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Product catalogue for Good to Go Safety contains everything you need to know about this innovative system for equipment tagging and inspections.

Product catalogue for Good to Go Safety contains everything you need to know about this innovative system for equipment tagging and inspections.

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  • 1. Safe Equipment Management System
  • 2. Why Introduction choose Accidents in the workplace can be a frequent occurrence, often as a result of inadequate Good to training or equipment misuse. Go Safety™? Good to Go Safety™ provide the ultimate in Safe Equipment Management Systems (SEMS) – highlighting essential equipment checks, and encouraging safe operating and maintenance • Comply with procedures for a wide range of applications. legislation and industry best practice The SEMS consists of three key components: • Prevent accidents 1 A status pod displays the current status of equipment; • Record all findings • Tamper evident seal ensures authentic status display • Quick and easy to use 2 A safety check book enables operatives to carry out essential safety checks; • Inform all employees of equipment status with up to date information • Instant quarantine of faulty equipment • Reduce maintenance 3 A tamper evident seal guarantees validity of the check list. costs • Improve employee confidence • Improve business performance Our patented system can be used on a wide range • Educate & empower of applications, including scaffolding, forklifts, staff ladders and many more. Each check book provides 25 individual checklists to be completed by the • Bespoke solutions operative prior to using the equipment and a duplicate copy of each check is recorded for reference purposes. 2
  • 3. Contents Introduction................2 How it Works...........4-5 Product Overview.....6-7 Fixed Scaffolding Safety.........................8 Forklift Safety..............9 Scaffold Tower Safety........................10 Ladder Safety.............11 Pallet Racking Safety.......................12 MEWP Safety.............13 ‘Design Your Own’....14 Product List...............15 3
  • 4. Why use Good to Go Safety™? Good to Go Safety™ is proactive in its quest to provide a safer workplace, we don’t believe in waiting for an accident to occur before taking action, we simply remove potential risks at the source. Assumption and complacency can be one of the biggest dangers within your organisation. Employees often assume that equipment is safe because 'it worked fine yesterday’. Good to Go Safety™ eradicates these assumptions by educating operatives to carry out regular equipment checks, empowering them in the process. The SEMS will become an essential training tool for supervisors and allocated 'competent persons'. It is unique in its ability to validate the status display by fitting a tamper evident seal to the pod once a check has been carried out. What does it do? • Innovative ‘safe equipment management system’ (SEMS). • Visually informs all employees of equipment status. • Prevents use of faulty equipment. • Educates operatives to carry out regular safety checks. • Records all maintenance checks, providing audit trail. • Tamper evident - ensures accurate, up to date information. Why do you need it? • Comply with legislation and industry best practice. • Prevent accidents & reduce maintenance costs. • Improve employee confidence/morale. • Time efficient – provides onsite check procedures. • Prevents lost man hours and equipment downtime. • Can be fully customised for company specific checks. Who can use it? • Daily operatives – multiple users of equipment. • Competent person(s) - eg supervisor, H&S officer. Where is it used? • At entry point to any piece of work equipment. • Wherever equipment inspections are required. When should it be used? • Prior to using equipment. • At start of shift or as specified in risk assessment. • Adaptable to fit your company requirements. 4
