Start Blogging for Your Goo2o Store: Focus on content first

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Blog needs good content to let it blossom. your killer content is a medium to hold your reader's interest in your blog for long.

Blog needs good content to let it blossom. your killer content is a medium to hold your reader's interest in your blog for long.

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  • 1. Start Blogging for your Goo2o store: focus on content firstCompany: Goo2o Technologies Written by: Shikha sharda 11/7/2011
  • 2. Start Blogging for your Goo2o store: focus on content firstIf you care about bringing customers to your Goo2o store, blogging is agreat way to achieve this.Blog is a customizable part of a website which will be the reflection of yourproducts & services. It‟ll be the medium to magnet your target audience toyour Goo2o store. The reason might be their immense trust in you & yourservices which they would gain during their blogging tour. Make sure togive your blog readers a happy experience to invite them back. Otherwisethey‟ll get confused and loose interest in your blog.So build your content writing strategy and implement it. content writing strategy: stages of writing a successful content Page 2 of 15
  • 3. When you have planned your content writing strategy, you need to work on it. After all, your blog is a medium to connect you and your readers (future buyers) in a better way. Your blog will help you to judge changing market trends, customer‟s changing mood, likes & dislikes, reaction to different products & services etc. It also allows you to communicate your ideas and plans. To hit discussions & debates among your readers, you need to post such topics which spark ideas in your readers mind. Publish news releases, product description, post some articles on which your readers can comment and debate on. So, blogging is one of the missing pieces of your success story. Without this, the long stay in the world of e-marketing is a big question. After getting introduced to the blogging fundas you might be wondering, is the process of blogging difficult? The answer is NO. It is really easy to create and maintain your store‟s blog. All you need is: Good blogging provider with wonderful customized features Killer content to hold your reader‟s interest Some top-class blogging providers Web blog provider is a platform where you can create your blog. There are numerous blogging providers such as wordpress, blogger, yola etc. Choosing the right one is very important. But for a starter, I would suggest either wordpress or blogger. Most of the successful brands and companies like yahoo, eBay, nokia, naaptol are using wordpress for their blogs. Here are some tutorials to learn the making of blogs on some decent blogging providers: Page 3 of 15
  • 4. Tutorial on:Wordpess- „How to Start a Free Blog in Wordpress‟Blogger-„How to Start a Free Blog at‟Tumblr- „How To Easily Create a Blog with Tumblr‟Yola- „How to start a free blog with Yola‟After creating your blog, you need to have appealing content on your blog.Content is the most important device of your blogging kit. So let‟s have alook into some suggestive content ideas.Guide to planning your blog content strategyContent is indeed a very crucial part of your blog. It can make readers stickto your blog or they won‟t find it interesting.Of course, content strategy includes a lot: content writing, content analysis& keyword optimization. But if I had to break it in some fruitful suggestions,here are some advices I would like to give.Advice 1: Give detailed product description to simplify readers buyingdecisionYou can use your blog as a platform to showcase your product. As yourreaders really want to know about it. Provide them complete productdescription with offers and services on its purchase. Give them reason tobuy from your store instead of others. You can also place links in betweenyour write-up. Links should redirect to your store, your other articles,product reviews, updates etc. Likeindiaplaza in its blog post gave the latestoffer on flowers purchase and link to buy on the blog itself. This screenshotof indiaplazablog gives you exact idea on how to put links in the middle ofarticles. Page 4 of 15
  • 5. Advice 2: Offer your readers a low-price dealArticles having discount details, latest offers and coupon links is a smartway to bring customers to your store. Discount and offers compel reader‟seye to take a look on the product. Have a look on a screenshot where wootstore blog shows how discounts & offers are placed in a blog. Page 5 of 15
  • 6. The link given in the post offers warranty extension to readers if theybecome screenplay buyers ofwoot store. Clicking on the link will forwardthem to make screenplay purchases & get warranty extension offers. Andmarked field shows how to mention offers in your article.Advice 3: Give suspense and break it out in humorSerious and informatory blog is not a compulsion. In between your seriousarticles, add some humor so that your readers get involved in your wordsand laugh it out. See how zappos entertained its audience with a bit ofhumor. Have you noticed the date of blog post? It was 1st April, April fool‟sday. This kind of blog post makes the serious discussion environment around table laugh of friends together. Page 6 of 15
