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Business of Social 3.0 - overview
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Business of Social 3.0 - overview



Published in Technology
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  • 1. Business Networking and Matching  Business Networking and Matching in the Age of Social Media g Roland Hor,, Catalyst Connector Business of Social 3.0, Singapore rolandhor@catalystorigin.com www.catalystconnector.com
  • 2. Overview • Business Networking and Matching in the Age of  i ki d hi i h f Social Media – Ecosystem – Applications and Tools – Monitoring and Measurement • Workshop Series 1. Transform (Persona Management, Knowledge  Management) 2. Take‐Off  (Connecting and Networking) 3. Target (Matching and Executing)
  • 3. The Business Ecosystem The Business Ecosystem • Internal • Partner • Competitor • Vendor/Supplier • Leads • Prospect  Prospect • Opportunity • Customer  • Ex ‐ Customer 
  • 4. Traditional Ecosystem Social Ecosystem
  • 5. Social Customer – Customer Ecosystem Social Customer Customer Ecosystem
  • 6. Social Media Social Media • Tools – bl l blogs, wikis, and podcasts. iki d d • User‐generated content (UGC) – reviews, social  tags, social bookmarks, comments, rankings,  ratings and photos, and videos. • Social Networks – Facebook – Twitter – Linked In – Ning – Xing etc. etc. g
  • 7. Uses new Seeks support online to connect channels and with like- like new minded peers communication tools Reads and creates p product The Trusts in advice by online y reviews, product Social S acquaintances and strangers – rankings and Customer ‘people like me’ blog posts Wants to Expects better provide customer feedback experience about the product and customer service
  • 8. Evolution of Customer Touch Points Evolution of Customer Touch Points • Blogs • Microblogs • Price comparison website • Phone • Phone • RSS • Podcast • Fax • Fax • Email • Wikis • Email • Social Networks • Service • Service • Letters + • Letters • Widgets • Personal contact • Personal contact • Video sharing • Company’s website • Company’s website • SMS • SMS • Photo sharing • Instant Messenger • Instant Messenger • Forums • Chat • Chat • Auction website • Media • Media • Slides sharing • Reviews and ratings in retail sites g • Social Bookmarking • Wish lists
  • 9. Applications and Tools Applications and Tools • Blogs/Podcasts/Twitter • Wikis • Social Tagging and Folksonomies • Social Networks and Communities
  • 10. Stuff to put on your Blog Stuff to put on your Blog • Company news;  awards, contract wins etc C d t t i t • Stories about people in your business • Offer  industry expertise Offer industry expertise • Views on the industry/your marketplace • Video of your company environment & your people Video of your company environment & your people • Information regarding your industry such as  exhibitions, trade shows etc , • Product | service reviews • Industry interviews y • How you work with your customers • Case studies and testimonials from your customers
  • 11. Uses of Blogs Uses of Blogs • They offer direct access to senior  g management for customers  • A place for customers to collaborate on ideas • A l A place to deal with customer service issues  d l ih i i that invites customers to help solve problems.
  • 12. Blogs
  • 13. Definition of wikis Definition of wikis • A wiki is a type of website that allow users to  y p y easily add and edit content and is especially  suited for collaborative writing • It amasses to a group of web pages that It amasses to a group of web pages that  allows users to quickly add content and also  allows others to edit the content ll h h • It relies on cooperation, checks and balances It relies on cooperation, checks and balances  of its members, and a belief in sharing of ideas
  • 14. Wiki
  • 15. Uses of Wikis Uses of Wikis • Di Drive collaboration  ll b ti between customers and  employees  • Tool for project  management  • Repository for a Repository for a  dynamic knowledge  base and on‐demand  content delivery system  t t d li t • You to tap external  resources for  resources for knowledge and insight 
  • 16. Search Add Comments View Revisions Edit Page Tags provide  context Citations Add Links Add Links Add   Attachements
  • 17. Social Tagging Social Tagging
  • 18. Tag Cloud Tag Cloud
  • 19. Social Networks Social Networks • Don’t have to physically present • Transparency is the operative word. Transparency is the operative word. • Analyze  • Respond 
  • 20. Social Networks Social Networks
  • 21. “What’s the biggest problem Facebookers are  confronting? asks Scott Harris in Reader’s Digest confronting?” asks Scott Harris in Reader s Digest.  Parents signing up, he says.   Since his mom befriended him on Facebook, his  status updates read: ■Scott is making good, well‐informed decisions. ■Scott is going to bed at a very reasonable hour. ■Scott is making large, regular contributions to his  g g , g savings account. ■Scott is drinking only on occasion, and even then,  it’s just one or two.
