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2012 10-19 angola book-final

2012 10-19 angola book-final






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    2012 10-19 angola book-final 2012 10-19 angola book-final Presentation Transcript

    • Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 1 10/19/2012 12:10:50 PM
    • Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 2-3 10/19/2012 12:10:50 PM
    • ANGOLA 2012 Consulate General of the Republic of Angola Editing 编辑 Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Louise do Rosário Mark O´Neill Production 制作 Macaolink News and Information Services Graphic Design 平面设计 Kautim Productive Creations Co-ordination 统筹 Mafalda Botelho - Rita Ferreira Carine Kiala Gonçalo César de Sá Printing 印刷 Welfare Printing-Macau Text 内容 Courtesy of National Commission for the Expo 2010 Shanghai China Cover 封面 António Escobar Statue of the King Chibinda Ilunga-Angola Chokwé Carine Kiala Ethnological Museum of Berlin Photos 图片 Print Run 印刷数量 Agence France Press 1000 Eric Lafforgue Getty Images Sponsors 赞助者 Neil Breslin Jr China Sonangol International Holding Ltd. Nuno Martins Sonangol Sinopec International Ltd. Xinhua News Agency China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group Co. Ltd. Pan China Construction Corporation Ltd. Translation 翻译 Alison Qu Hong Kong Catarina Aleixo 11 November 2012 Xie Chen Map 地图 United Nations Department of Field Support Cartographic Section - U.N.Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 4-5 10/19/2012 12:10:50 PM
    • TABLE OF CONTENT 目录 ForewOrd | 07 序言 | 07 From the Consul General 安哥拉共和国驻香港总领事馆总领事 of the Republic of Angola in Hong Kong SAR 介绍 | 09 Introduction | 08 安哥拉共和国 The Republic of Angola 北部诸省 | 10 The North | 10 罗安达 Luanda 本戈 Bengo 卡宾达 Cabinda 威热 Uíge 扎伊尔 Zaire 马兰热 Malanje 北宽扎 Kwanza Norte 北隆达和南隆达 Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul 中部诸省 | 56 The Centre | 56 南宽扎 Kwanza Sul 比耶 Bié 万博 Huambo 本格拉 Benguela 莫希科 Moxico 南部诸省 | 80 The South | 80 威拉 Huíla 纳米贝 Namibe 库内内 Cunene 宽多—库帮戈 Kuando KubangoAngola BOOK Final 2.indd 6-7 10/19/2012 12:10:50 PM
    • 7 FOREWORD It is a great honour for the Consulate General of the Republic of Angola in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to commemorate the 37th Anniversary of the Independence of the Republic of Angola with the release of this publication. The book is a product of our mission to inform the Hong Kong community of our beautiful Angola. We believe it will encourage greater dialogue and cooperation between Angola and Hong Kong (SAR). This illustrative hardcover provides a presentation of Angola, incorporating elements of tourism and the promotion of business development. It celebrates the cultural richness of all 18 provinces, as well as provides an overview of the main sectors of industry. Through this book “ANGOLA”, we hope to provide a real glimpse of our part of the world to the readers. We also trust that some of these readers will feel inspired to learn more about Angola. Cupertino Gourgel Consul General of the Republic of Angola Hong Kong Special Administrative Region 前言 值此安哥拉共和国独立三十七周年之际,安哥拉驻香港特别行政区领事馆非常荣幸地 向读者奉送这本安哥拉国家介绍——《安哥拉》。藉此,向香港社会展示我们的美好 国家。 我们相信,此卷国家介绍会促进安哥拉与香港特别行政区间更广泛的交流与合作。 本书图文并茂,装帧精美,展示了安哥拉的方方面面,包括旅游业和商贸发展。本书 也展示了安哥拉十八个省份的丰富文化和主要产业概况。 我们希望凭着这卷《安哥拉》,安哥拉能够走进读者的心灵,继而更进一步了解安哥 拉。 铁诺.库佩蒂诺 安哥拉共和国驻香港特别行政区领事馆 总领事Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 8-9 10/19/2012 12:10:50 PM
    • 8 9 INTRODUCTION 介绍 The Republic of Angola, located in southern Africa, has a total area of over 1.2 million The current territory of Angola has likely been inhabited since the Lower Paleolithic Age. 安哥拉共和国,位于非洲南部,土地面积超过120万平方公里,西临大西洋,北邻刚 square kilometres. With the west coast against the Atlantic Ocean, the country is According to historians, in the sixth century BC Bantu-speaking people arrived from the 果(金)和刚果(布),东接赞比亚,南连纳米比亚。安哥拉行政区划分为18个省,人 bordered on the north by the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Congo-Brazzaville, north of Africa but the most important political union in the region, the Kingdom of Kongo, 口约1800万,其中超过50%人口居住于主要城市。首都罗安达居住人口约500万,超 on the east by Zambia, and on the south by Namibia. Angola consists of 18 provinces was only established in the 13th century AD. 过总人口的四分之一。安哥拉官方语言是葡萄牙语,主要的当地语言包括姆本土语 and has an estimated population of 18 million, of which more than 50 percent live in the (Umbundu和Kimbundu)、刚果语、扎伊尔巧克威族语、菲奥特语和夸尼亚玛族语。 country’s major cities. The capital Luanda is home to approximately 5 million residents, The first contacts of the Kingdom of Kongo with Europeans took place in 1482 with 安哥拉可分为两大地理区域——沿海和内陆。沿海区域特点是降雨量大,年平均气温 just over one fourth of the country´s population. Portuguese is the official language, with Portuguese navigator Diogo Cão who later established links also in the south with the 23摄氏度。内陆地域气候多样化,包括三个不同气候区。北部多雨高温,中部高原干 the main indigenous languages being Umbundu, Kimbundu, Kikongo, Tchokwe, Ibinda Kingdom of Ndongo, a tributary to the Kingdom of Kongo. 燥凉爽。南部由于临近卡拉哈里沙漠又受热带气流影响,故气温变化较大。安哥拉有 and Cuanhama. 两个季节,雨季和旱季。雨季从9月持续到来年4月,旱季则较短从5月至8月。 Angola’s name derives from the word n’gola, the Ndongo word for a king or ruler. Over Angola can be divided into two geographical regions, the coast and the interior. The the centuries, the pronunciation of n’gola changed to Angola. 三条主要河流贯穿安哥拉:宽扎河长约1,000公里,流入北部海岸;库内内河长约800 coast is characterized by heavy rainfall with an average annual temperature of 23 degrees 公里,流入南部海岸;多库邦戈河长975公里,向南流向安哥拉纳米比亚边界。 Celsius. The interior, meanwhile, has a more diverse landscape with three climatic areas. After a long war of liberation against the Portuguese colonial government, Angola The north experiences heavy rainfall and tropical temperatures, while the central plateau is proclaimed independence from Portugal on November 11, 1975 with the name of 安哥拉地质多样化,有石油、天然气、钻石、磷酸盐、沥青、铁、铜、镁、黄金和观 much drier and cooler. The third climatic area, the south, is subject to severe temperature People´s Republic of Angola headed by late president António Agostinho Neto. 赏石等矿藏。也有许多沉积岩石和矿物,包括沙、砂岩、石英岩、砂石和粘土等。 variations as a result of its proximity to the Kalahari Desert and the presence of tropical air 安哥拉拥有大量野生动物,其中包括一些世界上最稀有的动物,例如只生存在马兰热 currents. Angola experiences two seasons, the rainy season, which lasts from September General elections were held on August 31, 2012, which the ruling party MPLA (Movimento 省的大黑山羚羊(又名Palanca Negra)。整个安哥拉拥有撒哈拉以南几乎所有非洲的 to April, and the briefer dry season, or the cacimbo, which occurs between May and Popular de Libertação de Angola) won a majority vote and nominated José Eduardo dos 珍贵动物物种。狮子、豹、鬣狗、河马、红色紫貂遍布各地。大象、斑马、长颈鹿、 August. Santos for another term in office as President of the Republic of Angola. 水牛、猎豹、跳羚羚羊、大羚羊、野山羊和非洲本地羚羊等动物生活于最干旱的地 区,而奥石羚羊、小羚羊和大象生活于北部、中部和东部的湿地。卡宾达马永贝高原 There are three main rivers that flow across Angola. The Kwanza River, almost 1,000 The book presents the country through illustrations of three main areas: the north, the 森林为大猩猩、黑猩猩和鹦鹉提供了栖息地。大西洋海岸则盛产海洋生物。 kilometres long, runs to the northern coast. The Cunene River, 800 kilometres, runs to centre and the south. It includes some historical background of main cities, as well as an the southern coast and the Kubango River, 975 kilometres, runs south to the Angola- overview of key sectors of industry. 早于早在旧石器时代,人们就开始定居于现今安哥拉的这块土地。据历史学家考证, Namibian border. 班图语族人于公元前6世纪就从非洲北部迁徙而来,但直到公元13世纪才建立了这块土 地上最重要的政治联盟 :刚果王国。 Angola’s geology is diverse with oil, natural gas, diamonds, phosphate, bitumen, iron, 1482年刚果王国首次与欧洲接触,当时葡萄牙航海家迪奥戈曹第一个来访刚果王国。 copper, magnesium, gold, and ornamental stones. There are also a number of sedimentary 之后,他接着与南部的刚国属国恩东戈王国建立了联系。 rocks and minerals, including sand, sandstone, quartzite, gravel and clay. “安哥拉”这个名字从 “n’gola” 派生而来,恩东戈语意为国王或统治者。几个世 The wildlife in Angola includes some of the world’s rarest animals, such as the Palanca 纪以来,“n’ gola”的发音逐渐衍变成 “安哥拉”。 Negra, which is a giant sable antelope that exists only in the province of Malange. The rest of the country contains nearly all the most prominent animal species of sub- 经过长年的抗击葡萄牙殖民地政府的解放战争,安哥拉于1975年11月11日正式宣布从 Saharan Africa. The lion, the leopard, the hyena, the hippopotamus and the red sable are 葡萄牙殖民统治中获得独立,国名为安哥拉人民共和国,已故总统安东尼奥•阿戈斯蒂 common. Elephants, zebras, giraffes, buffalo, cheetahs, springbok antelopes, gemsbok, 纽•内图是国家独立后的第一位领导人。 gnus, and impalas can be found in the driest regions, while the golungo antelopes, duikers and elephants live in humid areas in the north, centre, and east. The Maiombe 2012年8月31日进行的大选中,安哥拉执政党安哥拉人民解放运动(MPLA)赢得了多 HIS EXCELLENCY ENGINEER 数选票,任命现任总统若泽·爱德华多·多斯桑托斯为安哥拉共和国总统,履行第二任 Forest in Cabinda provides a habitat for gorillas, chimpanzees and parrots, and marine JOSÉ EDUARDO DOS SANTOS 总统任期。 life abounds off the Atlantic coast. 若泽·爱德华多·多斯桑托斯 安哥拉共和国总统 本书以诸多插图表现了安哥拉三个主要区域:北部、中部和南部,包括那里一些主要 城市的历史背景和主要工业发展情况。Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 10-11 10/19/2012 12:10:51 PM
