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What is digital media   an intro for BSSIA
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What is digital media an intro for BSSIA


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Presentation on why social media, SEO and PPC essential for SME sector? How SME sector can benefit from digital media marketing? …

Presentation on why social media, SEO and PPC essential for SME sector? How SME sector can benefit from digital media marketing?
With so many questions on marketing front, SME sector is really facing with big fraudsters who con them on digital marketing.

This presentation focuses on basic aspects of website, SEO and Social Media, a DIY guide for the industry which can act as ready reckon-er to take those decisions on INTERNET MARKETING.

Further topics include:
- Importance of social media
- Pitfalls of social media
- Web 2.0
- Website meta tags
- Google analytics
- facebook page
- Google+
- Slideshare
- Twitter
- Online listings

and many more, read to know more.

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Moses Gomes At BSSIA, 6TH June 2014
  • 2. Why is it so important?
  • 3. A New Media Map • What’s different? – Fast – Cheap – Accessible – Decentralised – Democratic – Flexible – Rapidly changing – And MASSIVE!
  • 4. Massive: Size and Change • eBay – 14 Million auctions • Wikipedia – 6 Million articles – 50 languages • YouTube – 100 Million videos • Warcraft – 8 Million players
  • 5. Do you have: • Website • Forum • Blog • Wiki • Social networks • User • Group • Promo page • Twitter Do you: • Answer emails • Let users submit content • Unmoderated? • Leaving up bad comments? • Join conversations going on in other places about you, your industry, your community? • Have someone responsible for this?
  • 6. Internet Marketing Social media (SMO) Search Engine optimization(SEO) Pay – Per – Click (PPC)
  • 7. Internet Marketing SEO PPC SMO
  • 8. Social media is • Having conversations online • and sharing of information • A new web tool or technology that connects people
  • 9. The old communication model was a monologue, the new is a dialogue
  • 10. Social media tools • Blogs – • Microblogs - • RSS - • Widgets - • Social networks - • Social bookmarks -
  • 11. some more.. • Podcasts - • Video sharing sites - • Photo sharing sites - • Virtual worlds - • Wikis – • Slide Sharing -
  • 12. and some more…
  • 13. Why social media is important • Borderless-can reach an international audience • Multimedia opportunities: reach more audience • Drive traffic to your websites • Increase SEO • Gather feedback and build relationships with TA • Lower cost, but not free
  • 14. Pitfalls of social media • Skills/knowledge gap • Lack of understanding of etiquette • Loss of control • Can cause reputation damage • Often public, immediate and permanent • Viral in nature
  • 15. DIY for Digital Marketing / Social Media Marketing
  • 16. Key points to look for in Website • Meta Tags and Web page title • Google analytics integration • Domain name registration in your name • Test Enquiry page • Search engine submission (screen shots) • Google places registration • No internal webpage scroll • Original images, or purchase royalty free • Content original or re-write • Each product should have different URL with keywords and site map • URL mapping with domain name • Social media URLs creation • Responsive website
  • 17. Product mapping Website title
  • 18. Right click and click on view page source, to view meta tags
  • 19. Meta Tags, this should contain all your keywords
  • 20. Here check your domain registrar details
  • 21. Further it provides company name, email id and other details
  • 22. Original images Product URL
  • 23. Site map for better SEO results
  • 24. Google Places registration
  • 25. Submit URL to Google, yahoo, bling, AOL, etc
  • 26. Monthly hits No of hits
  • 27. Key points in social media • Customize URL for Facebook page after 25 likes • Customize URL in Google+ after one month usage • Complete profile for all the social media websites • Require different sizes of logos and cover images, need to make those appeling
  • 28. Customized URL Cover image and logo Complete profile & other details
  • 29. Customized url Cover image and logo Content
  • 30. Company page on linkedin
  • 31. Customized URL for Instagram
  • 32. Customized URL for handle Cover image
  • 33. Key points in SEO • Website has to pass W3C rules • Most of the points are covered while making website • SEO helps a marketer’s website become listed prominently on the Search Results Page of Search Engines (Google, Yahoo!) • Write list of keywords like product names, generic names, competitor names, exhibition names, product required for process, etc. • Do search online to generate a list and then use google keyword locator tool for finalizing the keywords
  • 34. Outsource SEO • Once you have made website, start the process of interacting with at least 10 SEO agencies and take quote. • Quote varies for different countries since google is present in 220 countries • Negotiate at phase wise deal, each phase will be six monthly and target 10 to 20 keywords for each phase and increase by 20. • Get reference list of 5 clients, the keywords on which their SEO is being done. Do personal check on this and speak to references • Check their SEO reporting format • Post this decide on the best agency or ask friends.
  • 35. ONLINE ADVERTISING • Contextually relevant ad placements (typical ad placements based on content that matches advertisers areas of interest) • Rich-media (transactions and data gathering are built directly into the ad unit) • Sponsorships • Affiliations (ad serving networks that deliver click- throughs to your site)
  • 36. • When someone is searching for your company you want to influence their results as much as possible. If you adequately represent yourself through internet marketing, you could influence the first seven or eight results of their search. • Those organizations which neglect internet marketing are not only neglecting the lion’s share of lead generation opportunities, but they also risk being misrepresented by a competitor or a disgruntled consumer. • Companies who don’t engage in internet marketing now are no better off than the organizations who neglected making their own website two decades ago. Conclusion
  • 37. Recommended Blogs and books • Steve • Brian • Neville • Ste • PR Squared by Todd Defren • Mashable • Wolftstar • Reality check by Guy Kawasaki • The Social Media Bible by Lon Safko and David K. Brake • The New Rules of Marketing and PR by David Meerman Scott • Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuck
  • 38. For More Information – Follow me
  • 39. Follow me – click following links • Facebook • Twitter • Slideshare • Linkedin • Blog • Pinterest • Instagram • Email – • Mobile - +91 9833961636