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Practice testenglish1
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Practice testenglish1


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Practice Test English 1

Practice Test English 1

Published in: Education

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  • 1. INSTITUTO POLITÉCNICO NACIONAL CENTRO DE ESTUDIOS CIENTÍFICOS Y TECNOLÓGICOS No. 11 WILFRIDO MASSIEU PÉREZ Name: ____________________________ Class: __________ Date: _________ PRACTICE TEST 1I Circle the letter that best completes each sentence.1. Yoko and Carol ___________ at the park.A is B are C am.2.The teacher __________ Mr. Smith.A Is B are C am3.___________ you American ?A are B is C am4.I __________ a new student here.A are B is C am5.___________ aren´t from Colombia.A we B he C I6.Tania and I ____________ in the same school.A are B am C isII The following sentences are incorrect, circle the mistake and write the correction on the line.7.Mr Smith is the new teacher, She is a good woman. _____________.8.My friends father is Mrs. Johnson. ______________.9.That boy is in my class, she is the best student. _____________.10.Karla is from Chicago, but he is bilingual. _____________.11.You and I are very tall, They are in the basket ball team. _____________.
  • 2. Complete the following ideas with words from the box. Friday September Sunday third Wednesday December May eleventh seventh12.The ____________ month of the year is November.13.___________ is the fourth day of the week.14.The ninth month of the year is ____________.15.The fifth month of the year is _____________.16._____________ is the sixth day of the week.17._____________ is the first day of the week.18-22 NON EXISTENT.III Match the following questions and answers. a.She is Italian. 22.What is her name?__________ b.She is 26 years old. 23.How old is She?________ c.She is at school now. 24.What nationality is She?________ d.Sofi. 25.Where is She from?________ e.She is fine 26.Where is she?________ f.RomeIV Directions: Complete the sentences with the correct possessive form. 27. I have two brothers. ________________ names are Tom and Jerry. 28. This is Lucy and _____________ eyes are beautiful. 29. We are lucky! ______________ classroom is large. 30. Megan and her sister are twins. _____________ eyes are the same color. 31. Jerry is a chef. ______________ dishes are delicious.
  • 3. 32-46 NON EXISTENT.VI Change the following sentences to interrogative form.47.Tina lives in a big house.Where ___________________________________________________?48. I wake up at 6 everyday.What time ________________________________________________?49. Juney drinks tea for breakfast everyday.What ____________________________________________________?50. The Smiths have two children.How many ________________________________________________?51. Mr Thompson is a mechanic.What _____________________________________________________?VII Unscramble the following sentences.52. Usually work I Saturdays on___________________________________________________________________________.53. Take the exam students an every normally month____________________________________________________________________________. 54. A take often shower you do how ?______________________________________________________________________________.55. Go the rarely cinema go on to Mondays I_______________________________________________________________________________.56. Father ever drinks my hardly liquor_______________________________________________________________________________.
  • 4. IV Directions: Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb.1. We always __________ (walk) home from school.2. She never __________ (drink) diet sodas.3. Do you __________ (like) to watch T.V.?4. I __________ (play) tennis every Saturday.5. He doesn’t __________ (dance) very well.6. My neighbor __________ (work) at the hospital.7. When do you __________ (eat) dinner?8. The students always _________ (study) for their tests.9. Does he __________ (live) in California?10. The store usually __________ (close) at 10 p.m.V Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb given:Robert Ballard is 28 years old. He _______________(live) in Germany. Robert___________________ (love) sport, and he ___________________(have) a dangerous hobby; he___________________ (climb) waterfalls! How is that possible? The answer is easy. He____________________ (not)(climb) in the summer, but in the winter, when everything is frozen.At the moment, Kevin is _________________ (make) plans for his next climb. He is_____________________ (plan) to go to the Canadian rockies next January. He wants_________________ (climb) a big waterfall there. Many people ________________ (think) Robertis crazy. “Maybe I am”, he says. “But I just _______________ (love) it”VOCABULARYI Fill in the blanks with the missing country or nationality. 1. __________________ Japanese 2. The USA _________________ 3. Brazil _________________ 4. China _________________ 5. __________________ German 6. __________________ English 7. Italy ________________ 8. Spain ________________ 9. Scotland ________________ 10. __________________ Polish