    • 10 11 LUANDA PROVINCE 罗安达省 · LUANDA · 罗安达 Luanda, the administrative, political, and financial capital of Angola, is one of the oldest 罗安达是安哥拉的首都,政治和金融中心,是非洲最古老的城市之一,也是欧洲人在 cities in Africa, and the first to be established by Europeans south of the Sahara. It was 撒哈拉以南建立的第一个城市。 1575年葡萄牙船长保罗 ∙ 迪斯 ∙ 诺瓦伊斯发现了这里 founded in 1575 by Captain Paulo Dias de Novais and officially named St. Paul of Loanda 并正式命名为圣保罗 ∙ 德 ∙ 罗安达 (San Paulo de Loanda)。 保罗船长曾在1574年登 THE NORTH (Sao Paulo de Loanda). The captain had originally landed in 1574 in the area of Luanda 陆过现今的罗安达角岛 (Cape Island)。1575年1月25日,保罗 ∙ 迪斯 ∙ 诺瓦伊斯为圣 now known as llha do Cabo (Cape Island). Dias de Novais set the founding stone of the 塞巴斯蒂安教堂奠基,于是这一天成为罗安达的建都日。而现今的圣米格尔城堡(Saint St. Sebastian church on January 25, 1575. This date is still recognized as the day of the Miguel Fortress)矗立之处就是圣塞巴斯蒂安教堂的始建地。 foundation of Luanda; and today the Fortaleza de São Miguel (Saint Miguel Fortress) 到目前为止,人们尚未对“罗安达”名称的起源达成共识。有人认为此名起源于词语 北部 stands where the church was originally established. Auxiluanda,意为 “岛上的男人”,意指罗安达岛的原住民。另一些人认为罗安达 衍生于金本杜族语中的 “luandu” 一词,意为 “网” “垫” 或 “表示敬意”。刚果 To date, there is no consensus on the origin of the name Luanda. Some attribute it to the 王国的人先于葡萄牙人来到罗安达岛,并在岛上采集贝壳等各种美丽物品。除了1641- word Auxiluanda - meaning “men of the isle” in reference to the original inhabitants of llha 1648年安哥拉被荷兰人占领外,罗安达自1627年以来一直是安哥的行政中心。在萨 do Cabo. Others claim that Luanda is derived from the Kimbundo word luandu, meaning 尔瓦多科雷亚达萨的领导下,葡萄牙人于1648年8月15日,圣母升天节之日夺回了罗安 “net”, “mat” or “tribute”. Prior to the Portuguese arrival, the Kingdom of the Kongo 达。该市因此改名为圣保罗圣母升天的罗安达(São Paulo da Assunção de Loanda)。 collected its tribute at llha do Cabo in the form of zimbo or shells . The city has been Angola’s administrative centre since 1627, with the exception of the Dutch occupation 1550年罗安达只是一个港口,而到了1850年,罗安达已经发展成奴隶贸易中心,向美 between 1641 and 1648. The Portuguese, led by Captain Salvador Correia da Sá, took 国、巴西和美洲其他各国输出奴隶。 back Luanda on August 15,1648, the Day of the Assumption of the Virgin. Following 罗安达最初分为两个城区:“下城”和“上城”。“下城”历史较悠久,拥有狭窄的 this victory, the city was renamed St. Paul of the Assumption of Loanda (São Paulo da 街道和旧殖民地的特色建筑;前统治者的宫殿坐落在“上城”,现在是总统府和玛丽 Assunção de Loanda). 亚皮娅医院的所在地。建于19世纪的输水管道网,不但能提供饮用水而且为后来城市 的发展清除了障碍。 From 1550, when it was only a harbour, until 1850, Luanda was a major centre of the slave trade to the United States, Brazil, and other destinations in the Americas. 现在的罗安达,掠过林立的名胜古迹,已向南部辽阔的土地远远延伸。 南罗安达住宅 公寓和写字楼林立,而商业、购物和休闲中心则穿插其中。 The city was originally divided into two parts: the older “Lower City” characterized by narrow streets and old colonial buildings, and the “Upper City”, home to the former 整个“上城”作为行政中心而言,是总统府和其他国家机关的所在地,呈现着安哥拉 Governor’s Palace, now the Presidential Palace and the Maria Pia Hospital. With the 政治的今昔。遍布罗安达的地标建筑大都有着安哥拉旧时政治的烙印:第一任总统阿 戈斯蒂纽 ∙ 内图(Agostinho Neto) 的陵墓和雕像,安哥拉女英雄的雕像、二四广场、 opening of an aqueduct in the 19th century, the supply of water to the city cleared the 基方戈达纪念碑、奴隶博物馆,以及众多的宗教古迹和教堂。 way for growth. 罗安达郊区有许多有令人心旷神怡、赏心悦目的风景区,如姆苏鲁岛、当德和宽扎 Today the city stretches over a vast territory beyond these areas of historical interest, 湾、露娜俯瞰观景点(Miradouro da Lua)、帕尔梅瑞哈斯海滩、布拉戈海滩、戈夸 extending especially far towards the south. In Luanda Sul, residential condominiums and 科和圣地亚哥岛的诸海滩。 office buildings predominate, interspersed with commercial, shopping, and leisure areas. 原设计容纳五十万人口的罗安达目前人口已接近五百万。人口猛增极大地影响了该城 The entire administrative area of the Upper City, where the Presidential Palace and other 市的发展,并成为现今罗安达面临的重大挑战。 government offices are located, represents politics both past and present. The political past is also personified in landmarks across the city: the mausoleum and statue of 围城而居的首批居民是姆本杜族人和巴彭德人,他们皆以姆本杜语为母语。历史上, 姆本杜族人是刚果王国的臣民。如今罗安达已成为融汇多元文化、充满活力的国际大 Angola’s first president Agostinho Neto, the statue dedicated to the heroines of Angola, 都会。来自各地不同民族的人民共同居住在这座城市。这里的许多居民都曾是为了逃 the February 4th Landmark and the Kifangondo Memorial, the Slave Museum, as well as 离战乱而来到罗安达以寻求更好的生活。罗安达最普遍使用的语言是葡萄牙语,当然 numerous religious monuments and churches, amongst others. 你也可听到很多其它语言。 On the outskirts of the city, meanwhile, are many enjoyable sceneries, such as the Island 年度贸易博览会和狂欢节庆祝活动是罗安达文化生活的亮点,吸引着人们前来参 of Mussulo, the Dande and Kwanza Inlets, the Miradouro da Lua (Lunar Overlook), and 加。罗安达也是国际体育赛事的主办城市,曾经主办过2007年的国际篮联非洲锦标 the beaches of Palmeirinhas, Buraco, Cacuaco and Santiago. 赛,2007年及2008年的非洲男子手球锦标赛,以及2010年首次成为主办非洲国家杯足 球锦标赛开幕和闭幕式的城市。 LUANDA 罗安达Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 12-13 10/19/2012 12:10:52 PM
    • 12 13 CABINDA PROVINCE 本戈省 · CABINDA ·卡希托 Originally designed for a population of only 500,000 people, Luanda now has a The capital of Cabinda goes by the same name as its province. Nestled between the 卡希托是本戈省首府,本戈省环绕着整个罗安达。本戈省人口中大部分是姆本杜族 population close to five million. This remarkable growth is what has most influenced Atlantic Ocean, Congo-Brazzaville, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the 人,最普遍使用的语言是姆本杜族语(Kimbundu)。该省出产咖啡、特种木材及石 the city’s dynamic evolution and at the same time is the primary challenge facing province is an enclave geographically separated from the rest of Angola by a strip of 膏、沥青、花岗岩、长石和云母等建材。安国最大的天主教朝圣地——穆希马圣母堂 it today. land belonging to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The city became an official (1641年至1648年)就在该省境内。这座教堂的庆祝活动会在每年的9月3日和4日举 municipality on May 28,1956, when Portugal reconfirmed the administrative union 行,吸引着数以千计信众前来,本戈省更因此而闻名。临近穆希马圣母堂,另一引人 注目的建筑是建于1599年的穆希马山城。兴建该要塞是为了保护等待被运往美洲的 The first inhabitants of the area surrounding the capital were the Mbundu and between the province and Angola, a union originally established by the decree of the 货物和奴隶。安布里什考古遗址是该省另一处名胜。本戈省也有若干自然景点,如基 Bapende people, who are both native speakers of Kimbundu; historically it was Portuguese King Don Luis I in 1887. Several historic sites grace the city. The ruins of 宾达和基巴西—皮瑞雨林保护区和吉萨玛国家公园等。吉萨玛国家公园位于宽扎河左 the Mbundu who paid tribute to the Kingdom of Kongo. At present, Luanda is the 16th century Episcopal cathedral, the regional museum, and the ruins of the ancient 岸,是安国最重要的自然保护区之一。 a cosmopolitan city characterized by a diverse and vibrant culture. People from fortress of Cabinda are all noteworthy. all regions and ethnicities coexist, as many current residents fled armed conflict seeking a better life in Luanda. The most widely spoken language is Portuguese, The Kakongo Forest Reserve and the Maiombe Forest lie just outside the city with many although many speak other national languages as well. species of exotic timber, such as blackwood, ebony, African sandalwood, rarewood (pau 卡宾达省 raro), and ironwood.The Maiombe Forest, often referred to as a small African Amazon, ·卡宾达 The numerous annual trade fairs and the Carnival celebrations are the highlights could potentially provide more than 200,000 cubic meters of wood per year. Its water of the cultural life of Luanda, which always promise lively participation. Luanda is basin is a network of many different rivers and lakes, the most significant of which is the also a host of international sporting events, such as the AfroBasket in 2007, the Chiloango River. 卡宾达省首府与该省同名,亦称卡宾达。卡宾达省坐落在大西洋、刚果(布)和刚果 African Men’s Handball Championship in 2008, as well as hosting the opening (金)之间。该省是一块被分离的土地,地理上由刚果(金)的一块条状土地将其与 and closing ceremonies of the African Cup of Nations soccer championship for The province is rich in oil as well as wood, and the oil sector employs a large portion of 安哥拉本土分隔。葡萄牙重新确认该省为安哥拉领土后,卡宾达于1956年5月28日正 the first time in 2010. the population. 式成为行政区。此前,该区域由葡萄牙国王多恩路易斯一世于1887年颁布法令所确 定。现存的历史古迹为卡宾达增色不少,16世纪天主教大教堂废墟遗迹、地区博物 馆、古卡宾达堡垒废墟等都极为引人注目。 BENGO PROVINCE UíGE PROVINCE 卡宾达城外是卡刚果森林保护区和马永贝高原森林,有多种异域木材,例如黑木、乌 木、非洲紫檀、稀有木(加索尔拉罗)和铁木。马永贝高原森林(常被称作非洲的亚 ∙ CAXITO · UíGE 马逊)有潜力每年提供超过20万立方米的木材。那里的水域由许多不同河流和湖泊所 组成,其中最重要的是芝兰哥河。 Caxito is the capital of the Province of Bengo, which surrounds Luanda. The Uíge, the capital of the province of the same name, features many monuments, such as 该省盛产石油和木材,其石油经济解决了大量人口的就业问题。 population in Bengo Province is mostly Mbundu and the most widely spoken the 18th century St. Joseph’s Church and the 20th century Bembe Fort, and numerous language is Kimbundu. The province produces coffee, special woods, and significant cultural artifacts, including the Kisadi stone engravings, the Nzinga Nzambi and building materials like gypsum, asphalt, granite, feldspar and mica. One of Bengo’s Kakula Quimanga stones, and the tombs of kings and warriors who resisted Portuguese 威热省 distinguishing features is that it is the location of the country’s largest Catholic colonial occupation. pilgrimage site, the Church of Our Lady of Muxima (1641-1648), whose festivities ·威热 are held September 3 and 4 and attract thousands. Nearby Church of Our Lady of Endowed with fertile land and lush vegetation, the province relies on agriculture for much Muxima lies another noteworthy building, the Muxima Fortress, which was built in of its economic activity. In fact, during colonial times Uíge was essential in making Angola 威热省的首府也称之威热,以林林总总的历史遗迹闻名,如18世纪的圣约瑟教堂和20 1599. The fortress was established to protect goods and slaves that were waiting a world leader in the production of Robust and Arabica coffee. Authorities are rebuilding 世纪的本贝要塞。同时威热也拥有包括基萨迪石雕、扎嘎恩赞比石和考库洛山石在内 to be shipped to the Americas. Another Bengo point of interest is the Ambriz the industry to reach the levels of production and quality of the past, when it ranked as 的许多伟大的人文建筑。抵抗葡萄牙殖民统治的国王和勇士的墓地也得以保留。 archeological site. Bengo province is also home to several natural attractions, the world’s fourth largest coffee producer. the Kibinda and Kibaxi Piri Rainforest reserves and the Kissama National Park. 上天赐予了威热肥沃的土地和茂密的植物,因此该省的经济主要依赖于农业。殖民地 Located on the left bank of the Kwanza River, the Kissama National Park is one of 时期,安哥拉在全球享有罗布斯塔咖啡和阿拉比卡咖啡产量领先国的美誉——其中威 the most important natural reserves in the country. 热作出重要贡献。安哥拉正在重整咖啡业,希望重拾昔日的辉煌——当时安哥拉是世 界上第四大咖啡生产国。 Miradouro da Lua 月亮般的岩石Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 14-15 10/19/2012 12:10:59 PM
