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Digital Strategy For Recruitment


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My presentation for the NRF Conference in Dublin. …

My presentation for the NRF Conference in Dublin.

Covers Digital Marketing including changes in Google and what it means for seo and search. How to understand your target persona and develop a content and social strategy that will help you find and connect with candidates.

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  • 1. Got a question? @googledave @phcreative FUTURE PROOFING YOUR DIGITAL STRATEGY IN RECRUITMENT NRF Conference 1st May 2014
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  • 6. BUT. IT TAKES. EFFORT. Got a question? @googledave @phcreative
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  • 8. OLD SCHOOL SEO Over optimisation Unnatural content Unnatural links Keyword stuffing Poor user experience Leads to the darkside! Got a question? @googledave @phcreative
  • 9. GOOGLE HAVE A ‘JEDI’COUNCIL Got a question? @googledave @phcreative
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  • 11. OVER 200 FACTORS INFLUENCE SEARCH Keywords (targeting and acquisition) • Improved sematic and contextual understanding – meaning, not just words • Don’t spam, keyword stuff • Keywords, long tail, context, location, device, experience • markup – use it • Get ready for voice search – that’s what Google is doing! Relevancy (on page SEO – behaviour and conversion) • Focus on your users, give them what they want, where when • Freshness of content – how often do you change yours? • Must be unique and valuable to your user persona’s • Content strategy, evolves, purposeful, hot topics, contagious, Identify intent, needs, problems and become the authority in your business area Got a question? @googledave @phcreative
  • 12. OVER 200 FACTORS INFLUENCE SEARCH Recommendation (off page SEO / Google Penguin) • Commit to outreach and engage with communities • Create content your audience will care about • Will people vote for you with inbound links? • Social mentions is ‘word of mouth’ marketing and builds links • Use Google+ and gain ‘authorship’ and your ‘identity’ • Manage you link profile, assess risks and take action • Content can’t sit in isolation, needs to be shared and engage influencers – are you focused on them? Do you know who the are!? Experience (Google Panda – behaviour and conversion) • Be fit for mobile devices – Google prefer mobile responsive • What do users ‘think’ of your pages? Find out. • Reduce clutter and friction • Don’t keep people waiting – improve load times • Do all you can to engage and ‘romance the share’ Got a question? @googledave @phcreative
  • 13. CONVERGANCE OF DIGITAL MARKETING Got a question? @googledave @phcreative
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  • 17. Got a questions...? @googledave @phcreative But how do you find them?
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