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Social business web 3.0 Presentation Transcript

  • 1. You Wanted To Know About Social Business W b 3 0? S i l B i Web 3.0? Felix Lee Project Director Lee, Catalyst Connector CRM Business Revolution 2010, Singapore
  • 2. In the beginning… There was…
  • 3. the social network Five years ago, no one had ever heard of it.
  • 4. the social network Ten years from now, no one will know how we ever lived without it.
  • 5. the future is here Now, with the click of a button,
  • 6. the future is here Now, with the click of a button, there’s a smarter way to steal, swop and rent id d identities. i i
  • 7. still Identity theft is the fastest growing crime on the Internet. You should really be careful about who you share your business, or bed with. Winning trust is not a science science. It is an art. Javelin Strategies reports that incidences of the crime increased by 11% from 2008 to 2009 altering the lives of 11 million Americans, which means one in every 20 Americans risks being a victim this year.
  • 8. • Fastest growing sector for Internet use is communities g g (5.4% in a year) • Member communities reach more internet users (66.8%) than (66 8%) th email (65.1%)* il (65 1%)* • By 2010 over 60% of Fortune 1000 companies will have some form of online community deployed for CRM purposes** *(Nielsen “Global Faces on Networked Places”) ** (Gartner Group – “Business Impact of Social Computing on CRM)
  • 9. Social Business is The Power of One
  • 10. Elements of the Social Universe Relationships Reputation Conversation Groups Persona Sharing UGC Collaboration Actions Presence
  • 11.
  • 12.
  • 13. Social Your Business!
  • 14. Back To CRM School
  • 15. The Customer is Managing your eBrand
  • 16. eBranding? What’s That? I co-create I like. the I’ve got I like! experience the music! I AM the music! tweet I’m buying I think he his music needs right now… cough mixture retweet
  • 17. Who are you?
  • 18. Social sharing + Tagging + Viral sharing + Social News Creation + g gg g g Analytics
  • 19. Open Innovation & the Flat Earth
  • 20. Open Innovation… “A crowd of decentralized A people working to solve a problem on their own without any central effort to guide them, come up with them better solutions, rather than a top down driven solution ” top-down solution. Suroweicki
  • 21. …is crowd sourcing crowd-sourcing Diversity reduces groupthink. Di it d thi k Groupthink works by shielding members from • Cog Cognitive Diversity e es y outs de opinions outside op o s • Independence • Decentralization • Easy Aggregation People assume that groups know what they are doing = Leads to herd behavior
  • 22. sCRM is a mindset
  • 23. To Do List
  • 24. Tech Shopping List [SCRM]
  • 25. Estimated Timeframe To Reach Your Communities 60 12 48 days wks hrs 21 8 days wks 24 hrs Time to Average time g Time between establish to deploy and transaction and SCRM policy engage clients order delivery
  • 26.
  • 27. Loyalty has a Boss y y who earns creds
  • 28. Loyalty is Earned…Continually Earned Continually  NNewsbites good enough t t bit d h to tweet [140] t  Design for selfishness, not altruism  Encourage personal expressions of art, prose, crits, as content threaders.  Allow for “escape activities” like games, gossip, lurking, lurking hit and runs runs.  3-click sign-up and sign-in  Rewards should be both virtual and real world  Use Longtail techniques and ideas used to germinate and sustain actionable interest
  • 29. Shared Experiences = viral memories Focus Plan a cross-country treasure hunt Here! H ! Customer Experience UGC Maps Event Hotel Reservations Data Content Locator Not Here
  • 30. Not only do you have to contend with the rest of the world, your own organization is yet another social challenge in itself!
  • 31. The Road Ahead
  • 32. Love me, Love My Phone…
  • 33.
  • 34.
  • 35.
  • 36. Don t Don’t Give Up!
  • 37. Felix Lee, Project Director CRM Business Revolution 2010, Singapore Collaborate. Co-Market Co-Venture.