    • 14 15 ZAIRE PROVINCE 扎伊尔省 北宽扎省 ∙ MBANZA KONGO · 姆班扎刚果 · 恩达拉坦多 Mbanza Kongo is the capital of the province of Zaire and the former capital of the great 扎伊尔省的首府是姆班扎刚果,是刚果王国的旧都。13世纪至17世纪,刚果王国占 Palanca Negra – a giant sable antelope, which is now one of Angola’s most prominent 恩达拉坦多是北宽扎省省会。在殖民地时期被称为萨拉萨尔,坐落于宾达山脚下,离 Kingdom of Kongo, which covered a large area of west-central Africa between the 13th 据了非洲中西部广袤的土地。姆班扎刚果在那时是该王国的实力核心地,也是统一各 national symbols. Other tourist attractions include the ruins of Cacumbi and the fortress 现今的恩达拉坦多7公里之遥。该省曾是咖啡主要生产地。 今天恩达拉坦多主要的经济 and 17th centuries. Mbanza Kongo was the core of the kingdom’s strength and the 王国贵族的动力源泉。在葡萄牙殖民统治时,姆班扎刚果亦被称为圣保罗萨尔瓦多, of Pungo Andongo (built in 1671). 活动仍然是农业。康邦贝镇已建造了一个大型工业园区和大型水坝为恩达拉坦多和北 driving force behind unifying the various noble lineages of the kingdom. Also known as 这座城市在历史上曾被多次催毁和重建。姆班扎刚果遍布文化和历史名胜,是联合 部诸省份提供能源。北宽扎的主要历史和自然景点包括位于桑巴卡茹直辖市马坦巴的 São Salvador under Portuguese colonial rule, the city was destroyed and rebuilt many 国教科文组织世界遗产名录城市之一。姆班扎刚果仍然保留着建于1491年库鲁姆比 金戈女王墓、建于1583年的马桑加诺堡垒、圣伊莎贝尔泉水、穆本基河瀑布以及戈隆 (Kulumbimbi)大教堂的废墟,该教堂是第一个建于赤道以南的天主教堂。若想追溯 戈奥扎和博洛恩戈恩戈森林保护区等。 times throughout its history. The city is filled with points of cultural and historical interest, 刚果王国的历史,可前往鲁姆比博物馆和古老金刚国王墓地,也可参观库鲁姆比博物 KWANZA NORTE PROVINCE and is a candidate to become an UNESCO World Heritage Site. It still preserves the ruins 馆(Kulumbimbi,曾是国王的故居),还可以参观被称为Yala Nkwu的树。姆班扎刚 of the first Catholic church built south of the equator in 1491, the Kulumbimbi Cathedral. ∙ NDALATANDO 果的“Yala Nkwu”树已有五个世纪的历史,只生长在除安哥拉外的其他五个非洲国 The history of the Kingdom of Kongo can be explored through the museum and the 家,是非常罕见的树种。此外,如果要进一步探究历史,黎各和蓬达奴隶港口展现了 南北隆达省 cemetery of the ancient kings of Kongo; the Kulumbimbi Museum, former home of the 殖民时代的掠影。 Ndalatando is the capital of the province of Kwanza Norte. In colonial times it was called king; and the Yala Nkwu tree. Mbanza Kongo’s particular Yala Nkwu is over five centuries · 栋多 Salazar and sat at the foot of Binda Hill, seven kilometres from its current location. The old and is an extremely rare species only found in five other African countries. Further history 自1965年以来,该省主要经济活动是石油勘探和开采,但大多数人仍然依赖渔业和农 province was once a major producer of coffee. Today its main economic activity is still can be found in the slave ports of Rico and Punda, which offer a glimpse of the colonial era. 业为生。 栋多是北隆达省省会, 位于安哥拉东北部。栋多博物馆是安哥拉最大博物馆之一。 agriculture. The town of Cambambe has a large industrial park and massive hydroelectric dams that supply energy to Ndalatando and the northern provinces. Kwanza Norte’s Since 1965 the province’s primary economic activity has been oil exploration and main historical and natural attraction are the tomb of Queen Njinga in Matamba, in the 北隆达省和邻省南隆达省曾是一个省份,于1978年分立为两省。北隆达省的经济以农 extraction, but the majority of the population continues to depend on fishing and · 索约 municipality of Samba Caju; the Massangano Fort, built in 1583; the springs of Santa 业和矿产开采为主,特别是钻石开采。钻石贮藏量在两岸河床尤为丰富。巴拉巴拉、 agriculture for livelihood. 洛科和坎达拉考古遗址皆在北隆达境内。 Isabel; the falls of the Muebenje River, and the Golungo Alto and the Bolongongo Forest 索约是扎伊尔省第二重要的城市。1482年4月5日迪奥戈曹指挥葡萄牙船队首次登陆 Reserves. 该地,于是4月5日成为每年人们为索约庆祝的诞生日。索约有多间主要石油公司。此 外,这里也是液化天然气项目(安哥拉LNG)的所在地。LNG项目,是石油工业中前 · 绍里木 ∙ SOYO 所未有的可持续发展项目。石油并非索约唯一的天然资源,其农业环境也非常不错。 索约有许多自然景点,其中包括令人向往的海滩。 LUNDA NORTE AND LUNDA SUL PROVINCES 绍里木是南隆达省的省会。 该市以其建筑闻名,特别是总督官邸、前政府官邸、邮局 Soyo, the second most important city in the province of Zaire, celebrates its founding on 索约还有值得关注的历史遗迹,包括罗德之地(斗点做帕德朗)和及斯帕尔之石(佩 ∙ DUNDO 大楼、安哥拉国家钻石公司(恩迪阿马)大楼等。以隆达克韦族人为首的全省人民, April 5, marking the day that Portugal’s fleet, commanded by Diogo Cão, first landed in 德拉石杜费蒂苏)等。 因他们的木雕和沙石设计而闻名于世。钻石开采业是该省的经济命脉。 1482. It is host to several major oil companies and home of an unprecedented sustainable- Dundo is the capital of the province of Lunda Norte, located in north-eastern Angola. The development project in the oil sector, the Liquefied Natural Gas Project (Angola LNG). Oil 南隆达的主要景点包括圣母卢尔德宗教纪念碑(建于1930年)和天主教团宗教纪念碑 city has one of the largest museums in Angola, the Dundo Museum. (建于1948年),艾伦戈和鲁瑞拉刚旅游区,以及莫纳金邦度、末司和艾腾朵等反殖 is not the city’s only natural resource, for its agricultural conditions are excellent, and it 马兰热省 民战争遗址。 offers a number of outstanding natural attractions, including stunning beaches. · 马兰热 Lunda Norte and the neighboring province of Lunda Sul were once a single province, but they separated in 1978. The province’s economy is dominated by agriculture and mineral There are also several noteworthy historical sites located here, including the Ponto do extraction, particularly diamonds, which are abundant in the river beds. The archeological Padrão (Point of the Lord) and the Pedra do Feitiço (Stone of the Spell). 马兰热的省会也称之马兰热。19世纪中叶安哥拉的葡萄牙后裔和巴西后裔,以及葡萄 sites of Bala-Bala, Luaco, and Candala are all in Lunda Norte. 牙商人共同建立了这座城市。 MALANJE PROVINCE 马兰热省拥有安哥拉最大的水电大坝——卡潘达水坝。这座大坝建于安哥拉独立初 期。马兰热省的主要自然景点有卡兰杜拉瀑布、在潘戈东戈的佩德拉斯拉斯岩山(英 ∙ SAURIMO ∙ MALANJE 语翻译为“黑岩”)及坎戈达拉国家公园。这座天然公园是各种稀有动物的自然栖息 地,如巨型黑羚羊,牠是安哥拉的国家象征。其他旅游名胜还包括卡库比废墟和谱戈 Saurimo is the capital of the province of Lunda Sul. The city is known for its architecture, 东戈堡垒(建于1671年)等。 especially the residence of the governor, the former seat of government, the post office Malanje is the capital of the province of the same name. The city was established in the building, and the building of Angola’s national diamond company, Endiama. The people of mid-19th Century by Luso-Angolan, Luso-Brazilian and Portuguese traders. the province, especially the Lunda-Tchokwe, are famous for their wood carvings and their sand designs. The province’s economy is centreed on diamond mining. It is home to Angola’s largest hydroelectric dam, the Capanda Dam, which was built shortly after independence. Malanje Province’s main natural attractions are the Calandula Lunda Sul’s main attractions are the religious monuments of Our Lady of Lourdes (built Falls, the Pedras Negras (in English, “Black Rocks”) of Pungo Andongo, and Kangadala in 1930) and the Catholic Mission (1948), the tourist areas of Elengue and Luari Lagoon, National Park. The park is the natural habitat of various unique animals, such as the and the anti-colonial battle sites of Mona Kimbundu, Sueji and Itendo.Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 16-17 10/19/2012 12:10:59 PM
    • Sonangol headquarters in Luanda Sonangol罗安达总部Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 18-19 10/19/2012 12:11:03 PM
    • 18 19 OIL AND GAS 石油和天然气 Diamonds and Mining 钻石和采矿 · The Heart of a Vibrant Economy ·活跃经济的核心 · Untapped Wealth ·未开发的财富 The oil industry has long been the heart of the Angolan economy. With new oil wells 长久以来,石油工业一直是安哥拉经济的核心。在国家石油公司Sonangol Angola has vast and varied minerals resources, including diamonds, iron ore, bauxite, 安哥拉拥有各种储量丰富的矿产资源,包括钻石,铁矿石,铝土矿,铜,黄金和铀。 coming on-stream and gas exports starting, the economic pulse is beating faster and (Sociedade Nacional de Combustíveis de Angola, E.P.)的管理下,随着新油 copper, gold and uranium. However, the country’s mining industry is predominantly 但国家采矿业主要集中在钻石开采。 faster under the care of the state owned company Sonangol — Sociedade Nacional de 井陆续投产和天然气开始出口,安国经济的脉搏在加速跳动。Sonangol是安哥拉独家 focused on diamonds. Angola is the third largest producer of diamonds in Africa and the Combustíveis de Angola, E.P. 享有石油和天然气勘探开发特许权的企业,负责国家石油工业的勘探、生产、加工、 fourth largest global producer by value. Empresa Nacional de Diamantes (Endiama)是安哥拉国家钻石公司,独家拥有国 运输和营销。2011年安哥拉石油贸易额占总出口额的98%。毫无疑问,石油是安国经 家钻石开采特许权。安国钻石主要储藏于北隆达省及南隆达省的东北部。那里的钻石 济的燃料。随着全球商品市场价格复苏,安哥拉石油生产保持在日均接近200万桶的水 质量闻名于世,储量惊人,估计仅有40%至50%含有丰富钻石的矿区曾被勘探过。 Sonangol is the sole concessionaire for exploration of oil and gas exploration on the Empresa Nacional de Diamantes (Endiama) is the national diamond company and 平。新油井正陆续投产,预期石油产量会进一步增加,估计至2016年产量将会上升至 subsoil and continental shelf of Angola; it is responsible for the exploration, production, 日均超过200万桶。 exclusively holds the concession of diamond mining rights in Angola. The main reserves 纵观钻石矿业的发展和新探明还未开发的各种其它矿藏,下一步的“绿地计划”将令 manufacturing, transportation and marketing of hydrocarbons in the country. are situated in the north-eastern provinces of Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul. The quality is 安国采矿业走向多样化,并会先行集中于铁矿石和黄金领域。 前景持续乐观的石油销售,令石油成为安国国家贸易巨额盈余更为关键的因素。 world renowned and the quantity is astounding; yet only an estimated 40 to 50 percent In 2011 oil accounted for 98 percent of Angola’s total exports. Evidently, it is the fuel of of the diamond rich soil has been explored. 近年来,随着Endiama公司持续探明新矿场,若干“绿地计划”已经开始展开。除了 the economy. With the recovery of commodity prices in the global markets, Angola’s oil 安哥拉石油收入占国家收入比重很大,2011年约占国家收入的70%。这项收入被用于 钻石业外,安哥拉开始恢复闲置矿井并启动新矿井生产。威热省的Mavoio铜矿已探 production has levelled just bellow 2 million barrels per day. Forecast growth is estimated 国家重建和基础建设发展,为工业繁荣创造有利环境。过去几年油价的剧烈波动使安 While digging the ground for diamonds, new discoveries are frequently made of untapped 明储量约达1,600万吨。卢班戈省的国营钢铁公司Ferrangol计划开办一个新铁矿石矿 owing to new oil wells coming on stream, pushing production up a little above 2 million 哥拉更加坚持推动经济多元化和非石油产业的发展。 reserves containing various other minerals. Launching subsequent green field projects has 场。最近威拉省南部发现了大量新黄金储藏。 barrels per day in 2013 and even further by 2016. resulted in a budding diversification of Angola’s mining industry, with growing prospects 除了石油,还有期待已久的位于卡宾达省索约的液化天然气(LNG)项目。耗资数十 primarily in iron ore and gold. 虽然全球商品价格波动,2011年钻石平均价格保持在每克拉139美元,比2010年的平 亿美元的液化天然气项目预计年产量可达5,200万吨天然气。其客户群已在亚洲和欧洲 均每克拉118美元有所上升。在此期间,Endiama公司的销售逐年增长。 Sales continue to show positive growth prospects, making oil an even stronger component 引颈以待,该项目将为安国增加外汇收入并实现出口贸易多样化。 of the Angola’s trade balance with a significant merchandise trade surplus. Along with Endiama´s ongoing exploration of new mining fields, several greenfield projects 由此可见安国的钻石工业是非常有活力的产业。预计2012年钻石工业将继续增长10% 因为天然气不再在井内燃烧,LNG模式优化了绿色(环保)项目实行。这与国家力求 have begun in recent years. In addition to the diamond industry, there are projects to 左右,之后到2015年年均增长约7%。钻石虽然仍然是主要的矿产产业,但黄金和其它 Oil revenue thus provides the bulk of the state income, an estimated 70 percent thereof 符合全球环境危害最低化的工业标准是一致的。 revive the idle mines and launch new ones. The Mavoio copper mine in Uíge province 有色金属的采掘潜力巨大。矿产品加工业将成为另一个工作重点,旨在提升矿产品的 in 2011. This revenue is being channelled into national reconstruction and infrastructure has proven reserves of around 16 million tonnes. In Lubango province, the national iron 出口价值。钻石打磨业的建立正是为了实现这一方针。 development, to create a favorable environment for industry to flourish. The intense company Ferrangol plans to open a new iron ore mine. Significant new gold reserves volatility of the oil price in the last few years has reinforced Angola’s objective to diversify were recently spotted in southern Huíla province. 由于全球市场(特别是亚洲)对矿物资源的需求不断增长,安哥拉采矿业的多元化和 the economy and promote industry in non-oil sectors. 发展潜力巨大。 Despite the fluctuations in global commodity prices, the diamond price averaged US$ In addition to oil, there is the much awaited liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in Soyo, 139 per carat in 2011. This is up from US$ 118 per carat the previous year. During this Cabinda province. The multi-billion dollar project is expected to have a yearly output of period, Endiama recorded year on year growth in sales. 5,2 million tonnes of gas. With a customer base already lined up in Asia and Europe, the plant will generate increased foreign exchange revenue and diversify trade exports. Angola’s diamond industry thus proves to be quite dynamic. It is forecast to grow even further over the next few years, thus generating substantial foreign revenue. Diamonds The LNG model also optimises a green method of practice, as gas will no longer be will also likely remain the main mining product, but the potential is vast for extracting gold burned at the well. This complies with Angola’s efforts to meet global industry standards and other base metals. Additionally, new focus is directed towards processing some that minimise environmental damage. minerals in order to add value before export. Hence, there is already diamond polishing. The potential for diversifying and further developing Angola’s mining sector is vast, owing to the growing demand for mineral resources in the global market, particularly in Asia.Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 20-21 10/19/2012 12:11:03 PM
