 12. Social profilesdominate SERP
  • 13. Search Engines (SEO)• Traditional based on link building and keywords• Flawed system, Easily gamed• G+ integrated search results• Highlighted over regular search results• Can include G+ profiles, posts, pictures, a nd links
  • 14. Google Search Plus Your World Can’t turn off social search in Canada (yet) Only way is to log out of your Google account
  • 15. What Can Brands & Individuals Do?5 Ways to Promote Yourself:1. Create your G+ personal and brand page2. Promote your G+ profile on other social media networks3. Get a G+ badge and a +1 button for your website4. Promote your websites and social links on your G+ profile5. Use relevant keywords in your profile and posts
  • 16. Your WebsiteAdd your G+ badge Add a +1 button
  • 17. Google Circles• Existing customers• Prospects• Industry professionals• Suppliers• Trade media representatives• Other relevant target audience segments (Grandmothers living in Richmond?)
  • 18. • Add Add Add Add Add people.• Promote your Google+ business page from your personal profile• Once they add your Google+ Page you can then add the individuals into your circle.
  • 19. Google Sparks• Discovery tool• Nothing interesting to say? Find interesting content to share• “Spark” up a conversation
  • 20. How do you stay up to date with PR news?
  • 21. Analytics?
  • 22. :(
  • 23. Google Ripples: How is your post beingshared?
  • 24. Google Hangouts• Video conferencing for up to 10 people
  • 25. Ways to use Hangouts1. Meetings2. Customer Service3. Market Research4. Feedback5. Announcements6. Brainstorming7. Engagement
  • 26. Do a dry test run first.
  • 27. What to post and where?• Twitter: Real-time & succinct, with existing and potential customers• Facebook: Talk to your customers, favours rich media• LinkedIn: industry- or company- specific news, less convo, more info• Google+: stimulate discussions
  • 28. Conclusion Brand Awareness •Own & Dominate search results •Make it easier for your customers to find you
  • 29. Conclusion Search Engines •SEO is becoming increasingly social •Google is becoming a recommendation engine
  • 30. Conclusion Targeted Communications • Circles - Segment your contact list and tailor your communications • G+ Search - Find other professionals • Sparks - Discover & share content related to your industry • Hangouts - Video conferencing
  • 31. Conclusion Google+ is NOT the new Facebook. Google+ is NOT a ghost town, it’s still being built. Offers limited benefits today. Plenty of potentially useful features.
  • 32. Continue the discussion…THANKS! Any questions?Download this presentation: (Twitter)