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CBEUG confidential files

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  1. 1. Velalar Engineering College - “Dream Spark Yatra”<br />What were promised? And what were done? <br />A chat before the event with the president – (recorded by email id gopee1990@gmail.com)<br /><ul><li>He is asking to have only registration cards instead of tickets and the costs should be minimalized so that it can be utilized for other events which contradictory to the fact that is happening now.</li></ul>Abhishek Suresh to me show details Feb 25 <br />11:03 PM me: hi <br />11:04 PM i have the whole plans for the yatra ... i will forward it to you now ... if i hav any corrections let me know<br /> Abhishek: yeah cool<br />  :)<br />  whats the audience strength<br />11:05 PM me: audience strength can be determined only after marketing the event ... the minimum is set as 1.5k and the maximum is 3k <br />  this is the target !!!!<br />11:06 PM Abhishek: try and reach 2000<br /> me: hm .. sure <br /> Abhishek: ok here is the idea<br />  ill send you the reg cards while coming to excel<br />11:07 PM use these reg cards as tickets for your event<br />  sell the reg cards for 100 bucks and give their goodie bag when they produce the reg card on 7th<br />11:08 PM got that plan?<br />11:09 PM me: chek ur mail now<br />  and tell me if i have any corrections / changes <br />11:11 PM Abhishek: 27th : Even you call the HODs of other colleges inviting students to your college<br />  i dont think the HOD would agree to calling other HODs<br />  usually HODs dont do such work. Just make sure that things go smooth<br />  (I dunno about the HOD in your college though)<br />11:12 PM me: hmm ... <br />11:13 PM k what about the other stuffs ?<br /> Abhishek: posters make it post card size<br />  dont make it too big and expensive<br />  keep your expenses minimal<br />11:14 PM for the banners<br />  print general banners<br />  so that we can use it in all colleges<br /> me: hm .. <br />11:15 PM Abhishek: print it like this:<br />  1 general banner<br />  1 small piece of flex of your college name<br />  stick that name of your college on the banner<br /> me: hmm .. <br />11:16 PM Abhishek: i like that!<br />  "Go for the best yatra ever ! ;)"<br /> me: ;P thnx<br /> Abhishek: seriously<br />  you guys must pull it off<br />  i really hope it is the best yatra ever<br />  you coming to excel?<br /> me: yuppp <br />11:17 PM Abhishek: do one thing<br />  get together all erode MSPs<br />  we shall meet up on saturday after the session<br /> me: hmm .. sure <br />  we will meet at boomerang !<br />11:18 PM Abhishek: cool<br />  good stuff man<br />11:19 PM me: k anything else ?<br />  read fully ?<br />11:20 PM Abhishek: yeah<br /> me: i will reply the corrections again !<br />11:21 PM Abhishek: cool<br />  ill prepare the seal in two days<br />11:22 PM so once the goodies are given, put a seal on the reg card.<br />11:25 PM me: sent the mail ... <br />  good ni8<br />  cya <br />  ;)<br />11:26 PM Abhishek: cyz<br /><ul><li>Dream Spark Keys – Most of the Dream Spark keys that given were reported that it did not work .
  2. 2. Food and travel expenses
  3. 3. The college provided venkat with cash for food and all MSPs had a discussion on that day evening in Aishwarya Hotel
  4. 4. MSPs Varma , Animesh were picked up by venkat .
  5. 5. All the MSPs were transported by Venkat’s dad from GH to Thindal
  6. 6. All the MSPs had dinner at Idly corner shop in Sampath nagar and it was paid by Venkat’s dad
  7. 7. For Poster since Cash was not there we were almost in a situation like the event won’t happen without it and finally managed to get Sponsor at the last minute.
  8. 8. Volunteer Certificates were printed by us and was told that won’t be refunded by Abhishek.</li></ul>CBEUG Ambassador Program <br /><ul><li>CBEUG Ambassadors referred by Erode MSPs were not selected when interview was happening at Coimbatore for their referral.
  9. 9. Mail Header and proof of mailing
  10. 10. fromaravindh p <arvindhanp@gmail.com>sender-timeSent at 6:52 PM (GMT+05:30). Current time there: 4:27 PM. ✆towecbeug@gmail.com,recruitment@cbeug.orgdateFri, Mar 26, 2010 at 6:52 PMsubjectApplication for CBEUG Ambassador (Referred by Gopinathan RM)mailed-bygmail.comsigned-bygmail.comhide details Mar 26
  11. 11. BEFORE REPORT : The First ever Group Discussion on talking about the reports </li></ul>12:09 AM Abhishek has joined<br />12:10 AM Arumugham has joined<br />  venkat has joined<br />  ђάяịήị has joined<br />  ђάяịήị has left<br />  ђάяịήị has joined<br /> venkat: bING VENKAT IS HERE <br /> ђάяịήị has left<br /> venkat: !1<br />12:11 AM me: hiiii<br />12:12 AM so this was to make our UGs transactions transparent to all the members of CBEUG ( these stuffs were left out to be mentioned during bootcamp)<br />12:13 AM ђάяịήị has joined<br /> me: bt most f them had it this in mind .... venkat .. harini .. suresh (he din attend but had this idea prev.) ... n sathya too ... !<br />  bt v forgot to mention this in bootcamp<br />12:14 AM i wud abhi n 6face to share their points .... ???<br /> Arumugham: wat??<br />  i dint get it<br />12:15 AM Abhishek: yeah tell us<br />  hello?<br />12:16 AM ђάяịήị: its nuthin else...about the transactions that he mentioned....<br /> Abhishek: transactions = ?<br /> ђάяịήị: y dont we have a team taking care of all the transactions recording nd things?<br />12:17 AM me: hey i think its been recorded already by abhi n 6face<br /> Arumugham: yeah transaction as in??<br /> Abhishek: if you mean money yeah<br />  we have the records<br /> Arumugham: oh k<br /> ђάяịήị: dats wat making It clear with evrybody<br />12:18 AM Arumugham: now i m gettin it<br /> ђάяịήị: because it shoudnt be an issue later<br /> Abhishek: we have taken care of it<br /> Arumugham: very true<br /> Abhishek: so not a problem<br />12:19 AM actually ramakrishna should have taken care of it<br />  but it didnt happen<br /> me: v almost forgot it during bootcamp .... it wud hav been gr8 if v hav discussed it tat time<br />12:20 AM Arumugham: yeah we too forgot tat<br />(which is discussed clearly here has been termed as Doubting later by Leads)<br /> Abhishek: but i do remember talking about this to someone? (This was Ramkrish on that day, but he did not get his reply)<br />  i remember telling you all about the expenses etc<br />12:21 AM ђάяịήị: because wen v start moving with recruitment nd start recruiting or CBEUGians ....its gonna b all f us who wil b question by de next....i don mean t wid yu nd 6face...evrybudy<br /> Abhishek: lol relax<br />  :)<br />  its fine<br /> ђάяịήị: yeah....but stil y cant v make evrythin clear...so no one questions anybudy!<br />12:22 AM Abhishek: i dunno what is to be made clear out here<br />  no one is askin any questions<br />12:23 AM me: nothin juz a excel sheet / mail to b sent per 2 months or 3 monthis like a quarter report<br />  it wud b a gud idea ...<br />  to share with all the members<br /> Abhishek: nope<br />  the transactions cannot be shared with all the members<br />  only to the EB it is shared<br />(where he clearly expresses that he has no intention to show it to all members , but later he says that he was about to display it on 30th)<br />12:24 AM ђάяịήị: i gotta question abhi!<br /> Abhishek: yep<br />12:25 AM ђάяịήị: wat if de next president or de EB s wid de newly recruited?<br /> Abhishek: then it would be disclosed to him<br /> Arumugham: k<br /> ђάяịήị: obviously v gotta tel dem f dey question!!<br /> Abhishek: lol<br />  there is something called transitions<br />12:26 AM me: i don get u ppl<br /> Abhishek: wait<br />  ill explain<br /> ђάяịήị: okie...<br /> Abhishek: In an organization, the financial records are shared only with the President and the Financial President<br />  NOT with the entire EB<br />  but we have it with the EB<br />12:27 AM when the EB passes out<br />  the previous EB should provide the required training for the new EB so that they are capable of continuing the work flow<br />  thats what is called Transitions<br /> venkat: a big company is always ready to give out it tranitions what about a small organization <br />12:28 AM Abhishek: no<br />  it never does that<br /> venkat: how told u that it never dos that <br />  ??<br /> me: but it sends the expenditure report for each n every share holders na ?<br />  :P<br />  lol<br /> venkat: i ready most of this reports <br />12:29 AM Abhishek: yeah so?<br /> venkat: i read most of it reports <br />  in a book let <br /> ђάяịήị: yeah! and the team of EB wen it is not functioning properly.wat s it den?<br /> Abhishek: True indeed<br /> ђάяịήị: yu cannot still stick to them<br />12:30 AM Abhishek: when its not functioning you mean to say that we need to discuss it with all the members?<br />  lol come on stop being so immature<br />  sry<br />  got dced<br />12:31 AM yeah so coming back to the point<br /> ђάяịήị: so i beleiv v er al de same...CBEUGian...<br />  so wats wrong n sharing de Records?