Blogging - Introduction and How to do it!


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An intro to Blogging, History and how people blog. The ppt also highlights different types of blogs like personal blog, professional blog, corporate blog, travel blog, etc.

The presentation emphasis importance of blogging, to inculcate habit of writing and processing thoughts.

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Blogging - Introduction and How to do it!

  1. 1. Introduction to
  2. 2. What is a Blog? • A website where entries (or posts) are written in chronological order and commonly displayed in reverse chronological order • Accessible to any internet user • It is a web application which contains periodic time-stamped posts on a common webpage • A blog is often published through a content management system or CMS.
  3. 3. History of Blog! • • • • • 1997: Jorn Barger introduced we-blog term 1999: Peter Merholz converted weblog into we-blog. The term blog was born!  First blogging services started  Bradley Fitzpatrick started Livejournal in 1999  Evan Williams and Meg Hourihan (Pyra Labs) made „Blogger‟ in August ‟99. (Now Google owns Blogger) 2001: Popular blogs came into being, blogging started becoming a craze. 2002: Politicians, movie stars, everyone started embracing blogs. 2004: Tsunamis- Bloggers unite, making blogs a social movement!
  4. 4. Personal Microblogs Corporate Blogging Professional Community
  5. 5. Personal blogging • Personal blogging is usually writing about personal chronicles, may be daily activities, visits to new places, poems, thoughts on life, etc. • Bloggers write personal blogs as it – Gives avenues of self-expression – Library of readers – A chance to be spotted by some publisher – And also sometimes chance to earn money
  6. 6. Corporate Blogging • A Corporate blog is a professional blog, mostly linked to the company website and usually updated by the corporate communication dept . • Corporate blogs are written for following purposes: – Update on new initiatives like employee development, new products, services, awards, etc – Thoughts of the MD, Chairman or Senior management about the company‟s future plans. – Updates on the company‟s exposure in media.
  7. 7. Professional blogging • Professional blogging is for monetary benefits, these bloggers are fulltime bloggers and write on various topics. These blogs are often visited and have large number of followers. • Professional blogs are written for the following purposes: – News blogging – Technology updates blog, or how to use different software's – Political analysts – Authors often write blog, to connect with readers – Food reviews and recipes blogging – Professional travelers often posting their experiences
  8. 8. Community blogging • Community blogging is a group blog often focusing on selected subjects. It is easier for search engines to track these blogs and this is the main reason behind its popularity. • In Indian scenario there are couple of community blogs like,,,, etc • Bloggers often blog at these places as – Simple to set-up. – Topics are generic like, budget issues, food reviews, etc. – Improve thought process and creative thinking – Gets immediate recognation
  9. 9. Microblogs • Microblogs are short blogs or status updates. We have heard about Twitter or Facebook updates. • These are hugely popular among web users, coz it takes just a minute to update it and also easy to track updates of the people you follow. • People just get hooked to it as these are instant and after reading easy to comment.
  10. 10. Widgets • • What are Widgets? – Sometimes known as a plug-in or an app – Self-contained piece of code that a developer creates for a specific function – User does not need to know the back-end of it to use the widget What kind of widgets exist? – Graphics - create banners, images – Entertainment - TV listings, daily quotes, games – Social - links or “boxes” to FB, Twitter, RSS Reader – AV - stream YouTube right on your blog, Flickr slideshow – Gadgets - hit counter, weather, calendar, Google Analytics, AdSense, etc
  11. 11. Some questions you might be thinking? 1. Why should you blog? 2. What should you blog about? 3. Can I copy posts and information from other blog or website? 4. Will people read my blog? 5. How to promote my blog? 6. ___ 7. ____ 8. ___ 9. ___ 10. Any more questions?
  12. 12. Why do people blog ? • There are many reasons, but I have tried to list the important ones for you… – It helps to process your thoughts – Often thoughts which are not written down are forgotten – It improves your command on that language – Increases vocabulary of words – Helps in creative thinking – Improves memory  – Helps in group discussion – And if you write then you will read