    • Catoca Kimberlite project 卡托卡金伯利岩项目Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 22-23 10/19/2012 12:11:09 PM
    • 23 A Growing Surplus 增长中的贸易顺差 While most economies struggle to balance budgets in the current depressed global 在目前萧条的全球经济环境下,大部分经济体苦苦挣扎以求预算平衡,安哥拉的经济 economic climate, Angola’s economic performance has been remarkable. Accounts 表现却格外引人注目。安国贸易在2011年迅速反弹,录得顺差,并预计会在未来数年 swiftly bounced back into surplus in 2011 and are projected to remain on course over the 保持这个势头。 next coming years. 2013年安哥拉贸易总量将会创造新的纪录。贸易的增加将进一步巩固安哥拉作为非洲 大陆最活跃经济体的地位。 By 2013, Angola’s total trade will reach record-breaking figures - further cementing the country’s position as one of the more vibrant economies in the promising African 2008年商品价格的下降对安哥拉贸易的影响仍然存在,造成出口收入和进口量的萎 continent. 缩。然而,由于石油价格的恢复,2011年贸易顺差强劲反弹,相信未来数年贸易顺差 将会持续增长。 The drop in commodity prices in 2008 had a residual effect in Angola’s trade, shrinking both export earnings and import volumes. However, the trade surplus saw a strong 随着持续增长的投资和国内需求,安国的进口将继续攀升。在此期间,虽然总体经常 rebound in 2011, chiefly attributed to the recovery of the oil price. The surplus is set 收支保持盈余状态,然而由于消费品进口需求快速增长,利润率会有所下降。 steadily to rise even over the next coming years. 同样令人瞩目的是安哥拉近年来贸易方向的明显变化。中国迅速成为安国最大出口 With increasing investment and domestic demand on the rise, imports are therefore 国,约占安国出口量的37%。安国对华出口主要由原油和其它矿产资源组成。美国排 在第二,印度已成为安哥拉第三大出口国。 set to climb. Although the overall current account position will remain in surplus during this period, the margins will shrink due to the rapid growth in the demand for imported 安哥拉同样经历了进口贸易的变化。虽然葡萄牙仍然保持安国主要进口国地位,但在 consumer goods. 安哥拉进口商品中,中国商品的增长从未停止。中国以出口信贷促进了贸易增长,而 巴西学师中国,为巴西对安国的出口和投资提供信贷额度,以便刺激此等增长。 Equally striking in these last few years have been Angola’s visible trade diversion. China has very quickly become the leading destination for the country’s exports, accounting 安哥拉刚刚起步的经济开始向世界开放,市场的吸引力正在增加。安哥拉举办越来越 for approximately one third now. This consists mainly of crude oil and other mineral 多的国际商业活动,各国商业代表团成功地参与了这些活动。因而,随着安国新合作 resources. After the United States in second place, India has become Angola’s third 伙伴不断涌现,预计其贸易关系将更加广泛。 largest export destination. 在不久的将来,另一个趋势是:安哥拉与传统贸易伙伴之间的贸易关系将日益多元 化。 Similarly, Angola has also experienced trade diversion in imports. Although Portugal maintains its position as the main source of imports, Chinese goods have rapidly increased 投资者的眼光不仅限于安哥拉国内市场,他们选择在安国设立营运基地,通过这些营 their share market. Since China owes a lot of the growing trade to export credits, Brazil 运基地将产品出口至有潜力的邻国。考虑到这种情况,诸多中国和巴西企业家大举投 has followed suit with a credit line that is sure to stimulate the flow of Brazilian goods and 资农业企业和生物燃料。这些生产和创意为安哥拉多元化出口提供了许多机会。 investment into the Angolan economy. With a budding economy opening up to the global community, there is growing attraction to the Angolan market. The country is increasingly hosting international business events, which are successfully attended by business delegations from assorted countries. Accordingly, trade ties are expected to become even more diverse as new partners emerge. Another trend for the near future will be the increasing complexity of emerging trade ties with some of the country’s traditional trade partners. Investors are also looking beyond the domestic market, opting to establish operations in Angola that will also channel exports into neighbouring countries. With this in mind, countless Chinese and Brazilian entrepreneurs are investing heavily in agri-business and biofuels. Such innovation and production in Angola offers opportunities for diversifying exports. Port of Luanda 罗安达港Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 24-25 10/19/2012 12:11:10 PM
    • 24 Special Economic Zones 经济特区 · Building the future ·打造未来 Angola is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. Its newfound growth 安哥拉是世界上经济增长最快的国家之一。正在兴建的工业基地体现出经济快速增长 trajectory comes with a budding industrial base, which seeks to diversify the economy 的轨迹。工业基地为矿产业以外的经济多元化找到了方向,并创造了有技能的就业机 beyond the mineral sector and create skilled employment. Fundamental to the sustainable 会。2005年安哥拉开始倡议并启动建立经济特区(ZEE),成为其内战后持续发展的根 development of post-conflict Angola is the establishment of Special Economic Zones 本原因。 (ZEE), an initiative that was launched in 2005. 罗安达-本戈ZEE是第一个经济特区,于2011年6月建立。该特区占地约8,500公顷, 横跨罗安达省的Viana 和 Cacuacoin两市,及本戈省的Ambriz, Dande, Icolo 和 The Luanda-Bengo ZEE was the first to be inaugurated in June 2011, covering Nambuangongo。 approximately 8,500 hectares across the municipalities of Viana and Cacuaco in Luanda province, as well as Ambriz, Dande, Icolo and Nambuangongo in Bengo province. 总统若泽·爱德华多·多斯桑托斯主持了首八家工厂的落成典礼。这八家公司分别制 造和经销光纤电缆(Angolacabos)、塑料(Inedu Plastic)、油漆和清漆(Indutize)、电 President José Eduardo dos Santos officiated the inauguration of the first eight plants. 器用品(Mateletrica)、PVC管(Pipelaine Angola)、电线和筑栅栏材料(Vedatela) These included manufacturers and distributors of fibre optic cables (Angolacabos), 等。越来越多公司已经开始进驻这个经济特区,并创造了3,600个就业机会。 plastics (Inedu Plastic), paint and varnishes (Indutize), electrical supplies (Mateletrica), PVC tubes (Pipelaine Angola) and wires and fencing (Vedatela). Many more companies 安哥拉鼓励投资者在经济特区建立自己的公司。经济特区是工业生产和商业运作的集 have increasingly been moving into the area, thus generating over 3,600 jobs. 中地,公司在这里可以享有税务优惠,可与国家私人投资局(ANIP)逐个项目进行商 讨,并享有财政奖励。罗安达-本戈经济特区的目标是容纳约70家工厂并创造逾10,000 个就业机会。 Investors are encouraged to establish their operations in the ZEE, a prime industrial and commercial site where one benefits from tax breaks and financial incentives negotiated Sonangol Investimentos Industriais (SIIND)是Sonangol的下属公司,这间公司在罗 on a project-by-project basis with the National Private Investment Agency (ANIP). The 安达-本戈经济特区的发展中担当了领军角色。SIIND计划到2014年在该特区启动53家 Luanda-Bengo ZEE aims to accommodate approximately 70 plants and generate over 制造厂。 10,000 jobs. 安哥拉迫切需要进行现代化以及取得技术转让。安国的和平环境促成了一些过去20 Sonangol Investimentos Industriais (SIIND), a Sonangol subsidiary, has taken a leading 年一直关闭的工厂重开。特别是一些纺织公司正在恢复运营,其中包括罗安达的 role in developing the Luanda-Bengo ZEE where it plans to launch 53 manufacturing Textang II公司;本格拉África Têxtil公司,北宽扎和栋多的SATEC公司等。 plants by 2014. 罗安达-本戈经济特区因其物流优势,最受投资者青睐。在30公里半径范围内,罗安达- 本戈经济特区通过铁路和高速公路可以抵达罗安达中央商业区。另外,罗安达-本戈经 There is a pressing need for modernisation and technology transfer in Angola. Peace in 济特区紧邻罗安达港和“二月四日”国际机场。 the country is also prompting the reopening of several factories that remained closed during the last 20 years. Textile companies, in particular, are resuming operations - 罗安达-本戈经济特区是目前安国最先进的经济特区,全国各地还有另外的经济特区, namely Textang II in Luanda, África Têxtil in Benguela and SATEC in Kwanza Norte and 如卡宾达省Futilain,本格拉省Catumbelain和威拉省Matala。就特定行业来说,威 Dondo provinces. 拉省的Cassinga经济特区有采矿业,而马兰热省Pungo-Andongo经济特区有农业企 业。采矿法的解除更恢复了投资者的信心,使发放勘探许可证的流程得以恢复。 The Luanda-Bengo ZEE remains the most popular amongst investors, due to its logistical advantages. Within a 30 kilometre radius, it is connected to Luanda’s central business 为了广泛开展工业活动令经济多元化,在安哥拉投资框架中创建的经济特区,为投资 district by rail and an expressway, as well as in close proximity to the Port of Luanda and 者提供了更大的回报和更多的财政奖励。 the 4 de Fevereiro International Airport. The Luanda-Bengo ZEE is by far the most developed special economic zone in Angola, but there are others across the country: Futila in Cabinda province; Catumbela in Benguela province and Matala in Huíla province. By sector, there is mining at the Cassinga ZEE in Huíla province, as well as agri-business at the Pungo-Andongo ZEE in Malanje province. The deregulation of the mining law has also restored investor confidence, revitalising the procedures for granting exploration licenses. In an effort to decentralise industrial activity and diversify the economy, the creation of the special economic zones within Angola’s investment framework now offers greater rewards and financial incentives to investors. Medical School of Malanje 马兰热医学院Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 26-27 10/19/2012 12:11:16 PM
    • 26 27 Pragmatic Among Partners 合作伙伴中的务实精神 · The Beijing Link ·与北京合作 Marking ten years of peace in 2012, Angola has become a 战后和平发展十年,至2012年,安哥拉已成为外国投资者的热 lucrative market for foreign investment. With an element of 土。安哥拉政府在务实的对外合作中,在全球经济发展传统领 pragmatism, Angola balances its cooperation with traditional 先国家和具竞争力的新兴市场之间找到了平衡。战后,安哥拉 leaders of the global economy and the competing emerging 外交政策以服务当今国家发展为重,同时也与其传统盟友保持 markets. Although close ties with its long-established allies since 了良好关系。 independence remain strong, its foreign policy has grown to 安哥拉日益增多的跨国公司表明了安国营商环境的改善和投资 mirror Angola’s contemporary national and economic interests. 者日益增强的信心。坐落在罗安达上城(Cidade Alta)的总 统府领导着安哥拉国家重建和发展,促成了许多重要的伙伴合 The rising presence of multinational corporations in Angola is 作。近年来,贸易合作呈动态变化,外国投资者日益增长,亦 evidence of its improved business environment and growing 呈现多样化趋势。 investor confidence. Steered from the Presidential Palace at Cidade Alta, the reconstruction and development of Angola has 当今“BRICS”国家(即巴西、俄罗斯、印度、中国和南非) prompted a number of key partnerships. The outcome reveals 的发展反映了全球发展的趋势。其中最令人瞩目的是安哥拉与 shifting dynamics amongst trade partners over recent years, as 中国的关系,在过去十年中得以深化。 well as a growing diversification of foreign investors. 安哥拉与中国的贸易关系以及领域广泛的发展援助显著增长, 并将安哥拉与中国的合作推入黄金期。安哥拉是中国在非洲的 Mirroring global trends, a few of these countries are amongst the 最大贸易伙伴。同时,安哥拉也是中国在全球市场最大的石油 BRICS – namely Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. 供应国。 Most important, Angola’s relations with the People’s Republic of China have intensified over the last decade. 中国公司在安哥拉全国各地随处可见。他们参与一些主要基建 项目,如公共设施——公路、桥梁、铁路、机场、医院,以及 The trajectory for cooperation between Angola and China is driven 购物中心和运动设施。 by a remarkable growth in trade and wide-ranging development assistance. Angola is China’s largest trading partner in Africa, as 此外,中国投资者也在其它产业寻求机会。制造业的合资企业 well as its leading supplier of oil in the global market. 正在推动技术转让和技能发展。这些合资企业包括一家汽车组 装厂和一家水泥厂。 On the ground and across the country, numerous Chinese 中国投资者在安哥拉的长期目标是,为安国提供促进工业化的 companies are involved in major infrastructure projects building 资源和方法,从而进一步改善安国的生产流程和贸易前景。 public amenities, such as roads, bridges, railways, airports, hospitals, schools, shopping centres and sports facilities. Furthermore, Chinese investors are also pursuing business opportunities in various sectors of industry. Joint ventures in the manufacturing sector are promoting technology transfer and skills development, some of which include a vehicle assembly plant and a cement factory. The long-term vision for Chinese investment in Angola is to empower the nation with resources and tools that promote industrialisation, thus forging even further modifications in Angola’s production stream and trade outlook.Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 28-29 10/19/2012 12:11:17 PM
