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Digital Strategy To Future Proof Your Business
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Digital Strategy To Future Proof Your Business


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Slides from the presentation at the Insurance Broker Expo in Ascot on the 26th September 2013

Slides from the presentation at the Insurance Broker Expo in Ascot on the 26th September 2013

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Interflora example90 day penanlty
  • Magic momentsHope street hotel – bar storyWhat happened afterwards?!Give you customers a ‘digital hug’
  • Sir Richard…. Would you mind
  • DSC – Mike DubinMarch 2012Up against the might of Gillette and BicHelping him aquitre funding with a funding  10 million views on YouTube – which 2nd search engine260,000 people on G+100,000 likes on FB30000 on twitter Imagine how many communites the can now tap into, research, reach, amplifications, new business, R&D,  Point is a low cost video can have a huge effect if you think differently – it doesn’t have to by Speilberg production – need thoughts and some care
  • Nationwide LinkedIn Story
  • Transcript

    • 1. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo FUTURE PROOFING YOUR DIGITAL STRATEGY
    • 2. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 3.
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    • 10. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 11. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 12. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 13. BUT IT TAKES EFFORT. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 14. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 15. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 16. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 17. CONVERGANCE OF DIGITAL MARKETING @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 18. OLD SCHOOL SEO Over optimisation Unnatural content Unnatural links Keyword stuffing Poor user experience Leads to the darkside! @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 19. PANDA AND PENGUINS MAKE THIS HAPPEN @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 20. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 21. GOOGLE HAVE A ‘JEDI’COUNCIL @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 22. OVER 200 FACTORS INFLUENCE YOUR SEO Relevancy (on page SEO) • Focus on your users, give them what they want • Freshness of content – how often do you change yours? • Content strategy, evolves, purposeful, hot topics, contagious • Don’t spam, keyword stuff Recommendation (off page SEO / Google Penguin) • Commit to outreach and engage with communities • Create content your audience will care about • Will people vote for you with inbound links? • Social mentions is ‘word of mouth’ marketing and builds links • Use Google+ and gain ‘authorship’ and your ‘identity’ • Manage you link profile, assess risks and take action Experience (Google Panda) • What do users ‘think’ of your pages? Find out. • Reduce clutter and friction • Don’t keep people waiting – improve load times • Do all you can to engage and ‘romance the share’ @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 23. IF CARLSBERG DID SOCIAL NETWORKING @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 24. WHO WOULD YOU WANT BEHIND THE DOOR? • Your target audience • Where are they, ‘which pub’? • Strategic partners • Your customers • Influencer networks • Who influences them? • Who else and why? • Who would you, buy a beer? @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 25. • A good conversationalist, listens most of the time, that’s how, when you talk, you know what to say • # Who are you listening to? • Be interested in others, not yourself! • Don’t broadcast sales messages • Make friends, build trust and help others • 80 / 20 rule • Remember… ‘Givers Gain’ PROBABLY THE BEST SOCIAL NETWORKING ADVICE! @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 26. SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 27. GOOGLE + SOCIAL AND IDENTITY ENGINE @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 28. GOOGLE + HANGOUTS @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 29. WHY YOU NEED USE GOOGLE+ Get your content read and ranking faster • Faster indexing of your content – make it relevant to your candidates • Extended circles, means you influence your followers and theirs Authorship Tag = Identity • Have you set yours up? AuthorRank is coming! • How authoritive and interesting are you to your audience? • Share-ability of authors content • Number of people in your circles and how many you are in • Engagement levels of your content @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 30. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 31. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 32. PERSONA MAPPING @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 33. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo Workshop s
    • 34. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 35. CONTENT PILLARS @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 36. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 37. @googledave @phcreative #HDevents
    • 38. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 39. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 40. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 41. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 42. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 43. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 44. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo Second largest search engine Third largest social channel Don’t ignore
    • 45. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 46. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 47. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 48. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 49. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 50. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 51. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 52. INBOUND MARKETING AND MULTI DEVICE EXPERIENCE @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 53. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 54. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 55. CONTENT EXPERIMENTS CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 56. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 57. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 58. SCIENCE FICTION SCIENCE FACT @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 59. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo Knight Rider Voice activated computer Siri
    • 60. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo Terminator Google glass Real-Time Visuals
    • 61. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo Minority report Transparent Touch Screens
    • 62. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo Interaxon Muse X-Men Thought Control Devices
    • 63. DIGITAL MARKETING ECO-SYSTEM @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 64. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo
    • 65. @googledave @phcreative #brokerexpo Thanks for listening and keep in touch @GoogleDave email: tel: 01512275549