  • 5. How it works The Status Pod should be fixed to equipment at the main points of entry to maximise its visibility. • Prior to use, the status pod will clearly display the DO NOT USE label, indicating that this equipment has not been checked. • This equipment should not be used until the necessary paperwork has been completed and displayed in the status pod window. The Safety Check Book allows the operative to complete an equipment checklist. All operatives should be trained by a competent person to ensure they complete the checklists correctly. • Each book contains 25 checklists and provides a duplicate copy of findings. • Each checklist should be signed and dated by the operative. • Upon completion, the top copy should be removed, folded and placed inside the status pod, ensuring the correct status and date is clearly displayed. The duplicate copy is safely stored inside the book. If faults are found during the inspection, the status pod should clearly display the DO NOT USE message. • Checklists should be dated and a Tamper Evident Seal fitted to the pod. • Operatives should seek guidance from their supervisor before using this equipment. • This message should remain on display until any faults have been rectified, at which time a new checklist should be completed and equipment status updated. If the equipment is in satisfactory condition, the status pod should clearly display the GOOD TO GO message. • This window display should show the date that this check is valid until and a tamper evident seal fixed to the pod. • If the seal is missing or faulty or if the displayed date has expired then a new check should be carried out prior to using the equipment. 5
  • 6. Status Pod • Manufactured from tough, durable, highly visible polypropylene. • Weather resistant & UV stable. • A channeled base allows the pod to sit flush to scaffold poles. • Pre-drilled base allows easy screwing of pod to equipment. • Multiple fixing options (screws, cable ties, adhesive or rivets). • 'Do not use' warning label is clearly displayed if insert is missing. • Allows tamper evident seal to be fitted to pod. Status Pod Dimensions (HxWxD): 120x51x12mm Check Book Includes comprehensive checklists to meet relevant legislation and industry guidelines. Can be customised to include corporate details or unique checklist designs. Check book wallets are also available, providing a useful writing board whilst filling out check lists. • No. of pages: 25 check lists • Each page includes guidelines for folding. • Each check list incorporates a unique sequential number. • Includes guidance notes for inspection procedures. • The check book retains carbon copies of all completed equipment checks. Check Book Dimensions (HxWxD): 210x100x5mm Tamper Evident Seal Manufactured from high visibility red polypropylene. The arrow head is inserted into the top of the pod and remains in place until it is subsequently opened, breaking the seal and clearly indicating that a new checklist needs completing. Supplied in boxes of 100. 6
  • 7. Weekly Inspection Kits Each kit provides all you need to carry out a minimum of 50 individual checks, perfect for a year of weekly inspections. Choose from a range of weekly kits to find the application you require (see page 15). Contents Qty Status Pod 1 Tamper Evident Seals 100 Check Book 2 Check Book Wallet & Pen 1 Kit Box Dimensions: 320x125x40mm Weight: 0.50kg Daily Inspection Kits Provides everything you need to carry out daily equipment checks for a complete year*. Supplied in a reusable storage box, for filing completed check books safely and securely. Choose from a range of daily kits to find the application you require (see page 15). *Based on a 5 day working week, the daily kit provides a minimum of 275 checks. Contents Qty Status Pod 2 Tamper Evident Seals 300 Check Book 11 Check Book Wallet & Pen 1 Kit Box Dimensions: 250x125x80mm Weight: 1.35kg Individual components can be purchased to top up your kits, to ensure you are always good to go. 7