    • 28 29 Plugging into Economic Growth 为经济增长通电 · Going “green” ·走向“绿色” Angola is blessed with an abundance of natural resources. There are vast water reserves, 安哥拉自然资源丰富,水利资源尤为丰沛,特别是宽扎盆地,其水利资源可以生产持续 Angola is exploring alternative sources of energy in order to improve the country’s 为了改善国家能源安全,安哥拉正在探索替代能源。目标是开发价格合理、用之不尽 notably in the Kwanza basin, which allow for the production of eco-friendly and sustainable 且环保的电力。 energy security. The objective is to develop affordable, inexhaustible and clean energy 且清洁的能源技术。为了这个目标,安国成立了许多公私合营企业,以促进该国绿色 power generation. technology. In light of this, a number of public- private partnerships have been set up to 能源生产。 为了增加安国的发电能力,水力发电的发展已取得优先地位。安国重建计划,包括维 boost green energy production in Angola, To increase the country´s electricity generation capacity, hydropower development has 修和扩建现有电力系统,使其达到5,000兆瓦的发电能力,从而确保全国各地可靠的电 在生物燃料方面,安国颁布了一个新法律框架,国家生物燃料战略将很快启动。虽然 力供应。 概念比较新,但生物燃料早已显示出对安国经济增长日益增加的贡献。因此,能源产 been made a priority. The renovation programme includes repairing and expanding In biofules, a new legal framework was promulgated and the national biofuels strategy 业的产量近年逐步增长。 systems to a 5,000 megawatts capacity in order to ensure reliable energy supply across 卡潘达水电设施是安哥拉最大的民用建设项目。该大坝高110米,长1,470米,形成一 will soon be launched. Although recent, the biofuels sector is already showing a growing the country. 个170平方公里的水库。该翻新项目涉及建设四台130兆瓦涡轮机组。丰富的水利资源 contribution to Angola´s economic growth. As a result, the energy sector has seen its 由于安哥拉有甘蔗种植的条件,其乙醇生产潜力巨大。这个产业的龙头项目之一是 为安哥拉提供了建造更大水电设施的潜力,其中一些项目正在进行中。 output grow gradually over the recent years. Companhia de Bioenergia de Angola–Biocom公司。该公司的种植园和测试中 The Capanda hydroelectric facility is the largest civil construction project in Angola. The 心均在马兰热省的卡库索。 dam is 110 meters high and 1,470 meters long, thus forming a 170 square kilometre 北宽扎省的Caculo Cabassa和Lahuca完成修复后将有2,000兆瓦的发电能力,将成 Owing to the viability of cultivating sugarcane in Angola, there is immense potential for reservoir. The renovation involves the construction of four 130 megawatts turbines. 为安国最大的水电大坝,发电能力将为卡潘达水电设施的四倍。Caculo Cabassa和 ethanol production. One of the leading projects in this sector is Companhia de Bioenergia 经过对甘蔗植物近五年的研究和测试,Biocom公司将于2013年开始乙醇生产。卡库 However, Angola’s abundant water reserves offer potential for even greater facilities, of Lahuca大坝将为整个安国北部和中部提供电力。 de Angola – Biocom. The company’s plantation and test centre are situated in Cacuso, 索工厂在每个收成期可加工约200万吨甘蔗,生产26万吨糖,3万立方米乙醇和45兆瓦 which a number of projects are currently underway. Malanje province. 的电力。 戈夫水力发电厂接近完工。这座电厂将为比耶和万博地区近400万人供电。在 Cambambe大坝,另一个电厂正在翻新,并会安装四套新发电机组(每个机组将有 该项目启动后,预计可立即生产大约40万吨糖,这个产量超过安哥拉国内需求量的一 The Caculo Cabassa and Lahuca, in Kwanza Norte province, will generate a capacity of After nearly five years of researching and testing the sugar cane plants, Biocom will start 80兆瓦发电量)。Cambambe大坝于1958年和1962年间沿宽扎河而建,修复重建工 半。在几年内,剩余的糖将可以出口及生产生物燃料。 2,000 megawatts after renovations. It will be the largest hydroelectric dam in the country, 程已经进行了两年多。 ethanol production in 2013. The Cacuso plant will process about 2 million tons of cane with four times as much generation capacity as Capanda, thus able to produce electricity per crop, generating 260,000 tons of sugar, 30,000 cubic meters of ethanol and 45 太阳能是安哥拉另一个潜力巨大的资源,宽扎地区和纳米贝省的地形最适合太阳能发 for the entire northern and central regions of Angola. 马塔拉大坝和Manbubas大坝的进一步翻新工程正进行中,这两个大坝将分别为本格 megawatts of electric power. 展。在罗安达省,越来越多公司开始装配太阳能发电设备并提供维修保养服务。 拉省、比耶省和本戈省的郊区供电。 The Gove hydroelectric plant is near conclusion and set to provide electricity to nearly 4 Shortly after launch the project is anticipated to produce over half of Angola’s domestic 风力发电也蓄势待发,一套新的100兆瓦发电设施已在纳米贝省Tombwa运营。一些 million people in the regions of Bié and Huambo. At the Cambambe dam, a second plant 水电设施修复重建计划预计将安国的发电能力提高约12%。除了满足现有的电力供应 demand for sugar –approximately 400,000 tons. Within a few years, the surplus will then 新计划亦利用城市和森林残留物,进行生物质的研究。 is undergoing renovation, to enable the installation of four new groups of generators that 需求外,该项计划的另一个好处是为全国各地的工业发展区增加电力供应。稳定的电 allow for export of sugar and biofuels. will each produce 80 megawatts of electricity. Built between 1958 and 1962 along the 力供应将促进安国经济中非采矿业(如农业和工业)的投资,从而促进边远地区的发 安哥拉能源生产的多样化可以将电力输送至该国的新区,并促进安国的技能发展和技 Kwanza River, this infrastructure has been undergoing refurbishment for over two years. 展,创造更多就业机会。 Solar energy is another resource with immense potential in Angola, most suitable in the 术转让。 terrains of the Cuanza region and Namibe province. A growing number of companies in Further renovations are also underway at the Matala dam and the Manbubas dam, which Luanda province are already assembling solar power equipment, as well as providing will supply electricity to the outskirts of Benguela and Bié provinces, as well as Bengo maintenance services. province respectively. Wind power is also gaining momentum, as a new 100-megawatt facility is already In addition to meeting existing demand for electricity supply, a complimentary feature of operating in Tombwa, Namibe province. New programmes are also being explored in the hydroelectric renovation programme is to increase capacity for the forecast growth in biomass, using urban and forest residues. industrial development zones across the country. Increased and stable electricity supply will foster investment in non-extractive sectors of the economy such as agriculture and Diversifying energy production in Angola is set to bring electricity to new areas of the industry, thus promoting development and job creation in remote areas of the country. country, as well as promote skills development and technology transfer.Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 30-31 10/19/2012 12:11:17 PM
    • 30 Capanda dam 卡潘达大坝Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 32-33 10/19/2012 12:11:20 PM
    • Ministry of Justice Construction of the Parliament of Angola 司法部 安哥拉议会的建设Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 34-35 10/19/2012 12:11:23 PM
    • Angola National Bank 安哥拉国家银行 Belas Shopping Centre Luanda 中国国际基金 贝拉斯购物中心 罗安达Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 36-37 10/19/2012 12:11:28 PM
    • Talatona residences Church of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios-Luanda Talatona住宅 Nossa Senhora dos Remedios教堂—罗安达Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 38-39 10/19/2012 12:11:31 PM
    • Church of Our Lady of Muxima in Bengo River Kwanza bridge.Border between 穆希马圣女教堂 Luanda and Bengo 罗安达省和本戈省边界的宽扎河大桥Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 40-41 10/19/2012 12:11:42 PM
    • Luanda Bay 罗安达湾Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 42-43 10/19/2012 12:11:45 PM
    • Miss Universe 2011, Leila Lopes 2011环球小姐,莱拉·洛佩斯 Nadir TaTi BONGAAngola BOOK Final 2.indd 44-45 10/19/2012 12:11:49 PM
    • Mussulo island 摩梭罗岛Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 46-47 10/19/2012 12:11:52 PM
    • Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 48-49 10/19/2012 12:11:55 PM
    • Kianda do Luar folkloric dance group Lunda Tchokwe Kianda do Luar民俗舞蹈团——隆达科威Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 50-51 10/19/2012 12:12:07 PM
    • PALANCA NEGRA PALANCA NEGRA (Black sable) (Black sable) 黑色紫貂 黑色紫貂 handicraft market Coffee farmer – Uíge Maiombe forest – Cabinda 手工艺品市场 咖啡农——威热 马永贝高原森林——卡宾达Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 52-53 10/19/2012 12:12:20 PM
    • São Miguel Fortress –Luanda OLD church tiles-Luanda 圣米格尔要塞—罗安达 教堂的瓷砖Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 54-55 10/19/2012 12:12:24 PM
    • Calandula falls STATUE OF THE KING 卡兰杜拉瀑布 CHIBINDA ILUNGA CHOKWE CHIBINDA ILUNGA CHOKWE国王雕像Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 56-57 10/19/2012 12:12:28 PM
