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Dreamspark yatra updates

  1. 1. Hi Folks, I’m glad that all the efforts that we all had put in the Sprint, FBC '10 are actually working. Microsoft Dreamspark yatra(DY) in CBEUG is now a great success. We have reached 6500+ approx. and by next week another 1000+ will be added. We CBEUG till date have covered more than 16000+ and by the end of DY, we will surely reach 20000+. So kudos to all of you. This wouldn't have happened without you guys. Thanks to all!! These are the various venues where we have conducted event Hindustan 15 th Feb Coimbatore 295 Shastra 17th Feb Tanjore 380 Tamilnadu 23rd Feb Coimbatore 1320 Excel 27th Feb Nammakal 630 Muthayammal 3rd March Rasipuram 550 Vellalar 7th March Erode 2500 CIET 13th March Coimbatore 375 Bannari 17th March Sathyamangalam 800 But unfortunately after this, no events have been booked or confirmed yet :( . We are just 3500 away from our goal and now there seems no movement. Now we are left with just 4 weeks. We haven't conducted events even in CBEUG territory i.e Trichy, Karur and Salem.So MSPs in this region please organize an event ASAP. If it is hard in your college, figure out an event in a common venue or some other college. Hurry up and guys who have not organized start working on it.
  2. 2. Project Invasion: As you all know Dreamspark yatra is all about conducting events in different cities. So far we have conducted 8 events but have covered only 5 cities. For CBEUG being the cream of the cake of DY, we have planned to cover more cities. As you can see above, there are many cities in Tamilnadu without any UG activities. I hope you also know that there has been no DY in Kerala as well. So any of you guys have contact of colleges/student in any of the "NO UG ACTIVITY" territory or any college in Kerala, contact them immediately and confirm for a session. Explain them about the Dreamspark yatra and the advantages of it. DREAMSPARK YATRA UPDATES In order to motivate the MSPs and also ensure that all MSPs share equal credit for the success of DREAMSPARK YATRA, we have enforced four temporary rules for the MSPs till the end of Dreamspark Yatra. Rules: 1. Each MSP should Organize at least one event (2 or more can also join and conduct) 2. Each MSP should conduct at least one session /Event (or) PIT STOP 3. Even if any one of the above two rules are not accomplished, we would put you under "Show- Cause". A "Show-Cause” is a temporary warning period given to an MSP so that he/she can reach the desired target. If not reached, they would be reported to Microsoft for showing disinterest in the Usergroup Activities. To put it in simple terms, you would be put back into your probation period. 4. If any of the organizers opens a thread for booking speakers, please don't blindly book your session. Think twice, ensure that you have no other commitments and then go for it. It creates a lot of confusion and problem for the organizer, as he/she has to confirm with the agenda.
  3. 3. Reason: It is very obvious that you have to take a session. If you think that the MSP program is just an eye- candy in your resume, if 'why should I follow these? ‘or 'I can't follow these' arises, then better resign from the MSP program and CBEUG as well. We believe that as an MSP it is very important that you not only improve your technical and presentation skills but also your Organizing and Leadership skills. Ranking List for DY The MSPs have been listed based on their participation in DY. This is the rank list based on the activities in DY till date. After every event this ranking list will be updated. The rank lists have been attached, please refer them. Hereafter every DY, the ranking will be updated. Rewards: The topper in the Ranking of DREAMSPARK YATRA will be awarded exciting prizes which you can never imagine (for god’s sake please don’t start imagining XBOX and Win Mo). "Show-Cause" List This is the list of students who are under "Show-Cause" list. It is very disappointing that 10 MSPs are in this phase. Now it is the responsibility of the following MSPs to read the DY rules and regulation carefully and work accordingly. Krsna Jayalaxmi Ravichandran Siva Sangari Rajaram Sindhu Gowtham Sreedhar Bharath Swaminathan ‘* ' denotes that "points are subjected to change as conformation of event have been done".