  • 8. Fixed Scaffold An average of 1,000 serious injuries and 10 fatalities occur every year following accidents on scaffolding.* Employers using scaffolding are regulated by the Work at Height Regulations (WAHR). Maintenance and inspection is vital to ensure that equipment remains safe and stable, especially after any adverse conditions. Good to Go Safety™ helps employers meet their legal duties, whilst considerably increasing workplace safety. • Ensures compliance with PUWER, WAHR, CDM, NASC & HSE legislation and best practice. • Inspection check books have been designed in line with BS EN 12811-1 and TG20:08 guidance, providing chronological records of all inspections. • Scaffold status can be instantly updated following any structural alterations, periods of bad weather, as part of its seven day check or daily inspection programme. Unless the necessary measures are in place and adhered to, any issue relating to the use or abuse of the scaffold will expose the employers utilising the scaffold to risk; either commercially (through financial claims or lost work) or through the courts. * Source: Health & Safety Executive s heck list ing C eck affold . fe ty ch d Sc s of use Fixe ailing lim itation g sa te rece ived det cut. ff oldin d sca ver certifica Ends cleanly ped , no or split. t or war Fixe Hand-o d Time: ork: d, distorte ly spli Paperw excessive t, corrode ends, not Not ben at both on: Tubes: banded rks. fit. te: Locati Daily dition, ma free-ru nning ction Da good con vehicle tyre have a Inspe s: In , no s should mm. event Board saw cuts necessa ry, nut height of 150 pector: first use tional ring as ects. Min Insmm. Before Excep load bea of falling obj to a ma x 470 e: Tight, with risk g the gap ction typ tion Fitt ings: ms il limitin Inspe After altera ent platfor e guardra s). Comm alled on rmediat (putlog : Inst inte kwork 7 day ✔ ✘ Toeboa rds mm with into bric ht of 950 y inserted Min heig ends full d class. rails: Swaged upon loa Guard 1.2m. endent cing of Max. spa tres dep couple rs. tlogs: es, cen ms/Pu at all nod bearing rwork Transo , secured g load n 4m.Pape Plumb dards usin ater tha rds: red to stan not gre g load Tubes Standa and secu spacing usin tically, Ties secured s: Hor izontal y and ver s. Boards Ledger izontall ‘pull out ’ test d ted, hor the tings Fixe to distribu ties subjected except Fit rds ing Evenly anchor , all lifts Ties dards in Toeboa s ok ry fold Mason rs. rs of stan drail k Bo couple n 35º at betwee full Guar Scaf bearing rnate pai ogs d at alte tubes set s/Putl Chec cing: Fixe lifts. ger bra nt working six bay s with every six to the in Transom st every braced bays r lifts. ards fety : Led d at lea every fou Stand ace Braces two end adj ger cing: Fixe st two led Sa bays and Fac ade bra over at lea ry twelve jointLedgers . Fitted el eve d using and 55º the scaffold. one braced pan Ties of as led gers. Fixe height cing: Fitted bays for Plan bra ds and Braces standar d n lifts for ds in goo ints betwee rs. standar ds. Jo s ggered below : Sta Joints pins or sleeve couple e plates ined. Bas spanning two stan dar Footing mainta ed and nd condition and rungs Ladders s prepar s at lea st five ents Attachm r sou ndation e boards of Extend gs: Fou dition. Sol t twistin g. lde Footin con to preven Scaffo , d , secured ents missing GO po defects compon ir use. GOOD TO e from ined, no the tes: s: Fre platform. l mainta designed for ctor no Ladder above parts wel ctures Inspe s, moving only to stru 4 or flaw d ortion ded. Fixe : No dist overloa d class: 3 Attach ments stable and not /checked. d for loa n/used y Length be use ses wor Max Ba ure to 2 harnes Struct Trained, GOO UDL 2.7 m TO lder: 1 GO Scaffo 2.4 m EXP 2 Edition 5 kN/m 2 TED STAR Duty 0.7 2.1 m IRE /m D t duty 1.50 kN 2 1 PLETE 1.8 m S E Load Cla ss tion/ligh 2.00 kN 2 /m COM Inspec D ND duty /m Light pose 3.00 kN OF 1 19 2 al pur Gener 2008 5 13 3 Heavy duty Print Ltd N OT USE 4 DO donia © Cale 8
  • 9. Forklifts Every year there are over 2,000 reported accidents relating to forklift truck operation in the UK, averaging one fatality every month.* It is estimated that 10% of all investigated accidents involving forklift trucks are caused largely by a lack of operator training. Regulation 5 of the Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) states: "Every employer shall ensure that work equipment is maintained in efficient working order and in good repair". Good to Go Safety™ provides a sound system of daily or pre-shift checks, ensuring essential fluids are kept topped up and potential defects identified before they become a problem. • Ensures compliance with PUWER, LOLER, HSE & FLTA regulations and best practice. • Positioning at the entry point of the cab, ensures all employees are notified of the current status at all times. * Source: Health & Safety Executive Fork Fork arm li ft Ch Fork s: No cracks ecks lift sa plate or and clip distortio Ins pectio n Date: fe ty ch Mast: No da s enga n. Even ged. ly spac Inspe eck list ed on ctor: Carria runne mage dis carria rs rea tor ge Time: Lift cha ge pla te: No sona tion or cra Inspe ction for bly cle in & lub obvio an an cks. Inner : Locati rication us da d sm chan Ins on: : Fre mage ooth. nels pectio . End or n typ e fro m da stops e: shou ma secure At sta ld month be spray ge or rus . rt of shi Whee or 25 ed t. All ft ls/tyres: 0 hourswith a su pins in Unda . itable place ma lubric . Chain Daily cuts or ged. All ant ev ery corre foreign nuts tight. Fork arm Week bodie Back res t: Lo ct. s. If pn No exce euma ssive we Mast s ✔ ✘ ly ad tic, tyr ar, Seat/s or dis backrest ex e pre Carria ssure ge Comm eat be torted . tensio plate ent lt: Co n sec Lift cha ure an in & lub rrectl d not Seat y fix dama Whee rication belt/r ed to tru ged ls/tyres Steeri estrai ck, no Back res ng: nt is prope t loose or Fork Works rly sec da t Lights when properly ure & maged. Seat/seat l /indic movin in bo belt Safe ift th dir functi ators: g. ectio onSteeri ing. ng Horn/ All fun ns at beeper ction ing. stand Lig still an hts/indic etc: t Hod ators Chec y Clearl Mast y audib rn/beep contro le. er etc Hand/pa ls: Lif Mast t/lowe contro rking Hand/pa ls klist r, tilt brake and sid rking : Str e shift brake Driving ong opera Driving & servic Chec enough to ting pro & servic k it rel preve perly Hydra e brake e brake eases nt tru . ulics : Wo corre ck be levels rk pro ctly. ing dri slowl perly ven. Hydra y. in bo Fuel/p ulics: th dir ectio ower No da ns wh Batterie en tes s Chec mage or ted LPG k fluid lea Levels level kage fro : Co in res m ervoir any point GOOD olant . . TO GO Top up and en Inspe pod Fuel/p if req gine oil lev ctor no ower: uired tes: Adeq (speci els corre ua fy am ct. Wear te for sh ount suita ift. in com Batterie ble PP ment s: Ba E as box). ttery requir ed. STAR water levels mu where st be TED Wear top 8 suita necessary ped up 200 COM LPG: ble PP E as once a we th distill wi Print Ltd PLETE Cylin der sec requir ed. ek. ed D REPO ure, donia RT AN pipes & ho Y DA N OT (HOW ses OK © Cale MAGE EXP GO DO EVER TO D USE MI OR . GOO NOR) NEAR IRE TO TH MI E SUPE SSES S E RVISO ND R! OF Edition 1 5 13 02 9
  • 10. Scaffold Tower Falls from height are the biggest cause of death in the workplace. On average 45 people die and 3,750 major injuries occur every year.* Good to Go Safety™ provides essential safety checks for operatives prior to using a scaffolding tower, significantly improving worker safety and avoiding costly accidents. The result of an inspection should be recorded and displayed until the subsequent inspection is carried out. These records should be kept on site until construction work is completed and off site for a further three months. • Ensures compliance with PUWER, WAHR, PASMA & HSE legislation and best practice. • Can be instantly updated following any structural alterations, after periods of bad weather, or as part of its seven day check. • Instantly visible, designed to fit flush to scaffolding poles and easily secured with cable ties. • Clearly identifies when the tower is ‘good to go’ or when it should not be used. • Tamper evident seal ensures validity of check list. * Source: Health & Safety Executive ks Chec t etc. list wer , snow or fros eck old To by win d, rain ty ch Scaff ons not adverse ly affected tacles. we r safe or ground conditi ght. Cle ar of obs el both o ld To We ather: Tower le to tak stab e tower wei in goo on. Lev d conditi d paramete loa Scaff rs. Time: firm and tubing g height & : Level, ds and kin on: Ground aged, wel safe wor of weight . te: Locati undam lly. Within its al share ction Da te and r an equ Inspe Comple lly and vertica Struct ure: nta und, bea horizo with gro cto r: contact Inspe applied , in full ted. with 7 days lubrica contact : Within ction for kes lightly ly in rs: Bra Clean & ed, firm Casto y tighten Inspe event over ext ended. tions full . e: e tional s: Not connec ght ction typ t used on sit Excep le Leg e area, share of wei Inspe firs Adjustab est bas al nual. Before er ent ming larg , bear an equ tion ma weath Comm ize rs: For sur face in instruc Ad verse Stabil ground pattern lows sup plier’s recomm ended ✔ ✘ r g: Fol e. effectiv Towe Bracin als. d and or chemic ly engage , paint Correct grease w free fold : n from allo ned to g/Gate Hooks aged, clea positio (where fitte d). Ground Scaf y Lockin , undam Hinges d Secure point. engage e Ladder Way: r ladder /access lock devices d Structur ned ove opening. Win ards. re Base plates t Positio gress via gap mo rs/ Safe list Traps: /trip haz sto access/e grease high, no Ca d, clea n from at least 950mm le Legs amage rdrail Adjustab triggers k ble, und in gua Chec rm: Sta m. Ma rs/Ou Platfo platfor ize d at eve ry Stabil Installe mm. objects . e rail: than 470 of falling /Fram Guard with risk Bracing hooks tforms ls. /Gate d on pla interva ards: Installe d and at correct Locking Toe Bo tly fitte way te, tigh Adequa Ladder s tional ): opening Ties (op inged Traps/H rd rm Toeboa Platfo ails guardr & Mid m Platfor al Bra ce Main Diagon ards rd Fra me Toe bo Standa Ties pod Way TO GO Ladder GOOD tes: ctor no GOO Inspe TO EXP GO Edition TED STAR IRE D 1 PLETE S E COM D ND brace ntal OF Horizo 03 8 5 13 t Ltd 200 zers Stabili N OT USE Castor Prin DO donia © Cale 10
  • 11. Ladders On average falls from ladders account for 14 deaths and 1,200 major injuries to workers each year in the UK.* Ladders account for a third of all reported fall from height incidents. All ladders should be checked daily, prior to use for any damage, faults or general wear. Good to Go Safety™ provides a list of essential checks to be carried out on the ladder prior to use for any signs of damage and clearly informs all employees when it is safe to be used. • Ensures compliance with PUWER, INDG402, WAHR & HSE regulations and best practice. • Designed to fit on most industrial ladders (BS2037 Class 1, EN131 and BS1129 ladders or stepladders). • Instantly visible at the point of use, status pod should be positioned at eye level, near the grip point of the stiles. • Enables the clear identification and instant quarantine of faulty ladders. * Source: Health & Safety Executive Ladd er C Ladd Rungs: heck er sa No cra cks, splits s Inspe ction Da fe ty ch Nothi , dents te: ng wo rn, loo or tw ists. Inspe eck list Stiles Not co se, br ctor: & Feet: ntami oken In go nated or mi Time: with Inspe twist od order grea se, pa ssing . ction for s. with no cra int or : Location Not cks, Ins chem pection : wo splits icals. type: chem rn or co , dents icals. ntami or At sta Not nated rt of shi sharp with ft to tou grea Feet ch, sp se, pa Fittings in po linter int or Daily & Locki sition ed or Whe and chipp ng Ba els in secu ed. rs: No good re. Week cond Ladder ly Lock t dama ged, ition classific ✔ ✘ ing loose , distor Rungs ation Ropes place /stabiliz ted or Comm & Pulle corre er ba ent ys: No ctly. rs in corro missi good ded. Stiles ng or orde Rope loose r and s in go screw locLoksck Guide od co s, riv ining ba Platfo s unda nditio ets or r Ladd rm: Fre n an weldi Fit mage d fre e fro ng. tings e mo d. m we veme e ar.Pla Safe r Not nt of split or bu ladde tform r. Fittin ckled gs, . Hand t rail Chec y Welds Stiles Wheels & casto rs klist Feet Ropes & pulle ys Rung GOOD s Platfo TO GO rm Inspe pod ctor no tes: Hand Feet rail Whee ls Ladd er Cl BS2037 assif STAR /BS112 icatio n TED 9 Class 2008 Lock 3: Do ing COM ba Print Ltd me r PLETE workp stic use lace! only. D EN131: Shou donia BS2037 For tra ld NO /BS112 T be N OT © Cale 9 Class de & EXP used GO DO light TO D USE 1: Fo indus in a GOO IRE r heav trial y du use. S E ty & indus ND trial use. OF Edition 1 5 13 04 11
  • 12. Pallet Racking The chance of racking being hit by forklifts is high but reporting of collisions by drivers are low. The need for frequent racking checks are therefore critical, with checks required for both structural safety and the loads on the shelves to prevent damage from falling objects. Good to Go Safety™provides a routine maintenance check of all racking bays at the start of each daily shift. • Ensures compliance with PUWER, WAHR, HSE & SEMA regulations and best practice. • The check list includes a classification of damaged racking and the recommended actions, in accordance with SEMA guidelines. By assuming your racking is safe you run the risk of: • Injury/death to employees. • Damage to plant, equipment and goods. • Cost of temporary storage. • Downtime and