    • 56 57 Kwanza SUL PROVINCE 南宽扎省 · SUMBE ·松贝 Sumbe is the capital of the province of Kwanza Sul and was first established in the 1760s. 松贝是南宽扎省首府,始建于十八世纪六十年代。松贝是安哥拉最古老的城市之一, Sumbe is one of the oldest cities of Angola and was originally named Novo Redondo. The 原名为诺和雷东多(Novo Redondo)。现名松北源于单词kusumba,姆本杜族语意 city’s present name derives from the word kusumba, which in Kimbundu means to buy 为购买或出售。南宽扎省的主要经济活动是农业、畜牧业和渔业。由于拥有广袤肥沃 or sell. Kwanza Sul’s main economic activities are agriculture livestock and fishing. As a 的土地,该省农业潜力可观,土壤气候等条件特别适合阿拉比咖啡的种植。南宽扎省 THE Centre 还拥有该国一个最大的商业港口。 result of large expanses of fertile soil, the province has considerable agricultural potential, with the conditions being especially well-suited for Arabica coffee. Kwanza Sul also has 南宽扎的主要历史古迹是考古遗址,确切地说是恩达拉比瑞遗址、坎金戈遗址和翁古 one of the largest commercial ports in the country. Kwanza Sul’s main historical attractions 巴遗址。这些遗址中发现的绘画可以追溯到新石器时期。成群的要塞分别矗立在基 are archeological, specifically, the sites of Ndalambiri, Kinjinge and Quingumba, where 中部 巴拉、卡卢洛、塞莱斯、安波姆,其中最著名的位于利泊洛。利泊洛要塞上的石碑是 paintings dating from the Neolithic Period have been found. The province is also home to 为庆祝1917年反殖民当局的起义而建。松贝以南数公里处是基孔博炮台和基孔博海 an array of fortresses, including ones located in Kibala, Calulo, Seles, Amboim, and, most 湾。1648年保罗•迪亚斯•诺瓦伊斯从该海湾登陆,从荷兰人手中解放了罗安达。 notably, Libolo. The fortress in Libolo holds the Written Stone, which celebrates the revolt against the colonial authorities in 1917. A few kilometres south of Sumbe, meanwhile, 南宽扎最突出的自然特征是飒和松贝洞穴,那里以其独特的钟乳石和石笋而著称。 lie the ruins of Quicombo Fort and the bay with the same name, where in 1648, Paulo Dias Novais landed to free Luanda from Dutch occupation. The most prominent natural features of Kwanza Sul are the caverns of Sassa and Sumbe, famous for their unique 比耶省 stalactites and stalagmites. ·奎托 BIÉ PROVINCE 奎托是比耶省省会。该省大部分人口以农业和畜牧为生。比耶也有丰富的矿藏资源, 如尚待开采的钻石和磷酸盐等矿产资源。 · CUITO 比耶省的自然景观包括罗安达河瀑布、库塔托岛、基班果山、康巴达湖、松戈罗观光 景群,及自石器时代留存至今的洞穴。 Cuito is the capital of the province of Bié. The people of Bié make their living from agriculture and livestock. Bié also has mineral riches like diamonds and phosphate that remain under exploited. 万博省 Some of the province’s natural attractions include the falls of the Luando River, Kutato ·万博 Island, the Tchimbango hill, Kambadua Lake, the Songongolo tourist complex, and caves that have been inhabited since the Paleolithic period. 万博的省会也称为万博,成立于1912年8月8日,曾于1928年更名为Nova Lisboa(新 里斯本),又于1975年重新更名为万博。在殖民地时期,这座城市曾被认为可能成为 安哥拉的新首都。如今该市被誉为安哥拉第二大重要城市,其是本格拉铁路的主要目 的地,又是连接安哥拉国内多个省份的交通枢纽。该省经济主要依赖于农业(尤其是 玉米)、畜牧和贸易。万博市是安哥拉的生态首都,汇集了诸多花园,苗圃和鲜花种 植园。又因其粮食、水果等作物高产,过去曾被称为安哥拉的“粮仓”。如今万博市 有世界知名的农业学校。 万博省是安哥拉多条长河的发源地,包括库内内河、库邦戈河、卡莱河和渠威河。该 省还以圣安东尼奥拜伦多山而闻名于世,易奎奎国王的墓地就位于此山。其它著名景 点还有位于易库哈的阿莫雷斯岛(英文翻译为“爱情岛”),卡弗格森林保护区,位 于万博市20公里外的恩巴拉兰德废墟和海拔2,619米的安哥拉最高峰莫科山。 Pungo Andongo 蓬戈安东戈Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 58-59 10/19/2012 12:12:29 PM
    • 58 HUAMBO PROVINCE 本格拉省 · HUAMBO ·本格拉 · LOBITO Huambo is the capital of the province of the same name. It was founded on August 8,1912, 本格拉省省会也称本格拉。 本格拉市由曼努埃尔 ∙ 瑟维拉 ∙ 佩雷拉于1617年5月17日建 Known in colonial times as Angola’s “living room”, the city of Lobito maintains to this day renamed Nova Lisboa (New Lisbon) in 1928, and reassumed its original name in 1975. 立。该市以圣菲利佩浦 ∙ 本格拉(St.Filipe of Benguela)之名命名,以纪念当时葡萄 an old and lively rivalry with Benguela. It was originally established in 1852 by a decree Once considered a possible new capital of Angola during the colonial era, today the city is 牙及其殖民地的统治者西班牙国王菲利普二世。尽管当地人仍称本格拉为翁巴卡(衍 of Queen Mary I of Portugal. The locals called it Olupito (“pass” or “path” in Umbundu). renowned as the country’s second most important city. Hence, it is the main destination 生于“mbaka”,奥文杜语意为“土地”)。 本格拉也因其海滩和海湾闻名于世,包 Lobito became a city on September 2, 1913, marked progressively by colonial buildings of the Benguela Railway, as well as the epicentre of internal linkages connecting various 括摩雷纳海滩、蓝色海湾、草塔海滩、朝提哈海滩、潘塔著松布列罗海滩和圣安东尼 now found in the Restinga - a natural peninsula in the city. This older part of Lobito, 奥湾。本格拉多数居民靠渔业、畜牧业和农业为生。 Angolan provinces. The province’s main economic activities are agriculture (especially includes examples of Art Nouveau and buildings influenced by English masters, who at corn), livestock, and trade. 殖民地时期的建筑在本格拉市比比皆是。如波普卢圣母教堂(建于1748年)、阿拉比 the beginning of the 20th century were involved in the development of the Port of Lobito 达教堂(建于17世纪)和政府官邸等。此外,还有国家考古博物馆,这个建筑始建于 and the Benguela Railway. The city is Angola’s ecological capital, thanks to its gardens, nurseries, and flower 17世纪,曾作为奴隶仓库。除了与其历史相关的别名外,本格拉也被称为“红色相思 plantations. In the past it was also known as the “breadbasket of Angola” due to its 树城”,因为城区街道上布满了相思树。 Today Lobito is one of the most important natural seaports in West Africa. It is also the abundant agricultural production of grains, fruits and tubers; today it has a world- starting point of a 1.301 kilometre Benguela Railway, which crosses Angola’s eastern renowned school of agronomy. Huambo province is the source of some of Angola’s border and continues on into neighbouring countries. In fact, the railway is the only one longest rivers: the Cunene, the Cubango, the Kallai and the Queve. The province is also linking the Democratic Republic of Congo and Zambia to the Atlantic Ocean. famous for San Antonio Bailundo, the hill where the tomb of King Ekuikui is located; llha ·洛比托 dos Amores (in English, “Island of Loves”), Ekunha; the forest reserve of Kavongue; the ruins of Embala Grande, 20 kilometre outside the city of Huambo and Mt. Moco, Angola’s 殖民地时期洛比托市以安哥拉“客厅”之名而著称。至今该市仍保留着与本格拉市的 highest peak at 2,619 meters. 竞争关系。洛比托于1852年由葡萄牙女王玛丽亚一世颁布法令而建立。当地人称其 MOXICO PROVINCE 为“Olupito”(姆本杜语译为“通行证”或“通道”)。 洛比托于1913年9月2日确 · LUENA 定列为城市,于雷斯廷加(城市的天然半岛)发现的殖民时期的建筑显示了该城的演 变。洛比托老区内留存了新艺术运动的作品和受英国建筑师影响的建筑物。那些英国 BENGUELA PROVINCE 建筑师曾于20世纪初参与了洛比托港和本格拉铁路的建造。 Luena, known as Luso in colonial times, is the capital of the province of Moxico which · BENGUELA is Angola’s largest province. Moxico is a province of remarkable beauty, as it is home to 今天,洛比托是西非最重要的天然海港之一。这里也是全长1,301公里的本格拉铁路的 Cameia National Park, the Katupe, Lucusse, Kasai, Luena, Macondo and Luisavo forest 起点。这条铁路横跨安哥拉的东部边界,并延伸至邻国。事实上,该铁路是唯一能连 reserves, and Lake Dilolo, the largest in the country. Along the Kasai-Cawewe River, 接刚果民主共和国和赞比亚,并通向大西洋的交通命脉。 Benguela is the capital of the province of the same name. The city was founded by archeological remains of animal and human footprints can be found. Manuel Cerveira Pereira on May 17,1617. The city was named St. Phillip of Benguela, in honour of King Philip II of Spain, then ruler of Portugal and its colonies at that time; the local population however, called it Ombaka (from “mbaka” which means “land” in 莫希科省 Ovimbundu). The city is famous for its beaches and bays, including the Morena Beach, the Blue Bay Caota, Caotinha, Ponta do Sombrero, and the San Antonio Bay. Most of the ·卢埃纳 population makes its living from fishing, livestock, and agriculture. 卢埃纳是安哥拉最大的省份莫希科省的省会,殖民时期被称为“卢祖”。莫希科美丽 There is much colonial architecture around the city, such as the churches of Our Lady 壮观,卡梅亚国家公园就位于该省。同时,开土匹、卢库塞、开塞、卢埃纳、马孔多 of Pópulo (built in 1746) and of Arrábida (17th century), the government palace, and the 和卢撒瓦等多个森林保护区和安国最大的迪洛洛湖也都在该省境内。在开赛柯维维河 National Archeological Museum, which is housed in a building dating from the 17th century 边林立的是动物和人类足迹的考古遗迹。 that was formerly a warehouse for slaves. In addition to its historically-related nickname: Benguela is known as “the red acacia city” for the acacias lining its streets. Carnival 嘉年华Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 60-61 10/19/2012 12:12:34 PM
    • 60 61 Laying the Tracks for Development 为发展打下坚实基础 Highways to the World 通往世界的高速公路 Few countries in the world have witnessed the sort of frenzy in reconstruction and 世界上很难找到像安哥拉这样投入基建热潮的国家。过去几年,安哥拉平均国内生产 Angola has implemented a series of investments directed towards rehabilitating and 安哥拉大举投资改善国家交通设施的基建工程,从而提高了交通运输能力和效率。 infrastructure development that Angola is experiencing. Over recent years, Angola has 总值的14%用于基础建设。因此,公路、铁路、机场和海港建设的优势显而易见。安 modernising the country’s transportation infrastructure in order to improve capacity and 哥拉现有一个扩张中的交通网络,重新连接全国的边远地区,从而使新市场潜力得以 efficiency. 国营机场管理公司Enana正在进行一项全国主要城镇机场的修复和改造工程项目, spent on average 14 per cent of its gross domestic product on infrastructure. Accordingly, 显现,并使当地人民受益。 包括本格拉、卡宾达、卡通贝拉、奎托(比耶)、奎托夸纳瓦莱、栋多、万博、罗安 the benefits of the roads and railways, airports and seaports are already in sight. Angola 达、卢班戈、卢埃纳、马兰热、梅农盖、纳米贝、翁吉瓦、索里莫、索约和威热等。 has an expanding transportation network that is reconnecting remote parts of the country, The national airport management company Enana embarked on a nation-wide programme 在过去十年,安哥拉发展中诸多成就之一就是重建和修复了三条主要铁路。这三条铁 that involves the refurbishing and transformation of airports in major towns and cities, thus revealing new market potential and empowering the people. 罗安达“二月四日”机场是目前安哥拉唯一的国际机场,另外三个机场(本格拉、卡 路由东向西,从乡村通往大西洋。罗安达铁路位于北部,本格拉铁路位于中部,木萨 including Benguela, Cabinda, Catumbela, Cuito (Bié), Cuito Cuanavale, Dundo, Huambo, 米迪什铁路位于南部。由于公私合营前景光明,安国下一步将贯通三条铁路,铺设新 通贝拉和威拉)正进行改造,以满足国际航空交通要求。 Among the many accomplishments over the last decade is the reconstruction of three of Luanda, Lubango, Luena, Malange, Menongue, Namibe, Ondjiva, Saurimo, Soyo and Uíge. 铁轨从而将三条铁路从北到南全部贯通一体。 the country’s main railroads, stretching east to west from the countryside into the Atlantic 随着旅游业和商业的发展,交通需求逐年增加,TAAG(安哥拉航空)公司的发展随之 Ocean: the Luanda Railway in the north; the Benguela Railway in the centre; and the 随着国家空运和海运能力的增强,这些新铁路线将成为横贯中部非洲的大型贸易平 While the 4 de Fevereiro Airport in Luanda is the only international airport at present, 进入一个新阶段。TAAG与波音公司签署了购买三架飞机的协议,飞机将于2014年和 Moçâmedes Railway in the south. With growing prospects in public/private partnerships, 台。本格拉、罗安达和纳米贝海港将特别为临近内陆的非洲国家提供物流平台,成为 another three airports ( Benguela, Catumbela and Huíla) are undergoing transformation 2016年之间交付。由此,TAAG可以拓展更多新航线——特别是增加飞往巴西和中国 the next step will be the merger of all three railways with new tracks connecting them all 交通中枢。 to cater for international traffic. 的新航线和班次。 from north to south. 安哥拉综合铁路系统发展计划的要点是,将现有的三条铁路跟三个邻国(刚果民主共 With tourism and business traffic increasing year after year, state airline TAAG is gearing 新国际机场位于距首都罗安达约40公里的Bom Jesus,正在进行施工建设。一期工程 和国、纳米比亚和赞比亚)的铁路网络连接起来。 up for the new stage. It signed four agreements with aircraft manufacturer Boeing to buy 包括控制塔、航空行政大楼、贵宾候机厅、消防人员区、北方飞行区和主候机大楼。 As the capacity of the airports and seaports is increased, these new routes are launching 其它候机厅和双跑道(可满足起降世界上最大的商用客机——空中客车A380)落成 large-scale trade platforms across central Africa. The seaports of Benguela, Luanda three aircrafts, to be delivered between 2014 and 2016. The deal allows TAAG to open up 至于国内,所有主要城市早已由新公路连接。公路重建有增无减,更加速了内地新发 后,该机场项目将最终竣工。届时,这座新机场每年可接纳1,500万旅客。期待已久的 and Namibe will especially provide logistics and transportation hubs for neighbouring new routes, of which Brazil and China will see additional routes and frequency. 新罗安达国际机场预期2014年开始运营,并将成为非洲中部和东部国家的转运中心。 展的步伐。 landlocked countries. A new international airport is under construction in Bom Jesus. The facility is located 安哥拉海运港口协会(IMPA)也在大举投资港口,以增加港口的运输能力,并实现港口 仅在罗安达一省,就有逾300公里的二、三级公路正在修复和重建。在2008年至2012 The development plan of the integrated railroad system outlines linking Angola’s three 年间,外判的公路项目(作为罗安达城区二、三级公路修复工程的一部分)中,大约 around 40 kilometres from the capital and the first phase of construction includes the 现代化。该项目完成后,本戈省的 e港将成为非洲最大港口之一。Barra do Dande港 existing railways to the rail networks of three neighbouring countries – the Democratic 140公里的公路修复已经完成。 