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The SUPER Guideline to write for Good Paper.
S - Simple
U - Unique
P - Practical
E - Engaging
R - Rallies Readers to Action


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Write For Us

  1. 1. Writing the article Create a SUPER article Writing the article S Simple 1 Good Paper page = 400 words U Unique P Practical Create the article in Word format E Engaging R Rallies readers to take action Include email contact and website information A contributor bio in 30 words or less. The tone should be conversational and reflective of the contributors personality. Share 1 or 2 things about the contributor. Suggest a heading Naming Conventions for people Before submitting the article For Heads of State and Doctors Is this an article that you would want to read? First Reference – Salutation and full name Subsequent references – Salutation and last name Is it easy for the reader to get your message For other people Is it easy for the reader to take action? First Reference –Full name Subsequent references – First name only Does the article align with what Good Paper is expecting? What to submit to articles@goodpaper.sg1) The article2) 10 good photos, which are named after the article. Names should be very short3) For first page feature, an illustration (in CMKY) linking the featured event and the article text4) Optional high resolution photo of the contributor5) Optional relevant video or YouTube links for the article’s online version at www.goodpaper.sg6) Optional website submission for the article’s online version at www.goodpaper.sg 1
  2. 2. Picture and Image Submission GuidelinesUse short names that related to the article. For example, photos for an article about Kampung Temaskcan be named KT1.png, KT2.png etc. Pictures and Image Files Vector Images Min. 300dpi In Adobe Illustrator. A5 (148mm x 210mm, in any orientation) in size CMYK colours only dimension. Smaller images will be rejected. Images are to be in CMYK (process) colours. JPEG, TIFF or PSD formats only. For web use, 72 dpi of the image of the actual image size it is to be published in. Website Submission GuidelinesIf you have HTML skills you can also prepare the article in HTML format as well. This will allow us to postthe article on our website quickly. Format the page using the pictures you want Zip up all the html files and the picture and name the zip file with the article name and the word website. For example KampungTemasekWebsite.zip Note that this is a separate submission to the written article 2