Easter Vac 2009


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Easter Vac 2009

  1. 1. F.C.A.C. ROOS Care Easter Holiday Program 2009 Week 1: 6th– 9th April 2009 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 10th 6th 7th 8th 9th Easter Fun Excursion Day Easter Crazy Easter Play Day and Cooking MOVIES Crafts 7:30 – 12:00pm Board Games and Indoor Indoor and Easter play Games/Prepare for Practice Indoor Activities Outdoor Activities excursion Easter egg EASTER CRAFT EASTER CRAFT Excursion: creations and 10.30am experiments! Bigscreen Morning Tea Making Easter Making crazy Cinemas Masks, Baskets Easter Creations and Cards. for an Monsters vs Easter Parade GOOD Aliens (PG) Time: 9am to 12pm Cost: $8 FRIDAY Easter Play props NO SPENDING Performing Easter and costumes EASTER MONEY PLEASE play for Kindy! COOKING EASTER COOKING Making Homemade Cheesy chicks chocolate eggs 12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Easter Play Sing star and Have a planning Computer room Buzz lovely competitions Delta Sand Jewellery Easter window creations Easter Creations with painting Hama Beads Easter Egg Hunt! with your Easter Play Practising family. Playdough preparation Easter play 3.30 – 4:00pm Children’s Choice Easter egg hunt Easter Races and Musical Sports on the oval Games Games Hopping races Limbo Easter Group Outside games Egg races Statues Games 4:00 Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea Computers Computers Computers Computers Constructions Constructions Constructions Constructions 4.30 – 5.00pm Board games Board games Board games Board games 5.00 – 6:00pm ROOS Care ROOS Care ROOS Care ROOS Care combine with combine with combine with combine with Kindy Kindy Kindy Kindy
  2. 2. Week 2: 14th – 17th April 2009 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th Mega In School Messy Excursion Day Construction Excursion Day Painting day Ten pin and Day Water Slide! Lazer Zone 7:30 – Indoor Activities Indoor Activities Indoor activities Indoor Board 12.00 Board Games Board Games Board Games Games. Prepare for excursion Designing and Wet Day Constructing A Giant Water slide Excursion: 10.30am with: coming to visit us! Ten Pin Bowling Morning Join in for water Tea Straws races, relays and Time: EASTER Boxes games! 9.00am – Cylinders 9.00-11.00 12.00pm Balls Be an artist using MONDAY Wood Please bring your Cost: $14 Clay swimmers, sun Marble painting shirt & towel. Screen printing Cost : $ 5.00 Salt painting NO SPENDING MONEY PLEASE 12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Making Cooking Beading & Sing star and Playdough Hama beads Buzz creations Constructions competitions Delta Sand creations 3.30- Skipping Group games Outdoor 4:00pm Musical competition Cricket Circus Games Challenge Limbo Ball Statues games on courts 4.00pm Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea Afternoon Tea Board games Play station Connects, Lego & Computers computer tasks Board games Moblo Constructions 4.30- Constructions Constructions Board games 5:00pm Puzzles 5:00 – ROOS Care ROOS Care ROOS Care ROOS Care 6:00pm combine with Kindy combine with Kindy combine with combine with Kindy Kindy This program is very flexible and times may vary due to children’s spontaneity, interests and due to weather.
  3. 3. Staff Only Day – 20th April 2008 Monday 20th Survivor Day 7:30am Indoor Activities Board Games Construction 9.00am DRESS UP and be a 10.30am Survivor! Morning Tea Completing physical and mental Challenges! 12:00 Lunch Computers Sewing – make your own design! 3:30 – 4:00pm Musical Games Limbo Statues 4:00 Play station Board games Constructions Puzzles 5.00 -6.00pm ROOS Care combine with Kindy Enrolment If you are not enrolled please obtain an enrolment form from either administration or the ROOS Care room. Meals Students are required to provide their own morning tea and lunch, afternoon tea will be provided. Please do not send noodles that need to be cooked. Due to allergies in the service please do not send the following foods in your child’s lunch: • nut (including nutella, peanut butter or fresh) • seafood • eggs Excursions Excursions will be to such places as the Bigscreen Cinemas and Ten Pin Bowling. Costs are on program. Students will need to be at school 15 mins prior to times allocated on excursion days, as we will be leaving at that time. What to bring Students must come to Vacation Care with the following: Closed footwear, hat, spare clothes, morning tea, lunch, water bottle, good manners and a big smile ☺ Times Vacation Care is open from 7.30am - 6.00pm. Students need to be present at least 15mins prior to excursion times. Bookings Bookings can be made by returning the booking slip to Roos Care, or to Administration. Cancellations must be made with 24 hours notice or you will be charged for the day.
  4. 4. ROOS Care Easter Holidays Vacation Care - BOOKING FORM To secure your bookings, please complete this form and return to ROOS Care or Administration as soon as possible. When booking your child/children in during the holidays please give 24 hours notice. (Circle days required) Child Name Week 1 6th – 9th April MTWT MTWT MTWT Week 2 14th – 17th April TWTF T W TF TWT F Staff Only Day– 20th April M M M Note: Cancellations made with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at the full daily rate. Signed: ………………………………… Date: …………………… Please Fill out ALL excursion permission slips below and return them with the booking slip. ROOS Care EXCURSION PERMISISON FORM Name of Service: F.C.A.C ROOS Care Suburb: Wondunna VACATION PERIOD: Easter 2009 Dates: DAY: Tuesday Venue: Bigscreen Cinemas Children must wear Date: 7th April, 2009 closed in shoes. Monsters vs Aliens (PG) Cost $8 Travel Details: Bay Bus & Coach Seat Belt Activities: watching movies bus Depart School Time: 9.00am Arrive Venue 9.15am Depart Venue By: 11.4 0am Arrive Service by: 12.00pm Staff Attending: Candice Salkeld, Leonie Lidster, Kate Notley DAY: Wednesday Venue: FCAC Children must bring Date: 15th April, 2009 Prep playground sunsafe swimmers, shirt and towel. Travel Details: NIL Activities: water slide and water play games Cost $5 Session Start Time: 9.15 am Session end Time: 11.30am Staff Attending: Candice Salkeld, Leonie Lidster, Kate Notley DAY: Friday Venue: Ten Pin Bowling Children will need to Date: 17th April, 2009 And Laser Zone Cost $14 Travel Details: Bay Bus & Coach Seat Activities: bowling and laser zone Belt bus Depart School Time: 9.00am Arrive Venue: 9.15am Depart Venue By: 11.30am Arrive Service by: 11.45am Staff Attending: Candice Salkeld, Leonie Lidster, Kate Notley I ________________________________ hereby give permission for my child/ children ______________________________________ to attend the above excursions and activities organised by the Fraser Coast Anglican College ROOS Care. I understand that the number of accompanying adults will be as per Child Care ratio specified in the Child Care regulations 2003. Exact numbers and transportation details will be available on each day of an excursion. Parent/ Carer Signature: _______________________