  • 5. II Write the verbs: __ ____________________ ___________ ___________ ______________________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________ __ __________ _________ ___________ ___________ ______________________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ______________________ ___________ ___________ ___________ ___________
  • 6. III Write the opposite words for the following adjectives:Bad ______________ beautiful _______________ big _______________dirty ______________ empty _______________ easy _______________expensive __________ fast _______________ old _______________wet ______________ rich _______________ fat _______________IV Complete the numbers and words.1st ______________________ 11th ______________________2nd______________________ 12th ______________________3rd______________________ _______ thirteenth_________ fouth _______ fourteenth_________ fifth 15th _____________________6th______________________ 21st ______________________7th______________________ 22nd ______________________________ eighth ______ thirty fifth9th ______________________ ______ forty third_______ tenth 100th _____________________PRACTICE TEST 2.I Change the following ideas to interrogative form. 1. Lina lives in an apartment. __________________________________________________. 2. Tom is a good student. _____________________________________________________. 3. The students are taking an exam now. _________________________________________. 4. My parents work 10 hours a day. _____________________________________________.
  • 7. 5. I take a shower every morning. ______________________________________________. 6. Susy drives a nice car. ______________________________________________________.II Mr. Cabrera is talking about himself. Complete the paragraph, use the correct form of the verb.I am a systems engineer in a transnational company. I normally _____________ (work)(7) fromMonday to Friday. I ______________ (like)(8) my job very much, I really _____________ (enjoy)(9)being with my friends at the office. I almost always _______________ (arrive) (10)early and I______________ (take)(11) some time to have a cup of coffee with them. We _____________ (go)(12)out to lunch at around 2 p.m. and I usually ______________ (go) (13)to a small restaurantnear my office. I _________________ (be)(14) married and I ___________ (have)(15) 2 kids, Theyboth _____________ (go) (16)to elementary school. Danny and Sandy _______________ (be)(17)twins, and I_________ (love) (18)them very much.My wife ______________ (be)(19) a Spanish teacher. She______________ ( work)(20) in a publicschool downtown. Our kids ______________ (go)(21) to a different school. She________________(give) (22)classes in the morning and she _________________ (leave) (23)school early to pick upthe girls. She _________________ (get)(24) home at around 2.30 in the afternoon. She sometimes______________ (take)(25) time to go to the supermarket to buy some food and groceries. She_______________ (like)(26) to work with the girls to check their homework. They normally________________ (do)(27) homework alone but my wife likes to help them.I believe we are all happy. The most important thing for everyone is to be together like a realfamily.III Complete the following ideas in a logical way, use the right question word. 28. A: _____________ do you live? B: In New York. 29. A: ________________ do you have? B: I don´t have brothers only a sister. 30. A: ___________________ do you get up? B: At 6 a.m. 31. A:___________________ do you live with? B: I live alone 32. A: __________________ do you need the money? B: Because I want to buy a car.IV Unscramble the following sentences. 33. English/ my/ speaks/ sister/ well/ very._________________________________________. 34. modern/likes/ the/ girl/little/music_________________________________________. 35. man/ from/ that/ is/Europe_____________________________________________. 36. p.m./arrives/ father/normally/my/home/9/before
  • 8. ______________________________________________________________. 37. a/today/day/is/cold _________________________________________.V Correct the following ideas. Write the right form. 48. Mr Wilson take a bus to work everyday. ________________________________________. 49. The boys are play soccer every weekend ________________________________________. 50. I speaks English very well. ____________________________________________________. 51. Do you are from Mexico? ____________________________________________________. 52. What time you live school? __________________________________________________. 53. Is your friend lives in France? ________________________________________________. 54. How old you are? __________________________________________________________. 55. Her name is Ricardo. _______________________________________________________. 56. Their names are Susana. ____________________________________________________.VII Change the following sentences to negative form. 57. The Taylors come from Ireland. _____________________________________. 58. The Taylors are nice people. _____________________________________. 59. Mr. Taylor works in a big company ___________________________________. 60. Lucy Taylor is my friend. _____________________________________.