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  • What Koalas Eat?Koalas eat eucalyptus leaves. They are very picky eaters. If they do not find any eucalyptus leaves they will not eat. The oil found in the leaves is poisonous to mammals. They live in the eucalyptus trees and the leaves provide the water that they drink. Koalas have occasionally been known to eat others foods like wattle, tea tree, paperbark, and pine species but it is not part of their normal diet.   

Nick S Nick S Presentation Transcript

  • Koala Bears Isaiah Silva and this is my little brother tootsie and we are going to help you learn about my own kind. Do you know where koala bears are from? We are from Australia the down under. Hello my name is bolla Because koalas are very picky, they only eat eucalyptus leaves. Koalas don’t just eat eucalyptus leaves they also eat wattle like foods, tea tree paper bark, and pine species. Eucalyptus leaves are poisonous to mammals. What do we eat What do we feel like and look like? We feel like a so soft and fluffy. I look like a gray fluffy dog like thing. Some people thing that we are like a bear but we are not related to the bears. we have big round heads with furry ears, a big nose, and large limbs with very sharp claws we also have a tail you cant see it cause it is hidden under are fur. White stomach we can grow up to 24-34 inches a adult male can weight up to 17-30 pounds and a female can weight up to13-25 pounds. Females have pouches to carry their babies like kangaroos this a picture of me when I was in my mom’s stomach.
  • This is my cousin he is albino it mean he is not like us he is white.