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GoodInKind for everyone

  1. 1. GoodInKind – Get Together. Do Good.<br />August 2011<br />
  2. 2. What is GoodInKind?<br /><ul><li>GoodInKind invites users to offer almost any skill or talent they have for sale on our site
  3. 3. The person offering the service sets the price for the service and designates a non-profit to be the recipient of the money
  4. 4. GoodInKind connects the person offering the service with buyers, and routes the funds directly to the non-profit</li></li></ul><li>An example<br />The Offerer: Mark<br />The Buyer: Susie<br />is a college professor who, as a hobby, is an excellent tennis player<br />is passionate about animal rights<br />wants to learn basic techniques of playing tennis, OR<br />might also be passionate about animal rights<br />visits, posts tennis lessons for sale for $100<br />selects his favorite animal rights non-profit to receive the proceeds<br />searches for tennis lessons or browses services to benefit animal rights<br />reads reviews & profiles of offerers, contacts Mark through GoodInKind <br />Basic tennis lessons for animal rights<br />submits her payment info and gets tennis lessons from Mark at the scheduled time<br />loves it, goes to and writes a review of Mark’s coaching skill<br />once contacted by Susie for a lesson, schedules a time and the connects with her for the lesson<br />converted his talent at his hobby into $100 for his favorite animal rights non-profit<br />enjoyed getting to know Susie and sharing his passion for tennis<br />has learned tennis and made a friend<br />has supported a great non-profit animal rights organization in the process<br />
  5. 5. What’s in it for you?<br />If you are offeringa service, GoodInKind is a great way to…<br />If you are buying a service, GoodInKind is a great way to…<br />Support your favorite non-profit<br />Meet new people who share your interests<br />Get involved in your local community<br />Use social media in an innovative way to connect with interesting people and causes<br />Find personalized services from real people who care<br />Meet like-minded people while doing something you enjoy or need<br />Get a great deal<br />Do good by supporting worthy causes, without any additional effort by you<br />
  6. 6. What can you offer or buy?<br />The possibilities are endless…<br />Something fun.<br />Something to learn<br />A little help when needed<br /><ul><li>Magic tricks at a party
  7. 7. Offer a boat ride
  8. 8. Apple picking
  9. 9. Host a dinner
  10. 10. Group yoga
  11. 11. Take people on a hike
  12. 12. Ceramics lessons
  13. 13. Golf lessons
  14. 14. Cooking lessons
  15. 15. Chinese lessons
  16. 16. Knitting class
  17. 17. Tutor children
  18. 18. Interview practice
  19. 19. Guitar lessons
  20. 20. Pet-sitting
  21. 21. House painting
  22. 22. Resume editing
  23. 23. Moving assistance
  24. 24. Car wash/detailing
  25. 25. Dog-walking
  26. 26. Stacking firewood
  27. 27. Lawn-mowing</li></li></ul><li>How can you help?<br />Connect with us <br /><ul><li>Sign up at to receive updates
  28. 28. Follow GoodInKind on Twitter (@GoodInKind) and Facebook, or feature us on your own social media site or website</li></ul>Spread the word<br /><ul><li>Tell everyone you know about GoodInKind’s September launch in Ithaca and let friends and family know how they can get involved</li></li></ul><li>GoodInKind features to ensure reliable, secure, fun experience<br />Testimonials<br />Social media integration<br />Request a service<br />Private postings<br />Acknowledgements from non-profit<br />Track impact<br />Secure payments to non-profit<br />
  29. 29.  <br />GoodInKind Non-Profit Partners<br />Better Housing for Tompkins County <br />Boyce Thompson Institute For Plant Research <br />Cancer Resource Center Of Finger Lakes <br />Cayuga Chamber Orchestra <br />Cayuga Dog Rescue <br />Cayuga Nature Center <br />Center for Transformative Action <br />Challenge <br />Cinemapolis <br />Community Arts Partnership Of Tompkins County Inc. <br />Community Environmental Defense Council, Inc. <br />Community Foundation of Tompkins County <br />Dream Catalyst <br />EnergyTeachers <br />Essay Press <br />Family & Children's Service Of Ithaca Inc. <br />Finger Lakes Land Trust <br />Friends of Ithaca Youth Bureau (FIYB) <br />Greenstar Community Projects <br />Habitat For Humanity Of Tompkins And Courtland Counties <br />Healthy Food For All <br />History Center of Tompkins County <br />Hospicare & Palliative Care Services Of Tompkins County <br />Ithaca Children's Garden <br />Ithaca Community Harvest <br />Ithaca Community Radio <br />Ithaca Free Clinic (Ithaca Health Alliance) <br />Kitchen Theatre <br />Learning Web Inc. <br />Loaves And Fishes Of Tompkins County Inc. <br />Love Knows No Bounds <br />Mariposa DR Foundation <br />Market Matters Inc. <br />Mira's Movement <br />Museum of the Earth <br />Planned Parenthood <br />Racker Centers <br />Red Cross Of Ithaca <br />Restore The Earth Foundation Inc. <br />Sciencenter <br />Shelter Outreach Services <br />SPCA of Tompkins County <br />State Theatre Of Ithaca Inc. <br />Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services <br />Tompkins Community Action <br />Tompkins County Public Library Foundation <br />Tompkins County Workers' Center <br />Wild Things Sanctuary <br />Women's Opportunity Center <br />
  30. 30. GoodInKind team <br />MBA Cornell University, MS Neuroscience, B Eng (Computer Science) NTU Singapore<br />Worked as VP Marketing for venture backed startup in India<br />Previously Consultant with Capgemini Life Sciences and at Accenture technology consulting<br />Standing offer with McKinsey & Company<br />Anar Pitre<br />Vice Chair of The Coalition for the Homeless<br />Vice President of the Mercator Corporation and Founder of Howler Records<br />25 years of experience in economic & social development, public relations, consulting, commercial analysis, and project management in the for-profit and non-profit sectors<br />Kalyan Jonnalagadda<br />MBA - Cornell University, Masters of Urban Planning - New York University<br />More than six years of non-profit experience including Corporation for Supportive Housing, Palladia Inc., and Lower Manhattan Cultural Council<br />Former Teach for America Corps Member<br />Currently Manager at Bain & Company<br />MBA Cornell University, B Eng (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) NTU Singapore<br />Previously Consultant with Accenture technology consulting<br />David Giffen<br />Jessica Robbins<br />