  13. 13. Some case studies of Bloggers
  14. 14. Drudge Report – Initiation of Blog • Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky sex scandal first appeared on Drudge Report a Blog. • Drudge Report is a blog managed by a journalist, it is actually an online news journal. • The editor Mr. Drudge published this report when Newsweek and other traditional media refused to publish it fearing President Clinton. • Overnight the blog became famous, it also influenced lot of online users to start their own blog and do citizen reporting. • This blog marks an important era in media, as people started believing in the online news content more than the traditional media.
  15. 15. Case study of Mr. Murali, who uses blog to increase his own efficiency…
  16. 16. Case study - Mr. D. Murali • Mr. D. Murali is Dy-editor Hindu Business Line, based in Chennai. • He runs a number of blogs, each blog representing each column in Hindu Business Line. • First he updates his blogs status on the stories planned for PR professionals. • The PR professionals mail him their spokesperson profile and company profile based on the brief of the story and also information about the spokespersons availability based on Mr. Murali‟s schedule. • Mr. Murali updates his schedule on his blog (Murali Listening), so PR professionals can update their spokesperson.
  17. 17. is blog by Mr. D. Murali, sub-editor, Hindu Business Line. He updates the blog with all the press releases. The blog also connects to another blog which is his online diary, so PR people can schedule meeting For their spokespersons.
  18. 18. This is the blog where PR professionals can schedule meeting according to the story he is planning. Weekly storylines by Murali
  19. 19. The blog also connects to a regular column in Hindu Business Line called „‟60 Seconds chief‟. All the interviews pertaining to this column are featured over here and also in the newspaper.
  20. 20. He also runs a feature on books reviews in Hindu Business Line and a blog, where he uploads all the reviews.
  21. 21. All the interviews are uploaded on youtube, for viewers
  22. 22. In 2005, Dell didn‟t have a blog. But one of their customers did…
  23. 23. Dell‟s customer strikes bac • This customer was very upset with Dell‟s customer service. • He wrote about his experience on his blog. • So did another blogger, whose post was so popular, it led to the creation of a new term for Dell…
  24. 24. Dell Hell in Google • If you search for Dell Hell in Google, that guy‟s post is the first result. • As a result, Dell got negative press coverage in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal. • Dell didn‟t have a blog, so they were unable to communicate with the angry blogosphere. But there was a happy ending. Dell set up their own blog.
  25. 25. Measurable results • Dell saw a 27 point decrease in negative blog posts, from 49 percent at the peak of Dell Hell to the current 22 percent. • Cost would have been hundreds of millions for similar ad campaign.
  26. 26. Some screen shots of professional blogs
  27. 27. The is a blog by Sunita a professional Mom blogger. She writes about her baby, post delivery and chronicles each passing day.
  28. 28. This is the blog by CEO Mr. Sanjeev Bikhchandani, one of the few CEOs who blogs actually write blogs. He focuses on entrepreneurship.
  29. 29. This is a blog by Govingraj Ethiraj, editor-in-chief BloombergUTV.
  30. 30. This is a travel blog by Arun a professional blogger and photographer
  31. 31. Blog on social media by Mr. Rajesh Lalwani
  32. 32. Amit Agarwal is a professional blogger and technology columnist associated with a Number of leading publications. His blog has been awarded the best blog. His blog is on new technology and social media.
  33. 33. Meena is a professional blogger and blogs at Hooked on Heat. She is also a freelance food writer, recipe developer and cooking instructor based in Mississauga, Ontario.
  34. 34. The author also goes by the pseudonym WanderingSoul as she feels that suits her much better than her real name Neelima. A nature lover to the core and this is her way to relive her splendid sojourns in the Indian Subcontinent. More than the regular touristy kind of places, she prefers the secluded little-known jewels scattered along the length and breadth of India.
  35. 35. Sandip Dedhia is founder and editor in chief of He holds the degree of Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology (IT) from Mumbai University. After completing his education he started working with CDSL. Full time work didn‟t suite him and he started his venture on Internet with Now he is full time professional blogger.
  36. 36. Thank you..and
  37. 37. Go start BLOGGING…..