A Day Out In Seattle


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An activity for ESL students incorporating: asking for directions, present tense verbs, telling time, money, transportation, sports and music.

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A Day Out In Seattle

  1. 1. A day out in Seattle<br />“The Emerald City”<br />
  2. 2. SEATTLE<br />
  3. 3. Arriving in Seattle<br />Juan arrives in Seattle on an airplane from Madrid to the SEATAC airport at 8:00 AM.<br />Juan gets his luggage and takes the ‘Link Light Rail’ train to downtown Seattle and gets off the train at the Westlake Center Station.<br />One ticket for the train costs $2.00.<br />
  4. 4. Hotel<br />When Juan arrives at Westlake Center he walks to his hotel. <br />Juan’s hotel is in the shopping/retail district and costs $80 a night for one person. <br />Juan puts his luggage in his room and takes a shower before Juan leaves for Pike Place Market.<br />
  5. 5. Pike Place Market<br />Juan walks to Pike Place Market at 11:00AM - a famous market in downtown Seattle that sells everything you can imagine!<br />Juan watches the famous fish vendors throw fish to each other in front of the tourists. <br />Juan buys an apple from a farmer at Pike Place Market for $1.60. <br />
  6. 6. Pike Place Market<br />Juan walks along the sidewalk at the market and watches the many musicians perform. <br />Juan gives 2 musicians 0.50$ because he really likes one of the songs.<br />Juan looks at the Puget Sound (sea) from a park near Pike Place Market and watches the boats sail into the port.<br />
  7. 7. Capitol Hill<br />Juan asks a clown in the street, “How do I get to Capitol Hill from here?”<br />The clown says, “Well that is very easy my friend, all you have to do is walk up this street called Pike Street until you get to Broadway and then turn left and you are there….Its about 10 minutes after you cross Interstate-5”<br />Juan walks up Pike Street and turns left on Broadway.<br /> All of a sudden he sees a statue of Jimi Hendrix right in front of him! Juan learns that Jimi Hendrix is from Seattle.<br />Juan sees many people riding bikes on the street with brightly colored backpacks. There are so many bikes all the cars have to stop and wait for the bikers to pass. <br />
  8. 8. Coffee<br />After Juan is finished walking around Capitol Hill he decides to try some of Seattle’s famous coffee. <br />Juan asks a man on the street, “Where can I find a good cup of coffee?”<br />The man says, “Wait on this corner and take bus #49 to the University District. Tell the bus driver you want to get off at 42nd Street. Cross 15th Avenue and walk on 42nd street until you see a sign on the sidewalk that says Café Allegro”.<br />Juan takes bus #49 from Broadway Street to the University District. The trip costs $1.75.<br />Juan, goes to Café Allegro and has a café latte that costs $3.25. A sign says “Seattle’s Oldest Coffee House”. Juan smiles.<br />Juan reads The Stranger newspaper as he drinks his café latte. The Stranger has a list of fun things to do in Seattle like museums, concerts, restaurants, movies etc. <br />Juan leaves the barista a $0.50 tip because the coffee is extra delicious and Juan leaves the café at 1:17 PM.<br />
  9. 9. Lunch<br />Juan walks up the famous University Avenue, called ‘the Ave’ by local Seattleites, and looks for some lunch.<br />It is 1:30 PM and Juan is indecisive so he asks someone for a good restaurant to eat at. <br />Juan continues walking up ‘The Ave’ until he finds the famous Thai Tom’s restaurant.<br />Juan eats Panang Curry and white rice for $8.75 with tax.<br />The Curry is spicy and Juan drinks so much water that he has to go to the bathroom 3 times! <br />Juan takes his credit card out to pay for lunch and the waitress says, “Sorry but we only accept cash”.<br />Juan searches for some money in his wallet and finds a $10 bill to pay for the meal.<br />
  10. 10. Gas Works Park<br />At 2:16 Juan catches the #30 bus on ‘The Ave’ and takes it to the Burke Gillman Bike trail. <br />Juan walks on the trail until he arrives at Gas Works Park.<br />Juan rents a kite for $6.35 and flies it on the hill.<br />Juan enjoys the views of downtown and Lake Union – especially the house boats!<br />
  11. 11. A nice day for a walk<br />Juan walks to the Fremont neighborhood to go vintage shopping.<br />Along the way, Juan passes under the Fremont bridge and stops at the Fremont Troll statue.<br />Juan climbs the statue and takes a photo of himself on top of the troll.<br />The vintage stores close at 5:00 and its already 4:07! <br />Juan hurries to the retail part of Fremont.<br />
  12. 12. Space Needle<br />Juan wants to go to the famous Space Needle but he doesn’t know how to get there.<br />Juan asks someone on the sidewalk, “How do I get to the Space Needle from here” and she tells him “to cross the Fremont bridge and turn left on Westlake Ave. Walk on Westlake Ave for 40 minutes and turn right on Denny Ave. Walk on Denny Ave for 5 blocks and turn right at the Seattle Center and you are there!”<br />
  13. 13. Seattle Sounders<br />Juan meets a nice man from Tacoma named Ricky at the Space Needle and Ricky invites Juan to go to the Sounders football match at Qwest field. <br />Juan and Ricky take a taxicab and Juan buys a Sounders t-shirt in the Pioneer Square neighborhood for $24.50.<br />The cab fare is $12.65 and Ricky tells Juan that he should give the cab driver $14.00 to include a tip.<br />Go Sounders!!!<br />
  14. 14. Dinner<br />Juan reads a good review of SerafinaOsteria in The Stranger newspaper and decides to try it. <br />Juan takes the ‘Link Light Rail’ to Westlake Center and then rides the South Lake Union Transit train to Eastlake and walks to SerafinaOsteria. <br />Juan has calamari, lamb, and blueberry pie for dessert. Dinner costs $35.75.<br />
  15. 15. Concert<br />During the Dinner Juan asks the waiter Tyler, “Do you know of anything fun to do tonight in Seattle?”<br />Tyler replies, “My band Doctor Doctor is playing a concert tonight down the street at the Holy Mountain Arts Center with a band called the Raggedy Anns…it should be lots of fun!”<br />Juan asks Tyler, “How do I get to the Holy Mountain Arts Center?”<br />Tyler explains to Juan, “Its really easy. All you have to do is turn right on Eastlake Street and walk on Eastlake Street until you get to Republican Street. It is next door to the Lo-Fi Gallery”.<br />Juan asks Tyler, “What time does the concert start and how much does it cost?<br />Tyler tells Juan the Concert starts at 10:30 pm and that it costs $5.00 to enter”<br />Juan says, “Sounds like fun, See you there””<br />
  16. 16. Goodnight Juan<br />After the concert, Juan walks back to the hotel downtown because he doesn’t have any money left in his wallet.<br />The walk takes about 45 minutes but it is a nice evening so Juan doesn’t mind. <br />“Welcome to the Hotel” says the man who opens to front door.<br />Juan says thank you and takes the elevator to his room on the 6th floor. <br />Juan goes to bed and is so tired he forgets to take his shoes off. <br />What a day!<br />