Is human good or evil


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Is human good or evil

  1. 1. IS HUMAN GOOD OR EVIL? Lord of the Flies – Final Assessment By Mini Seong
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION For this questions about HUMAN NATURE, there is no right or wrong answer. This depends on individual‟s perspective and different opinions based on their experiences.
  3. 3. IDEAS FROM “LORD OF THE FLIES”• Ralph- Remained to be civilized and good for the whole time- He was the first chief among the kids, who wanted to be rescued as soon as possible.• Piggy- He was the Superego of the book, who consistently gave advices about how to act like a good leader towards Ralph.- He was very smart, and used his intelligence only for the group‟s advantage.
  4. 4. PERSONAL EXPERIENCES• When people were little, they are very pure and honest to everyone. They usually become dishonest and do bad things as they grow up and have educations. • In Korea, there is a proverb that kids do not lie.
  5. 5. MEDIA SOURCES • On September 28, 2011, there was a Korean old lady who donated about 863,369 USD to ChungBuk university in Seoul. It was donated as scholarship, which was same as her first donation 18 years ago. At that time, she donated 2,766,135 USD to ChungBuk university. • The whole money were her 30 years saving, which was earned by her extreme hard-works. She hoped ChungBuk university will produce many outstanding individuals, who will contribute on the country. • artid=201109281656461&code=950301
  6. 6. GREAT THINKERSJean-Jacques Rousseau• Rousseau was a great enlightenment thinker, who thought that men is good during 18th century.• In his early writings, he believed that men is essentially good when they are in state of „nature.‟• He viewed that human are becoming evil as civilization corrupts men.• In civilized society, men do competitions with other men all the time in order to achieve their whatever goal. During the competition, men are corrupted by knowing how society flows with evil civilization.•
  7. 7. IDEAS FROM “LORD OF THE FLIES” • Jack - Was very dynamic in the novel. - He was just interested on hunting and killing things. - Leader of hunter group, who drove them to be violent. • Roger - Was also dynamic, represented by throwing rocks. - Wasn‟t able to throw rocks directly toward Henry at chapter 6. - But ended up killing Piggy.
  8. 8. PERSONAL EXPERIENCES• People learn how to act as a respectful citizen, who does not hurt others as they get educated.• Smaller kids usually fights more with small things.
  9. 9. MEDIA SOURCES• 2 years ago, in Korea, there was a huge murder case called as Kang HoSun case.• HoSun Kang was 39 years old at that time, and he was a serial killer who murdered 7 women after rape for 3 years. He killed 3 women who were working in karaoke, 2 women in university, one housewife, and one employer.• While he was stating, policemen said he looked really excited and proud of himself. HoSun Kang said, he killed them for no reason, except to satisfy his killing- day.• =sec&sid1=102&oid=262&aid=0000002322
  10. 10. GREAT THINKERS William Golding • Author of Lord of the Flies, which deeply talked about the human nature. • He believed that there is savage inside all human. Human is born evil, and it is nature of men that corrupts the civilization. • In his novel, Lord of the Flies, Jack and Roger‟s actions symbolizes human savagery. • He also disagreed with Rousseau, who viewed that evil civilization corrupts good human. • book-covers-t246040.html
  11. 11. CONCLUSION – IS HUMAN GOOD OR EVIL?• In my opinion, men were good when they are little, but slowly corrupted by evil civilization as they are educated.
  12. 12. • In order to have- benefits- good results- to protect their loved ones• people notice that they must BE EVIL in order to accomplish what they want.
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