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Maddy S


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. G o l d i e ’ s L u c k y D a y By Maddy
  • 2. “ Hi, I am Goldie the goldfish, and I think today is going to be my lucky day.”
  • 3. “ I live in a fresh water pond, where I swim around with my family in a group called a school.”
  • 4.
    • - Goldfish are freshwater fish that live in rivers, lakes, and ponds. They would not survive in salt water such as the sea and the ocean.
    • - Gold fish swim in groups called schools.
  • 5. “ I think today we may be going on a trip.”
  • 6.
    • Goldfish are caught and brought to pet stores to be sold.
    • You can also find them at fairs.
  • 7. “ Wow, this is one small pond,” said Goldie. What Goldie didn’t know was that he was in a fish tank in a pet store.
  • 8.
    • Goldfish need to live in chemical free water or they will become sick.
    • You also need a filter to get rid of waste in the water.
    • Goldfish need to be fed everyday. You can find their food at pet stores. Buy the food specially made for goldfish, and feed only twice a day.
  • 9. “ Whoa! Where am I going, another adventure?”
  • 10.
    • -Goldfish are cold blooded and can survive without special heating. Although, they cannot withstand sudden temperature change.
    • - They need a spacious tank and it needs to be cleaned regularly.
  • 11. “ Oh hello! A new friend.”
  • 12.
    • Buy a tank with a cover to protect it from animals.
    • Fish need oxygen to breathe, but they get their oxygen by taking it from the water when it passes through it’s gills.
    • It is good to buy more than one fish at a time because they are used to swimming in schools and when they’re by themselves they feel scared and in danger.
  • 13. “ This really is my lucky day!” Goldie said, happily swimming in his new home.
  • 14.
    • - Healthy goldfish have clear eyes, straight fins, steady breathing, and swim easily and a lot.
    • - Goldfish live a average of 15-25 years.
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