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Ehealth systemedge-product-brief-us

  1. 1. TECHNICAL OVERVIEW: CA eHEALTH SYSTEMEDGE r4.3 CA eHealth® SystemEDGE™ r4.3 CA eHEALTH® SYSTEMEDGE™ HELPS YOU DETECT PERFORMANCE ISSUES BEFORE THEY IMPACT YOUR USERS. THIS SOFTWARE AGENT PROVIDES LIGHTWEIGHT, AUTOMATED PERFORMANCE MONITORING ACROSS MULTIVENDOR AND MULTIPLATFORM ENVIRONMENTS TO HELP REDUCE YOUR MANAGEMENT OVERHEAD AND COSTS. IT DELIVERS SCALABLE MONITORING BY EXCEPTION AND CORRECTIVE ACTION CAPABILITIES THAT ALLOW YOU TO CORRECT PROBLEMS BEFORE THEY IMPACT SYSTEM AVAILABILITY. Overview Benefits The CA Advantage Your business relies on the CA eHealth SystemEDGE CA eHealth SystemEDGE is performance of its underlying maximizes the productivity integrated with third-party IT systems. Even a brief and efficiency of your IT and CA Infrastructure outage can cause large losses resources and delivers real- Management Solutions. It in revenue and in the trust time fault and performance supports CAs Enterprise IT and confidence from your monitoring of business-critical Management (EITM) vision, a customers, partners and systems. While maintaining service-oriented architecture shareholders. a small footprint and low that helps you Unify and resource requirements, it has Simplify™ your entire IT CA eHealth SystemEDGE is the flexibility to monitor environment — by providing a a lightweight software agent customized, user-defined cost-effective solution that for automated, SNMP-based system metrics so you can gives you the ability to ensure monitoring of systems and watch over existing and service performance and applications for Windows, in-house applications. availability. UNIX and Linux. It is an extensible agent that detects and forwards system and application faults to SNMP- based managers on multiple platforms and across a wide range of technologies.
  2. 2. CA eHealth SystemEDGE Delivers Real-time Fault and Performance Monitoring of Your Critical Business Systems As an IT manager, you know how difficult it is to manage hundreds or thousands of computers across multiple operating systems throughout a wide range of geographic locations. How do you scale to manage a growing IT infrastructure using your existing IT staff? How do you ensure that your critical systems and applications are up and running? How can you detect and correct issues that could affect system performance before users are impacted? How do you track system assets and plan capacity? We can help you resolve these questions with CA eHealth SystemEDGE. These intelligent agents can help you monitor business-critical systems and applications, enabling you to find problems before they impact users, free up valuable IT human resources, and maximize your return on investment. CA eHealth SystemEDGE is a lightweight software agent for autonomous, SNMP-based monitoring of systems and applications for Windows, UNIX and Linux. It delivers scalable monitoring by exception and corrective action capabilities that help to: • Maximize the productivity and efficiency of limited IT resources • Deliver real-time fault and performance monitoring of critical systems • Forward system and application faults to SNMP-based network management systems • Detect, isolate and resolve problems automatically • Ensure adequate system capacity • Monitor custom applications Real-time Self-monitoring and Correction CA eHealth SystemEDGE monitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you don’t have to track status of critical resources, such as CPU utilization or memory capacity. CA eHealth SystemEDGE detects threshold violations in real time, sending a standard SNMP trap to your management system and automatically corrects problems according to your customized instructions. Process and Windows Service Monitoring If critical application processes and services fail, CA eHealth SystemEDGE immediately alerts you to failures and can automatically restart processes and services — a must for business- critical applications. CA eHealth SystemEDGE also lets you track application impact on CPU, memory and I/O system resources. In addition, CA eHealth SystemEDGE converts Windows Events into SNMP traps that can be sent to any SNMP-compliant managers including: CA eHealth® Network Performance Manager (CA eHealth NPM), CA SPECTRUM® Network Fault Manager (CA SPECTRUM NFM), and CA NSM. Log File Monitoring You can use CA eHealth SystemEDGE to monitor system logs and text log files. When matching messages are logged, CA eHealth SystemEDGE notifies you and you can take action by sending an email, paging staff, or executing a script that takes corrective action. Log file monitoring simplifies managing your commercial and in-house applications.2 PRODUCT BRIEF: CA eHEALTH SYSTEMEDGE