<br />12:32 AM Abhishek: lol i get the point of this conversation<br />  anyways<br />  we shall mail you the record sheet<br /> me: no actually its not the point<br />  f getting the record sheet<br /> venkat: the member will not know about the transation then they will not have an idea about the user group but working for it <br />12:33 AM me: making it transparent / getting some solution for all the members<br />(Which the general cause)<br /> venkat: this is want will happen in the future <br /> Abhishek: you goto a company<br />  get placed that is<br /> me: :)<br />12:34 AM Abhishek: does that company show all its records to you?<br /> me: lol<br /> Abhishek: but anyways<br /> venkat: ya they give out ther report every quat<br />  if it is a public holding company <br />12:35 AM Abhishek: anyways you will be receiving your mails soon<br /> ђάяịήị: fyn ...i don get de point y do yu compare ours wid rest f de organisations?<br />12:36 AM each nd every1 shud knoe de Scenario...tz not jus cumin for the bootcamp nd enjoyin nd leaving widout knowin wats happenin...so let dem too knoe things nd dey cannot b kids bein in an organisation<br />12:37 AM Abhishek: true indeed<br />  glad that you realized that :)<br />12:38 AM ђάяịήị: the reason s let dem too realise de burden nd their part in de usergroup :)<br /> Abhishek: and if that happens?<br />  100% efficiency?<br />  lol<br />  right..<br />12:39 AM ђάяịήị: may be...dat cud work... he he he!!<br />12:40 AM Abhishek: yeah a "report of the transactions" would definitely make msps realize their burden<br />  the burden*<br /> me: hm ..<br /> Abhishek: and hence make them participate in the uusergroup<br />  insane concept<br />  lol<br />12:41 AM venkat: ya i think u got it :)<br /> ђάяịήị: hmm....tz not everybudy again...de one's who tuk de responsibilities...<br />12:42 AM Abhishek: so you all wanted a report ofDSY right?<br />12:43 AM ђάяịήị: not lik dat...v can hav reports once n three months or somthin<br />12:44 AM me: +1<br /> venkat: no we want to make quate year reports <br />  annual reports <br /> Abhishek: sure<br />(Finally done with the acceptance for getting the report)<br />  done<br /> ђάяịήị: nt bout de past ...but can implement :)<br />12:45 AM Abhishek: cool<br /> me: fine .... wind up to sleep ??<br />12:46 AM :)<br /> Abhishek: yep<br /> me: gni8 ...<br /> ђάяịήị: so! gud ni8 :)<br /> Abhishek: yep<br /> Arumugham: c ya<br /><ul><li>AFTER REPORT : The Last Group Discussion had and Explanation Given by presidents</li></ul>Fwd: Chat with Abhishek, Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart, MobileKing, ђάяịήị, Arumugham, venkat, shiva (Since people were asking what happened in discussion i'm forwarding it )<br />gopinathanrm <gopee1990@gmail.com> Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 11:16 AM To: Jibin Varghese <jibinvarghesemsp@gmail.com>, animesh jain <animeshj9@gmail.com>, aravindhan a <aravindsparkstar@gmail.com>, Sri Krsna <srikrsna2pulsar@gmail.com>, peter kennedy <kennedy2416@gmail.com>, kusumakardwivedi@student-partners.com, "Swaminathan.J" <swaminathanjj@gmail.com>, balajiarulananthan@student-partners.com, krisharunachalam@student-partners.com, vinodhiniselvam@student-partners.com ---------- Forwarded message ----------From: gopinathanrm <gopee1990@gmail.com>Date: Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 1:54 AMSubject: Chat with Abhishek, Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart, MobileKing, ђάяịήị, Arumugham, venkat, shivaTo: gopee1990@gmail.comCc: arumugham2@gmail.com, gopee1990@gmail.com, shiva.nibru@gmail.com, harini.palnivel@gmail.com, suresh.compu@gmail.com, shiva.nibru@gmail.com, abhisheksureshrao@gmail.com, sathyathemobileking@gmail.com, gopee1990@gmail.com, arumugham2@gmail.com, venkatstone@gmail.com, harini.palnivel@gmail.comIn the chat room: Abhishek Suresh (abhisheksureshrao@gmail.com), MobileKing ~ SaThYa (sathyathemobileking@gmail.com), Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart (suresh.compu@gmail.com), Arumugham Sankar (arumugham2@gmail.com), ђάяịήị »» creek creek :) (harini.palnivel@gmail.com)11:14 PM Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: You've been invited to this chat room! Arumugham: ?? ђάяịήị: so obviously every1 needs ter knoe... Abhishek: hey gopi  every one was gonna know  on 30th  THAT was the main reason why we wanted to create the final member list11:15 PM venkat has joined Arumugham: and tell me any decision tat were taken without u guys??  u mean to say the prizes were to be disclosed??11:16 PM me: y u havent created a bank account still ? Arumugham: do u know the procedure??  of creating an account? me: it has been 2 yrs since UG started  first u need to register UG for that ... Abhishek: registering the ug  ill explain Arumugham: k tell me any UG tat is registered??  other than Pune Abhishek: what all student programs are you all in?  one sec 6face11:17 PM you all are in MSP  Mozilla  opera  Google  FOSS Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: if u guys found the trace tat ther is prb cuz of money..then u cud have sent the report yto everyone in common rite?? Abhishek: etc MobileKing: UG cannot be register... if registeed... we cannot get support from Microsoft... they say that its a SELF SUSTAINED UG !  Abhishek: exaclty me: no comparing another UG doesnt make any sense Abhishek: you registering the UG me: n our UG is not like theirs Arumugham: tats true  that u need to understand11:18 PM Abhishek: you cannot work with all these stakeholders if you register it as an org  microsoft will put a case on us if we market mozilla or opera or something else  you need to know that11:19 PM and id like even venkat to talk here Arumugham: dude we are been working for 3 yrs Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: fine guys  ... Arumugham: and u simply tell us its all for money?? Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: listen..  is it on 5000 left at hand now???? Abhishek: yeah11:20 PM MobileKing: cashes are due from various locations  ђάяịήị: stil de root cause s de money issues,,, Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: hello Abhishek: wrong Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: ! Abhishek: its the money issues which YOU ALL HAVE MISUNDERSTOOD Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: if u had knwn tat u hav less money..  wats te whle point in celebratin??????????? Arumugham: u mean to say tat bootcamp was cheap??11:21 PM Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: dont u forsee a prb ahead? me: if u had known that there is no money in UG u should hav stopped conducting Boot camp first of all Abhishek: guys, me: y did u invest ur money ? Abhishek: now stop telling that we shouldnt have conducted the bootcamp Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: i m sayin wats the point in spenin so much in btcmp if u knw we will run short of money Abhishek: its really bad on your part Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: i dnt say no to btcmp..  but the expense?? Abhishek: we got sponsors and we got events coming up (It is told that Zoom consultancy was sponsor to event held at Velalar and you even distributed pamphlets but you did not help us when we were in need for it during the event to print posters) Arumugham: dude11:22 PM i ll tell u one thing Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: target was PDC not btcmp Arumugham: dude i tell u one thing Abhishek: aargh.. Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: we hav to wrk on the ultimate ones yer.. Arumugham: listen up Abhishek: ppl never understand me: the DSY's were conducted by tempting us for a bootcamp to celebrate it ... bt what happ. before bootcamp ? Arumugham: dude  listen up Arumugham has left MobileKing: you work..work..work... where is the phase of planning ??.... BOOTCAMP was the place where we planned all right...  Abhishek: ? Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: @arumugham ..temme11:23 PM Arumugham has joined Arumugham: u there  ?? Abhishek: yeah tell me Arumugham: are all there?? Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: neednt be expenive rite id u dont hav money  yeah.. ђάяịήị: @6face: tell11:24 PM Arumugham: k abhi let me explain  c Abhishek: cool Arumugham: we knew tat money was less Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: k venkat has left Arumugham: but we also knew tat there was dreamspark reprise  and we also knew tat would help  in organizing event11:25 PM u also need to understand  tat  we had purposely delegated the entire  events to u  tat was for u guys to develop me: n moreover the statement during first bootcamp was "no money in UG" ... during 3rd bootcamp also "no money in UG" Abhishek: yeah so?  one second guys  let me explain here11:26 PM 1. We planned in the second bootcamp for DSY Arumugham: so u mean to say tat all the stuff tat u had in bootcamp and all the the priaes Abhishek: 2. We planned for 10,000 students Arumugham: we got for free?? Abhishek: 3. We printed stuff for 10,000 students  now if we use the cash generated for PDC  whose gonna bother of the remaining 5000 certificates and goodies?  what you expect us to give it to the paper marts?  isnt that a waste of money? Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: i tot we covered 700011:27 PM Abhishek: yeah right  lol  we covered only 4 thousand something  accordng to the accounts venkat has joined Abhishek: so wasting the certificates and bags and stuff is ok  but "wasting" money for the bootcamp was a sin11:28 PM now if we didnt have the reprise Arumugham: and u also need to know tat the UG is motivated towards social awareness Abhishek: who would work on distributing the certification?  certificates* Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: do u mean to say tat 500000 were spent on the remaining goodies? Abhishek: eh?11:29 PM me: at first when u disclosed the goodie printing cost in glacier park... it was 12/pb bt now in the report its 15 or 14 pb ...?? Abhishek: wrong Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: hw much was spent on wasted goodies? Abhishek: we have got the bills Arumugham: can u tell me Abhishek: we can prove it to you Arumugham: who told u  it was 12 Abhishek: you can tell me  too Arumugham: tell me any shop  i bet u (any shop won’t disclose its quotation without ordering and do expect us to go shop by shop and prove it ?) Abhishek: ask venkat to speak pal :) Arumugham: u know how hard it was us for to bargain Abhishek: why is he a silent spectator  and making you do all the talking? Arumugham: from 1911:30 PM dude u wont understand those stuffs Abhishek: you can even ask sathya  cuz he picked up the bags personally Arumugham: and u need to tell me the unnecessary expenses Abhishek: and paid at the shop  yeah what unnecessary expenses? Arumugham: how do u think we could have transported all the goodies??  now tell me tat  ?? Abhishek: oh and travel partiality11:31 PM Arumugham: can anyone tell me Abhishek: ANYTIME did we travel in cab without any goodies?  we used the CAB ONLY to transport gooides  harini knows that Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: isnt der a way to resolve this???????? venkat: if u did not have money u should have asked MSP for money Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: .. Arumugham: oh come on venkat: for the boot camp Abhishek: yeah so that you start demanding for reimbursements? Arumugham: u r demanding Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: harini, venkat , gopi,,, wat do u guys feel abt the report? Abhishek: we didnt want to make you pay again11:32 PM Arumugham: for reimbursement>?  and we dint want de ja vu  to happen MobileKing: @venkat: Will all 30 MSPs come if we asked them for Rs.3555/- for threedays and 2nights ????  me: in vellalar college .... venkat's dad transported everyone .. .even food was at his expense (there was no answer for this) Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: ok gopi.. ђάяịήị: so one more quest....n sucha financial crisis...is dat BC required>?> venkat: we might have know the fact Abhishek: did you mention it for reimbursements?11:33 PM is a bootcamp required??  lol ђάяịήị: did yu eva tak a chance ter ask us ???? Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: @harini.. i too asked the same!  guys..we cud hav had it in a simple manner.. Abhishek: we explained it Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: saved money for PDC!! venkat: and planed might have planed to cut the cost ђάяịήị: yeah really Arumugham: so u mean to say bootcamp is just a mess venkat: for the boot camp Arumugham: ??? Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: plz don mistake tat m objectin btcmp11:34 PM Abhishek: did ANYONE ask these questions BEFORE the bootcamp?  huh?  ANYONE/ (No one asked this , because everyone worked for the DSY hardly and generated money for this moment to happen) Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: i mean to say..it cud hav been less expensive me: @abhi : ram had asked fa a report already as a EB member to u bt til date u havent provided him with one(he did ask you : 1> He texted you once , he got no reply , 2>He asked you in Bootcamp also , again he got no reply) Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: i did.. Abhishek: especially those who speak so responsibly? Arumugham: dude when people are turning back Abhishek: no he didnt venkat: we asked it on the boot camp Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: i tot money was suffi.. Arumugham: wat do u expect?? Abhishek: cuz if he did it would have been with him Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: i rememebr.. Arumugham: wat?? Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: someone told me 1 + L is suffi fr PDC so its no prb to hav btcmp11:35 PM Arumugham: who was tat?? Abhishek: we wouldnt have said that Arumugham: and we were expecting cash from Ms Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: huh.. Abhishek: the reimbursements  from MS Arumugham: which is not yet received Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: hw much frm MS (you never specified the reimbursement money here even then your As per WLG threadDS Yatra 2010+TechEd on Campus:Reimbursement listSiddharth PrakashFolks,We have already started the processing cycle for your reimbursements for DS yatra and Tech Ed screening that you all conducted. Here is the list of all such people who will receive cheques in 4-6 weeks. If you don't see your name here, that means that we have not yet got your event report and in that case you'll have to send the report to us (even if you have sent previously) and also upload it in your skydrive and fill up the details here:- www.surveymonkey.com/s/ds2010 If your name is in the list below, you don't need to do anything. We'll publish a separate list with amounts as well. Just in case you want to know, amounts are as per the slabs mentioned in the Yatra toolkit perviously. For all TechEd screening events for which we have received reports, we have bumped up the amount to Rs 500 instead of 250.  Let us know in case of any discrepencies. NameAbhik MitraAbhinav DhandhAbhineshwar TomarAbhishek KumarAbin Abraham AlichanAkrati DubeyAnish UppalapatiAnup KeshriArjit MalviyaArpit GuptaArumugham S.Arvind S. GanesanAswin YogeshChandigarh User GroupChandrasekhar PandaClifford Anup N.D.R.S Sai KrishnaDeepanshu SinghGagandeep SalujaGagandeep SinghGunjan RathiHardik SharmaHarsh MahajanJayesh MaduskarJayesh SinhaK.SilambarasanK.V Arun KumarKinnar ShahKirti S. ZankhariaLomash Dev GoyalMARMIK BRAHMBHATTMayur Vikas PawarMullangi Pavan KumarNeha GuptaPallab Deprabuddha dasPrakhar Kumar GoelPriyatoshRajeev Rai BhatiaRavi Teja GaddeRISHIT SHAHRitesh GanatraRoopak BharteeSanyukta ChakrabortySaurabh RajeShafqat Hassan RatherShashank UpadhyaySneha C.JSreekant NandakumarSudipta DasSuresh ArumughamSuvodip MoitraSwaraj MitraUmesh MoghariyaV.Subhash ChandraVamsi Subhashvankayala sandeep sekharVigneshVineel DoddiVora Asif Aslam Regards,Sid14 May  (Edited 6 hours ago) Reply Quote (Your name is already in here and you should have got at least a information like what you would receive in cheque ? $$$ and Venkat’s name is not here , when he re-registered and asked he was said that money would be reimbursed the Lead’s account when it is not happening in two other’s case) Abhishek: we still didnt get them Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: ..  and hw much to be got frm colls? Arumugham: not even for single event11:36 PM check the report  its crystal and clear Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: k Abhishek: not only that there are individual reimbursements me: u kno really how we felt like after working throught out the year n when we heard that word from sathya .... that he invested his own money fa bootcamp n UG doesnt hav money in ooty ??? Arumugham: oh cool Abhishek: Then this is best possible solution?  which you just did? ђάяịήị: de reason s ders no communication n things happenin!!11:37 PM Abhishek: if you felt "bad" you would have done something better  not create this sensitive situation Arumugham: so we have been working for 3 yrs and few people blaming us for takin money, wat do u expect from us?? MobileKing: @gopee: that was bcz we did not get cash from excel n MSFT (is that all the money left in UG ?) me: i din blame u for taking money ... Abhishek: whose to blame them?  excel? MobileKing: we were forced to do that n that was for a timebeing... not a investment..  Abhishek: did you do anything?11:38 PM ђάяịήị: transparent nd legal ways f transactions are missing! Arumugham: tell me touch ur heart?? will u put in money venkat: we never want to blame people for this me: i told it on that day to sathya Abhishek: you could have asked us me: to be transparent  but he told it cannot b transparent Abhishek: see time and again we are telling you  the report was to be sent on 30th11:39 PM we sent it to you cuz we didnt want misunderstands ђάяịήị: dis shudn cum by askin....even we guys got de same spirit of bein a CBEUGIAN.... me: it should be automatically done ђάяịήị: hw Silambarasan's issue wus transparent even dis shud ve been Arumugham: cant u understand wat we are trying to say?? MobileKing: dude... we never asked anyone for cash... all stuffs were going right... except the cash flow from sources... its not that CBEUG is now empty of treasury !  Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: if its fr CBEUG y din i get the report this evenin?11:40 PM huhhhhh Abhishek: sigh.. me: wasnt suresh a performing msp ? ђάяịήị: t wus oly fa 3 who asked??!! Arumugham: its because we wanted to sent on 30th Abhishek: yes  we even asked in the bootcamp  was there any issues in the bootcamp MobileKing: @gopee: yhea he was a performing MSP ! ... so ? Abhishek: im sorry in the UG Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: but u hv sent it to all others even b4 30th..11:41 PM Abhishek: so? Arumugham: no only 3 Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: wat ever.. me: coz we asked Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: so only 3 got it.. Arumugham: yeah Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: ok  fine me: u hav prepared the report only for 3 of us ? Arumugham: cos they asked for it MobileKing: @suresh... dude.. cill... we explained the case to you... don't beat around the bush ! ..  Abhishek: we didnt prepare the report for the 3 of you  the report was already prepared  for ALL of you (Then the question is why don’t you send it to all at once ?) ђάяịήị: nd one morethin f de VPUFF has been dissolved...yu gotta conduct a recruitment phase,,,,nd nt jus takin decisons nd stayin widout sharing t... me: then y dint u send to everyone at the same time ?11:42 PM Abhishek: whom to recruit?  aargh  gopi ђάяịήị: Vice president Finance me: what ?? Abhishek: we wanted to send it on the 30th  one sec  lemme explain  guys give me a sex Arumugham: gopi do u read mail completely tat we send?? Abhishek: sec*  lol sorry11:43 PM here is the deal.  we didnt want non-performing ppl to get the reports  only shared wiht the performing ppl so that you would understand Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: fine Abhishek: cuz in a "third" persons point of view it would look - "big waste of money"11:44 PM ђάяịήị: yeah... Abhishek: so THATS why we kept the registration Arumugham: and we dint want MSP who have no spirit for CBEUG Abhishek: and now me: and y did u mention on that day ... in group chat "talk if its money issue" , other wise dont talk ??????The previous days chat when we asked for reports :Arumugham: k here is the deal  as abhi said  :D  mail us the possible date and venue form recruitment12:23 AM make one thing in mind tat  we need +agents by 2nd week of jul  only then they ll be helpful  for the events  wat abt ur coll??12:24 AM as venkat's we have done a hell lot of events  u there?? me: yuppp12:25 AM Arumugham: guys??????  :-/ Abhishek: lol  talk abotu money me: im trying to engage my college for a workshop ..  Abhishek: hehe me: if that gets done ..  v can conduct interview   ther itself Arumugham: when is tat?? Abhishek: coming to the conversation that we had the other day  wait  let me explain  please  first when we spoke  i mentioned that "companies dont give out the reports"  which was done purposefully11:45 PM Arumugham: @abhi: he is talkin abt yesterdays chat Abhishek: i did it deliberately just to see what you guys are gonna react  wait im coming to that  i realized that it was basically a doubt on us  thats why we dispatched the reports to you immediately because we didnt want misunderstamdings  and coming to yesterdays chat11:46 PM venkat told me that he earned 60,000 thru shares  am i correct?  so when we were chatting  i just made a joke Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: see its a joke fine.. Abhishek: saying that if there is money, warren buffet will talk  where warren buffet - venkat venkat: why is that coming in here Abhishek: it was just a joke venkat: ??11:47 PM Abhishek: because your status said that you wanted to be the next buffet me: u mi8 hav known that it is not suitable to mention at tat time Abhishek: and the next jhunjhunwala Arumugham: cos gopi needed explanation Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: but gives a feelin of being treated unqually rite? Abhishek: not really  @venkat: how was our relationship in the ug?  was it formal? venkat: why is that coming in here Abhishek: didnt i tease you ?11:48 PM actually you were the only person i have kept in touch for a long time than any other msp Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: knwing tat it might create a prb.. abhi.. u mustnt hav told tat.. Abhishek: i didnt know venkat would get so pissed?  that was just a casual discussion  did we talk about money there?  no right?  come on guys venkat: i had full faith in u abi i n the starting u made me to lost it at last11:49 PM Abhishek: ok  think of truth or dare  when we can play that  this is notthing man  you are just making it so complex ђάяịήị: yu cannot call t so...certain things seem different fa different ppl Arumugham: @suresh: u could understand if u were at bootcamp Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: abhi... u knw.. though i din knw the heck of this prb.. u asked me y i wasnt includeed in the mail list!!!  huh!!11:50 PM heartenin!  seriously. Abhishek: eh? Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: wat ever i dnt care..  listen.. Abhishek: @ suresh: again you didnt understand Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: wat cud be done further?? Abhishek: i asked sathya the same question  it was just a tug Arumugham: ask him?? Abhishek: come on man Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: i dnt care whom u asked.. but its wrng..11:51 PM Abhishek: dont make it a big issue  its wrong on your part right now Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: its k frfget it Arumugham: @all: dont i know abt abhishek  *u Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: as the prb is lackin of transparency... ђάяịήị: exactly de prob s dat!! Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: guys... harini, gopi, venkat..  wat do u say?? me: ok y dint u mention about the donation made to another org in the report ? Abhishek: so this is way of solving it?11:52 PM Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: seeeeee  leave the mail and report..  lets meeeeeet up and talk..  listen..  all issues.. Abhishek: sigh.. Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: come on..  this is gonna go on fr ever.. Arumugham: k  dude Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: talkin virtually neva helps..11:53 PM Arumugham: wait  it can happen  now lemme speak Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: and its a wrong and a quick decision.. to brk apart Arumugham: @all: listen up Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: ok Arumugham: 1.  each and every one tell me wat is wrong  2. touch ur heart and tell us Abhishek: dude11:54 PM they already did it  i dont think its necessary Arumugham: no dude one by one  all of them Abhishek: i dont think touching the heart would help Arumugham: i really wanna know  they will  dude  its just a misunderstanding Abhishek: hmm Arumugham: i seriously wanna know11:55 PM 3. tell us based on the way we had treated  3. i want all ur points  shoot out  now venkat: u did not have money for the boot camp u never told an MSP about ђάяịήị: transparency n everything 11:56 PM venkat: and made me feel bad at last that we all ate in you money for the past three days Arumugham: next Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: 1. discussing the difficulty of money with fellow CBEUGians cud hav been done11:57 PM Abhishek: which was to be done  sigh.. Arumugham: @abhi:wait Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: wen??? me: not after spending ...  before spending(If the point had been discussed earlier , the cost cutting could have been done) Arumugham: k  next ђάяịήị: i accept dat....none of us knew!! wont t b shocking fa us??havent v contributed to de UG?nd seeing de Expenses @ my coll i wus shocked...11:58 PM Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: after u guys put ur money outta ur hand? .. u must hav told us earlier abt ne difficulty.. we cud hav addressed it  ...  finally its bad to hear " i hav put so much! ".. ђάяịήị: i accept dat....none of us knew!! wont t b shocking fa us??havent v contributed to de UG?nd seeing de Expenses @ my coll i wus shocked...none of us knew bout de donation made to leadcap!! event still de exact number11:59 PM Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: its a matter f sharin and none of u wud hav been in this headache now  .. Abhishek: its not a donation  we just took them to the food festival ђάяịήị: yu mentioned t so :) Abhishek: aaaaah!! ђάяịήị: 300 wus de entree per head Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: wat s this new chapter?!  :D ђάяịήị: 300 *8  2400  12000 MobileKing: @alll dude... what makes you feel bad that you ppl ate our money.. i clearly said you that it was a cash substitute for the awaited cashes to be received !so plz don't say that you felt bad abt that..we are gonna take back the cash once we get the cash from excel... ђάяịήị: :P Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: i din pay it :) escaped12:00 AM . Arumugham: guys  are u forgetting tat  entire UG's motive Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: wats happenin? wen did lead cap come ? wat function? Arumugham: k wait Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: wow..12:01 AM Arumugham: gopi u  tell me  sorry us me: i don get u Abhishek: continue with the complaints  we shall talk once its done ђάяịήị has left Arumugham: let us sort it doen12:02 AM where ii??? harin  where is harini? ђάяịήị has joined  ђάяịήị has left  ђάяịήị has joined Arumugham: go on??12:03 AM Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: u guys cud hav told abt the shrtage b4 btcmp na?? Arumugham: gopi u???  sathya?? MobileKing: -12:04 AM Arumugham: @gopi, sathya  tell ur complain  let it be transparent Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: harini , gopi , venkat : is it ok with u guys if all everythin wud be kept transparent in future????? Arumugham: from now on Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: @ txs 6face : i too typed the same  .. Arumugham: :D12:05 AM MobileKing: @suresh: would you attend the bootcamp even after we emphasis on the words that we payed the cash for your joy ? ..... i said it to gopee, venk and kennedy after they asked abt the budget... thats it... that was clearly explained... Arumugham: so is tat it??  @sathya: i want complains Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: @all : fine if we cud discuss ne prb b4 takin an own or personal decison????????  guys respond..  plz. ђάяịήị: dat s needed!12:06 AM :) MobileKing: i've no issues... AS OF NOW :P Arumugham: see i want it to sort it down now  gopi??  so is tat it?? Abhishek: venkat? me: n y do u want us all to b under CBEUG forever till end of our stud part term ?? v wont get any leadership experience ........ we will keep waiting for a approval from cbeug always ................. u told us it can b done after getting some experience from CBEUG in first bootcamp ...12:07 AM Abhishek: k next? Arumugham: is tat it  ???/12:08 AM guys  all of respons shiva has joined Arumugham: k shiva  tell me wat u dint like  abt the UG  ??  make it fast and frank me: y did u recruit EB board that will work properly ?  didnt*12:09 AM ђάяịήị: f dey dint yu shud ve gone fa a new one,,,not yu takin incharge!!12:10 AM Arumugham: k shiva  u??  u there???  is tat it  shall i start??12:11 AM @all: reply ђάяịήị: @6face:proceed Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: go ahead Arumugham: @suresh:12:12 AM wat u said is true  but u need to understand tat we had an OCX  for Bootcamp  who dint work  then it was sathya who sis  did all stuff  @gopi: lemme finish me: then he shud hav been selected fa that ...12:13 AM k ..  go ahead Arumugham: @gopi: he was the only one who registered Abhishek: he = kennedy Arumugham: sathya, myself and abhi: were takin care of the BC12:14 AM we knew tat we had promised tat we will conduct a bootcamp Arumugham has left12:15 AM Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: k shiva has left ђάяịήị: so does it mean none of us shud hav opinions to be shared n our UG??? venkat has left Abhishek: You've been invited to this chat room! venkat has joined Abhishek: yeah continue Arumugham: k lemme continue Abhishek: n/w prblm12:16 AM Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: seee.. promises are fine.. but cud hav maintained expeses na?  k continue  . Arumugham: dude lemme continue  i hope u remember tat it was decided long back we ll conduct the BC  at tat time12:17 AM we were depending on cash from  EXCEL  63000  and the Ms reimburesement  40,000  which hasn't come yetThe list of the events conducted So far according to sources from CBEUG website (audience count in Microsoft Point of view) :Hindustan CollegeCoimbatore15 Feb 2010295SASTRA UniversityThanjavur21 Feb 2010380Tamilnadu College of EngineeringCoimbatore23 Feb 20101320Excel CollegeNammakal27 Feb 2010630Muthayamal Engineering CollegeRasipuram3 Mar 2010550Vellalar College of Engineering and TechnologyErode7 Mar 20102488Coimbatore Institue of Engineering and TechnologyCoimbatore13 Mar 2010375Bannariamman Institute TechnologySathyamanglam17 Mar 2010800Arunai Engineering collegeTiruvanamali26 March 2010250NMAM Institute of TechnologyNitte5 April 2010900SCSVMV UniversityKanchipuram6 April 2010250Upcoming Events: Name of the CollegeCityDateExpected AttendeesMCETPollachi10 April 2010700+Mahendra Engineering CollegeErode12 April 2010250+(so is that all the Cash generated from all these events ? and moreover Excel event was 3rd event , how can you determine the cash that you will have finally at your end after DSY for the Bootcamp ?) ђάяịήị: dedications apart,,,,yu cud ve asked our opinion too... venkat: the sponsor for the my dsy event made 1.5L profit have i told u the  this abi12:18 AM Abhishek: no? Arumugham: wat?? me: at that time the full event was not over ..... then how can u determine that u wont have money ? Abhishek: uh gopi  wiat Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: !! u were dependin on cash frm excel and MS fr BC itself???????????? Abhishek: let 6face finish Arumugham: dude Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: i tot u were dependin on those fr PDC!!! Arumugham: u r not gettin Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: 6 face shiva has joined Abhishek: ppl are not understanding  patience ђάяịήị: @all :let 6face proceed!!12:19 AM Abhishek: let 6face proceed Arumugham: we had CASH in hand  we thought it would be for PDC (If cash is there that could have been utilized for Bootcamp without investing your own money and note that previously they had said that 1 L + would be the requirement for PDC , the money spent for Bootcamp was 1.02 L as shown in the report provided)  but when we had no cash comin fromEXCEL  if u want u can ask balaji12:20 AM he was tellin us he would give before bootcamp  then when we dint get cash  we had to spent the remaining and also we had to invest our's  now tell me if we would have asked u the cash  and explained the situation12:21 AM do u think u ll understand  tat ђάяịήị: v wudn ve opted fa a BC!! me: yupp Arumugham: madam Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: yeah........ Arumugham: guys  now tell me  BC  had nothin done  for u tilll date12:22 AM tell me abt the last two BC Abhishek: didnt the bootcamps help you? Arumugham: tat was the only reason for the successs Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: fine with last two BC...  y so much expenditure.. wen its tight????????  ! Arumugham: dont u think??/  now tell me  wat is tight?? me: the same planning cud hav been done in a group chat or by conference call Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: fine.. necessity fr t-shirts, costly gifts?? me: in case of alternative ђάяịήị: dey helped....v cud ve atleas gone fa somthin considerin de cost :)12:23 AM Arumugham: dude Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: tats wat i m sayin frm beginnin! shiva has left Arumugham: u mean to say me: n yupp we din require or asku costly gifts  v jus cam to plan Arumugham: tat meant nothin for u?? me: in bootcamp ђάяịήị: c....nw v are spkin so much...y dint yu ppl do dis b4 takin decisions>? Arumugham: touch ur heart Abhishek: wait one second guys me: it means or do not is apart from this Abhishek: lets just assume that things were perfect12:24 AM would you even ask us these questions? me: it is not related to planning Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: things wrnt perfect b4 BC tat created the issue now  .. ђάяịήị: so y cant v avoid things goin worser>?? me: my prev reply is fa it is fa 6face ђάяịήị: s t wrong?? Arumugham: now tell me Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: see if u cud hav explained the prb to us b4 bc.. we cud hav done smetin abt it..  !!!12:25 AM Arumugham: yeah ђάяịήị: v are always not kids :)  Abhishek: ok one question  if you are so enthusiastic of solving questions  problems*  sorry Arumugham: we never knew tat helping would lead in suxh a prob Abhishek: why didnt you have this enthusiasm to reach DSY targets?12:26 AM if you could do something about something(Is that meaning that we guys never worked at all and keep the Leads questioning ?) ђάяịήị: hw do yu say v neva had?? me: yeah how can u say that ? Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: abhi.. nw u touch ur heart and say.. who din wrk fr DSY (ppl here) Abhishek: im NOT saying that you didnt work Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: !!! me: +1 at suresh Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: every body in this chat did! Abhishek: guys please understand my question Arumugham: he meant the UG Abhishek: UNDERSTAND MY QUESTION  i didnt ask "why didnt you all work for DSY"12:27 AM Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: i tried in makin atleast a couple of ppl to wrk..no use!! Abhishek: i said "why didnt you all do something about reaching the targets"  well you could have spoken to the non performing MSPs Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: tats y i gave idea to inv only active ppl to BC and to cut off others from CBEUG Arumugham: yeah ђάяịήị: i gotta question! y dint yu organize any event Abhishek: and made them conduct dsy ђάяịήị: ???? Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: i did  ! ђάяịήị: bein leads???? Abhishek: lol Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: i did speak..  