  • 22. "Parent" Comments Don't Need To Pose  A Problem For Business Bloggers A Problem For Business Bloggers If your blog isn’t “out there”, you won’t get  negative comments, to be sure, but neither  will you be able to use your business blog to  will you be able to use your business blog to attract online customers and clients! 
  • 23. Uses of Social Networks Uses of Social Networks • Meet your industry peers M t i d t • Find and source industry contacts • Find prospects Find prospects • It opens doors previously closed • Build and develop business relationships p p • Raise your profile in your sector • Develop your brand • Place very targeted adverts • Cost effective marketing, branding and recruiting • To listen! Consumers and the media are talking about you  T li t ! C d th di t lki b t in real time, openly and honestly • To learn about the competition p
  • 24. Next Up – Location Based Next Up Location Based • Location based: – Foursquare q – YELP (YELlow Pages) – ShopKick – Google Lattitude – Facebook Places
  • 25. Monitoring and Measurement
  • 26. Monitoring – Continuous and immediate discovery of  conversations with the purpose of learning,  engaging, helping and collaborating – Monitoring answers the question “Who is talking  about [insert keyword] right now and what are  they saying?”
  • 27. Monitoring ‐ How it works  Monitoring How it works • Performed on a keywords basis. Relevant  y y p keywords include your brand name, product  name, etc.  • Grabs the relevant articles and messages Grabs the relevant articles and messages, • Arranges them for easier digestion and action.
  • 28. Measurement • Measurement is more concerned with metrics  p p over a specified time period. • Measurement answers questions of  – “H did “How did my keywords perform over time?”  k d f ti ?” – “How does that compare to my competitors?”  – “What are some trends I can glean to make my  product more usable by these people who are  giving me feedback?”
  • 29. Measurement ‐ How it works Measurement How it works • Tabulates data and presents them to you in  p relevant data reports. • Slice and Dice
  • 30. Monitoring and Measurement Monitoring and Measurement • Google Alerts  • Google Analytics Google Analytics • Twitter Tools • Facebook Insights • A Wiki of Social Media Monitoring Solutions A Wiki of Social Media Monitoring Solutions – http://wiki.kenburbary.com/
  • 31. Goto Google Alerts  Google Alerts Google Alerts Then goto manage  page‐ enter the search  your alert page and  term, type, frequency of  change delivery option  alert and your email  l t d il from ‘Email’ to ‘Feed’. f ‘E il’ t ‘F d’ address.  Google Alerts Click on confirmation  Click on confirmation link for the alert. RSS Readers -Bloglines Blog Searches -Google Reader g Detail Searches -Technorati -Feedreader -twitter.com -Ice Rocket -Wordpress -Boardreader -Del.icio.us Del icio us As pointed by Google Blog, besides the RSS feed option – now alerts are  delivered faster. Some alerts will also include images, wherever possible
  • 32. Google Analytics g y
  • 33. Tracking Twitter Tracking Twitter •Twitoaster •Tweetree •ThreadedTweets •Su.pr •Bit.ly •Twitalyzer •MakeUseOf on Twitter •http://twitter.com/MakeUseOf
  • 34. Facebook Insights g
  • 35. Workshop Series Overview
  • 36. Journey connect brand brand transact transact Target transact connect connect Take Off Take Off brand Transform f
  • 37. 1 Transform 1 Transform • Persona Management (today’s focus) – Knowledge Management g g – Personal Branding
  • 38. Multiple Personas Multiple Personas
  • 39. 2 Take‐Off 2 Take Off • Connecting and Networking – Networking tools and techniques g q – How to work a (virtual) room – Integrate online and offline Integrate online and offline
  • 40. Target • Matching and Executing – Matching and Closing the deal g g – Executing Transactions – Executing Projects Executing Projects – Getting results
  • 41. Through its search  CC platform  Invites to Networking  automatically identifies matching  for matched parties to  Requirement is  skillsets posted by members and  attend, with a closed  posted online prospects. briefing if interested HTC requires embedded online  q applications for Android PDAs Members who have  CC will again search for  indicated interest by  relevant IP that can be  response, will be invited to  used, from dbase of  a project space online.  research of institutes/  companies.  An appointed  mentor/expert will assist  Makes recommendations. Makes recommendations to form teams from the  forum.  Likely, more than one  team will be formed from  perhaps 3 countries. Official teams  will submit  CC Assessment Team then  project scope  submits proposal to HTC,  and  with specs.  requirements Liaises with project team  Liaises with project team Appointed mentor/expert will  / for enquiries.  continue with relevant teams  toward deliverables HTC signs approval, and  If the project requires funding, or a new  awards project team[s].  entity/process/innovation will be created, CC may seek  a loan or grant from Spring or relevant parties.
  • 42. Thank you Roland Hor Roland Hor rolandhor@catalystorigin.com www.catalystconnector.com