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Weather extremes2
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Weather extremes2


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A cross-curricular study of extreme weather in Texas.

A cross-curricular study of extreme weather in Texas.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. There‟s a saying in Texas, „If you don‟t likethe weather, just wait a while it will change.‟ The weather in Texas is as diverse as the land and it’s people. Texans can go from intense drought one day to raging floods the next. Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the weather.
  • 2. Climate K W H L What do we want to How will we find out What have weWhat do we know? learn? what we want to learn learned?
  • 3. Texas Regions
  • 4. Weather ExtremesLowest Temperature ever recorded :Tulia, Feb 12, 1899 -23 degreesSeminole, Feb 8, 1933 -23 degrees Highest Temperature ever recorded: Seymour, Aug 12, 1936 120 degrees Monahans, June 28, 1994 120 degrees
  • 5. Weather Impacts People in Texas How did weather affect these Native American tribes? Apache Caddo Jumano Karankawa Tonkawa Wichita
  • 6. DroughtHow did farming How did the How did cattletechniques condition of the grazing affectaffect the land? topsoil affect the the land? land?
  • 7. Dust Bowl Explain the following expressions: • Black Blizzard – •Great Plow up –Texas Dust •Grab a root and growl – Storm
  • 8. Floods in TexasCauses of floodingEffects of floodingWays to prevent/controlflooding
  • 9. Dams
  • 10. Tornadoes in TexasTexas is known asthe “tornado capitalof the UnitedStates”, why do youthink this is so?
  • 11. Hurricanes in Texas Tornadoes Hurricanes
  • 12. Forecasting Weather in Texas Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5PrecipitationTemperatureWind speedBarometerObserve trends in the weather where you live. Record observationson the table. What assumptions can you make about the weatherafter these observations?
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