LDS Young Women Sing With Jenny


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LDS Young Women Sing With Jenny

  1. 1. The respected singer, Jenny Phillips, and the LDS young women have a powerful connection. Every year Jennyadopts the mandate of the young women of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) to create inspirational CDs.
  2. 2. This years theme is Rise and Shine Forth, the title of Jennys 2012 newest release. The big enthusiasm to Jennys passionate songs featuring that message has resulted in more than 500,000 CDs sold. Jenny has a significant audience that has furnished memorable praisefor the artists enriched music and motivational message.
  3. 3. In his annual speech, LDS President Henry B. Erving lauded the young women of the church as a strong force to counter the moral corruption and the subjugation ofwomen that has spread across the land. LDS young womenare expected to apply their beliefs to every aspect of their personal and spiritual life.
  4. 4. The Latter-Day Saints believe that following a virtuous lifedemands a certain mindset that is challenged by the attire they use, the way the young women speak and even by their social conduct on the Internet. Jenny Phillips new CDs send these messages in perfect musical songs that are enriched by the artists real commitment to these very beliefs.
  5. 5. Most members of the church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints embrace Jennys faith that inspires young womento sustain their loyalty to Jesus Christ. LDS members make Jesus Christ the core of their existence.
  6. 6. As the LDS young women develop in belief and body, they often find themselves re-examining the passages of the Book of Mormon. In the Latter-Day Saints, the youngwomen are expected to be the wall of defense of virtue, a shrinking attribute in the country.
  7. 7. And, Jenny Phillips fabulous songs are very aware of virtue and the rewards of a virtuous life. Just as the LDStestimonies in the Book of Mormon become more defined with constant reading, Jennys music become more revealing every time a listener hears her special music.
  8. 8. Jennys soothing voice and important messages make itunderstood that the vocalist encourages her audience torevel in their faith. Accolades of her musical blessing andher message are received every day. Her message has thecalm, soothing passion for her beliefs that comes directly from her soul and spreads to her listeners.
  9. 9. Jennys work is unique. Jesus Christ is the central figure in all Jennys music. When LDS young women hear Jennys Rise and Shine Forth CD, they will better realize their own commitment to Jesus Christ and the 2012 Latter-Day Saints goals.
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