lost hours. • Legal, compensation and insurance costs. • Damaged morale & public image. s heck list ing C eck Rack . ty ch safe hting ble for nt. ral lig suita gene s and equip me ing Rack uate stacle ndling Adeq of ob : clear chanica l ha Time: Location area me loose. Floor ment of d or twiste on: move ged, ed. te: Locati dama re ly fix ction Da not secu Inspe rights ings ure : Up / flo or fix Struct plates ged. ende d ctor: Base dama d susp Inspe ly d un ht an : Week el an s lev uprig ction for Beam thi n the Inspe re wi only. . e: Daily Risk Lev el s secu tor in po sition ction typ Red Beam e connec locks Inspe on on s / sa fety rt of shi ft Orange ector At sta Green conn d Beam unda mage d. , with well centr ed loa ✔ ✘ Welds oned . siti ssible ctly po ere po corre condition. ing llets els wh : Pa d in good low lev n yed. Locatio Rack y Loading an ed at displa ng sition arly l lighti ds po Heav iest loa d) sig n cle Genera ng loa area t worki Floor Safe list (safe g SWL Beam s Hous ekeepin k e Chec Structur hts Uprig tes hts Basepla ks Loc Uprig s Sa fety Beam locks Safety Lo ad s position Pallet n nditio Pa llet co n ibutio t Distr Weigh n SWL sig pod TO GO GOOD tes: ctor no Inspe lates Basep GOO TO G! GO IN EXP Edition RACK RTED eks ON n 4 we STA IRE IMB ger tha repaired D not lon 1 ER CL PLETE il S E NEV ored ossible but not use unt monit COM to be s soon as p ediately. Do D ND se but ka m OF e for u ffload rac ad rack im 05 uitabl 13Green Risk: SSubstandardb-sto ndard - offlo 2008 5 : a e Risk Severely su Print Ltd N OT USE Orang : isk Red R DO donia © Cale 12
  • 13. MEWPs Recent changes in Work at Height Regulations have led to a surge in the use of Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs) in the workplace. Accidents involving MEWPs can have serious cost and personnel implications for the company involved. Worst case scenarios may lead to serious injuries or even death. As such, operators should carry out daily pre-use checks and weekly inspections to maximise safety. Good to Go Safety™ provides all the necessary tools. • Helps compliance with PUWER, LOLER, WAHR, CDM, IPAF & HSE legislation and best practice. • IPAF recommends the MEWP should be inspected both before and after use to ensure it is safe, complete, working properly and clean. • The same system can be used on multiple applications, including cherry pickers, telescopic booms and scissor lifts. Good to Go Safety™ offers one simple solution. • Quick and easy to use. Duplicate copies of all inspections are automatically created and retained within the check book, whilst the pod provides a clear visual statement of the MEWP status. MEW Paperw ork: P Ch MEW Manu ecks P sa 6 mo facturer’ Fuel/W ater/O il: Le nth tho s ma rough nual rea Inspe ction Da fe ty ch vels as pe exam d and inatio un Inspe te: eck list Batterie r ma nufac n tes derstood, ctor: t certif s: Fu lly ch turer’ s hand icate valid Time: electr arged, book MEWP olyte fre Type: Tyres: levels e from Inspe Locati Corre corro ction typ on: sion, securect pressu adeq e: Lights ly in re, fre uate Serial : Wo place e fro At sta No: rking m da mage rt of shi Alarm and , whee ft System clearl l nuts s: Fu y visibl lly op e Daily eratio Brakes nal an Paperw : Eff d au Week icient & wo dible Fuel/W ork ✔ ✘ ly Hydra rking ate ulics: Fluid Batterie r/Oil Comm s ent stabil levels ad Tyres Controls isers eq : All if ap uate, fre propri e Lights op ate) from lea Safety platfo erating ks (in Devices: rm wo correctl cludin Alarm MEW rkstat y, g System Stop/G Guard ion; including Brake s point rails, en drive : o Mecha systemground s P s sec nisms : Ma ure. trance-g s statio Hy n; drauli Safet ate Safe ch y cut-o latches cs stop/ ine starts ut in & Controls Structure loweri place harness t & ng/sl emergen Chec y : Leve ewing cy Safety Powere retain l & sta mech Devices d Movem ble ing pin , free anism Stop/G ent: s sec from vis is op o Mecha k Bo For rai ure an ibl eratio Str nisms d in e defect nal ucture Hoses steeri sing, low positi ok /Fittin ng in eri good ng, telesc on and debriPowered Wiring/V gs/ Fre worki op s, Movem alves: e fro ng ord ing, sle Hoses ents m lea wing /Fittin ks an er gs/Wi SWL/R d da & SW ring/V ated Loa mage L/Rate alves d: Sig , sec urely d Load in pla Environ n in ce