cme on..12:28 AM Abhishek: who did the behind the scenes work madam?  who came to all the seminars madam?  who organized bootcamps madam? ђάяịήị: even v wer der... me: yeahh obviously Abhishek: if you want tangibles  we went to mangalore for the DSY12:29 AM ђάяịήị: even v went ter kancheepuram!! :P Abhishek: but WE got the appointment  :)  so relax  now isnt this kiddie arguement  ?  come on  we need a solution  not loads of questions ђάяịήị: de point is ...tz everybudy's mistake... Arumugham: can u recollect wat was the motive of BC212:30 AM Abhishek: it may be super cool to be rebellious ђάяịήị: yu cannot blame us... Abhishek: but you are the one losing out  same thing  you cannot blame us too ђάяịήị: really yes! Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: ufffff12:31 AM Arumugham: and one more thinh ђάяịήị: yu guys very wel knoe,,i bunked two days f ma class ter finalise,,,,snt dat somthin nt suitin,,??, Arumugham: madam  we were in final year ђάяịήị: NM,pollachi... Arumugham: wat do say abt tat  ??12:32 AM Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: y no reply fr : a very luxurious BC at a tight time??? Abhishek: i got suspended from college :)  dude  we gave the reply already  scroll up and read ђάяịήị: i tried til de end....hw can yu stil say v wernt ensthusiastic?? Abhishek: we didnt say that!!!!!  aaaargh!!1  oh my god!12:33 AM sigh.. Arumugham: aren't u gettin it  ??  he meant the UG12:34 AM now u mean to say the case study of DY  was all shit Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: i cant fig out an apt reply.. watever! Arumugham: @suresh:  we had cash in hand  thought it would be enough for bootcamp12:35 AM and the money tat we get MS  will be helpful  butr  but  but Abhishek: along with the excel cash  Arumugham: MS and EXCEL(Here again the cash from MS and Excel (63k + 40k) along with cash invested by Abhi , 6face , Sathya (10k + 10k+ 10k) but the bootcamp expenditure was 1.02 L as shown in the report provided) ђάяịήị: fyn...al f us ve done so much...nd y dint yu ppl consider us n anythin??t cud ve been transparennt... Arumugham: gave up at the last minute Abhishek: now wait  if we were transparent with everyone  you would again have a problem Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: fine..12:36 AM Abhishek: i contributed more than him  /her Arumugham: @sathya: i think its clear Abhishek: thats why we had the final registration ђάяịήị: but yu prefer dis ?? Abhishek: so that ONLY you ppl get it MobileKing: @6face yup Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: ....assumptions!!! Abhishek: because we "thought" that you would understand us better Arumugham: yup12:37 AM Abhishek: than the non performing msps ђάяịήị: hmmm true... :)  Abhishek: cuz the third persons perspective will look absurd man  and i wouldnt blame assumptions me: one question : if we are planning to hav a seperate UG "mutually" ... wud u support us ??? lik u said in first bootcamp ? with all same plans going on Arumugham: tats wat we said12:38 AM cant u get it??  the CBEUG - ERODE CHAPTER?? me: i dont get it ... Arumugham: remembers??? Abhishek: obviously yes man Arumugham: do u remember wat we said??? Abhishek: remember that was the plan in the bootcamp me: but y do u need it to work as a local body ? Abhishek: we wanted you ppl to be separate Arumugham: dude Abhishek: thats what even kennedy stated(This is again Taking control and maintaining it as a Local Body)12:39 AM Arumugham: cant u guys remember??? Abhishek: but unfortunately  you did this  remember the weird term keneddy gave?  ECBEUG  SCEBUG  forgot? Arumugham: dint we mention12:40 AM see to be frank  tell me  any UG tat is functioning  properly  ??  all because  no structur  so we wanted to built a proper strucuture Abhishek: we tried guys to make the EB function Arumugham: before we leave Abhishek: we had so many EB meets12:41 AM but still  we cant force ppl to work Arumugham: dont u think y we had planned separate me: atleast u cud hav mailed a MOM to us for each meet Arumugham: recruitment  dude  u mean to say  tat we are being job less12:42 AM and doin all stuffs for fun Abhishek: if we had a normal meeting? yes minutes would be mailed to you  but this is an EB meet Arumugham: and my dear friend its "EB"  meet12:43 AM @harini: when a chief guest arrives, wat are we supposed to do.. I hope u also understand tat our other motive of CBEUG is YUVA and LEADCAP  u mean to say  tat they are of no importance  ??12:44 AM now tell me WDC??  do u think we had suggested  just for fun  and making money  remember i told u even on womens day  y are u not gettin it12:45 AM tats wat is pissing me ђάяịήị: i dont mean so!! really not,,,,tz all bout women empowerment :)  i knoe,,,,listen 1 sec Arumugham: oh so mean to say tat was for money??? ђάяịήị: i wus very clear wid my transactions,,,,snt t?? Arumugham: tats wat we had worked for12:46 AM yeah  go on ђάяịήị: dont i hav de right 2 knoe bout de 12k expenditure?? Arumugham: c tats wat i m tellin  u  its UF  UG12:47 AM not individual contribution  now dont u think(Why shouldn’t a individual know the expenditure of the contributed money , what does it mean when UG contribution ? It means it has to be shown to the UG or else individual … nobody can let it go without knowing it ! ) ђάяịήị: i askd abhi wen i spk...i wus straight wid my things i asked him wat wus dat money for Arumugham: which one?? ђάяịήị: y cant dat transparency be der?? Abhishek: ?12:48 AM where there wasnt transparency? ђάяịήị: everythin.... reports shud ve been done b4...  mailed ter every1 Abhishek: reports were ready  we wanted to mail them on 30th12:49 AM after the filtration is done  i guess i said that 6 times  lol ђάяịήị: fyn leav dat...yu neva considered us n any situation.... Arumugham: to all msps who has CBEUG spirit  for wat?? Abhishek: aw come on you cant say that! ђάяịήị: s a word of opinion wrong? Arumugham: u mean to say tat12:50 AM ђάяịήị: yu cud ve explained bout de BC situation.... Arumugham: see u are not gettin  ask sathya  sathya u there??  tell me when u confirmed the event  ??12:51 AM MobileKing: BC was not a situation of caiuse to be mentioned... it was clearly mentioned in the chats earlier... Arumugham: yeah  c harini ђάяịήị: yeah,,,, MobileKing: It was a cash rotation that happened.. and does not have any effect on the monetary funds of CBEUG !  Arumugham: now dont u think u are being kiddisgh MobileKing: i hope thats clear... me: i juz want to ask one thing .. ar u justifying from first to last ???! Arumugham: wat???  i couldn't get u??12:52 AM MobileKing: @gopee: title it !  ђάяịήị: so yu call me kiddish fa asking my ri8s 6face?12:53 AM Abhishek: @harini: he didnt mean that Arumugham: @harini: Abhishek: please understand Arumugham: are u still not gettin it Abhishek: we are explaining something very simple Arumugham: i said abt the cash rotation of BC ђάяịήị: i got t... Arumugham: c again u are not gettin it??  wat do u mean by tat??12:54 AM ђάяịήị: but stil unless satya said he invested frm his pocket none f us knew de scenario!!  n de BC!! me: n if me n venkat din ask him tat day ... v neva known that12:55 AM Arumugham: @gopi; u said we had no motivated u in the UG.then how do u think we are not bothered abt PETA  and made u the lead  ?? Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: pnt fr investin wen u hav "enuf cash" at hand fr BC???!!! Arumugham: @gopi again: we dint MobileKing: guys... we 3 put the cash for rotation alone... please understand... it does not affect the CBEUG cash   or our pocket ! 12:56 AM Arumugham: we are just expecting the cash from ms  and we dint want to spoil the mood of the event me: i neva said u neva motivated me ... Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: but 6face said.. u had money fr BC...and u expected cash fr PDC  ! Arumugham: tats wat i m tellin (Again my question then why you invested ? and money as said previously reserved for PDC was 1 L +) Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: so finally,, there was cash insufficiency for BC and PDC also????????????????? Arumugham: the money tat we reserved for PDC was spent for BC  GOT IT?? MobileKing: yes....i say the same now... we still expect the cash from excel n MSFT :P lolzz12:57 AM Abhishek: AND Dreamspark Reprise Arumugham: yeah  we talk abt go green Abhishek: guys you are so worried about cash spent on BC Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: so y investin ur money fr BC if u spent the one reserverd fr PDS?? Abhishek: why dont you be worried about cash GETTING WASTED???  still we have 5000 certificates  5000 notepads  5000 pens shiva has joined Abhishek: etc12:58 AM Arumugham: and tell me  DY  was huge  did we invest money? Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: god!! Arumugham: still it worked?  dint it  ??  y dont u think ђάяịήị: @all :jus 2 mins...listen.... Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: ...12:59 AM Abhishek: yaes? Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: go on Arumugham: go on Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: harini? ђάяịήị: * de reason s transparency lack evrybody agrees wid dis point Arumugham: yeah  its true  so??1:00 AM now i have got a very big question Abhishek: its for a reason Arumugham: if u answer this  i accept  wat u said is true ђάяịήị: fyn,,,,let us think f a solution next than justifyin as Gopee said!!1:01 AM Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart: no use of discussin prb over and over Arumugham: U have a org running for a noble cause for three years1:02 AM and at the end when all the members  think they had not done anything  but just intended for money  *nothin Suresh_MicrosoftStudPart has left1:03 AM Arumugham: and u had to manage money and made sure that they are motivated to be a part  of the UG  and continue  wat would u do???  imagine if i had given u the prizes  with cash  will u feel like motivated??1:04 AM me: nobody demanded prizes ?!!! Arumugham: *price tag ђάяịήị: money s nt everythin... Arumugham: c u meant  c i mean ђάяịήị: did v ask fa money nw? Arumugham: prize with cash taf  tag?  see all we did is to make sure u are recognized1:05 AM for all u had done ђάяịήị: v do understand dat a lot Arumugham: which will help u to me: i mean nobody demanded prize / money Arumugham: think the next level ђάяịήị: but wer s de solution for de prob nw? Arumugham: we had a trust on u  people  but we never knew1:06 AM u had not this in  mind for us  do u still believe tat we had done for cash??  nw tell me ђάяịήị: nobody meant dat!! Arumugham: oh come on1:07 AM tats wat u guys are trying to say Abhishek: 9> Using Not-For-Profit in terms to mask the user group from being identified as User Group for Profit  10> User Group money is being utilized without knowledge of the MSPs Arumugham: wat was tat?? Abhishek: 2> All the money being generated is being wasted in terms of different means . ђάяịήị: everythin cums BC,transparency again :) Arumugham: wat do u mean by tat1:08 AM Abhishek: guys relax  lets not deal with this with anger  @ venkat: you there? ђάяịήị: des er de two reasons xactly Abhishek: @ venkat: I would like to have a separate chat with you, MobileKing: Guys... Good Morning... i'm signing off... please do not mistake me... i'm totally blanked out :D 1:09 AM log me a chat abhi !   bybye !  Abhishek: lol MobileKing has left Abhishek: sure sleep well venkat has left ђάяịήị: gnite man!! Arumugham: @harini: u mean to say  u just have one misunderstanding  and u mail like this??1:10 AM c haven't ever bothered abt u? ђάяịήị: c... Abhishek: guys can we just calm down for a while Arumugham: guys Abhishek: please  let me speak here ђάяịήị: 2> All the money being generated is being wasted in terms of different means . Abhishek: please? me: we don hav to split up bt can hav seperate UGs ... both of UG members can help each other ... ђάяịήị: okie... Abhishek: alright fine me: thas all the prob is solved ...1:11 AM nobody is moving from cbeug ђάяịήị: @abhi : proceed Abhishek: yeah  thanks me: n nobody is getting into eug  but the name remains .. Abhishek: im spekaing  please  yeah  thanks  so to begin with this entire misunderstanding is mainly because of doubt  i understand  doubt should be cleared1:12 AM but there is a way of clearing it  you could have personally asked us  we would have definitely explained to you  because CBEUG was our dream, it was never a money making machine  so this arguement1:13 AM is mainly because of ego and frustration(If you had read the chat till this clearly , at this point you will clearly understand my intentions that I had no motive as such mentioned in the mail by the Leads )Mail sent to all UG members by the leads :Greetings UserGroup,It is highly disappointing to see that certain MSPs have teamed up and started bad mouthing about the presidents about various issues and started creating negative vibrations in the User Group. The absurd complaints is indeed shocking. It is a complete disappointment that the aim of the usergroup is shattered in such a short period of time due to the misbehavior of these MSPs by making improper use of the forum. No previous attempts were made to discuss on these issues even though the opportunity to do so was provided from the beginning. It just started by bad-mouthing about the presidents to other MSPs and then placing blatant complaints. In spite of informing them about the meeting, they have been responding in an egoistic and immature manner hence spoiling the spirit of the Usergroup. In the previous online discussion, we have already mentioned that we would be meeting up and have a discussion over this issue in person. Well people need to understand that the UG that was created by us, no doubt in it and we would work only towards the development of it. No one has the right to shatter our dream. The only intention of these people is to form a new Usergroup and they are blindly blaming us for all that had happened, in spite of explaining them the actual situation. They need to understand that the report that has been generated is 100% true and no one can presume things on their own. Its easy to spoil the reputation by doing hasty rebellious activities.We have tentatively planned for a meeting on the 30th of this month (Venue is still not confirmed). We would want ALL the people involved in this discussion (and all people who would need clarification) to take part in that meeting irrespective of whether the individual has college or not because this is highly radioactive.Thanks for reading, PS: Even if you have any personal comments or queries directed towards the leads, please mail us. (cbemsp@live.com)(Actually this mail shows that , Leads don’t take this as a healthy situation about getting Opinion / Views and indeed such comments for the thread initiated , were posted by a fellow MSP not by any of the members involved in the discussion here and By this mail Leads are trying to label the questioning of the MSPs as Misbehavior and poll doesn’t have any such intention.Even the reputation was spoiled by themselves by setting their status in that way.) me: n sorry for disconnecting the phone call ... when it wus really getting bigger in a public place when me n venkat were there .... i cudn afford fighting there Abhishek: hmm its ok me: i wus in ma frnds home at that time Abhishek: we never wanted this to happen at all me: ppl were looking at us .. Abhishek: the damage is done Arumugham: @all: Haven't we ever had a conversation before1:14 AM venkat has joined Abhishek: one sec  i understand there has been certain doubtful situations which make it look like that  but then it isnt Arumugham: do u remember the erode meet tat we had.reg: Project invasion. we asked individual feedback1:15 AM Abhishek: lets not make it a big problem  after all in a usergroup this is very common  next time if you have any problems, please TELL us  it really feels bad when you approach us this manner1:16 AM venkat has left Abhishek: i might sound funny  but then we got emotions too Arumugham: u can talk to either of us Abhishek: when we get blamed for something we didnt do it hurts  simple example: if i say that you didnt do shit to the UG to any one of you me: we cudn afford humiliating in a group chat ... n found that it wus no use ... Abhishek: how would you feel?1:17 AM and did we humiliate you guys  if we had to humiliate you would we play truth or dare with you? me: it wus in tat situation without proper explanation Arumugham: dude tell me who was humiliated? it was us Abhishek: arey we feel humiliated now man ђάяịήị: really not... me: i told it wus in tat situation without proper explanation1:18 AM Abhishek: maybe but then you need to understand right?  so now lets not think too much of this Arumugham: @harini: tell me how?? me: it wus "forget the past tense" i mentioned it to reply u ђάяịήị: we neva humiliated yu both...1:19 AM de reason v asked fa report s not de way yu call doubting... me: it wus juz claiming a basic ri8 Arumugham: in the same way?? how did we humiliated u people ђάяịήị: oly afta hearin frm sathya's investment Arumugham: ??1:20 AM me: if this issue had happenned after recruitment .... other ug ppl would b laughing on us .. (1) Arumugham: yeah  true  we never knew tat  investing1:21 AM wud end up such a big prob ђάяịήị: v stil ve trust ova yu ppl!! den f v dint ve trust al des taks are waste...1:22 AM me: ny possibility of consulting with a auditor n getting a bank account ? (2)(I don’t want to prove myself as anything here , but atleast (1) and (2) should have shown the concern that I have really got for CBEUG) ђάяịήị: nd really sorry bros!! f v ve made t lik humiliating yu both!! Arumugham: see tats wat i mtellin  we did consult an auditor  and he said  tat its hard  to register an org  see check out the rules1:23 AM Abhishek: we saw so many chartered accountants also Arumugham: the prob ђάяịήị: yeah...even my dad said al des ll b nto prob coz tz done by students!! everythin s to be considered Arumugham: there cannot be many stake holders  together  cos there will be prob  one more thing  is  as it is an NGO1:24 AM there has to be someone me: then a joint account is to be made n ppl shud b appointed to account everything from pin to etc etc Arumugham: who should take care of it me: in name of the incharge Arumugham: see  for joint account  u need the company to be registeres  and more than tat  we are supposed to have a permanent address and1:25 AM seal  which was not there?? me: no i mean we can open a joint account in the incharge person's name Arumugham: c Abhishek: guys  one sec  the time is 1:25  !!!! Arumugham: wat if we are gone? me: "if not now then when ?" Arumugham: then who will manage the account1:26 AM then we need to create another every  time a new guys come  c  u also know tat  our UG ђάяịήị: vll ve a 3 or 4 takin care f accounts Arumugham: is a new and fast growing me: one who gets elected on voting basis ... n has more time to stay as a MSP Arumugham: wat if u all are gone??  see when it comes1:27 AM to UG  u need to think in long terms  basis  tell me y all UG failed  cos tats the reason ђάяịήị: hmmm...but v shud b perfect wid our term ryt??