2013 CareNovate Magazine Media Kit


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  • CareNovateMag.com is a FREE social health platform that provides caregivers, sandwich generations, and baby boomers with health, caregiving news, resources and medication literacy insights. CareNovateMag.com is a go-to-source and community for the chief health officer, women, who are majority of US caregiving population.
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2013 CareNovate Magazine Media Kit

  1. 1. 2013 Media Kit• Mission:• To support, improve & simplifycaregivers, sandwich generation& seniors health & medicationliteracy by providing tips, adviseand expert guidance.• Goal:• To provide an engaging onlinesocial healthcare platform andcommunity for caregivers,sandwich generation adults andhealthcare extender.As a FREE socialhealth platform,CareNovateMag.comconnectscaregivers, parents,adults caring for theirloved ones,senior/eldercaregiverswith caregivingcontent, medicationliteracy insights andsocial healthinformation curatedby healthcareprofessionals whoare caregivers andadvocates.
  2. 2. WomenCaregiversSandwich GenerationFamiliesBaby BoomersPatientsParentsHealthcare ExtendersSource: CDC, AARPwww.carenovatemag.com @carerxpharmd info@carenovate.comIntroductionThe award nominated CareNovate Magazine (also known asCareNovateMag) provides a unique and trusted platform andcommunity.Launched late 2012, CareNovate Magazine has been providingactionable information to caregivers, patients. Whether they area recently becomes a family caregiver due to a life event,searching for health information online or need support,CareNovate Magazine inspires and empowers readersby delivering sound advice that guides them through.
  3. 3. www.carenovatemag.com @carerxpharmd info@carenovate.comIntroductionCareNovate Magazine unique approach to providingtrustworthy, unbiased informationextends to every page of the magazine.CareNovate Magazine provides practical advice that’s botheducational and inspirational, empowering readers to becomemore active participants in their own health and care.70 million + FamilyCaregivers100 million + families& those sandwichedin caring for aging &youngWomen - 110 Million +controlling 7 Trillion$$$ in purchasingpower78.2 + million babyboomer
  4. 4. • 9 out of 10 women seekhealth information via theWeb• National MarketingInstitute• 64% of women online researchinformation regardingprescription drugs• Pew Internet & American LifeProject• 72% of women use the Internetfor gathering healthinformation• Pew Internet & American LifeProject• Women are responsible for90% of all health care decisions• American Academy of FamilyPhysicianswww.carenovatemag.com @carerxpharmd info@carenovate.comStatistics
  5. 5. www.carenovatemag.com @carerxpharmd info@carenovate.com2013 EditorialCalendar2013EditorialCalendar
  6. 6. Editorial content: Content covering Caregiving,Social Health, Health, Wellness, AppropriateMedication Use, Expert Interviews, Teleclass forcaregivers, Twitter chats & Lifestyle.Email Marketing & Blasts: CareDigest & CareTipsEmail programs designed to provide targetedinsights.CareNovateMag Newsletter: A bite-sized daily emailthat delivers practical caregiving, healthmedication management tips.AdvertisingOpportunitieswww.carenovatemag.com @carerxpharmd info@carenovate.comOffersanintegratedmarketingprogram.Weoffersmediayoucanusetocreateamultilayered,multiplatformprogramthatwrapsyouraudienceinafull-circleexperienceofyourbrand.
  7. 7. Social Media Avenues: Social media targetedpublishingDigital Edition (PUBLISHED QUARTERLY) –Coming SoonReach readers wherever they are with the interactiveversion of CareNovate Magazine —accessible oncomputers, smartphones and tablets.Special IssuesWe are open minded. We are open to exciting newopportunities— we’re growing all the time!AdvertisingOpportunitieswww.carenovatemag.com @carerxpharmd info@carenovate.comOffersanintegratedmarketingprogram.Weoffersmediayoucanusetocreateamultilayered,multiplatformprogramthatwrapsyouraudienceinafull-circleexperienceofyourbrand.
  8. 8. www.carenovatemag.com @carerxpharmd info@carenovate.comSocial MediaReachFacebook• 200 CareNovateMag• 800 CareNovate.com (coming soon)Twitter• 757 CareNovateMag & 1041 CareNovate.com (comingsoon) followersPinterest• 112 FollowersMailChimp Newsletter Subscribers• 980LinkedIn• Professionals = 500+• 26 Company followers & 200 CareNovateMag GroupMembersAs of April 2013
  9. 9. Awards ,Accolades &Featureswww.carenovatemag.com @carerxpharmd info@carenovate.com
  10. 10. Partners &Collaboratorswww.carenovatemag.com @carerxpharmd info@carenovate.com
  11. 11. www.carenovatemag.com@carerxpharmd info@carenovate.comInnovate Care with UsEmail Us For Our Ratesinfo@carenovate.com832.589.0076www.carenovatemag.com