How to buy mobile services


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Flavia de San Juan Shannon talked about what to how to buy mobile services at the entrepreneur event Catwalk 11 in Sweden in September 2011.

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How to buy mobile services

  1. 1. How to buy mobile services
  2. 2. About Us.Who we are & what we do 2
  3. 3. Cross platform specialists since 2005 Team of 130+ people across 5 offices 400+ apps -> past 12 monthsLorem Lorem ipsum Lorem dolor Sit amet10.000 K 20.000 K 35.000 K 65.000 K15.000 K 25.000 K 44.200 K 81.000 K20.000 K 22.000 K 23.000 K 100.000 K 3
  4. 4. More than 100 brands and agencies have put their trust in us.Lorem Lorem ipsum Lorem dolor Sit amet10.000 K 20.000 K 35.000 K 65.000 K15.000 K 25.000 K 44.200 K 81.000 K20.000 K 22.000 K 23.000 K 100.000 K 4
  5. 5. How to buy mobile servicesHow do you choose a mobile service provider?What to consider? 5
  6. 6. Having a mobilestrategy?Do your homework. Prepare for thebrief and define measurable objectives How are you prioritising... branding? Customer engagement? Customer loyalty? Lead generation? M-commerce?... What are your success criterias... Number of Downloads? Usage? Coupon redemption? In-app sales?... 6
  7. 7. Define Project Scope.What does it take? What platforms?Going mocial? Deadline? Budget? Content. What is to be produced? Is it a one-off campaign or a service that lives over time? Road map for future development? Where will the app be used? At home, the store, work place or on the go? Can we supply all necessities from our side? Graphical assets, Technical capabilities – CMS, Feeds, Backend etc., Internal resources, Budget 7
  8. 8. Budget.Consider budget for... Development Distribution plan Maintenance Statistics reporting Internal resources 8
  9. 9. Managing expectations. Communicate well your level of experience Create clear and concrete briefs Go into detail Pay for insights 9
  10. 10. Find a supplier you canpartner with for long. Capacity to deliver. Is the competence there? Capacity to deliver on time and within budget. Request several customer references. Try the apps yourself. Set concrete criteria’s for comparison. Compare mock-ups for visual experience & UI. Compare offered platforms and number of OS versions. 10
  11. 11. Make costs comparable.Cheap might end upexpensive.Typical pitfalls Project management. API creation or guidance for server side dev. Are back-end solutions for feeds, image scaling or CMS etc. needed/included? App store publishing. Included? Translations if it’s a multinational app QA testing OS Versions and device reach Security on delivery: Back-up in case the developer gets long term sick 11
  12. 12. Some missions mayrequire an expert.Don’t be cheap at the wrong end User Journey (UJ) design. User Experience (UE) design. Back-end integration. New technologies (AR/ 3D, etc.) 12
  13. 13. Demand Quality Assuranceand thorough testing.Don’t be cheap at the wrong end Are test cases used and who writes them? Compare number os OS versions supported and tested How is testing carried out? Manually on devices or on emulators? Automatically? Expected testing effort in man days? 13
  14. 14. Operations andMaintenance.What happens in the long run Is operations and maintenance offered at all? Bug fixes included? Response and resolution times? Upgrades to new OS versions? 14
  15. 15. Flavia de San Juan ShannonAccount