  • 7. Page 7 of 15
  • 8. Have a look what readers commented.Advice 4: Share your event participation for readers to have a glance.Post images and write-ups describing your marketing campaigns,participation in events etc. You can write about your preparations, efforts inorganizing such events, your experiences & audience response. Thescreenshot below shows the abebooks store‟s latest event in Londoninforming readers to take a brief look on their internationalbook fair. It helps readers to create trust in you & your services. Page 8 of 15
  • 9. Advice 5: Give your blog readers an expert advice to help them in theirbuying decisionYou can post specialist advice on topics beneficial for your readers. Forexample you can add advice on increasing security of online transactionetc. Like eBay in its blog posted its interview with Phil Dunn (an expert oneBay marketing): Page 9 of 15
  • 10. Posts like this create more interest among readers. The reason being theybelieve more when the words are from expert‟s mouth. People believemore on experts then their own judgment.Advice 6: Help your blog visitors to follow trends & keep them stylishThis is a great way to keep your readers up-to-date in fashion, gadgets etc.After all before buying anything, they should know what‟s in & what‟s out. Ifyou make them trust your words, you‟ll see excellent results in the nearfuture. Take an example of horseshoeseattle store, a women‟s fashionboutique which shows the recent market trend in women‟s summer outfits. Page 10 of 15
  • 11. It‟ll help your readers to have a glimpse of what is running in marketfancies. It gives your readers another spice while going through your blog.Advice 7: Give readers‟ comparison among products & services to maketheir purchase easier Page 11 of 15
  • 12. Show your customers comparison among your own products without beingbiased to one. You can also give posts comparing old & new version oftechnology you use. Take an example of gadgets blogpost comparing twomobiles: iPhone and AT&T:Comparison between the products and their features is a nice idea to givetransparency among them. It gives suggestion to different taste of people toopt for the one which suits their preference. Don‟t add negative points toone to raise other in a matter of praise. Commend both of your products.Likewise compare two features, versions, models, offers, options etc.Advice 8: Tell your readers how you provided them a brilliant store (yourmoves & strategies behind your store development) Page 12 of 15
  • 13. Let your readers know about your Goo2o store features in a better way. Itwill be helpful for your customers as well. Give them complete knowledgeof various options and how to personalize it. They will feel reliable on yourwork & quality. You can see with an example of woot‟s blog post:In this blog, woot mentions about its urgent mode which will ping its usersabout the stock getting empty. When they are down to the last 10 percentor so of our stock, you‟ll see blink (the “I Want One” button, formally) get alljumpy. It is a great medium to tell your readers how you work down to dusk.It‟s human nature that they believe and credit those things whose making isin their knowledge.Last but not the leastTo get success in your content strategy, you should know what to do butit‟s equally important to tell what not to do. Perhaps the most repeated Page 13 of 15
  • 14. mistake is overly long content without any need. If you want your readers to stick to your content then get your point & go to it fast. By the same token, content should not be too short either. It should be informatory and with needed explanation. Give your audience to the point information but give them something to read they can chew upon. Now you have all the steps and content to start blogging in a practical way. So enjoy blogging. I‟ll come up with the ways through which you should maintain your blog in my next blog. Sources Techcrunch Smashing magazine Further readings „Merge blogging with social networking to get greater traffic‟, Rebecca Habel „Why do you read daily blog tips?‟, Adesoji Adegbulu Shikha Sharda is from New Delhi, India. She is currently working with as a content analyst. gives its buyers offline shopping experience online. Writing is a game of words n she believes in „play with your words justly otherwise your words will play with you‟. Follow her on twitter. View all posts by Shikha Sharda @All rights reseved Published at on July 02, 2011 Page 14 of 15
  • 15. To know further…… Contact us on goo2o.comFor any unsolved query or suggestion contact: support.goo2o.comYou can follow us on: Twitter Facebook Digg Stumble upon Page 15 of 15