>> Arumugham: they dint think in terms  of long term  yeah1:28 AM tats wat i m trying to say ђάяịήị: i meant our period n de UG shud b perfect  coz future s unpredictable Arumugham: yeah  tats wat we are trying to say  the prob is we thought it in long term1:29 AM and forgot the present consequences  for ur info  ask  chennai IG  UG  thy have their money managed by only the presi  ask them1:30 AM cos they had the trust ђάяịήị: hmmm but dey don plan lik us...spend lik us :) Arumugham: which i think it was missin here  they do more than us  u know  they spent all  money  for meetin1:31 AM i hope u know tat  ask them ђάяịήị: hmmm.... Arumugham: c u need to understand  tat we are growing ђάяịήị: yeah obviously Arumugham: at a stretch there cant be perfection1:32 AM c ђάяịήị: hmmm even dats true....i agree!! Arumugham: tell me wat if we had disclosed  all the money  and it happens like  Jyothi  ??  i know u people won  wont1:33 AM but wat abt the other non performin and non CBEUG  spririted  guys  wat if they come to know  dont u think they ll stay ђάяịήị: yu cannot pull dem forcefully Arumugham: just for the oney  money1:34 AM tats we had planned me: k now to the damage control mode : what should i mail to everyone ? Arumugham: for people who are not intersted me: about the announcement of EUG ... decisions taken  then what else ??? Arumugham: see i m not gettin  it me: send me a mail .. i will mail to all that i sent1:35 AM Arumugham: now u mean to say tat  it was a fault??  and c me: i neva did Arumugham: if things go on in same intension  it wont work??  i m sure1:36 AM it has to be cleat  well for gods sake  next  time  any prob  of misunderstanding  shoot ouy  out1:37 AM dont hesitate  tats wat we have been tellin  u since day 1  give us feedback  can u tell me any incident  where we had never  accepted it  take the Dreamspark yatra  it was all ur plan  was anythin added1:38 AM accept the cost me: fine fine ... Arumugham: factor ђάяịήị: hey! Arumugham: cos me: now how eug will function ?  its all upto ? Arumugham: i have no clue Abhishek: wait. Arumugham: its all ur decision again Abhishek: we shall discuss this  in person  its best Arumugham: one more question1:39 AM do all the people in the mail  mentioned  know abt this  cos  i was shocked when ramkrsh and balaji  were there  i asked  them me: yuppp ... i spoke to all ... but balaji has no internet connect  so he din read the mail Arumugham: but me: ram knows it Arumugham: they dint respond  tats y1:40 AM me: i hav spoken to everyone mentioned over there  i have left some names Arumugham: but they said ђάяịήị: yeah ram wanted to tell yu evrybudy onething Arumugham: they had no clue? me: but i hav spoke to everyone Arumugham: wat was tat?? me: i hav left out krish name ... since v got his line only aft mail  n suresh too1:41 AM kennedy outstation ... Abhishek: so basically what you have done is trying to boycott  nice  :) ђάяịήị: he wanted ter convey his msg ...which wus no decisions n a hurry burry...nd he dint wanna ruin CBEUG!! me: yeahh obviously ... Arumugham: tats wat i m tellin1:42 AM is this coll Abhishek: a.k.a humiliating CBEUG Arumugham: the whole intention Abhishek: anywyas  lets meet up  its getting late Arumugham: is there anyrhin els1:43 AM me: complete the report with everything ... not dsy alone ђάяịήị: yep...nd sorry bros...t really pricks coz yu ppl meant t as v doubted!! me: n mail everyone  i mean performing Arumugham: and gopi.. u still WANT the ID card as there is CBEUG in it me: msps as u meant Arumugham: we ll mail  after 30th  as we promises me: one more thing ....1:44 AM ђάяịήị: hmmm! Arumugham: yeah  ?? me: how to organize evnts for EUG without money ?1:45 AM n when to mail stud part Arumugham: i m not gettin it? me: abt EUG Abhishek: @gopi:  relax man  dont be too hasty  because from what i can see its just a bunch of excuses to start up your own UG( Anyone can from this 4 hour chat easily determine that , I always question till I get the answer and that’s what I did , but it was misunderstood to be as bunch of excuses so regardless of all these chat the only thing which UG Lead has understood is this .)  which might be cool1:46 AM but i dont want such blatant remarks which you just made  so lets sort that out  and then we decide about the UG split up Arumugham: we have other members  as well  let us discuss  and split up Abhishek: so lets have a meetup  and then if necessary  split up Arumugham: yeah1:47 AM again everybodies view matter Abhishek: i would have appreciated if your approach was better  but unfortunately  :)  so anyways guys Arumugham: yeah Abhishek: goodnight Arumugham: any more doubts  abhi u leave Abhishek: thanks for the lesson :) ђάяịήị: nuthin ! me: the mail ?(This can clearly remark in your mind that , I have no intention of spoiling the reputation and I don’t have intention to make up for the mail .But just to ensure that the reputation is not spoiled ) ђάяịήị: gni81:48 AM Abhishek: we shall see to it tomorrow morning Arumugham: the mail  after meeting  as said above  if any personal prob  mail us me: fine ђάяịήị has left Arumugham: if prob with abhi mail me  or with me  mail abhi  is tat cool1:49 AM me: i don really hav personal probs :P he he he ... Arumugham: lol ђάяịήị has joined Arumugham: same here  yeah harini i was tellin  any prob with me mail abhi  with abhi mail me me: im fan f u guys still ... even if i fi8 with u  in one way Arumugham: its all gud  we are also happy Abhishek: yeah1:50 AM its all for the good  a good lesson for us Arumugham: healthy discussion is always good Abhishek: wish we had a healthy discussion in the first ђάяịήị: even v learnt lots!! Abhishek: haste makes waste :P) Arumugham: i think CBEUG  has a bright future Abhishek: ;) me: :)1:51 AM Abhishek: goodnight guys Arumugham: yeah Abhishek: we shall meet up soon me: <3 Arumugham: so CBEUG ђάяịήị: gudni8!! Arumugham: goes public me: bb Arumugham: from 30th  no turning back ђάяịήị: bb... :) nice ter hear!! Arumugham: cya ђάяịήị: sure yu guys rock :)1:52 AM Abhishek has left Arumugham: if we have hurt u unknowingly  sorry for tat  :d  :D  it was out of emotion me: +1 @6face Arumugham: wrong on our part me: @abhi  @sathya Arumugham: k  gud n* ђάяịήị: @both : sorry !! Arumugham: n81:53 AM keep in touch ђάяịήị: gni8 Arumugham: any prob  report me: shiva is still silent  frm he joined  :P  kik Arumugham: dont switch off Mob me: lol ђάяịήị: huh?? me: i turned it on when i reached home Arumugham: tat fellow has slept1:54 AM does he even know wat is happening??  lol  :D ђάяịήị: neyways no misunderstandings again!! me: when venkat wus speaking everybody wus looking at me n him ... atleast 5 to 6 people Arumugham: sure  lol  :D ђάяịήị: happie tym fa CBEUG!! Arumugham: same here me: n it wus a housing unit area1:55 AM Arumugham: when i read the mail me: if we had been lik tat for a while we would hav been kicked out  being nuisance Arumugham: i heard from abhi  i was shocked  and i was not able to frive  *drive1:56 AM k chuck it me: nythin els ? Arumugham: gud n8 me: gni8<br />End of Chat<br /><ul><li>Report comparision of figures generated for Microsoft and CBEUGians
  12. 12. As per Sources from the LEADs</li></ul>According to sources from CBEUG website (in Microsoft Point of view) :<br />Hindustan CollegeCoimbatore15 Feb 2010295SASTRA UniversityThanjavur21 Feb 2010380Tamilnadu College of EngineeringCoimbatore23 Feb 20101320Excel CollegeNammakal27 Feb 2010630Muthayamal Engineering CollegeRasipuram3 Mar 2010550Vellalar College of Engineering and TechnologyErode7 Mar 20102488Coimbatore Institue of Engineering and TechnologyCoimbatore13 Mar 2010375Bannariamman Institute TechnologySathyamanglam17 Mar 2010800Arunai Engineering collegeTiruvanamali26 March 2010250NMAM Institute of TechnologyNitte5 April 2010900SCSVMV UniversityKanchipuram6 April 2010250<br />Upcoming Events: <br />Name of the CollegeCityDateExpected AttendeesMCETPollachi10 April 2010700+Mahendra Engineering CollegeErode12 April 2010250+<br />(I can accept that most of the figures generated here has been to show higher amount of audience count and get higher reimbursement .However, Incase of VCET and BIT the sources mentioned to the CBEUGians itself is higher and not the exact count)<br />Thanks and regards ,<br />Gopinathan.Rm<br />