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With the implementation of localized vendor channel, goo2o achieved high customer satisfaction by fast deliveries. Customers now have options to choose preferred local vendors. At the same time, our ...

With the implementation of localized vendor channel, goo2o achieved high customer satisfaction by fast deliveries. Customers now have options to choose preferred local vendors. At the same time, our vendors don’t have to bear any extra shipment cost.



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Localized vendor channel Localized vendor channel Document Transcript

  • Localized Vendor Channel Executive Summary This case study aims:  To identify the obstacles Goo2o faced when it had vendors at single location & Challenges  The benefits Goo2o realized after implementing Time Consuming localized vendor channel Higher Cost to vendorGlance No choice of preferred vendor location The key challenges were: customers had no choice of local vendors, higher shipment cost & delivery time. Case also Solution describes the complete process of how we reached to the Localized Vendor Channel implementation of localized vendors across the country.a Results With the implementation of localized vendor channel, Goo2oAt Fast Delivery Reduced Shipment cost achieved high customer satisfaction by fast deliveries. Option for preferred vendor Customers now have options to choose preferred local location vendors. At the same time, our vendors don’t have to bear any extra shipment cost. Let’s take a fictitious case for better understanding When Goo2o had vendors only at one location: Sameer (customer) from Mumbai visited a Goo2o powered store on 10th Sept. He was looking for a Mumbai vendor for Voltas split AC. But he didn’t find any & placed the order to Delhi vendor. The product was delivered to him on 21st Sept.
  • Challenges Observed:As observed, Sameer placed an order on 10th Sept. & it took 11 days todeliver.  Time consuming:As Goo2o had vendors at Delhi, all products ordered by our geographicallydiverse customers were shipped from this single location. So, to deliver theitems from Delhi to long distance locations like Mumbai took more time.This led to customer dissatisfaction.Shipment of Voltas AC took place from Delhi to Mumbai  Higher cost to vendor:Goo2o vendors used to quote an average shipment charges on theproduct. But certain cities like Mumbai apply excise duty, octroi charges
  • etc. Secondly high shipment cost incurred for longer distances. Vendor hadto bear these extra costs.Sameer was looking for a local vendor (Mumbai) but when didn’t find anysuch option, went for a Delhi vendor  No choice of preferred vendor location:A set of buyers prefer local vendors to facilitate their buying need. But wewere able to provide such option only to our Delhi customers.The process: Steps toward resolutionVisioning:To implement a cost effective solution which provide fast product delivery &wide vendor option.
  • Exploring:In view of the problem faced, our Analyst team started exploring a way tofind a solution. They came up with a proposal of Localized Vendor Channelas the best resolution to all challenges. Root cause Proposed ideas Localized vendors across the country >>Shipment will be done by the nearest vendor location. It will lead to fast delivery Vendors at single & less shipment cost location >>All the shipping details like applicable taxes & prices to different cities will be mentioned. >>Customers will have options to search & choose the vendor of their preferred locationBased on the proposed solution our Business Development Executivesapproached various vendors across the country & made them a part ofGoo2o vendor program.Designing a solutionOnce the root cause of the problem & possible ideas are well-understood,the process of designing a solution begins. This process typically startswith brainstorming, a technique by which Analyst team suggest a numberof possible general approaches to prepare a layout (or wireframes).
  • The analyst at Goo2o designed a layout or structure of catalog withadditional features that we wanted to include in Localized vendor channel.This catalog was designed keeping in mind the mandatory shippinginformation which a vendor must convey to the potential customers like: o Availability of the product as per locations o Applicable shipping charges & taxes location wise o Handling time which will show approximate days require to ship the productBy this way a prototype or preliminary working model was built. Theprimary function of the prototype is to demonstrate and test the functionalityof each event & to reveal any bugs or problems with the design.Developing & ImplementingOnce the prototype is in complete working order, the device goes into theproduction stage. Here, details such as appearance, ease of use etc aregiven attention by the development team.The actual modifications proposed by Goo2o analyst team & designerswere developed to include the additional features in the catalog, like: o We extended the database of vendors to record more entries o Enhanced the options for vendors to let them customize their catalog
  • o Added multiple options in the catalog like a vendor can mention shipping charges, applicable taxes, delivery time etc based on the product & locationThen the developed catalog was validated by our testing team. Afterdevelopment & testing of the catalog we provided it to our localizedvendorsResultsWhen Goo2o has localized vendors across the country:Sameer (customer) from Mumbai visited a Goo2o powered store on 10thOct. He found a Mumbai vendor & placed the order for Voltas split AC. TheAC was delivered to him on 12th Oct.Fast Delivery:Due to availability of vendors across the country, we ship the item from thenearest vendor location to customer. And our customers enjoy fast delivery.Reduced shipment cost:As shipment is done by the local vendors therefore shipping charges arereasonable. Secondly, shipment details are mentioned with the productslocation wise like applicable taxes, shipping cost etc. So, now Goo2ovendors don’t have to bear any extra cost & customers get clarity of totalamount charged.
  • Option for preferred vendor location:Our customers can choose the vendors of their choice & preferred location.So now customers can easily approach them whenever needed for anyassistance.To know further…… Contact us on goo2o.comFor any unsolved query or suggestion contact: support.goo2o.comYou can follow us on: Twitter Facebook