control tower, the aeronautical administration building, the VIP terminal, the fire-fighters’ 将分流罗安达港部分运输量,原因是罗安达港虽然进行了大幅度翻新,但仍未能满足 Republic of Congo, Nambia and Zambia. area, the northern flight area and the main terminal building. Other terminals and double 首都城市强劲的运输需求。 为了解决首都的交通拥堵问题,安国在罗安达进行了大规模的道路修复和新高速公路 runways, large enough for the world’s largest commercial aircraft, the Airbus A380, will 兴建,其战略目的是将经济和工业中心与新城区连接起来。 conclude the project. It will handle around 15 million passengers per year. The much 安哥拉中部的安博因港口内一台大型起重机引起了人们的关注。这台起重机重4,500 As for the internal linkages, the country’s main cities are already linked by new roads and 吨,有2,500吨的货物起重能力,也是非洲同类型起重机中最大的。人们可以在巴西、 the pace of rebuilding shows no sign of abating. All across the country, the new roads awaited new Luanda International Airport is scheduled to begin operating by 2014, 交通设施修复是交通部基建发展的优先事项。为了补充国内资金,国家发展战略合作 中国、新加坡和欧洲国家见到这类起重机,但在非洲是少见的。这种大型机械进入安 are driving the pace of new development in the county’s interior. serving as a prime distribution hub for countries in Central and East Africa. 伙伴,特别是中国,也为安哥拉国家重建和发展计划提供了融资。十年的和平岁月已 哥拉充分显示了安哥拉发展世界级空中和海上运输中心的雄心。 经过去,安国在未来十年将大量投资于能源、水利、电信和运输业。从安哥拉经济发 The Maritime and Port Institute of Angola (IMPA) is also investing heavily in modernizing Over 300 kilometres of secondary and tertiary roads are under repair or reconstruction in 展的规模和活力可以看到,交通网络的修复为安国发展所进行的全方位基建起到了积 继续向南就是安国的洛比托港,这座港口翻新重建后其设施可以同时服务12艘船只, Luanda province alone. Approximately 140 kilometres of road projects awarded between and increasing the capacity of the ports. When concluded, the port of Barra do Dande, 使装卸能力增加33%,从而使港口的年均货物处理总量提升到1,100万吨。 极作用。 2008 and 2012, as part of the process of refurbishing secondary and tertiary roads in the in Bengo province, will be one of the largest in Africa. The port will take over part of the Luanda urban area, have been concluded. traffic from the Port of Luanda, which despite major renovations, is still not able to keep 在北部,卡宾达港为安国最重要的石油生产地区提供服务。随着新码头竣工,卡宾达 up with strong demand in the Angolan capital. 港现已有能力接纳大型船只。 Aiming to solve congestion problems in the bustling capital city, there has been massive renovation of roads and construction of new highways in Luanda to strategically link the In Porto Amboim, central Angola, a remarkable large crane has been assembled. major economic and industrial hubs to the new urban areas. Weighing 4,500 tonnes, it has a capacity to lift cargo of up to 2,500 tonnes. It is set to be the biggest of its kind in Africa; similar cranes can also be found in Brazil, China, Europe The renovation of the transportation sector is a key priority for infrastructure development. and Singapore. The project is largely symbolic of Angola’s ambitions to develop world To supplement domestic funds, strategic development partners, especially China, have class air and sea hubs. also provided financing for Angola’s reconstruction and development programme. With already ten years of peace, Angola will over the next decade invest significantly more in Further south there is the Port of Lobito, which shall be equipped to handle 12 ships energy, water, telecommunications and transport. Given the size and vibrancy of Angola’s simultaneously following renovations. This is an estimated 33 percent increase in capacity, economy, the renovation of the transportation network is proving to be instrumental in thus raising the port’s capacity to a total of 11 million tonnes of cargo per year. laying the tracks for development. Up north, the Port of Cabinda serves the most important oil-producing region in the country. With the completion of the new pier, the port is now set to handle large ships.Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 62-63 10/19/2012 12:12:34 PM
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    • Catumbela bridge 卡通贝拉桥Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 66-67 10/19/2012 12:12:43 PM
    • 66 Agriculture 农业 · Open fields ·开放的农田 Agriculture forms a key part in the country’s diversification strategy. Angola was once one 农业是安哥拉多元发展战略的重要部分。安哥拉曾是世界上最大的商品(如咖啡和棉 of the world’s biggest producers of commodities such as coffee and cotton. 花)生产国之一。 Although Angola is a net importer of many agricultural products, there is an abundance of 尽管安哥拉是一个多重农产品净进口国,但该国有广阔肥沃的土地,农业仍是一个大 部分未开发的产业。 fertile land in the country and agriculture remains a largely untapped sector. 安哥拉农地面积近576,900平方公里,其中仅有很小部分土地被耕种。为了获得食物安 There is nearly 576,900 square kilometres of agricultural land in Angola, of which very little 全并令出口产品多样化,安国将复兴农业列为重点优先事项。这项积极行动已结出果 is actually cultivated. Revitalising the sector remains a key priority of the state, in order to 实,并促进了就业,增加了税收。 achieve food security and diversify the export profile. The initiative is already bearing fruit, boosting job creation and the collection of tax receipts. 2007年到2009年之间农业猛增,之后在2011年增长稍稍放缓。尽管如此,农业增长仍 超过安国经济中的其它产业,大大超过服务业增长,工业产量则稍稍落后于农业。预 Growth in the agricultural sector spiked between 2007 and 2009, before slowing down 计未来数年,农业仍会稳定增长。 a little bit in 2011. Nevertheless, growth in the agriculture sector did outpace all other sectors of the economy, much ahead of services output and industry that lagged slightly 传统上,农业由自給自足的农民所从事。为此国家计划主要用来提高生产效率,将农 业向规模经济转化。为了提高生产能力,改善农业和渔业技术,一些研究机构和培训 behind. Agricultural growth is forecast to level steadily and firmly over the next couple of 中心已重新启动。 years. 安哥拉主要农业产品包括香蕉、咖啡、木薯(树薯)、甘蔗、剑麻、玉米、棉花、烟 Since agriculture has traditionally been practiced by subsistence farmers, there are 草、蔬菜、大蕉、鱼、牲畜和森林产品。安哥拉农作物生长按地区变化。北部的农业 programmes in place to streamline production and transform the sector to economies of 耕作包括咖啡、棉花和木薯;中部的农业耕作大部分是玉米和蔬菜。此外,南部则主 scale. Research institutions and training centres have been restored to build capacity, as 要从事养牛业。 well as to improve farming and fishing techniques. 作为非洲主要咖啡出口国之一,2011年安哥拉收获了3,000吨罗布斯塔咖啡,比上一年 Angola’s main agricultural products include bananas, coffee, cassava (manioc), sugarcane, 增产近一倍。 sisal, maize, cotton, tobacco, vegetables, plantains, fish, livestock and forest products. 为了刺激农业增值生产,2012年初安国启动了一个信贷项目,帮助农民学习了解企业 However, crop growing in Angola varies according to region. Farming activity in the north 精神。外国投资者也意识到农业的发展潜力,从各国蜂拥而来,包括阿根廷、巴西、 includes coffee, cotton and cassava, while in the centre it is mostly maize and vegetables. 中国和南非等。 Cattle farming, on the other hand, is predominantly practiced in the south. 安哥拉国内交通运输基建的恢复和改善,使全国各地货物流通顺畅,特别对于边远地 One of Africa’s leading coffee exporters, Angola harvested 3,000 tonnes of Robusta 区来说,道路的延伸,使更多的农田得以开垦。农业的恢复帮助国家应对社会经济的 coffee in 2011, nearly doubling production from the previous year. 挑战,并实现了粮食安全。 In order to stimulate agricultural output and value-added production, a credit programme was launched in early 2012 to empower 34,000 rural workers and cultivate entrepreneurship. Foreign investors also recognise the potential and they are flocking already from various countries, including Argentina, Brazil, China and South Africa. The restoration of internal linkages and transport infrastructure allows the smooth circulation of goods across the country, especially to remote areas that were previously difficult to access and now prove to be open fields for agriculture. The recovery of this industry is addressing socio-economic challenges, as well as improving food security.Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 68-69 10/19/2012 12:12:44 PM
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    • Road leading to Pungo Andong pedras negras 通往蓬戈安东戈黑石的道路Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 72-73 10/19/2012 12:12:50 PM
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    • Lobito Church in Lobito 洛比托 洛比托教堂Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 80-81 10/19/2012 12:13:07 PM
    • 80 81 HUÍLA PROVINCE 威拉省 · LUBANGO ·卢班戈 Lubango is the capital of the province of Huíla and was established by a group of 卢班戈是威拉省省会,由一群来自马德拉岛的葡萄牙人建立。这群人于1885年1月登陆 Portuguese from Madeira Island. After landing in Moçamedes (now Namibe) in January 莫卡米底斯(现今的纳米贝),此后他们翻过了切拉山,穿越了沙漠,终于在1901年 1885, they climbed Mount Chela and crossed the desert to get to what would become 到达今天的卢班戈地区。 Lubango in 1901. THE SOUTH 卢班戈最初是本挌拉地区的一部分。而后卢班达并入莫卡米底斯区,并在1923年设立为 市。同年,纳米贝铁路通到了中部高原地区。该市的重要节日是历时整个8月的奥圣母 Lubango was originally part of the Benguela district. It was later incorporated into the 蒙特卡罗节(Nossa Senhora do Monte)。卢班戈内的历史建筑物包括政治和军事 Moçamedes district before being recognized as a city in 1923, the same year that the 历史遗址,如建于1682年的卡孔达堡垒、军营(首份协议签署地)、前总督府(建于1887 Namíbe railroad reached the central plateau. The city’s most important festival is Our Lady 南部 年)以及一些宗教建筑,如威拉基督教堂(建于1880年)、前市政府厅大楼(1900年 of the Mount, which takes place throughout the month of August. Lubango has a host of 至1915年)、是杜蒙蒂奥圣母教堂(建于1919年)、大教堂(建于1939年)和基督国 historical buildings, some political or military, such as the fortress of Caconda, established 王纪念碑(建于1950年)。农业和畜牧业是当地人民谋生的主要手段。该省以丰富的 in 1682, the Barracks (the site of the first settlement), and the former Governor’s Palace 矿产资源著称,其中包括花岗岩和黑宝石等。威拉拥有为数众多的自然景点,包括彼 (1887) and some religious, such as the Church of the Huíla Mission (1880), the building 库尔国家公园、勒巴山脉、图达瓦拉大裂缝、古伦戈和东戈森林保护区,以及博卡达 of the former City Hall (1900-1915), the Chapel of Our Lady of the Mount (1919), the 洪帕塔观景点。紧靠该观景点的则是南非布尔人试图于1885年建立的定居地。 Cathedral (1939) and the monument of Christ the King (1950). Agriculture and livestock are the primary means of making a living. The province is also known for its mineral riches, which include black granite and precious stones. Huíla has a number of natural attractions, 纳米贝省 including Bicuar National Park, the Leba mountain range, the Tundavala Crevasse, the Guelengue and Dongo forest reserves, and the lookout of Boca da Humpata, which is ·纳米贝 close to where the South African Boers tried to establish settlements in 1885. 纳米贝省首府亦称纳米贝,建立于1849年。 纳米贝最初叫木萨米迪什,还有流传中的 葡语名称“黑色河”和库韦尔语名称“鸟洞”。该市在整个3月份会庆祝大海之节。 NAMIBE PROVINCE 纳米贝存有前殖民地时期和殖民地时期的诸多历史遗迹。丧葬艺术在姆巴里和库韦尔 · NAMIBE 地区盛行。纳米贝省还拥有壮观的考古文物,如维雷附近的玛卡哈玛。穆帕和奇屯杜 胡罗的杜岩画也是一大奇观,这个奇观已申请列入联合国教科文组织世界遗产名录。 卡帕戈比要塞位于彼巴拉直辖市内,此要塞曾是奴隶们出发前往美洲的关押地。 Namibe is the capital city of the province of the same name, and was established in 1849. The city was originally called Moçâmedes, but was also known as “Black Creek” 全省最宏韦的自然奇观是著名的纳米布沙漠,其北端位于与纳米比亚接壤的安哥拉境 by the Portuguese and the “Bird Hole” by the Kuvale. Throughout the month of March it 内。该沙漠是世界上最古老的沙漠,有着为数众多的世界奇景,和世界上最高的一些 celebrates the Festival of the Sea. 沙丘,并且生长着世界独一无二的、名为“百岁兰”(Welwitschia)的植物,当地名 叫“tom-bwa”。另外,艾纳国家公园和纳米布特别保护区也在该省境内。 The province has remnants of both precolonial and colonial history. Funerary art can be found in Mbari and Cuvale, and near Virei are the archeologically significant rock paintings of Makahama, Mupa, and Tchitundo-Hulo, which have warranted an application to join the list of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. In the municipality of Bibala is the Kapangombe Fortress, which served as a holding area for slaves before their departure to the Americas. The province’s great natural wonder is the famous Namibe Desert, the northern tip of which falls on the Angolan side of the border with Namibia. The desert has numerous worldwide distinctions: it is one of the oldest in the world, has some of the highest sand dunes, and is home to the Welwitschia, locally called “tom-bwa,” a plant found nowhere else. Also noteworthy are the Iona National Park and the Namibe reserves. Welwiitcha mirabilis-Namibe desert 纳米贝沙漠里的千岁兰Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 82-83 10/19/2012 12:13:09 PM