  4. 4. SERIOUS ISSUES w.r.t DREAMSPARK YATRA Now into even more serious and real facts. Please make sure you read them carefully So far in DY we have conducted 8 events with approximately 6500 students. It might seem that we are going in a right track a. Achieving our targets b. Branding CBEUG and yourself c. Increasing reputation But the fact is, it is not happening. Though we are achieving the targets, the other two are showing a negative graph. The reputation has increased just 30%, which actually should be the reverse i.e. 70%. Well with the DY feedbacks from students, staffs, Well-wishers and also from our fellow MSPs we could make out that there are very serious problem which may spoil our reputation even more. They are a. No quality in the MSPs  Sessions are taken as if it is a paper that is presented in the college. No dynamicity in presenting. Interaction with the audience is poor. b. No professionalism  Do not give away your business cards to everyone who requests for it. Give it only to selected few who you think you can help. Give away your email IDs rather than your phone numbers.  Do not involve your personal work with Microsoft Student Partner Program.  Maintain a dignified attitude towards the audience. Even if your best friend is present in a session, you cannot interact with him casually until you cease to follow the role of an MSP for that session.  Very poor dress code. c. No technical session  Start taking more technical sessions which in turn means that you need to be more technically strong and not just taking sessions on the Basic Technologies like Deepzoom, Photosynth, etc d. Pathetic time management  Sessions are not pulled off on time.  No time consciousness among MSPs. e. Poor Communication skills  Incapability of few MSPs to deliver proper sessions.  Colloquial language used in the auditorium. f. Poor Presentation skills  Last minute preparation and poor understanding of the ppt itself.  For implementing "Last Minute prepared Slides", you need practice and you can't do it just like that without experience. You are just making a fool out of yourself upon doing this
  5. 5. These are the very serious issues that are to be considered. In order to solve these, I and Abhishek have decided and framed certain strict rules and regulation which are to be followed here after. Rules and Regulations 1. First keep yourself active in the CBEUG WLG forum and update yourself. 2. Read the instructions completely when given and follow them strictly. 3. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, DO NOT SPEAK ILL ABOUT THE ORGANIZATION TO ANYONE. 4. What happens in the CBEUG stays with CBEUG (Be it bootcamp, review, sessions etc). 5. Do not give haphazard or false information to anyone. 6. Do take the print outs of the documents with you when you are approaching an official. 7. I hope you remember the 7th slide of CBEUG ppt at the bootcamp ."English is the sole language of CBEUG". It is very important that you follow them. It is mandatory that every CBEUGian should speak only in English in all the Conferences and with your fellow MSP even if it is a telephonic conversation. 8. You, being an MSP, should portray yourself as an esteemed individual. You should inspire the audience, not make a mock out of yourself. So make sure that you present yourself properly with good body language and dress code. From now on CBEUG will follow a dress code. All MSPs wherever you are invited for a session, wear the following (This is to be followed by both the genders) a. Plain Single Colored Shirt / Microsoft T-Shirt b. Plain Jeans/Formal Pants c. Blazer d. Fully covered shoes 9. We have now implemented a Talent Management System in which each and every one of you would be monitored keenly. This is mainly because we need to maintain the quality of the events and not just the quantity or portal-points obtained. 10. Those of you who have low communication points, start improving yourselves in the PitStop Events. Once you obtain a good feedback, you can start taking sessions.
  6. 6. TALENT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM REPORT MSPs Technical Skills Communication skills Presentation skills Animesh **** **** **** Ramkrishnan **** ** **** Venkat *** ** *** Gopi ** ** *** Suresh * **** **** Jibin * **** **** Kennedy * **** **** Induja * **** *** Harini * **** ** Sathyanarayanan * *** *** Shiva * ** ** Arvind * * ** Ajay * * ** ***** Perfect, no issues **** Good, can do better *** Tolerable, need improvement ** Bad, need to improve a lot * Poor, Start focusing a lot on this.
  7. 7. The following MSPs have not taken any sessions yet in DY. Only after their review, the points will be updated. MSPs Technical Skills Communication skills Presentation skills Varma ? *** ? Kusumakar ? **** ? Krish ? **** ? Suresh ? **** ? Krishna ? **** ? Jayalaxmi ? **** ? Ravichandran ? **** ? Raja Ram ? **** ? Sidharth ? *** ? Vinodini ? ** ? Siva Sangari ? ** ? Gowtham ? ** ? Bharath ? ** ? Rajesh ? * ? Silambarasan ? * ? Balaji ? * ? Saarang ? * ? Sreedar ? * ? Sindhu ? ? ? Please note that these reports are of very serious concern. Strict actions will be taken on violation of the rules and regulation mentioned above. You also need to understand that these are done for your own growth. We will be mailing report of Individual MSPs along with the ranking list and Talent Management report to Microsoft Academic team after Dreamspark yatra. I hope you remember that now there are more than 600 MSPs across India and they won’t mind chucking non performing MSPs. So start working accordingly and I hope you all become more serious.