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Digital Strategy For Recruitment


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My slides from the presentation I deliver for The Institute of Recruiters (IOR) in May 2013

My slides from the presentation I deliver for The Institute of Recruiters (IOR) in May 2013

Published in: Business, Technology, Design
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  • Magic momentsHope street hotel – bar storyWhat happened afterwards?!Give you customers a ‘digital hug’
  • Sir Richard…. Would you mind
  • Nationwide LinkedIn Story
  • Transcript

    • 1. DIGITAL STRATEGY FOR RECRUITMENT@googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 2. @googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 3. WHY SHOULD IT BE EASY…?@googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 4. @googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 5. GOOGLE CANDIDATE HIGH STREET@googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 6. GOOGLE TRENDS CANDIDATE RESEARCH@googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 7. GOOGLE KEYWORD TOOL HOW PEOPLE SEARCH@googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 8. @googledave@phcreative#IOReventsGOOGLE KEYWORD TOOL HOW PEOPLE SEARCH
    • 9. GOOGLE ADWORDS PAY PER CLICK (PPC)@googledave@phcreative#IOReventsWhy use Google Adwords?1. Target people who are alreadysearching for jobs or have jobs tofill2. Only pay for it when they click intoyour website3. Spend as little or as much as youwant from £1 to £1000’s per day4. Local, regional and global targeting;control where your ad’s are seen5. Track ROI metrics – see the profit itcan bring to you business
    • 10. GOOGLE ADWORDS (PPC) GEO TARGETING@googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 11. SOMERFIELD ROI GOOGLE ADWORDS@googledave@phcreative#IOReventsThe numbers1. 170 Applications per month2. 5-8 hires per month3. Average £69 per hire
    • 12. SEO ORGANIC LISTINGS@googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 13. SO MANY UPDATES SO LITTLE TIME@googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 14. OLD SCHOOL SEOOver optimisationUnnatural contentUnnatural linksKeyword stuffingPoor user experienceLeads to the darkside!@googledave@phcreative#HDevents
    • 15. PANDA AND PENGUINS MAKE THIS HAPPEN@googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 16. @googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 17. @googledave@phcreative#IOReventsGOOGLE HAVE A‘JEDI’COUNCIL
    • 18. OVER 200 FACTORS INFLUENCE YOUR SEO@googledave@phcreative#IOReventsRelevancy (on page SEO)• Focus on your users, give them what they want• Freshness of content – how often do you change yours?• Content strategy, evolves, purposeful, hot topics, contagious• Don’t spam, keyword stuffRecommendation (off page SEO / Google Penguin)• Commit to outreach and engage with communities• Create content your audience will care about• Will people vote for you with inbound links?• Social mentions is ‘word of mouth’ marketing and builds links• Use Google+ and gain ‘authorship’ and your ‘identity’• Manage you link profile, assess risks and take actionExperience (Google Panda)• What do users ‘think’ of your pages? Find out.• Reduce clutter and friction• Don’t keep people waiting – improve load times• Do all you can to engage and ‘romance the share’
    • 19. SEO AND PPC ATTRACT MORE CANDIDATES@googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 20. @googledave@phcreative#hdevents
    • 21. @googledave@phcreative#HDevents
    • 22. @googledave@phcreative#hdevents
    • 23. @googledave@phcreative#hdevents
    • 24. WHY YOU NEED USE GOOGLE+Get your content read and ranking faster• Faster indexing of your content – make it relevantto your candidates• Extended circles, means you influence yourfollowers and theirsAuthorship Tag = Identity• Have you set yours up?AuthorRank is coming!• How authoritive and interesting are you to youraudience?• Share-ability of authors content• Number of people in your circles and how manyyou are in• Engagement levels of your content@googledave@phcreative#hdevents
    • 25. AUTHORSHIP IN PRACTICE@googledave@phcreative#hdevents
    • 26. GOOGLE ANALYTICS ROI OF DIGITAL ACTIVITY@googledave@phcreative#hdevents
    • 27. @googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 28. CONTENT EXPERIMENTS CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT@googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 29. FUTURE PROOFING YOUR DIGITAL STRATEGY@googledave@phcreative#hdevents
    • 30. WEBSITES IN YOUR WORLD@googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 31. WEBSITE EXPERIENCE IN ‘REAL LIFE’@googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 32. @googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 33. @googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 34. @googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 35. @googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 36. NATIONWIDE-JOBS.CO.UK MOBILE RESPONSIVE@googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 37. NATIONWIDE-JOBS.CO.UK@googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 38. HEAT MAPPING CANDIDATE EXPERIENCE@googledave@phcreative#IORevents
    • 39. @googledave@phcreative#hdevents
    • 40. THANKS FOR LISTENINGQUESTIONS AND ANSWERS@googledave@phcreative#hdevents