    • 82 CUNENE PROVINCE 库内内省 · ONDJIVA ·翁吉瓦 Ondjiva is the capital of the province of Cunene and was established on July 10, 1970. 翁吉瓦是库内内省首府,建于1970年7月10日。三条主要河流(库内内河、该库韦拉 Three major rivers, the Cunene, the Cuvelai, and the Calonga, traverse the city. The majority 伊河和卡隆加河)穿越该市。库内内的大部分人口生活在农村。尽管农业不发达,但 of the population in Cunene lives in rural areas. Although agriculture is underdeveloped, 牲畜饲养业已成为其主要的经济活动。库内内省重要的历史遗迹有罗卡达斯堡垒、穆 livestock rearing has become the main economic activity. The most significant historical 菲罗和佛夫彭贝纪念碑、翁贝尔格兰德杜斯雷斯宫(前政治中心和宽雅玛国王住所) sites in Cunene are Fort Roçadas; the Mufillo and Vau-of-Pembe monuments; the Ombale 以及纳马昆代的国王(国王名:Mandume ya Ndemufayo)纪念馆。其它自然景点 包括穆帕自然保护区、鲁阿卡纳达坝、黑山瀑布(挨普帕),及生长于裘区奥巴达市 Grande dos Reis, a former political centre and residence of the Kwanyama kings; and the 内非洲最大的猴面包树。 King Mandume ya Ndemufayo memorial in Namacunde. Natural attractions include the Mupa Natural Reserve, the Ruacaná Dam, the Monte Negro Falls (Epupa) and the largest baobab tree in Africa, found in the Ombadja municipality of the Peu-Peu region. 宽多- 库邦戈省 ·梅农盖 KUANDO-KUBANGO PROVINCE · MENONGUE 梅农盖是宽多库邦戈的首府,位于安哥拉东南部,与赞比亚和纳米比亚接壤。该市被 库比河分成两部分。宽多库邦戈省是该国第二大省,但人口稀少。殖民地时期由于极 其贫穷而被称为“世界末日之地”。相反,今天该省被称为“进步的土地”,人们以 Menongue is the capital of the province of Kuando-Kubango, which borders Zambia and 农业、渔业、畜牧业和养蜂业为生。 Namibia in the southeast of Angola. The capital is divided into two parts by the River Kuebe. Kuando-Kubango is the country’s second largest province and only sparsely 宽多库邦戈省是受安哥拉内战影响最严重的省份之一。历史性战役就发生在马温加和 populated. During colonial times the province was so poor it was nicknamed “Land of the 奎纳瓦莱等城市周围。战后人们在奎托夸纳瓦莱树立了一块纪念碑,以纪念逝者。奎 托夸纳瓦莱战役结束后,对峙各方在联合国的主持下在纽约进行了和平谈判。像安哥 End of the World”. Today, by contrast, the province is known as the “Land of Progress”. 拉的其它地方一样,宽多库邦戈省内自然景点丰腴,如玛库罗戈戈瀑布、库塔图河、 The population makes its living from agriculture, fishing, livestock and bee-keeping. 马洛瓦山、马温加和卢亚纳自然保护区。最令人叹为观止的自然景点非“赞比西河奥 卡万戈三角洲”(或简称“卡扎”)莫属了。该三角洲是全球最大且最重要的生态旅 Kuando-Kubango was one of the provinces most affected by the Angolan Civil War. 游项目。此项目位于赞比西河和奥卡万戈三角洲河流流域,已在与纳米比亚和赞比亚 Historical battles took place in and around the cities of Mavinga and Kuito Cuanavale, 接壤的宽多-库邦戈边界启动。在安哥拉、纳米比亚、赞比亚、津巴布韦和博茨瓦纳五 and in the latter, a monument has been erected in memory of the fallen. The battle of 个国家的共同努力下,14个重要生态区域被连接起来,以便保护动植物及其生存。作 Kuito Cuanavale led to peace negotiations in New York under the United Nations’ aegis. 为项目的一部分,占地278平方公里的共同旅游区即将设立。 Like much of Angola, Kuando-Kubango has its share of natural attractions, such as the falls of Maculongongo, the Kutato River, Mount Malova, and the Luiana and Mavinga natural reserves. In time the most impressive natural attraction of all will be what is now called “Zambezi Okavango” or simply “Kaza” which is the largest and most important ecotourism project on the planet. It is being implemented on Kuando-Kubango’s borders with Namibia and Zambia, in the basins of the Okavango and Zambezi rivers. Five countries - Angola, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana - are working to connect 14 ecologically important areas to provide environmental protection and foster animal and plant conservation. As part of the project, a common tourist area spanning 278 square kilometres will be established. Tundavala fault Tundavala断层Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 84-85 10/19/2012 12:13:10 PM
    • Leba mountain 莱鲍山Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 86-87 10/19/2012 12:13:14 PM
    • Leba mountain 莱鲍山Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 88-89 10/19/2012 12:13:16 PM
    • Pré-Historic wall paintings in Tchitundu Hulu Namibe desert Tchitundu Hulu史前壁画——纳米贝沙漠Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 90-91 10/19/2012 12:13:28 PM
    • Namibe desert 纳米贝沙漠Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 92-93 10/19/2012 12:13:31 PM
    • Statue of Christ the King – Huíla Mundimba tribe 基督君王雕像——威拉 Mundimba部落Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 94-95 10/19/2012 12:13:35 PM
    • Humpata people Mumuila people of Nyaneka -Humbi tribe 洪帕塔人 NYANEKA-HUMBI部族的MUMUILA 人Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 96-97 10/19/2012 12:13:40 PM
    • Mucubal People Mumuila people of Nyaneka -Humbi tribe Mocubal人 Nyaneka - Humbi 部族的 Nyaneka - Humbi部族的Mumuila 人Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 98-99 10/19/2012 12:13:49 PM
    • Humpata plateau Mwila People/Nyaneka 洪帕塔高原 etHnnic group MWILA人/NYANEKA族群Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 100-101 10/19/2012 12:13:53 PM
    • Arco lagoon-Namibe desert 阿科泻湖——纳米贝沙漠Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 102-103 10/19/2012 12:13:56 PM
    • Arco lagoon-Namibe desert Tchitundo Hulo Hills 阿科泻湖——纳米贝沙漠 Tchitundo Hulo山Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 104-105 10/19/2012 12:14:04 PM
    • Nyanekas ethnic group Nyanekas族群Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 106-107 10/19/2012 12:14:06 PM
    • 106 107 QUICK FACTS 国情概况 Ka sai Brazzaville CONGO Kinshasa ANGOLA D A B IN i re Kikwit DEMOCRATIC Za CA REPUBLIC K K wan g o Country name: Republic of Angola 国名:安哥拉共和国 Cabinda wi OF THE lu CONGO g e Nóqui an Capital: Luanda 首都:罗安达 Lo Soyo Mbanza Congo K we Total area: 1,246,700 Sq Km ZAIRE e Quimbele ANGOLA 全国总面积:1,246,700平方公里 id g Damba Ka nge M br sa C uan Wa Bembe UÍGE i mb Lua Government: Republic 政体:共和制 Nzeto Bungo go a Dundo oge ngue L Uíge Chicapa Negage Location: Southern Africa, bordering the South Atlantic Ocean, between the Democratic 地理位置:南部非洲,毗邻南大西洋,在刚果民主共和国,赞比亚和纳米比亚之间 Ambriz Cuilo Andrada Marimba Ua Republic of the Congo, Zambia and Namibia Caxito Dande Camabatela ba Lucapa LUNDA m 行政区划:全国分为18个省——本戈、本格拉、比耶、卡宾达、宽多河—库帮戈、北 KUANZA Luremo Cambo Lu c Ca ss a Luanda NORTE O Administrative Divisions: 宽扎、南宽扎、库内内、万博、威拉、罗安达、北隆达、南隆达、马兰热、莫希科、 NORTE ala Cuango Ndalatando NG Quela L u lu 18 Provinces- Bengo, Benguela, Bie, Cabinda, Kuando Kubango, Kwanza Norte, Kwan- 纳米贝、威热、扎伊尔。 LUANDA Lubalo Lucala Malanje za Sul, Cunene, Huambo, Huila, Luanda, Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul, Malanje, Moxico, C ui l o Dondo Saurimo a E Cabo Ledo Cuanza Cangandala Xá-Muteba Namibe, Uige, Zaire 人口: 1,800万 B MALA LUNDA DEMOCRATIC Cabo de São Bráz Lo KUANZA Lu NJ REPUBLIC ng an E Cacolo SUL OF THE Population: 18 million 宗教:本地原始宗教47%;罗马天主教38%,新教15%。 a Mussende do Muconda Porto Amboim Quibala SUL Quirima u CONGO a Lu C u ta t o Religions: Indigenous beliefs 47%, Roman Catholic 38%, Protestant 15% 语言:葡萄牙语(官方语言),温本杜语,金本杜语和其它班图语系语言。 ATLANTIC Cuvo ou Gabela Quimbango ssai Sumbe Uaco dulo Ca Cungo An Qu vo Languages: Portuguese (official), Umbundu, Kimbundu and Kikongo and other Bantu 气候:南部及南部沿岸至罗安达属半干旱气候;北部凉爽,分旱季(5月至10月)和炎 OCEAN Cassongue u Bimbe Nharea Lumeje Camacupa Luena ze –group languages 热的雨季(11月至次年4月)。 HUAMBO Cazombo e Chicala Zamb Balombo Luatamba Lobito Cuemba Kuito Lucusse Benguela Huambo Climate: Semi-arid in the south and along the coast to Luanda; north has cool, dry 货币:宽扎(Akz) BENGUELA Lu ngué- B ung o Lumbala Ponta das Salinas Cubal season (May to October) and hot, rainy season (November to April) Co po ro l Ganda Cuima Sambo BIÉ 时区:比格林尼治标准时间(GMT)早1小时 Cabo de o MOXICO Lun Currency: Kwanza (Akz) Santa Maria gw eb Zambezi Chitembo u C u a n uem b 公众假期: Cabo de Caconda Cu i ng Santa Marta Lumbala Time: 1 hour ahead of GMT 1月1日——元旦 Quilengues u Nguimbo to Q do NAM IB E Cubango Menongue 1月4日——反殖民烈士节 HUÍ L A HUÍLA Cuchi Bibala Matala o Public holidays: 2月4日——反殖武装斗争纪念日(纪念Baixa de Cassanje起义) C ub Lubango Chiume January 1 – New Year’s Day
 3月8日——国际妇女节 Techamutete Cuíto ZAMBIA Cune n e Chibia go an Namibe January 4 – Colonial Repression Martyrs’ Day 4月4日——和平和解纪念日(纪念安哥拉内战结束) Cuanavale Virei Cuvelai Mavinga February 4 – Day of the Armed Struggle, in memory of the Baixa de Cassanje revolt 5月1日——劳动节 Chiange Tombua March 8 – International Women’s Day 9月17日——国家奠基者和民族英雄纪念日 KUANDO-KUBANGO Ut April 4 – Day of Peace and Reconciliation, end of the Angolan Civil War
 11月2日——追思节 Curoca Cahama CUNENE em bo May 1 – Labour Day
 11月11日——独立日 Xangongo Savate Za m 12月25日——圣诞节 nene Cu September 17 – National Heroes’ Day
 Ondjiva be Cu ito November 2 – All Souls’ Day
 Chitado zi Santa Clara Cuangar Luiana November 11 – Independence Day
 不固定公众假期: C u b a ng o Mucusso December 25 – Christmas
 Day 4月——复活节 NAMIBIA 2月或3月——狂欢节 Movable public holidays: National capital International boundary February – Carnival Provincial capital Provincial boundary BOTSWANA March or April – Easter Town, village Road 0 50 100 150 200 km The boundaries and names shown and the Airport Track designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the Railroad 0 50 100 150 mi United Nations. Map No. 3727 Rev. 4 UNITED NATIONS Department of Field Support August 2008 Cartographic SectionAngola BOOK Final 2.indd 108-109 10/19/2012 12:14:07 PM
    • Angola BOOK Final 2.indd 110-111 10/19/2012 12:14:07 PM
    • Consulate General of the Republic of Angola Hong Kong Special Administrative RegionAngola BOOK Final 2.indd 112 10/19/2012 12:14:07 PM