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  • 1. 1 idea – 2 prototypes • Problem statement – Senior year school* students looking for a way to show their capabilities learnt at school and gain some job experience for their curriculum while getting paid for it because they need a way of income, and a way of make a living. • Idea: – Create a virtual community (social network) for sharing experiences from first year employees to senior year university/college students. * School = university/college.
  • 2. Testing • Done with the same people of the interview on the first activity • 2 persons were interviewed again, while the prototype was shown to them. • Both ppl on their first year of work – 1 happy in his/her work – 1 not happy at all
  • 3. Feedback • All the points from the feedback grid are put into the “Test prototype…” page • the most important opinions were included. • Opinions that appeared more than 1 time were not included.
  • 4. Prototype 1 • A “social network” style community – With spaces for • Uploading topics on a forum • Uploading pictures • Create polls – Where business can create their own profiles for interact with people on their last year of “school” – Where people on their first year of working can share their experiences about working, workplaces, business, how to prepare for an interview, etc.
  • 5. Prototype 1 • And where people in need of a way for solving their doubts about working (e.g. senior year students) can sing up and interact with different stakeholders. • Business can use the information gathered to improve their workplace, or research about the kind of people that will go to work in a couple of years.
  • 6. Test prototype 1 • “how is this different to linkedin?” • How will this get famous/popular? • Which will be the main language used on the website? (i live in a non english speaking country) • Can the site be divided into different topics (economics, health, math, engineering, langua ge) according to the needs of the industry? This can help the business to get involved to a more specific public
  • 7. Test prototype 1 • This should get more tools, the user should never get tired of the site. • You should develop this for cellphones. • You should emphasise the fact that the main objective of the site is to share the knowledge (about school to work transition)for those who need it
  • 8. Prototype 2 • A “forum like” website with different trends for helping the people that needs a little help for solving their different need about working for the first time.
  • 9. Test of prototype #2 • “forum sites” are so last century decade. Why don’t you try a social network better. • You can offer a premium membership that allows you to get more noticed to the business that are looking for people to hire. • What would be a good name for the website?
  • 10. Reflection • Both ideas were recieved in a good way by the interviewed people. Prototypes still need a lot of work to be done into them, but they can be fixed and converted into a tool that could help someone in the future. One of the main things to take into account is to improve the developement of empathy for the user’s situation.
  • 11. Reflection • If I continue working of the project, i will get a bigger team to get more feedback from the technical part of the developement. I also would make a bigger prototype testing, to get more feedback and improve the prototype better.