ment place Enviro and GOOD nment maxim TO GO : Grou um loa Inspe Pod wind nd conditio d ad ctor no /wea hered tes: ther ns, overh to acce ptable ead cable s and STAR TED Only tra 2009 COM operat ined and com e Print Ltd PLETE other a MEWP Ne petent ope . stru D by a scis ctures or ver use the rators/inspe ma donia ME ctors sho specifi sor lift, aw chines. Ne WP as a uld be N OT c to you ait ver jack, r MEWP recovery in attempt to prop or tie allowed to © Cale EXP GO DO TO D USE refer the eve climb to sup GOO IRE to you nt the port r manuf of a break- lattices S E acture down. forme r’s ma d nual. For informati ND on OF Edition 1 5 13 22 13
  • 14. Design Your Own The Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER ) cover any equipment which is used by an employee at work. In general PUWER stipulates that equipment provided for use at work is: • Suitable and safe for use. • Maintained in a safe condition and, in certain circumstances, inspected to ensure this remains the case. • Used by people who have received adequate information, instruction and training. Employers must ensure that: • Measures are in place to minimise risks. • Only fully trained personnel are allowed to use equipment where there is a specific risk. • Work equipment provided is suitable, maintained and used without risks. Good to Go Safety™delivers on all levels. We can provide a cost-effective solution for a multitude of equipment types, offering a simple two-phase solution for your bespoke requirements. Phase 1: Our Design Your Own check book allows you to compile your own checklist. You identify the checks you need your operatives to carry out on their equipment and simply fill in the blanks. Phase 2: Once satisfied that the checklist meets all your requirements, we can design and produce the check books accordingly. Corporate logos and company information can also be incorporated upon request. st eckli list n ch check ur ow an own n yo optio ns for our Desig chec klist n yo ur gn y ve loping new weve r our ‘desig y Desi Time: tly de et an nstan ns, ho to me e co catio ecks on: We ar e of appli ify ch st for te: Locati rang spec e ch eckli ction Da nding u to spok Inspe expa ow s yo a be n all tailor ctor: optio and Inspe own’ ents how ly uirem e on n for: Week al req advic pectio ind ividu es and tes Ins ment. erativ nce no e: Daily ialist equip lines to op guida ction typ ent spec guide lying Inspe Comm supp ft e esse ntial rrectl y by rt of shi At sta Provid t the chec ks co ✔ ✘ rry ou to ca . below s: gn Note Desi wn ance Guid O Your List k Chec tes: ctor no Inspe GOO d for TO duce GO repro EXP Edition TED to be ts in STAR klists emen IRE ec D e ch requir 1 PLETE S E ok your besp cuss COM ur D ND e yo us to dis requir ntact OF you 17If ase co ks ple 8 5 13 t Ltd 200 chec future N OT USE l. Prin detai more DO donia © Cale 14
  • 15. Products Code Description 51301 Status pod 51307 Box of 100 tamper evident seals 51308 Good to Go check book wallet & pen 51302 Safety Check Book - Forklift 51303 Safety Check Book - Scaffold Tower 51304 Safety Check Book - Ladders 51305 Safety Check Book - Racking 51317 Safety Check Book - Design Your Own 51319 Safety Check Book - Fixed Scaffolding 51322 Safety Check Book - MEWP 51325 Safety Check Book - Fall Arrest Harness 51309 Weekly Inspection Kit - Forklift 51310 Weekly Inspection Kit - Scaffold Tower 51311 Weekly Inspection Kit - Ladders 51312 Weekly Inspection Kit - Racking 51320 Weekly Inspection Kit - Fixed Scaffolding 51323 Weekly Inspection Kit - MEWP 51326 Weekly Inspection Kit - Fall Arrest Harness 51313 Daily Inspection Kit - Forklift 51314 Daily Inspection Kit - Scaffold Tower 51315 Daily Inspection Kit - Ladders 51316 Daily Inspection Kit - Racking 51321 Daily Inspection Kit - Fixed Scaffolding 51324 Daily Inspection Kit - MEWP 51327 Daily Inspection Kit - Fall Arrest Harness Weekly Kit Contents (50 individual inspections) Quantity Description 1 Status pod 1 Box of 100 tamper evident seals 1 Good to Go check book wallet & pen 2 Safety Check Book Daily Kit Contents (275 individual inspections) Quantity Description 2 Status pod 1 Box of 300 tamper evident seals 1 Good to Go check book wallet & pen 11 Safety Check Book 15
  • 16. Available from: For more information please visit our website at: G 9102