  3. 3. System, Software and Hardware AssetsOne of the most daunting challenges IT managers face is getting a handle on system assets.CA eHealth SystemEDGE uses automatic discovery so you can keep track of:• Server hostnames, machine types, operating system types and versions and number of CPUs• Software packages, versions, operating system security patch and service pack installations• Hardware physical device tracking of network cards, disks and memoryCA eHealth SystemEDGE is integrated with CA eHealth NPM so you can use it to generateasset reports or search through groups of systems for particular software applications orknown defective hardware devices.Simplified, Large-scale Configuration and ManagementTemplates enable you to more easily configure and manage large numbers of systems andapplications. Each template contains a series of configuration directives and can include entriesfor any or all of the CA eHealth SystemEDGE self-monitoring tables including: process monitoring,log file monitoring, threshold definition and configuration and Windows Event Monitoring. CAeHealth SystemEDGE provides a set of default configuration templates targeted to varioussystems and applications for rapid deployment, or you can create their own unique templates.Extensible, Plug-in ArchitectureA flexible architecture, enables CA eHealth SystemEDGE to provide a number of ways foryou to extend your management capabilities. You can add your own SNMP MIB variables toleverage customized code and control the SNMP management of in-house applications.Windows Registry and Perfmon extension support let you report on additional registryparameters and performance data.There is a growing list of application insight modules that can be plugged in to CA eHealthSystemEDGE to manage business-critical applications like Apache, MS-IIS servers, CA Insight™Database Performance Monitor with support for DB2, MS-SQL, Sybase and Oracle databases.Key FeaturesLIGHTWEIGHT FOOTPRINT With an average of less than 1 percent CPU utilization and 3 MBmemory, CA eHealth SystemEDGE has negligible impact on system performance.MULTIPLATFORM SUPPORT CA eHealth SystemEDGE works seamlessly across a wide range ofoperating systems and platforms.SELF-MANAGEMENT Work is pushed out to self-managing CA eHealth SystemEDGE agentsthroughout your distributed client/server environment.EXTENSIBLE Extend SNMP management capabilities with CA eHealth NPM application insightmodules (AIMs) or your own custom MIB variables or applications.SCALABLE Automated management enables scalability for managing thousands of clients’workstations and servers using existing IT staff. PRODUCT BRIEF: CA eHEALTH SYSTEMEDGE 3
  4. 4. SNMP SUPPORT CA eHealth SystemEDGE is a pure SNMP agent that runs as a separate SNMP service and supports SNMP v1, v2c, and v3. COMPLEMENTS EXISTING TOOLS CA eHealth SystemEDGE provides information and can send industry standard SNMP traps to any SNMP-compliant NMS, enabling you to preserve your existing operational workflow and investment in other management software. IPv6 SUPPORT extends integration capabilities and supports new industry standards TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS SUPPORTED PLATFORMS SUPPORTED SNMP MANAGERS • AIX 5.3, 5.2, (32 bit/64 bit) • CA eHealth Network Performance Manager • Digital UNIX 5.1B, 5.1A (CA eHealth NPM) • HPUX 11.23 64 bit (Itanium), PA-RISC • CA SPECTRUM Network Fault Manager (CA • HPUX 11.11 PA-RISC (32 bit/64 bit) SPECTRUM NFM) • Red Hat Linux ES, WS, AS 3.0 & 4.0 • CA NSM* (Itanium and x86) • Third-party SNMP Managers • SUSE Linux 10, 9.0 x86, x86_64, IA_64 • Solaris 2.10, 2.9, 2.8 SPARC (32 bit/64 bit) SUPPORTED MIBS • Solaris 2.10, 2.9, 2.8 x86 32 bit • Solaris 2.10 x86_64 • Windows 2003 32 bit • MIB-2 (RFC 1213) • Windows XP • Host Resources MIB (RFC 1514) • Windows 2003 SP1 and R2 (32 bit), 2000 • Empire CA Systems Management MIB (for CA eHealth SystemEDGE) • Windows 2003 Server Standard and Enterprise (x86_64), R2 (x86_64), Enterprise (IA_64) FOOTPRINT ON SYSTEM Clustering • Windows XP_ Windows 2000 SP1 - SP3 • 3 MB RAM *SNMP event management — Full support is available in CA NSM r11.2 Maximize the Productivity and Efficiency of Your IT Resources CA eHealth SystemEDGE maximizes the productivity and efficiency of your IT resources and delivers real-time fault and performance monitoring of business-critical systems. While maintaining a small footprint and low resource requirements, it has the flexibility to monitor customized, user-defined system metrics so you can watch over existing applications. Helping you to detect performance issues before they impact your users, this software agent provides lightweight, automated performance monitoring across multivendor and multiplatform environments, reducing management overhead and costs. It delivers scalable monitoring by exception and corrective action capabilities that allow you to correct problems before they impact system availability.4 PRODUCT BRIEF: CA eHEALTH SYSTEMEDGE
  5. 5. The CA Advantage CA eHealth SystemEDGE is a lightweight software agent for automated, SNMP-based monitoring of systems and applications, its flexible architecture provides a number of ways for you to extend management capabilities to CA and third-party management solutions. It allows for customization, and with SNMP MIB variables to leverage customized code, you already own and control SNMP management of in-house applications. CA eHealth SystemEDGE fully provides unique support and functionality to CA’s Enterprise IT Management (EITM), a service-oriented architecture that helps you Unify and Simplify your entire IT environment for better business results. Next Steps CA eHealth SystemEDGE provides automated performance monitoring that can help you reduce management overhead and costs. To learn more, and see how CA software solutions enable organizations to unify IT and simplify the management of complex computing environments for better business results, visit © 2008 CA. All rights reserved. All trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies. MP331170908Learn more about how CA can help youtransform your business at